It has been ten days since I ended my diet. Since then I have been extremely careful about what I eat. In reality, I have consumed small portions of this and that. Never anything even close to a meal.

Till last night. I did it big!

A prime rib, baked potato (no butter) and steamed vegetables. No bread. Ate it all! My plate was clean at the end. It was as if I had not eaten in ages.

I was at the bar at Outback.

Renee sat next to me. Originally from Ghana, she now lives in Homestead. She went to college here in Key West for two years. Then elsewhere to get her bachelor degree. Now she is working on her masters via the internet. She works with blood donations in the keys. Brings her to Key West once a week.

Interestingly, she has never given blood. Needles scare her.

I started the evening at Don’s Place. Don, Herschel and Mike there. Nancy came in later on. I was happy to see Mike and Nancy again. About two years ago, they pulled up stakes and returned to Pennsylvania. They are back! Everyone is is thrilled they are!

My next stop was the Chart Room. Captain Peter and Charlotte. The lovely Charlotte from North Carolina that I wrote about a couple of days ago. Even more striking last night! Mary was bartending. Business was slow. The four of us chatted a while.

I did my blog talk radio show earlier this morning. My sixth week. It is a talk show. Not enough people are calling in, however. I end up talking with myself. No fun. I have heard myself before and know what I think.

I can tell there are a number of people listening in. From all over. Even one from Italy and one from South Africa this morning. There are stats on the computer screen providing and updating the information during the show.

Call!!! I feel like a woman waiting for a recent date to call back. Not nice.

A tragedy occurred in Key West sunday. Sailboats were engaged in the annual Wreckers Race. The weather was warm. High 70s. However, there was a strong breeze coming in from the north east. The wind at times gushing 30-35 knots.

The Schooner Hindu is a Key West icon. Seventy five feet. Has the highest mast in Key West. Besides racing, it takes tourists out for sunset cruises.

Hindu’s mast snapped. People were injured. Ambulances all over.

The incident occurred off Fort Zach beach. Captain Peter spends his afternoons at the beach sunning and reading. He was watching the race. He saw the mast snap and fall. Peter is an experienced seaman. He said the gusts were too strong for boats to be out there.

Enjoy your day!

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