Sheila threw a party to celebrate Peter’s visit to Key West. Yesterday afternoon. At her apartment. An outstanding event!

It was good to see Peter, of course. Captain Peter, English Peter. The same tall distinguished gentleman. White hair and a white tache. British accent, of course.

The food sheila put out was delicious. Or so it appeared. I ate nothing because of my diet. Sheila had a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. She also baked several different deserts. Ask me not what they were. I kept a respectful distance less I be tempted.

The crowd from the Chart Room were there. And a bunch of people I had not met before.

I had a very good time. Stayed about three hours. Thank you, Sheila. Thank you Peter for providing Sheila with a reason to throw a party.

Jean Thornton had been at the party earlier. Jean was the one instrumental in getting Peter back to Key West for a visit. She came down from Birmingham for the party. I missed her. Jean had run off to the burning of the 2014 hurricane flag at Truman waterfront. Each year in which no hurricane has touched Key West, the event takes place. It is conducted by the Conch Republic Navy.

It was 77 degrees yesterday. With a cool chill in the air. Sweater time!

I have to hustle. Two doctor visits today. Blood testing with my internist at 8:30. Visit with my heart doctor at 4:30. In between, a manicure with Tammy.

Seniors should be paid each time they see a doctor. We see them so often. It would be a welcome addition to Social Security.

Enjoy your day!


Happy Thanksgiving!

May all enjoy this day. Good food, some drink, friends and family. Then to sleep with an overindulged stomach.

We owe the holiday to two sources. First, the Pilgrims who gave thanks with a big dinner with their then Indian friends at Plymouth in 1621. Followed by George Washington. Washington decreed in 1789 there should be a day of thanksgiving. To rejoice and thank God for the many blessings He had bestowed on the new country.

My Thanksgiving will be with Lisa and family. The big dinner at 1. I am curious how my diet will fare. The diet that now has me at a 17 pound loss.

I ran some errands mid day yesterday. Then stopped at Don’s Place. For a glass of water. Sat and chatted with Jimmy and John. House painters, the weather had rained them out.

Dinner at the bar at Tavern ‘n Town last night. Packed again. Some locals, mostly tourists. The place does a hell of a business!

Adair was at the bar. I had not seen him in a while. Adair is a trainer. His body is the best advertisement for his business. Adair is somewhere in his 60s. Looks a lot younger. Has a magnificent tight torso.

I have learned to feel sorry for the women on Thanksgiving. They are up early in the morning to get the turkey in the oven at the right time. Stuffing it first, of course. Then watching the turkey for several hours and preparing all the side dishes.

Thanksgiving is a good time to be a man. It is like child birth. It is the woman’s thing to do!

Call me a chauvinist. Though I am not.

There are two special things to celebrate today.

The hurricane season comes to an end November 30. No hurricane this year! No hurricanes for 10 years. Key West deserved it after Wilma.

Thirty turtles arrived at the Marathon Turtle Hospital. From the cold waters of Cape Code. Hypothermia. More to follow. The turtles have it made. They do not need Obamacare. They will receive the best medical care at no cost.

A question comes to mind re the Ferguson fallout. There have been 37 demonstrations in various parts of the United States in recent days. All a part of the Ferguson fallout. The demonstrations have been well organized. Similar in nature. The question I raise is who is behind these protest marches. There has to be someone or some group. Who? It concerns me.

I leave you this morning with two Louis thoughts re Ferguson. I suspect the reason Wilson was not indicted was because the local authorities were not going to let a dead black man put a white police officer in jail. The other is that what happened in Ferguson is a perfect example of might winning out over right.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving day!



There was a time when I sailed frequently. Generally off the north shore of Long Island. Sometimes in the Tampa area. A few times off Key West.

I learned that wind is fickle. It blew this way for a bit and then changed suddenly. The bottom wind went in one direct. Ten feet above in another direction.

Tropical Depression Nine broke up over the Yucatan yesterday. That should have been the end of it. Apparently not. Weather reports suggest it could regroup and turn into a hurricane. The amusing question being where is Nine going next.

This is funny! Some believe it will end up in the Pacific Ocean. Others, that it will end up between Cuba and Key West. A wide range. Never saw one reported that far apart.

If it turns into a hurricane and ends up between Cuba and Key West, Key West will be in trouble. So far, no one is concerned. After several years of living here, one becomes expert re hurricane predicting. I am not concerned.

The big parade tonight. The Fantasy Fest Parade. Some fifty floats covered with party goers. Most of the females close to nude. Seventy thousand people standing on both sides of Duval cheering and begging for beads. A good time!

Weather should be ok. Weatherman says mid 70s. Which means at least ten degrees warmer. The body heat at times is oppressive.

I am not sure I am going. This afternoon I babysit. Lisa has to work at a Fantasy Fest Montessori fundraiser from 2-4 somewhere. I have to drive and pick her up. There is no parking anywhere. Whatever, I will have a happy afternoon with Robert and Ally.

I miss WeBeFit. My trainers. Especially, Albert. I was his charge. My torn rotator cuff negates any gym type activity for a while.

Albert and his wife Jill had their first child wednesdy. Angelina. Congratulations!

I came across a couple of interesting pieces of information yesterday.

We fought a war in Afghanistan. A military one. Spent billions of dollars and lost many American lives. We fought a second war. One to combat opium growth. Afghanistan’s opium ultimately finds its way to our streets.

Recent figures indicate the United States has spent $7.6 billion on the drug war. At the same time, recent figures indicate opium production at a record high. 516 planted acres last year yielding $3 billion.

I was under the impression that people joined al Qaeda and ISIS for religious reasons. Maybe for al Qaeda. Not ISIS.

ISIS is attracting members because of sex and aggression. Not religion. Most are young men. They join to fight. Youthful aggression finds a way out. Sexually, not a bad deal either.  If a young girl is other than an Iraqi, she can go to to a center where she signs up to marry one of the fighters. If the fighter does not want a wife, a sex slave is provided. Generally from captured Iraqi women.

ISIS also pays its soldiers.

These fighters have it made. They have frequent sex, give vent to their natural fighting aggressions, and get paid besides.

Enjoy your day!


The Hemingway Look A Like Contest ran well into the evening saturday night. At Sloppy Joe’s. 131 contestants. Wally Collins, a Phoenix restaurateur won.

I do not know how many years Collins has been a contestant. The word on the street is it takes at least 10 years of participating before anyone is seriously considered. My friend Hank from Melbourne has been trying for 21 years. Has not made it yet!

Hemingway and Key West go hand in hand. He lived in Key West from 1931-39. Wrote To Have and Have Not and A Farewell to Arms while here. Worked on parts of other novels.

Tennessee Williams was another outstanding writer who made his home in Key West. From 1949-83, he lived at 1431 Duncan Street. One and a half blocks from where Lisa now lives. While visiting and not yet having settled in Key West, Williams wrote a first draft of A Streetcar Named Desire. He wrote it in 1947 while staying at the La Concha Hotel on Duval. The La Concha stands to this day.

During the Civil War, Florida seceded. Key West however remained in Union hands. The Union had a naval base and military personnel here.

A Conch today is a person who was born in Key West. A much respected designation. Those who came here to live but were not born in Key West, and have resided in Key West for seven years, are known as Freshwater Conchs.

The term Conch has a far deeper history. The first Conchs were persons of European ancestry who immigrated from the Bahamas. They came in increasing numbers beginning in the 1830’s.

By 1889, Key West was the largest and wealthiest city in Florida. The salt and salvage businesses though good were starting to decline. Cigar making was on the rise.

Key West was isolated prior to 1912. No railroad or highway. Water the only access. In 1912, Henry Flagler completed his railroad to Key West.  Flagler’s Overseas Railroad. Much of the railroad was destroyed by the Labor Day hurricane of 1935. It was never rebuilt.

US 1 was completed in 1938. A highway connecting Key West with mainland Florida. Called the Overseas Highway.

The one person close in Key West fame to Hemingway is Harry Truman. Truman spent a total of 175 days over a course of 11 visits while President. He stayed at a part of the Naval Base which is now Truman Annex. The building was known as the Little White House. It is now listed on the National Registry.

The Naval Base was first established in 1820. It remains to this day. Spread around and significantly smaller. At its strength, it had 15,000 military and 3,400 civilian personnel.

Cruise ships first docked in Key West at Mallory Square in 1984.

Key West is reputed to be the southernmost point in the United States. Close, but not actually. Ballast Key which is a privately owned island to the south and west of Key West is the southernmost point.

Cuba is a mere 90 miles from Key West. Closer than Miami which is 155 miles from Key West.

Hurricanes are always a concern. Yearly. Generally in the fall months. Though some on occasion a bit earlier. Wilma in 2005 and Georges in 1998 were the two worst hurricanes in recent years.

Hope you found these bits of information interesting.

Enjoy your day!



Always an interesting evening. Dinner with Stephanie Kaple. Last night at the Hot Tin Roof.

She was a few minutes late. She had to park her bicycle at the Pier House and walk over. She came flying through the doors. A sight to behold. A knockout white sundress with multi colored small flowers. Her long hair flowing. She hugged me, kissed me, and kept repeating how sorry she was to be late.

Stephanie impresses me. She is 30 years old. A good two generations behind my 78. The world excites her. She is involved in everything. I am surprised she even had time to have dinner with me.

Stephanie is deeply involved with the homeless. Her vocation in life. They are lucky to have her.

She is also the Key West Shoe Girl. Loves high heeled expensive designer shoes. Last night she was wearing Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. Also, Channel earrings. Stephanie saves and spends her money on designer shoes. They are as important to her as the homeless. Maybe more.

We enjoyed a drink and dinner. Both ordered the snapper. Excellent!

Stephanie started playing bocce about three years ago. She is now captain of her team. I would not have expected less. Her team is relatively new to the sport. The team is in second place. Me and my team are experienced. We have been around the block many times. We continue to play poorly in recent seasons.

I walked Stephanie back to her bicycle after dinner.

Stephanie’s mother reads this blog frequently. I am sure she is reading it today knowing I was out with her daughter last night. Mrs. Kaple, worry not! Stephanie behaved herself.

I lunched yesterday at a place I have not been to in at least 5 years. The Hurricane. An outdoor place on the water. The first road off US 1 after leaving Key West. A pleasant place. I prefer Hogfish and Geiger Key. I do not know why.

Someone told me Joy Art Gallery at the corner of Simonton and Eaton was selling Jack Baron paintings. Jack was a dear friend. I have about a dozen of his works. He died a little over six years ago.

It was noon. The gallery was closed. A sign on the door…..Back in 15 minutes. I returned fifteen minutes later. Still locked. I am going to try to stop by today.

I am ashamed. Thursday April 10 was my Father’s birthday. He would have been 99 had he not passed away last year. I forgot. Belated happy birthday greetings Dad!

I apologize. But I must ask him this question…..How is Mom?

The World Upside Down is still out there selling. I am impressed. If you wish to obtain a copy, the book is available on and

Enjoy your day!




This mechanized world can be a pain in the butt!

I have my blog talk radio show down to a science. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Works well  every week. I decided to expand a bit. I wanted to be able to do the show from where I might be in the world. Greece, China, where ever.

After some investigatory work, the solution was Skype. The audio portion.

Sloan and I worked on it. Thought we had it. Sunday morning spent 1.5 hours with the Skype people making sure we were doing it correctly. We were. No problem.

Tonight, the show would not broadcast. I tried the Skype way first. No success. Then went back to the old way with a telephone. Again, no success. I suspect it is the Skype involvement that is screwing things up. Or maybe my ineptitude.

I called an end to my attempts at what would have been 10 minutes into the show. During that time, I had Sloan on my cell phone. We were trying to figure things out. I uttered a few well chosen cuss words.

I suspect the archive portion of the show might have been recording. There is where most of my audience is. They will get an earful!

We now have another conference call with the blog talk people tomorrow night and a test run.

Sad the show could not go forward. The material was terrific. All because we live in a crazy topsy turvy time.

The topics for the show included Senator McCain and Syria, Catholic hypocrisy, Myrtle Beach’s attack on thongs, my prediction of what will occur next in the Jodi Aria saga, Prague love trains, an 87 year old grandfather who sky dived to bring attention to his grandson who might need a lung transplant, a post Rubygate trial Silvio Berlusconi update, and  horsemeat’s popularity.

There is a benefit/advantage derived. I can still use the research on friday’s tv/internet show. Which means I am half way home in my preparation for friday’s show.

Dinner tonight was alone at Hogfish. Me and the newspapers. I ate a Philly cheese steak sandwich. First time at Hogfish. Absolutely delicious! Out of sight! Recommended!

Today’s Key West Citizen headline article was on hurricanes. The experts say  an “… season expected.” The season starts in a few days. June 1.

Three reasons were given. There is no El Nino this year, increased rainfall in western Africa, and warmer Caribbean sea temperatures.

All of this does not mean Key West will definitely be hit. The article suggested a greater number of hurricanes, noting it is problematic what areas will be affected.

To those less knowledgeable, most of the hurricanes that hit the Florida keys get started in the ocean waters off the western coast of Africa. We follow them across the ocean hoping they will not pass over Key West.

There is no certainty till the last minute specifically where a hurricane will hit. Hurricanes are fickle and unpredictable. Much like women. They do what they want when they want.

The weather today was unusual. It poured big time non stop with booming thunder and lightning. It was ok by me. We needed the water. A storm like this also cleans things up a bit.

I have always enjoyed seashore storms. When my children were young, we vacationed at the Jersey Shore every summer. I loved the rainy days. The feel, the smell. You could taste the salt air.

Enjoy your day!





Last summer I was on the Greek island of Santorini. You will recall the volcano. I could not make it to the top.

I was 77 at the time. Obviously out of shape.

Today’s Japan Times reported regarding Yuichiro Muira. He is 80 years old. He reached the top of Mount Everest yesterday, the tallest peak in the world. Not his first time. He did it 3 previous occasions, also.

Muira once skied down Mount Everest. A helicopter dropped him somewhere high up. He needed a parachute to help him stop at the bottom.

To make even more of a hero out of Muira, he had heart surgery in January. His fourth heart surgery.

I have been shamed.

Another beautiful Key West morning. A slight breeze.

I worry. The past year has been one of the best. I cannot recall one better weatherwise. We experienced no winter. Two weeks of cold. Meant long pants and a sweater. Otherwise, it has been summer all year.

The hurricane season is around the corner. I walk with a black cloud over my head regarding a hurricane this year. The weather has been so perfect that only one thing can spoil it. A hurricane.

I hope not.

This crocodile thing is out of control. The 19 foot female crocodile that someone shot in the head.

Last Sunday, a memorial service was held for the croc on the beach at Lower Matecumbe Key. The Vice-Mayor spoke. Thirty people in attendance. The Vice-Mayor eulogized the crocodile. Someone commented the crocodile had been assassinated while sleeping. There is a $6,000 reward for the capture and conviction of the vermin who did it.

Another comment was that the land belonged to the crocodiles. Man had displaced them.

A crock!

The Keys have never been a crocodile habitat till recent years. They have been moving south into the Keys in limited numbers in recent years. Man and crocodile cannot live together in peace. Crocodiles are dangerous beasts. They contribute nothing to the natural habit. They only have the capacity to take away.

I was up early yesterday morning. Why, I do not know. Did my blog right away. Then shopped a bit at Publix and Walgreen. Amazing! I who never shopped anywhere in my previous life. It was all done for me.

The evening was fun. I was out with good people. Keith and Jen. Friends and bocce teammates.

We ate at Roostica. A first for all of us.

Roostica is a pizza and Italian food place. Hogfish owner Bobby opened it on Stock Island. The food is basic Italian. All good. Huge portions. I went for the lasagna. Half of it is sitting in my refrigerator. Too large to finish last night.

Word is Bobby spent 10 days in Italy researching pizzas. Put on 10 pounds. He came up with what he describes as a Neapolitan pizza. Good!

The restaurant itself is deceiving. Looks small from the outside. Huge once inside. A big bar. Many tables. Nooks and crannies. Liked it. It is a locals’ hangout in the making.

Tonight, bocce! We play Larry’s team. A blood match. For first place in the 4 team side bet we have every season.

Tomorrow morning at 10 my time the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Available on television and the internet. Comcast Channel 87, U-Verse Channel 19, and

Normally, I spell out topics to be discussed. This morning I am not. Many things have happened and are happening world wide. Many issues to pick from. My program will not be finalized till tomorrow morning.

Join me for the show. You will not be disappointed.

Enjoy your day!









What a beautiful morning! The kind that tells us to worry not, a good day is ahead.

This morning’s Key West Citizen had an article on hurricanes. Specifically about shelters available on the mainland for Keys people.

What struck me as interesting was the mention that hurricane season starts June 1 and runs through November 30. When I purchased my Key West home 15 years ago, the hurricane season started  August 1 and ended October 31.

In 15 years, the starting date has moved up 2 months and the closing date extended 1 month.

The reason simple. Hurricanes have come earlier and later over the years.

June 1 we will start worrying. We do every year. The dread is always there. The question. Will it happen this year?

You never know.

I do not walk enough. Not even close. Yesterday, I decided to. I picked the right day. It was 92 degrees! I did walk. In home Depot.

Spent yesterday afternoon working on last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Enjoyed an early dinner alone at Hogfish. Me and the newspapers. A lobster role.

Last night’s blog talk radio show was wild and wooly. I may have stepped on some toes.

Normally, I receive 0-3 calls after the show commenting on something I said. Last night there appeared to be a deluge.

Two issues hit sensitive spots and/or interested listeners.

The first involved Oklahoma’s Senator Tom Coburn. No one was on his side. The Senator said yesterday that he was opposed to federal aid for Oklahoma if there were not corresponding federal budget cuts. I stated Coburn was speaking for his ideology rather than his constituents. Not proper, I thought.

The other topic involved the new Vermont death law. Suicide is permissible by those suffering and dying. A doctor may now prescribe the drug to cause death and teach the sick person how to administer it to himself or herself.

I was opposed to the new law. I stood almost alone. I received telephone calls from those approving of death in such a manner. There are many Hemlock SSociety supporters out there.

I look forward to this evening. I am having dinner with Keith and Jen. We are going to Bobby’s new pizza/pasta restaurant on Stock Island.

Enjoy your day!



Isaac never made it as predicted. Not even a limp dick.

Isaac started around 1 yesterday afternoon. The winds picked up. Rain a steady drizzle. By 2, Issac was blowing. A swift wind. The rain continued  a steady drizzle. By 6, it was all over. The worst of Issac had passed Key West by.

Isaac never achieved the intensity predicted.

Good. No question about it. I would rather have it this way all the time. Preparation no problem. We have become accustomed to it. Better safe than sorry.

I do not think Isaac ever achieved hurricane level. It stayed a tropical storm. Fortunately!

Winds yesterday were generally 40 miles an hour. Gusts may have gotten up to 60.

I just walked out the back door onto the deck. A beautiful morning! Sun shining. Scattered clouds. Warm. Wind blowing. About 20 miles per hour. I suspect we will have rain off and on today.

Television reporting regarding Isaac sucked. Hype! All the time!

TV continued reporting….. IT IS COMING! THE BIG ONE! Then a nothing comparatively as yesterday turned out. I felt sorry for Al Roker. He was standing on the Weston Pier saying it is coming. It never came. The picture behind him was one of basic calm.

I went out on my deck around 3. During the height of the storm. Normally, I would not be able to do it. I would be swept up by the wind and my body would become a flying missile. They would probably find me in New Orleans.

My walk on the deck was uneventful. A strong, but not overwhelming, wind. My body did not even bend with it. A steady drizzle.

The only problem I encountered during all of Isaac was TV. During the height of the storm, my TV went off 3 times. For only 5 minutes each time.

It will take Adam a couple of days to get here to take off the plywood panels covering the doors and windows. The grandkids, Corey and I threw the deck furniture in the pool. It will be Adam’s responsibility to get it out. It is much harder to take out than throw in.

The one good thing about Isaac were the experiences Robert and Ally enjoyed and will remember. Their first hurricane. They will never forget the joy of tossing deck furniture in the pool.

Enjoy your day!



It has started. During the night. Issac’s precursor. Forty mile winds and rain.

Issac is not scheduled to hit till sometime tomorrow evening or early Monday morning. By that time it will be a 1. Possibly a 2. Winds around 75-85 miles per hour, if a 1. Around a 100,  if a 2.

A pain in the ass! A bit of fear and trepidation is starting to set in. It is the unknown.

Complacency is evident. Reflected by all of us who live in the lower keys. It has been six years since the last hurricane hit. There have been numerous since, but none that affected us. Most hurricanes start out heading directly for Key West. People are told to evacuate. Hotels and businesses close down. Then the path of the storm deviates and it does not hit.

We thought Issac was going to be another one of those misses. Does not look that way at this point. Headed directly for Key West! Passing right over us!

No problem if Issac is merely a tropical storm or 1. A bit of a problem if a 2. But we will survive. If a 3, we are in trouble. A 4 or 5 and we could be dead.

Issac is projected to become a 1 before it hits Key West. Hurricanes are fickle. They change swiftly. Direction and speed. Could be a 2.

I started preparing yesterday.

Water is important. The water system breaks down or gets contaminated. Publix had little water left. I should be ok. I have about 60 regular size bottles and 2 gallon jugs. I will fill the bathtub with water tomorrow morning. If the water system breaks down, the toilets do not flush. That is the reason for the bathtub water.

I bought all kinds of goodies to eat that do not need to be refrigerated. The electricity is sure to go. If down a substantial time, everything in refrigerators and freezers spoil. There are few stoves, etc. run by gas. Electric is generally used. Cannot cook.

So it is peanut butter, crackers, cookies, tinned fruits that need not be refrigerated, bananas, apples, cakes, canned sodas, etc. Neither a normal not healthy diet. But hurricane time is sort of party time, so what the hell!

Today the windows must be boarded. The wind at the moment will not make it easy. I never purchased hurricane shutters. I have sheets of plywood I have used for years. They are marked as to which window or door. Adam will screw them in. By some point this afternoon, every window and door in my home will be covered, except for a small door leading to the deck. There has to be  a way in and out. It will be dark dark inside.

I purchased two additional flashlights yesterday at Home Depot. I have a ton of candles. Again, the electricity will probably go. Which means no TV also.

All deck furniture will be thrown in the pool. That is how it is done. Garbage pails and other incidental items will be stacked in the garage.

Then I will be ready!

Oh, I forgot. No air conditioning if the electric power goes. Very uncomfortable!

I have a party tonight. Though the one I am attending was planned, there will be many pre hurricane parties. That is how locals react.

Tonight is Lobsterfest at the Yacht Club. I am throwing a small party. Ten guests. It was supposed to be outside. Has been moved inside. Should be fun. I will bitch big time as I drive in and from the Yacht Club. Because of the rain and wind. It will be…..Louis. you are stupid… should have stayed home!

One other comment of note. Yesterday’s show was terrific. People are very much into the Todd Akin rape controversy. I spent about 20 minutes on the issue. Revealed the “doctor” authority Akin was relying upon. There are two. One is a medical school professor who takes the position rape sperm and the woman’s egg do not unite. He says generally ovulation does not occur in a rape situation. His authority are Nazi studies done during World War II at extermination camps.

Women were grouped together who were due to ovulate. They were placed in gas chambers. Everything was as if they were to be executed. But they were not. They screamed and reacted as if it was the real thing. They did not know. They were then retested and most had not ovulated.


Ok…..this is it! Bring on your worst Issac. We are ready for you!

Enjoy your day!