Grandaughter Ally having a big time! Her ninth birthday Sunday past! Today, she graduates from third grade at Montessori. Without getting into the whys, Montessori graduates their kids from the third and sixth grades. Ally is all excited! So am I! I will be there.

Gym and trainer yesterday. Day 3. Harder each day. Still not as bad as first day in December. I woke this morning with neck spasms. Not often. However when one hits, wow! Hope I am better by tomorrow morning when I have another hour with the trainer.

The gym yesterday was 11-12. I went straight home and to bed afterward. I was exhausted! The workout tires me out big time.

Spent last night working on tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me for a quick paced half hour of interesting and revealing items.

Topics tonight include the government wanting to close all Social Security field offices, the government’s big return on student loans, Medicare’s new ruling that sex change surgery now covered, why the price of food is so high and continues to rise, the human organ trade, and more.

Larry and Christine Smith are talented and well respected Key West entertainers. Christine is also a noted artist. Their daughter Journey lives in Hawaii. She is visiting. Mother, father and daughter will appear together next Tuesday evening at Virgilio’s. Journey is a musical talent in her own right.

Larry told me a trip to Europe is planned for the near future. First stop will be England to visit John and Ali. Then here and there in Europe. One stop will be Camogli on the Italian Riviera. I love Camogli, having been there several times. Apparently it is one of Journey’s favorite places and she wants to show it to her parents.

My friend Dee from Cape Cod and Cudjoe Key has an interesting family. Her uncle (her father’s brother) was baseball great Stan Musial. Turns out movie star  and Oscar winner of yesteryear Jack Palance was a close friend of her grandparents. He used to winter one to two months with them at their Florida home each year. Dee posted several photographs of her grandparents and Palance on Facebook yesterday.

Dee’s grandfather is still alive. 100 years old, blind and lives alone! The family is of Ukranian heritage. As was Palance. All tough people. Worry not about Ukranians protecting themselves against Putin and his thugs.

You have discerned from my writings the past three years that one of my favorite places world wide is Courmayeur. A small village in northern Italy sitting half way up Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps.

A beautiful community. Out of books. Swiss chalets, streets without vehicles, high end shops, warm people. A money town. Must be the local government wanted outsiders to know Courmayeur as a ski town. A referendum was held to rename the town Courmayeur-Mont Blanc. Voted down overwhelmingly. Properly so.

Two Key West eateries changing hands. Square One has been sold. Presently closed for renovations. Finnegan’s to close June 19. The new owner plans renovations also before reopening.

Sad to see the proprietors of both places moving on. Good people who significantly contributed to the odyssey known as Key West. Square One’s Carmelo and Carolyn will remain in Key West. They still own and operate the Bottle Cap.

A stupid study of no significance was worthy of comment on Morning Joe and in the Key West Citizen today. The study revealed that female named hurricanes were worse than male ones.

One of my favorite poems is Casey at the Bat. The opening line fits every sports occurence wherein one’s team loses. “There is no joy in Mudville, Mighty Casey has struck out!” How many times I have used the line to refect Syracuse defeats.

Today is Casey at the Bat’s birthday. 126 years old. It was first published on this date in 1888 in the San Francisco Examiner.

Enjoy your day!



Memorial Day. The day we officially remember those who have given their lives for our country. A day to pay respect to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

This is not the best of times. Too many wars. Different wars. We are not fighting necessarily in our defense. We are fighting for others in far off lands few of us will ever see. In addition, values are changing and have changed. The moral fiber of many is different.

My point simply is that we seem to be on an errant path. We need to return to the values and goals of yesteryear.

Being a holiday weekend, Key West has a large number of tourists. I was out and about a bit last night. There were not as many people as I expected. Those that were here partying were young. Beer drinkers, order a pizza type. Not really spending money in Key West establishments.

I spent the afternoon yesterday working on my first trip to Greece. I am reviewing, editing, and in some instances reworking daily blogs done at the time. The volcano trip required redoing. I did not express it as funny as it really was the first time.

Speaking of time, the reworking is taking time. I spent four hours reworking three days of blogs. Tiring, also. I have learned the writing in the first instance is much easier than the reworking later on.

I went out at 7 last night. I was home at 8:30. A big evening!

I stopped first at Square One. I thought Don and Chris would be there for dinner. Yesterday was Chris’ birthday and I wanted to wish her a happy one. They were not there. In any event, Chris…..Happy Birthday! See you and Don again next trip.

I spent a while at the bar chatting with Patrick and Sharon.

I followed up Square One with a visit to the new Key West Pub. It is across the street from La Te Da. I wanted to enjoy whatever entertainment they had. I was early. No music/singing till 9.

There were two guys standing on the sidewalk in front of the Pub’s door. I suspect they were hawkers. People who stand outside and try to get you to come inside. I asked what time the show. They told me and suggested I either go in then or return early. Their words were to the effect that the place fills up early.

I did not like them and their attitude. I cannot recall any other bar/restaurant having such people out front hustling. The tee shirt shops do. If hawking it was, it was not Key West.

I walked across the street to La Te Da. Figured I would get a sandwich at the outside bar. The bar was packed. Young people. No one I knew.

I figured it had to be a sign. I walked back to my car and returned home.

Enjoy your day!


I am not looking forward to bocce this morning. We play in the infamous Big Pine Tournament at 11. The NIT of bocce. It is for the also rans. Our team missed the big time playoffs by one game.

While we will be rolling on two courts at the end, the regular playoffs will be ongoing on the other courts.

The best part of the day will be lunch. Free burgers and chicken for the players. The burgers are the best! I ran into Frankie last night at Square One. He agreed, the burgers to die for!

I started yesterday with a noon manicure. Tammy at Lee Nails. I have to say it again…..What a business! She and her husband have captured the American dream.

Then to Publix for groceries This time the refrigerator was really empty, as was the freezer. My breakfast yesterday consisted in a cup of green tea and two old frozen pancakes. Publix got me good. I spent a ton of money stocking up.

The price of groceries is ridiculous. And nothing to indicate it is going to reverse itself and go down. I read somewhere this week that the cost of meat experienced the largest one month increase in years last month. Add on the 19 percent increase for 2013. We are taking a beating!

Dinner last night was with Stephanie Kaple at Square One. Dining with Stephanie is always  interesting. Stephanie is young, vivacious and full of drive. Her life is totally committed to the homeless.

I met a couple at the bar who also play bocce. They play in the tuesday night league. They came in first this season. They understood Big Pine Tournament background. Meeting them was like pouring salt on an open wound.

Betsy had dinner at the bar with friends. Betsy and I have spent the last eight Christmas Eves and Days together. Betsy is a good friend of Lisa’s and is always a guest at Lisa’s home for the occasion.

We exchange modest gifts. My gift to Betsy this past Christmas was a copy of my then recently published book The World Upside Down. I did not have a copy to give her, however. The book was back listed / wait listed till January 15. I told Betsy I would get it to her.

I am ashamed to say, I have not delivered the book yet.

As luck would have it, I ran into Betsy twice this week,  Square One being the second time. Where is the book, she asked. I promised this week.

Enjoy your day!



I developed the habit of trimming my two year old beard once a week. On fridays. Yesterday, I screwed up!

I have an electric beard trimmer. The cutting blade trims close to the skin. There is a barricade /guard that has to be placed over it to avoid a full trim. The barricade/guard also permits one to determine the desired length of the beard.

I was doing the friday routine yesterday. Trimmed one side of my face. Don’t know where my mind was. I forgot the barricade/guard. Three sweeps and the left side of my face was bare.

Oh, shit!…..I thought.

Things have to balance. I intentionally shaved off the right side. Left me with a mustache and small chin beard. I did not think it looked good. Shaved the chin beard off. Did not like how I looked with just a mustache. The mustache went.

My face was entirely clean. The skin as smooth as a new born baby’s behind.

I liked what I saw. I have decided to go beardless for a while. The new me!

The interesting thing is that everywhere I went last night, no one noticed my beard was gone. Do people really look at each other?

The Chart Room was my first stop. Sean and Katherine were just leaving. I was glad I got to say good bye in person. They leave for Austin this morning. Katherine has a position with a Leading Hotels of the World there. God bless and good luck!

Ran into Dale. Met him last year. He spends six months in Key West and six months in Ocean City, New Jersey. Lives on a 44 foot sail boat. He is an independent contractor working with the pharmaceutical industry. I learned a lot I never knew about prescription drugs.

Decided to stop at the new Key West Pub to see how they were doing. They were not. A handful of people. The place was basically empty. I had a drink and chatted with the general manager, Eric.

There was a dance floor last week at the opening where a baby grand used to sit. The dance floor was gone. Replaced by tables. I suggested they bring Larry Smith in to play. I was told they had no piano. I said Larry had one. The one he bought when he left the Wine Galley.

My next and final stop was Square One. Ate at the bar. Enjoyed myself immensely.

Jimmy Olsen was seated at the other end. I rarely see him. It was good to say hello.

Good friend Patrick bartending. Always a pleasure to be in his company.

My former bocce partner Frankie the Plumber was having dinner at the bar, also. Chatted with Frankie and his friends. Frankie just returned from a three week cruise through the Hawaiian Islands. Jet lag still affecting him.

Mary Lou Hoover came in and sat next to me at the bar. She and Charley were waiting for a table. Mary Lou and I talked quite a while. The most we have ever talked. The first time I can recollect we have been alone to talk.

Mary Lou is both dynamic and a dynamo. Among her many accomplishments, she started Girl’s Night Out back in 2006 or thereabouts with six attendees. Today, it numbers in the thousands.

I was impressed once again with the crowd at Square One. Many standing and drinking waiting for a table. Happy faces all! Carmelo has done a great job in resurrecting the restaurant.

This afternoon, I bowl! Don is throwing a bowling party. At the Boca Chica Naval Base. The only bowling alleys in the area.

We did a similar party three years ago. We ate pizza and wings and drank.

This will be the fourth time in my life I have bowled. I think three years ago my high score was 70 something and my low 40 something.

No one wants me on their team!

Enjoy your day!


Happy Easter!

I love holidays. Things change as one gets older however. I miss my grandmother and mother’s Easter cooking. Especially the ghzzad (probably spelled wrong) and sausage pies. Easter foods. Heavy. Took forever to digest. So good, however!

I attached an Andre Rieu You Tube presentation on my Good Friday blog a few days ago. If you did not see and hear it, go back and do so. It is my Easter gift to you. Andre and his violin, together with the Nun’s Choir  with a rendition that may bring tears to your eyes.

I spent all day yesterday writing. Received a call about 5. It was Jenna. What are you doing? Lets go out. We did. Square One for dinner. It was catch up time. I do not see Jenna as often as I did. She is too busy with her television career.

I stopped at Don’s place after dropping Jenna off. Don and David at the bar. Don asked…..Where were you? Where was I what? The holiday dinner party at Hershel, Erika, Stan and Clare’s. Three smoked pigs.

I forgot!

Embarrassing, wow! More embarrassing when just at that moment Stan and Clare walked in. I told them the truth as I apologized. I forgot.

This seems to be Maggiore week. A couple of nights ago, I ran into Rocco Maggiore at the Chart Room. He used to live in Utica. This morning I received an e mail from Anna. She is spending the holiday on Mount Santa Maria Maggiore.

She is with her son Antonio, his wife Mariam, and their two children. Antonio has a chalet near the top of the mountain. Anna reports it is cold and there is 20 inches of newly fallen snow.

Enjoy the holiday!


This is unquestionably the best season Key West has experienced in years. Tourists galore. Bicycles and scooters all over the place. Hotels and restaurants full.

Everyone happy! Everyone having a good time!

Hopefully, it will continue. Whereas twenty years ago, the season ended Easter Sunday, it now runs into June.

I have a concern, however. The market drop at the end of this past week may foretell coming economic problems. The more than normal world unrest does not help.

Dinner last night was at Square One. Square One is typical of Key West’s resurgence business wise. The place was packed! Happy laughing chatter throughout.

I had dinner with my good friends Tom and Fran Dixon from Buffalo. The meal was excellent. Tom and Fran excellent company. I was impressed to learn that they were at the Democratic Convention where Carter and Ted Kennedy were at war. They were sitting on the VIP podium an arms length away from both candidates.

The Key West Citizen carried an interesting article on the Vandenberg in today’s newspaper. The proud military vessel was sunk off Key West five years ago. It was intended as an artificial reef. Divers have been frequenting the Vandenberg since day one.

Time has been good to the Vandenberg. It was recently reported that the coral growth is much more than had been expected. Ten different types have been identified.

The Masters will be played in two places today. Augusta and Don’s Place. The Masters at Don’s Place begins at one. Seven holes. Putting only along the floors of the bar. Cups of some sort arranged.

Don’s Place has to be the adult play pen of the universe! I can visualize how the Masters idea was concocted. At the inside bar, of course. Don, David, and Hershel definitely. Maybe Scott and Nate also. Seated at the bar and indulging. Someone probably said…..we should do something for the Masters Sunday. After about two hours of dialogue, the concept for the first annual Don’s Place Masters was arrived at.

Guaranteed fun! I will be there with my putter!

Enjoy your Sunday!


JJ was one of the bartenders at the Chart Room. He changed his place of work to the Galleon a couple of weeks ago. I decided to visit JJ.

Good luck! I have been twice to the Galleon and no JJ! The first time was my fault. I did not know his schedule and went on a day he was not working. Yesterday was my second time. However, I checked first. JJ was working thursday and friday from 4 on. I was there at 4:30. JJ nowhere to be found. The bartender Todd told me JJ had gone home.

The Galleon sits at the end of Front Street. Water on two sides. People own condos, time shares, and a few rent. I had been to the outdoor bar only twice. For weddings. Yesterday, for a drink.

The bar sits directly on open water. Boats going back and forth constantly. A large square bar, well shaded.

I did not enjoy my time there. The atmosphere was strange. Every bar I go to in Key West is full of friendly drinkers. Whether locals or tourists. No one talked to anyone at the Galleon. Everyone stayed to themselves. Most starred straight ahead. Even couples. Sad. Could it be the ownership factor? I do not know.

After the Galleon, it was the Chart Room. Quiet. Early. Around 5. Just me and Emily. Then me, Emily and Sheila. I had one drink at the Galleon. Was not in the mood to drink any more. Had two diet Pepsi’s at the Chart Room.

Ate some popcorn. Emily makes the best popcorn on the island!

Where to have dinner? I finally decided on Orgami. It was a while since I had enjoyed sushi. I sat outside at a small table.

Orgami is located in Square One. Just across from Square One Restaurant.

Big basketball tonight! Dayton/Florida. Six o’clock. I have decided to watch the game from the comfort of my home. I am curious to see if Dayton can continue its winning streak. A tough game. Florida is #1 on everyone’s list of top teams.

Enjoy your day!



I like Tom and Cindy. Great people! From Iowa. Black hearted Republicans, but we get along.

We had dinner last night at Square One. Cindy looked lovely. A charmer. Life has not gotten her down. One breast and one leg gone to cancer. Still cheerful! She is amazing!

They wanted to go to Don’s Place after dinner. We went. Fortunately, Don was still there. He and Tom bonded. They were talking business all night.

My day started early yesterday. The metabolic test for WeBeFit. I am in terrible shape. worse than I thought. Stayed a while after and did some time on the tread mill. Then an hour at Plantation Coffee House reading the papers.

My TV/internet show tomorrow at 10. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Via television from Key West through Boca Raton on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide.

My chest/rib is killing me. I did not work out today. Already! I see the doctor at 4.

Enjoy your day!



I had dinner last night at Square One. Third time in recent weeks. I must like it. I do.

The new owner Carmelo has done a wonderful job in remodeling. An interior of soft dark colors. Lights always dim. The atmosphere soothing. The food of course outstanding.

My rediscovery of Square One does not mean I am abandoning my other haunts of choice. Hot Tin Roof is still tops with me. In fact, I am having dinner with Cheryl and Roger there Friday night.

The new Square One does not serve breakfast or lunch. Only dinners. They have a children’s menu. Terrific! Everything between $5 and $7. Some night when I am watching Robert and Ally at diner time, I will  ring them. I would have us seated at the outside terrace. Robert and Ally do not need dim lights.

Dinner was with Amy Culver. We have known each other for years. Merely to say hello when we would see each other. Last night was the first time I ever had dinner with Amy or talked with her to any extent.

Amy was an excellent dinner companion. She is the former owner of Mangos. The jumping outdoor restaurant in the middle of Duval. She sold it several years ago.

Amy travels extensively. For the past 11 years, she has visited Africa for at least a month at a time. Sounds like my visits to Greece. She initially went 11 years ago on a trip/mission to help the Africans. Got so taken with the place that she returns yearly to continue.

As you are aware, even  though book one is done, I am working on two others. One is a biography of an international figure. I have been into serious research for six months regarding him.

Writing is very similar to the work I did as an environmental attorney. Tons of records need to be searched. Always looking for that small piece of information or paper that will lead to some thing of value. While I was digging, I came across the program handed to those who attended his funeral at a large church in New York City. The program listed something like 15 persons who gave eulogies. Lo and behold, Amy was one of them!

The purpose of last night’s get together was to start digging into Amy’s wealth of recollections. I learned much. Much I did not know. I thought I knew everything about the man and was using Amy to merely fill in the holes. She opened new doors to me. I anticipate Amy and I will be spending many hours together over the course of the next year.

I was pleased when I arrived at Square One to see my booce partner Frankie and his wife Sandy. They were with several friends having dinner. Guy, the owner of KONK Life, came in with his lady friend of many years, ML. That is what she is called. I know her by no other name.

The Christmas Parade is next Saturday evening. KONK Life has a float. I am supposed to be on it in a Santa hat throwing candy to the kids.

Met Suzette. A lovely tiny young lady. An intriguing accent. We talked a bit. She is from Russia. Served as hostess last night.

Met also for the first time our waiter. Amy knew him, however. Robert Perlow. He once was a writer for Jay Leno.

There is a wine bar between Square One and La Te Da. I do not recall its name. First time I was there. Amy dragged me after dinner. I am not a wine drinker. I had a bottle of water while Amy imbibed.

Diane May was there. I had not seen Diane in quite a while. We have mutual friends. Donna and Terri. Diane is a beaming charming woman.

I asked Amy if it was true that Christopher had sold Antonia’s. Restaurant and former restaurant owners know everything. Yes, it was true. What surprised me was that Christopher turned around and bought La Te Da. Wow!

Tonight at 9 is my blog talk radio show. If you are home, flip open the computer and listen in. It is only a half hour and a fast moving one at that.

Interesting topics tonight include courts gone crazy, Saudi Arabians beating their maids, future wars perhaps being fought over water, whether Black Fridays are the picture of how people will behave if there are food shortages, and my thoughts regarding Pope Frances’ recent Papal Mission Statement.

Enjoy your day!

Square One Restaurant


I had dinner last night at the Square One Restaurant. I should refer to it as the new Square One. It has been open about a year. Second time there for me.

I could not believe all the people! The place was packed. I could not get near the bar. I was glad I had telephoned for reservations.

Patrick Hayes was bartending. A Key West icon. I have known him for 25 years. He is best friends with Lisa. I recall attending he and Les’ wedding reception a couple of years ago. Patrick and Les had to go all the way to Iowa to make it legal.

Carmelo is the new owner of Square One. The décor is lovely, the food outstanding!

Jenna was my date. We had not been out together for quite some time. I enjoyed her company. We get along well together.

Yesterday morning, I did my TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I am not ashamed to admit I get a kick out of doing it.

I am into government waste. If Congress wants to screw the poor by reducing food stamps, cut elderly benefits available through Social Security and Medicare, and punish the sick by abolishing Obamacare, then it is high time the American people began looking closely at how Congress operates. Especially in the area of waste and apparent lack of concern about it.

The national debt is $17 trillion. I found where $8.7 trillion is sitting out there with no one able to say where the money went. Half the national debt!

The Pentagon since 1996 has not been able to explain what happened to $8.7 trillion. Via whistleblowers, the figure has been documented. As well as claims of doctoring the books. It boils down to the Pentagon not being able to balance its books.

You and I may not have known. However, all of Washington has for several years. Nothing has been done, except to give the Pentagon through 2017 to balance the books.

This Pentagon/$8.7 trillion problem was the one that most interested viewers to yesterday’s program based on e mails and telephone calls received after the show. Evidencing that the American people are starting to wake up a bit and are pissed the way government operates.

Syracuse and Pitt today. Syracuse has one other game after today. Boston College next week. I have no idea how Syracuse will fare today against Pitt.

Syracuse basketball coming alive. So far Syracuse has won all the easy ones. A couple close point wise, however. I wonder how my team will do when they start playing the big boys. We will get an indication starting tomorrow night. Syracuse is in a four team tournament in Hawaii. They open against Minnesota. ESPN2 will be carring the game at 5:30.

Happy birthday Milly Falabrino. Milly is an Italian friend.

The book is out there. Milly already has one in Italy. I am curious as to how many will actually read the book. The World Upside Down. No one has had time to finish reading the book as yet so I have no indication as to how people feel about it.

The book is available on and

Enjoy your day!