Friday began with The Key West Lou Legal Hour. My TV/internet show. Jenna was out of town. It was just me and Krystal.

I spent a lot time talking about present day poverty in the United States. Reductions in the food stamp program was my motivation.

Permit me to share three observations.

I recently read that one out of every four Americans works for $10 an hour or less. I also read that one out of four American children are enrolled in the food stamp program. If true, we are in more trouble than most think. Seeds have been sewn that can have serious consequences.

The last item concerns members of the House of Representatives. They went home yesterday. Their schedule for the balance of the year was announced. It indicated little time in Washington, much at home.

We have budget problems and a multitude of other matters confronting the Nation. Some with specific deadlines coming up in the next 2-3 months. What the hell are these guys doing?

Whatever I said on the show apparently hit home. Post show comment indicated a gigantic interest in the poverty issue.

After the show, it was off to Lisa’s for a while. A little father/daughter time. Jake was with us. Yesterday, he did not bark at me once. Was quiet and sedate. Just  hung around my feet. I cannot figure him out.

I continue to be tired. Maybe the blood pressure. Perhaps the diet. Could be a combination of the two.

Dinner with Pati last night. At the bar at the Marriott Beachside.

Pati is an environmentalist of the first order. To the extreme, I occasionally think. Motivated by goodness all the time, however. In one of my recent shows, I made a mistake. The issue involved the environment. Pati wrote. First apologizing all over the place. Then telling me she did not wish to offend. Then laying the error upon me.

I appreciated her letting me know. Last night was a sort of thank you. Also, we have always been saying lets have dinner together. Last night was the occasion.

The bar was packed. Michael Emerson was playing the guitar and singing. He chatted with us during breaks.

I ate a diet meal. Four shrimp. a little  tiny bit of some shredded beef, and a roll. One gin. My big meal of the day! Of the week!

It was a nice evening. I enjoyed Pati’s company.

Three brief comments regarding Greece, Egypt and Germany.

Two members of the Greek Nazi party were shot and killed this week outside a suburban headquarters. A couple of weeks ago, the leaders of the Nazi party, the Golden Dawn Party, were arrested on some BS charges and are in jail awaiting trial. Good cannot come of what is happening.

More than a year ago after my first trip to Greece, I wrote Greece was a tinderbox. Do not be surprised if the match is being thrown.

Egypt’s last President, Mursi, goes on trial Monday. He was arrested and has been confined to jail for months. Has not been permitted a visit by his attorney nor has he been provided with the written charges against him. And monday his life is on the line!

So much for the new democratic Egypt that our leaders cheered about when Mubarak was overthrown. I hope lessons have been learned. A massive street demonstration is no guaranty that a democratic government will follow.

I do not like Angela Merkel. She is a trouble maker and opportunist. It was announced yesterday that she had sent her intelligence people to Russia to interview Snowden about who knew what and when concerning the U.S.’s bugging of her cell phone.

Merkel has economically destroyed many European countries with the Euro Union and the euro. She recently indicated that the member nations of the Euro Union should have one army. With Germany being in charge of the air force and navy. She is blowing the cell phone tapping incident out of all proportion. She is another Putin.

Now to the important. Syracuse plays Wake Forest today. The Vegas line has Syracuse a 4.5 favorite. My fingers are crossed.

Enjoy your day!













I was up early yesterday morning. I had to be at Lisa’s by 8:30 to babysit. Robert, Ally and Jake were waiting when I arrived. Jake went in the cage. Robert and Ally in the car.

We discussed where to have breakfast. I decided to give them a special treat and take them to a new place. Schooner Wharf.

About fifteen members of the breakfast club were at the bar. My friend Angus bartending. I called over to him. We waved, including Robert and Ally.

We sat at the row of small tables with white plastic chairs next to the boardwalk. Docked boats were less than 10 feet away.

The closeness to the boats and the large number of boats blew the grandkids out. They got excited each time one pulled away from its dock.

Robert and Ally had pancakes. I, eggs benedict. Screw the diet!

The pancakes came with bacon. Robert asked if it was the real stuff. Their mother Lisa is all health foods. She serves turkey bacon.

Robert was on a one week trip for cancer survivors last summer. The one sponsored by Miami Children’s Hospital. Kids 6 to 16 make the trip. About 30 of them. Some as Robert are cancer survivors. The others still in treatment. The purpose of the trip is to celebrate life by those who are cured and give hope to the others that they too can be cured.

On the trip, Robert had real bacon for the first time. Pork bacon. Loved it! Lisa will not buy it. It is still turkey bacon at home. however when out, Robert wants the real stuff. He asked me, is it for real? Yes, I told him. Go for it!

Robert has Ally hooked on it also. She too had bacon with her pancakes.

After breakfast, I took them home. Showed them Poppa on TV via You Tube. One segment. Eight minutes. Had them listen to one 30 minute blog talk radio show. They were good about it. Asked a few questions. When the showing were concluded, Ally asked if they could go play now. I realized they were being kind and humoring me while watching.

Interestingly, Jake sat there watching and listening also.  Perhaps he liked it.

My afternoon and early evening were spent watching the Syracuse/Clemson game. A disaster! Clemson won 49-14. Not worth going through the details. Except to say the Syracuse defense was impressive in the third quarter. They held Clemson to 6 rushing yards most of the quarter. Then the roof fell in again!

The Vegas line was 14 points. I write earlier this week that if Syracuse lost by 14 points, it would be a victory. I projected a 30 point defeat. I was close. It turned out to be 35.

Clemson deserves to be ranked #3. A fine team. A great quarterback. The team could end up #1 in the nation.

I am glad Syracuse moved into the ACC with its football program. There are several good teams in the league. Top 10 and top 20 teams. Syracuse will have to up its game to play at their level. which is good. Syracuse will and some day we will be ranked #3 striving to be #1.

One final observation. Syracuse’s quarterback is green. Only a sophomore. He will be much better next year and dynamite his senior year.

The ankle pain came back last night. Horrible! Again this morning. I am sitting here with the big black boot on.

A reminder. My Friday TV/internet show The Key West Lou Legal Hour is available on You tube. In case you missed the show, it can be viewed there. Go to You Tube and enter Lou’s Legal Hour.

I telephoned Jenna this morning. No answer. She is a big Church goer. Left her a message to call. I would like to see Gravity tonight with her.

Enjoy your Sunday!






Requiem aetemam dona eis, Domine. Grant them eternal rest, O Lord.


It is all over. Syracuse lost to Michigan last night in the Final Four 61-56. It was Michigan all the way. Syracuse was down 11-12 points at one time. Came back. Could not win. The last two minutes were bad for Syracuse.

Syracuse’s fabled defense was good. The offense not so good. Especially where 3 pointers were involved. Michigan made 8 to Syracuse’s 3.

Overall, Syracuse went far. This has been a season of ups and downs. The team crested well at the end. Made it to the Final Four. A never give up team all the way. Coached well once again by Jim Boeheim. Congrats to team and coach.

Michigan fans were less than pleasant. A bunch of arrogant asses from my perspective. There were many Michigan fans at the Sports Pub. Few Syracuse fans. I had to move around because of the crowd. Sat near two different groups. The Michigan fans were out for blood. They were in your face with their lack of friendliness during and when the game was over. Not nice at all. I attribute their attitude to the fact that Michigan has not gone this far in the Big Tournament in 20 years. They did not know how a winner behaves.

I am glad the Syracuse basketball season is over. It was not good for my heart!

Louisville looked good in the second half of their game. Their full court press hurt Wichita State. Wichita played poorly the last five minutes. Stupid turnovers. I attribute Wichita’s poor playing at the end to a lack of experience, also. They had not been that far in the Big Tournament since the 1960s. There is something to be said for having been there. The next time a team generally is smarter and does not make the mistakes that cost them an earlier game.

Friday’s USA Today had a listing of the top ten donut places in America. Key West was #1. The place is called Glazed Donuts of Key West. I have never heard of it. The shop is purported to be located at 420 Eaton street. I cannot see it mentally. I intend to search it out.

Key West is handicapped for 2-3 years with big time boulevard construction. It takes me 15 minutes longer to get into town and 20 minutes longer to get home. A mess! Now a year old. We have learned to live with it and make do.

Key West City fathers do not always make the right moves. I sometimes think they have their heads up their asses. An example is Duck Ave. Duck Ave. is a collateral route when traveling Flagler. Flagler is generally the way out of town. Some have discovered Duck Ave. It goes the same direction as Flagler, runs parallel to Flagler. Some of us use Duck Ave. to avoid for a part of the way the heavy Flagler traffic.

It was announced front page in the Key West Citizen that a major renovation was soon to to be done to Duck Ave. Terrific! The city fathers must think this is the right time. Get it done before the boulevard construction is completed!

Enjoy your day!



When it rains in Key West, it rains! Yesterday was that kind of day. A blustery rainy day all day.

Key West is at sea level. Which means not much room under the island for pipes. There are two systems. One for sewage and one for drainage. The sewer system always works. The drainage water run off pipes are another story.

The sewers cannot handle a heavy rain. Certainly not one that lasts all day. The streets flood. Deep enough for a canoe or row boat in some places. Perfect for swimming in others. I have actually seen people swim at the Eaton and White Street intersection when flooded.

The flooding screws up traffic. Front Street adjoining the Pier House is impossible to drive through. The Boulevard is under a 2-3 year construction. Only two lanes open. Both going the same way. Into town. Yesterday only one lane. The driving lane was impossible to drive through.

The rain and flooded streets did nothing to dampen spirits. Never do. Tourists move into the bars in mass. Everyone still has a good time.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour was at 10 yesterday morning. Viewed on TV and the internet. Love doing the show!

People I heard from after the show seem to have especially enjoyed two topics. One having to do with title to money passing to the bank once it is deposited. The other concerning the rip off being perpetrated on the public by the pharmaceutical industry.

I spent a bit of time after the show working with Jenna and Krystal. Spoke with owner Rich. He likes the show. People are talking about it. My friday show is being recorded and will be shown three additional times during the week. Saturday at 4:30, sunday at 3 and wednesday 6 in the evening.

Spent some time in the afternoon writing next week’s column for KONK Life. My deadline is 5 friday afternoon. The article is entitled Screwed Again. The story of brand name and generic drug companies working together to the economic detriment of the purchasing public.

Saw the heart doctor late in the afternoon. I keep laughing. My internest told me after my annual physical concluded monday that I was in the best shape since she started caring for me 6 years ago.  I mentioned it in tuesday’s blog which I did in the morning. I also said I hoped I was not jinxing myself by sharing the information.

That evening my ankles were swollen big time with fluid. First time in a very long time. Took me two days to get them down. Concerned me. Ergo, the visit to the heart doctor.

I took my blood and urine results from my annual physical with me. He was impressed! Cut back on two of my heart medications. However, he did not know why the swelling occurred. He has scheduled me for a battery of tests.

Next time I will keep my mouth shut!

My ankles were down and I felt good so I went out last night.

Started at Don’s Place. Spent some time with Hershel and Don. Our bocce team lost 2 out of 3 thursday night. I missed the game. I stayed home because I did not feel right.

Then to the Chart Room. The tourists were in out of the rain. So also were Sheila, Peter, Sean, and Katherine. Jean Thornton came in. She is back. Chatted with them all off and on. Lest I forget, the ever charming Emily was bartending.

I heard some sad news while at the Chart Room. The kids’ toy store on the second floor of the white custom house building is closing down. Sad! A great store for children’s toys. Reasonably priced and  quality.

It was raining. I did not want to walk far. Went to the Wine Galley and ate at the bar. Larry was playing. As usual. He introduced me to his brother. Larry’s father died two weeks ago. His brother drove their mother down to Key West from Dansville, Pennsylvannia. She will be living with Larry and Christine for a while.

Sloan has already been in today. 8:30. Our work for the day is done.

Tonight big! Very big! The Final Four!

I will be watching the Syracuse/Michigan game at 8:30 at the Big Ten Sports Pub. May Syracuse win! I believe they will this evening.

Enjoy your day!




There is much I could lead off with this morning. Like Easter Sunday or Donna and Terri. However, Syracuse dominates!

The 55-39 victory over Marquette tops everything. A real WOW! I am obviously a Syracuse fan. My blood runs orange. I must admit that I shed a tear or two at the end of the game. Players and Coach Boeheim deserved the glory which accompanied the victory.

On to the Final Four!

I must be candid. I have not been impressed with the team this season. Syracuse started well. Began dying in the middle of the season. Experienced a total collapse at the end of the season. March Madness marks a rebirth. I am going to say it. If Syracuse can play as they have defensively the past three games, it will be Syracuse all the way!

I hope my new found confidence does not jinx the team.

Now for Easter.

Happy Easter!

Things change. Such is life. I can recall when everyone dressed for Easter. Women in hats, men in suits. It was the holiday where I was sure my parents would buy me new clothes. People walked the streets showing off their finery. People crammed the churches. No more.

Change is one of the two certainties in life. The other is death.

Lisa is doing a big Easter morning brunch. All kind of goodies I suspect. Immediately preceding will be the egg hunt for the grandkids in the yard. Jake will get himself involved some how.

I could not attend. Business first. On Easter Sunday morning. I had an 8:30 computer/telephone conference with the blog talk radio people. The audio problem is resolved. So I was told. It tested ok this morning. This blog was next on the agenda. The brunch and egg hunt missed. I do not feel bad. I have seen and/or participated in enough of them over the years. Only the grandkids’ excitement is missed. The food I do not care about.

Tonight, Easter Sunday supper. Lisa tells me manicotti and ham. Cheesecake for desert. I am looking forward to the meal!

I stopped my diet at 22 pounds. Have been watching myself since. I keep losing weight. It has been about two months since I ended the diet. Weight loss is up to 33 pounds. I am not sick. Rather, I do not believe so. I am in the midst of my annual physical. Told the doctor and nurse about the weight loss. When I was in to see the Doctor last November I weighed 251. Today 214.  Tomorrow, the second half of my physical. If anything is wrong, it will show up. I attribute additional weight loss to having been a good boy eating wise!

Donna and Terri last night! They refer to themselves as my lesbian wives. A compliment from my perspective.

The ladies are in for one week. Seder time. They now live in Los Angeles. Terri also has a booking in Florida. Tomorrow night and Tuesday evening she sings at the Crest Theatre in Delray Beach. My friends in that area, go see her perform. She will knock your socks off!

Terri’s is an amazing story. Several years ago, she was homeless. Sleeping on a bench in New York City’s Washington Square Park, washing in McDonald’s. Today she is a star! Big time! Happily married to Donna.

Terri and Donna love Louis and Louis loves them.

Dinner was at the Hot Tin Roof. A long slow one. We had much catching up to do.

Afterwards, we stopped at the Chart Room for a drink. A mistake. Except for JJ bartending, I knew no one. The place was packed. All tourists. We sat at the round table.

Several couples vacationing from Michigan were at the Chart Room. Mid 30s to mid 40s. All obviously drunk. One of the guys got out of hand with Donna. He wanted to touch her privates. The southern one. He was persistent. I thought I was going to have to get up and protect Donna’s virginity. I should have known better.

Donna can be a sharp tongued Jewish woman when the occasion requires. Last night did. She put the drunk down quietly and masterfully. I did not have to get my ass kicked.

Enjoy the holiday!




It is true. What goes around, comes around. Generally to bite the first doer in the ass.

Such is the situation with Boston College and its student body. Over the issue of birth control.

A war has begun. Freedom of religion the issue. I love it! All the makings of big time legal drama.

I was so turned on that I wrote next week’s KONK Life column concerning the topic. Immediately published it on Amazon.Kindle, also. Read it in either place. I believe you will find both the article and the Constitutional issue fascinating.

Did my TV/internet show yesterday morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Enjoyable for me, as always. I hope as enjoyable for you who watched.

The topic garnering the most interest based on post show comments involved banks, Cyprus, and the disparity between the rich and poor. All three tied together.

Last night began once again with the Chart Room. Emily in charge. Sheila there early on. Then left. She is nursing a big time cold.

David and Che were at the bar. We talked extensively about New York City in the late 1970s. They lived in New York at the time. I was a frequent visitor.

Enjoyed the company of a nice couple from Ohio. Pat and Jackie.

I was supposed to have dinner with Dee. She begged off. Too tired. Actually, I was also. It  was convenient for the both of us to say another time.

I grabbed a newspaper and went over to the Wine Galley. Sat at the bar and listened to Larry Smith sing. Ate a light meal.

Michael was at the bar. I had not seen him in quite a while. He is a local contractor. We chatted a bit.

Larry brought Bobbie over to meet me. She is a CPA. Newly moved to Key West and in the process of opening an office here. A charming person. I wish her well.

Later this afternoon, Syracuse basketball. Against Marquette. Whoever wins, goes on to the Final Four! A very big deal!

Once again I am not sure what Syracuse will do. Frankly, the Indiana result surprised me.

Marquette is in the Big East, also. The two teams met once during the regular season. Marquette won by three points.

My concern  is that Marquette has played Syracuse many times over the years and is familiar with Syracuse’s famed zone defense. Other teams such as Indiana were not and that is why in my opinion Syracuse won those games.

We shall see.

My lesbian wives Donna and Terri are in town. They have been here all week. Leave tomorrow. We have not had an opportunity to get together. It is dinner with them tonight at the Hot Tin Roof. I look forward to it..

Enjoy your day!



It’s amazing! Here I sit in paradise. Key West is a wonder unto itself. Yet what is first on my mind today? The Syracuse/Indiana basketball game tonight.

The Vegas line picks Indiana by 5.5 points. I pick Indiana. Syracuse has already exceeded my expectations in the tournament. On the other hand, one never knows!

Don is a big time Indiana fan. We are going to watch the game together at his bar. The game starts at 9:45. Bocce will come first at 6:30. A busy night ahead!

On the way into town last night, I stopped at Don’s Place. Chatted with Don, David, and Jimmy. Then I was off to the Chart Room.

Lots of people.

Emily bartending. What a lovely girl! Beautiful and smart.

Ran into Bridget who I had met last week. She was with Scott. He was new to me.

Bridget you will recall is a travel guide. Her company has her in Key West for a few weeks. She is from New Hampshire.

Scott is from Colorado. He explained to me he is a walker. Walks large distances. Many miles. Has done so in several countries.

They are both staying at the hostel on South Street. I was surprised. I thought a hostel was for young kids. Apparently not. Bridget had been staying at the Hyatt. She is spending a few days at the hostel with Scott. Separate quarters. Dormitory living. Bridget with the ladies and Scott the men. People of all ages. They explained that they have done this before. It gives them the opportunity to meet many diverse people easily.

Obviously no sex involved between Bridget and Scott. At least not at the hostel.

Peter was at the end of the bar entertaining a group of young ladies and their male escorts. All relatively young. Thirtyish. The ladies in the medical field. One a doctor. A pediatrician. The others nurses. One of the couples visited Key West last year for four hours. They were on a cruise ship. Liked Key West so much, they have returned with friends for a whole week.

Pam said hello. We met last year. She is a local. A lovely lady. I loved her even more when she told me she listened to my blog talk radio show. A first for me. Most are aware of this blog, the TV show, the internet show, my weekly KONK Life column. Pam was the first person I have met who even mentioned the blog talk radio show. A sign the show must be catching on. I hope!

Belinda from last week was seated at the round table with friends. She said hello as I was leaving. I went over and gave her a peck on the cheek. I look forward to running into her again soon.

The weather is cold! 59 degrees at the moment. Hight today 70. Will be in the 60s when we play bocce tonight. Long pants!

Tomorrow morning at 10 the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Available for viewing on  television  and the internet. TV channels Comcast 87 and U-Verse 19. World wide on the internet. www.tvchannel19.com.

The main topic will involve Cyprus, Germany and the euro. What has happened and is happening in Cyprus is dangerous and fearful. I warned while in Greece last summer that the euro problems could lead to war. I wrote a major column on the issue two months ago for KONK Life. Germany started World War I and World War II. I suggested Germany might be responsible for World War III. I did not view the middle east as today’s primary danger spot. It was Germany and Europe!

I have to move my butt. I have an early haircut appointment with Lori. Always a pleasure to be in her company.

Enjoy your day!




The loss of an hour will bother me for a few days…..such is my nature!

Key West’s daily local newspaper is the Key West Citizen. It regularly prints on page 2 Today in Key West History. Yesterday, it mentioned that in 1896 Juana Borrero Pierra, poetess, Cuban patriot and painter, died in Key West at the age of 18.

My curiosity was aroused. Eighteen? I had never heard of her.

I did some research. Her story is a must to be told.

Juana was Cuban by birth. A writer. A poet. She wrote her first poem at 4. Her first published poem was at 14 in the literary magazine La Habana.

Cubans had desired independence from Spain for years. Minor rebellions would start up and stop. In 1895, Cuban rebels were on the move once again. The fight for independence was reignited.

Juana and her family had to leave Cuba immediately following the failure of the insurgency. They were part of the rebel group.

They fled to Key West.

Juana wrote five volumes of poems. One poem was Los Proscriptos. The poem described her last night in Cuba. Most of her other poems described the pain and loneliness of exile.

Juana’s works became popular with Cuban exiles in the late 1950s and early 1960s who were forced to flee Castro’s Cuba.

Juana died of typhoid fever at the age of 18. She was buried in the Key West Cemetery. Her final resting place became lost, so to speak. It could not be recalled specifically where within the cemetery she was buried. Her place of rest was finally discovered in 1972. Her remains were exhumed and buried in a special vault. The caption on the vault reads Glory of Cuba.

As mentioned yesterday, the reaction to my TV/internet show as to why Obama is so hated were well received. I wrote my thoughts up for publication in next week’s KONK Life. Yesterday people were still talking to me about my Obama dissertation. I decided therefore to publish next week’s KONK Life article immediately on Amazon Kindle. Which I did.

Syracuse lost again! Decimated by Georgetown! By around 20 points.

The second half was especially discouraging. Georgetown made Syracuse look like it had never played the game before yesterday.

I have been saying off and on this season, that Syracuse was not the same quality team as in previous years. I am sorry to say it appears I was correct. I hope I am made to look like an ass and Syracuse wins the Final Four!

Georgetown looked great! Like a #1 seed for March Madness.

There was a touching moment at the end of the game. John Thompson, Jr. sought out and found Jim Boeheim. They embraced. Better said, Big John engulfed little Jim in a bear hug!

Two giants who were there at the beginning of the Big East more than thirty years ago. The end of an era that these two greats helped make successful.

The word has always been that Thompson and Boeheim disliked each other. Vehemently. Not yesterday. If animosity existed, it was wiped away by that embrace and the look on their faces. Two old war horses who had been there and done it.

I watched the game at the Big Ten Sports Pub. I arrived just as the game was to start. Two men were sitting near the door. One asked if I was Key West Lou. They were Gordon from Cape Cod and Charles from Oregon.

Gordon told me he reads my blog every day. He and Charles had come to the Sports Pub to meet me. An honor. I was a bit impolite, however. The game was starting. I said my hellos and thank yous and went to a chair at the bar to watch the game.

I figured I would spend half time with them. It never happened. They left soon after we had our brief conversation.

I would like to sit and chat with Gordon and Charles a bit. Share a drink or two. They are visiting Key West for a month. I am sure Gordon is reading the blog this morning. Gordon, please stop by the Chart Room and visit with me. I am generally there every evening from 5:30 to 7, except thursday when I play bocce. I will not be there tonight, however, I am having sunday dinner with Lisa and the family.

My car was parked in the lot next to the Big Ten Sports Pub. When I left after the game, I noticed five roosters nearby running around and under a pick up truck. Only roosters. No hens. I thought this strange. Roosters are always seen cock a doddling and chasing after hens. The thought occurred…..these roosters must be gay!

I am going to the movies this afternoon. Playing grandfather. There is a remake of the Wizard of Oz. I am going with Robert and Ally and Lisa and Corey.

Enjoy your sunday!


The Key West Lou Blog Talk Radio Show is moving. Time wise. From 7 in the morning to 9 in the evening. The day will still be tuesday.

The name is being changed also. From this point forward, it will be known Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. Sounds better, moves off the tongue easier.

I am moving the show to 9 for two reasons. First, getting up at 4:30 is bothering me. Yes, I have to be up that early to be ready to open the show at 7. Second, many of you tell me 7 is too early…..do the show another time. I am listening.

I hope 9 in the evening works better. The 7 time slot had many listeners. Not enough from my perspective, however. I hope 9 proves to be better.

And all of you who argue with me in person, via comments, and e mails, this is your opportunity to discuss our contrary positions live.

I invite you to join me tueday evenings at 9 for Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. Find me the same way as before. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Cold this morning!!! Like 59 degrees at the momnet. Today’s high projected at 62 degrees. Key Westers will be dressing warm! No shorts today!

The cold front hit yesterday. It is a 48 hour one. It will leave tomorrow. The high tomorrow is 72. The rest of the week 80 degrees. We can live with two cold days.

My heart is taking a beating watching these Syracuse games! Seton Hall last night. Syracuse was down by 10 points after 10 minutes of play. Syracuse came back, however. Beat Seton Hall 76-65. We played well the last 30 minutes of the game. Not well enough though. Seton Hall had lost six straight coming into last night’s game.

Trische looked fantastic. Scored 29 points.

The Vienna Boys Choir is appearing in Key West for the first time this evening. The Choir is guesting with the South Florida Symphony at Tennessee Willaims. Should be a great show.

I am going. As Jenna’s guest. How nice!

The South Florida Symphony is the old Key West Symphony. It has broadened its base to include Miami and other mainland cities. The Symphony also moved its primary location from Key West to Miami.

I was a board memebr of the former Symphony for a couple of years. My former wife for eight.

Today is the middle day of a three day holiday weekend. It is sunday. So far the weekend has been good. Sushi with Jenna friday evening. Syracuse basketball last night at John Lukas’s place. The Vienna Choir and Symphony this evening at the college with Jenna.

Enjoy your day! Enjoy the long weekend!



Spent three hours with Lisa and the family around lunch time yesterday. Read the Sunday newspapers and visited with Robert and Ally.

There is some sort of Civil War Days celebration at Fort Zach. Robert and Ally had been there the day before. They were excited in telling me about it.

Key West was a strange duck during the Civil War. Florida went with the Confederacy. Key West however remained with the Union. An unusual situation. Understandable when you realize how far Key West was from the rest of the Florida. There was no railroad or roads from the mainland. Water vessels were the only contact.

The Union constructed two forts to ward off invading Confederate vessels. They stand to today. East Martello and West Martello. They were never needed. The war never came to Key West.

Key West’s primary function on behalf of the Union was to take in captured Confederate  vessels and do whatever had to be done with them.

After the Fort Zach Civil War treat, Corey took the grandkids on a trip through the woods. Which, I do not know. Key West has all kind of woods. All kind of mangrove growings.

Corey is an archeologist. Educated and work wise. He was educated at Indiana University. Worked in the Middle East in evacuations. For the last 25 years has served as Mel Fisher’s Chief Archeologist.

I find it strange that Corey grew up never seeing the ocean. Yet in his adult life, makes his living exploring the ocean bottom.

Corey has told me many times that as a child when other boys were playing baseball, he preferred to walk in the woods looking for strange items.

Therein I suspect  lies the reason why Corey takes Robert and Ally on wood expeditions.

The Saturday trip proved fruitful to Robert. He found a dried snake skin. Head and all. He was all excited  as he showed it to me. Ugh! Made sure I touched it.

Ally discovered nothing of interest. Ally is taken with spiders. Would you believe! She picks them up outside her home.

I was coming down with a cold. Went home to bed for the rest of the day.

Watched the Syracuse/St. John’s game from the comfort of my bed. Syracuse won handily. They looked good. Southerland won his appeal and is back playing. He contributed his 13 points.

I have been down on the team. Perhaps I have been too harsh. The nice way of saying I was probably wrong. I was impressed with their play yesterday. Especially on defense. We shall see.

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday) is my blog talk radio show. The Key West Lou Talk Show. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. Seven in the morning my time. Early! If you are up and around, join me. Exciting stuff. Tomorrow I want to know what you think of drones killing Americans, Senator Lindsey’s rumblings re Benghazi, and whatever else tickles your interest. It is a fun show!

Have to hustle. Dentist again at 10 this morning. Feeling much better. Some minor problems yet to be resolved. I think my dental work is like the Jaguar of the 1960s. A lot of money and a lot of problems.

Enjoy your day!