Sean and Katherine are leaving Key West.

A farewell party was planned at the back bar at Aqua. I went. I thought it was last  night. The only one at the bar was Mark Watson. It was 5:30. Isn’t a party scheduled, I asked. It was last night, he said.

I’m losing it!

Sean and Katherine, in the event I fail to see you before you depart, good luck! You have left your mark on Key West. You will not be forgotten. Keep in touch.

Next was the Chart Room. It was still there. I made no mistake.

Emily was back. She attended the Kentucky Derby. She looked rested. Her pics of her and the Derby were fantastic. I was glad she was back. Emily has become as much a part of the Chart Room as those whose ashes rest in the bar rail.

Sheila and Jean at the bar. They and Emily laughed when I said I had just come from Sean and Katherine’s party. They had been there the night before. They also reminded me I did the same thing regarding another party recently. I could not remember.

Dana and Tim were at the Chart Room. I met them last year, They hail from Wilmington, North Carolina. Dana was Miss Carolina in 2003. She represented North Carolina in the Miss America Pageant. Dana is still a beauty. She could participate in the Miss America this year.

Key West’s Annual Songwriter’s Conference began last night. More than 150 of Nashville’s songwriters are in town to play their music and have fun.

The Songwriter’s Festival is a big deal! Performances last night were held all over the island. Sunset Key Pier, Margaritaville, the Pier House, Rick’s / Durty Harry’s, the Conch Republic, and Smokin’ Tuna.

I heard music and singing as I left the Chart Room. It was coming from the Beachside Bar. I walked back. A special stage had been erected. The performers were warming up. The bar was already packed as well as many of the beach lounge chairs which had been organized on the sand around the stage. I stayed a while and enjoyed what I was hearing.  Could not help but think how fortunate we are in Key West. Goodies like this festival periodically come along. We are privileged to enjoy. Festivals and special weekends are part of our daily lives.

Stopped at Don’s Place on the way home. Chatted with Hershel. Politics and bocce. Hershel is a bocce team mate. Our team is on a roll. We have won 8 out of the 9 last games. Two nights left. Tonight the first. We hope to sweep or come close to sweeping both nights. If we do, we go to the finals!

Enjoy your day!


Today’s blog going out very late! Sorry! I had a big morning. I had to tidy the house up. Realtor showing it this morning. Then had to get out early because the first group was arriving. Walked around Duval for an hour before my hair appointment. Then walked Duval some more. People watching. By the time I returned home, it was after noon and I was tired!

Began last night at the Chart Room. Glad I did. Met a couple I met sometime last year. Raylene and Gary from  Kansas. Dorothy country. They were staying for four days at the Pier House with their two young adult children. Good looking kids!

Raylene and Gary return to Key West early every October for two weeks. To celebrate their anniversary.

Nice people. I hope I get to see them before they leave this trip and definitely in

Raylene is extra special. She she told me bought my book and read it! Also mentioned she was looking forward to my next book, Growing Up Italian.

The season is in full bloom. I walked the first 3 blocks of Duval. Jam packed! Walking impossible. Everyone moving at a snail’s pace.

Ended up at Kelly’s. Jennifer and Amy working the bar. Two lovely ladies. I enjoyed an order of wings and read the newspapers.

Two fellows sat near me at the bar. They appeared to be Europeans. Speaking English. Jennifer asked if they were from Holland. Yes, they responded. She could tell from their accents. Jennifer’s grandmother was from Holland, also.

The new Netflix TV series I mentioned earlier this week  will start shoting in the next few days in Islamorada. As previously mentioned, Academy Award winner Sissy Spacek stars. I discovered her co-star last night. Sam Shephard. What a combination!

This has been a spectacular lobster season! Not the most lobsters caught in a season. But the most dollar wise. Prices per pound wholesale are up. The Asian market has opened big time. Daily flights take the lobsters live packed in ice to Asian markets.

I find it amazing how the Florida lobster trade has grown world wide.

Frankly, I do not enjoy Florida lobsters. I am a Maine lobster snob. I rarely eat a Florida lobster. They are good. However, once you have tasted Maine lobster, it is  difficult to enjoy local ones.

An American tragedy occurred yesterday. The NLRB announced that scholarship college athletic students are employees and accordingly have the right to unionize. I disapprove of the ruling. The fallout is going to be fantastic. It will in effect be similar to 9/11. Change will take place in college athletics. Big time!

Northwestern was the university involved.

President Obama has been in Italy the past two days. Surprisingly, my Italian friends wish he had not come. They are not happy with him. Much of Europe is not.

Bocce tonight. I am going to cheer my team on. With a glass of gin in my hand, of course. I will not be playing. My back. Besides the pain,  I fear that one of the times I bend over, I will not be able to return to a standing position.

Enjoy your day!







There was a rumbling on Duval last night. Charlotte was back in town!

Lovely Charlotte!


Charlotte visits Key West 3-4 times a year. She is from North Carolina. The only negative about her is her employer. United Healthcare.

Charlotte appears to be good friends with Emily. Emily was bartending last night. The two probably hit the Green Parrot after Emily shut down.

Ollie was at the Chart Room, also. I spent my time chatting with Ollie and Charlotte.

The Chart Room was noisy. About ten mid 30 guys were seated at the round table raising hell. The noise! Turned out they were on the first night of their college reunion.

It was reunion time at Don’s Place, also. I stopped at Don’s before heading over to the Chart Room.

David was there with three Ohio high school buddies and their wives. David had not seen his buddies since high school. They were making more noise than the thirty year olds at the Chart Room.

So it all can be placed in perspective, David is 60. His high school buddies had to be 60 also.

Syracuse plays Villanova at 11 this morning. I have to hustle. I will be watching the game at the Big Ten Sports Pub. If Dan and Lisa are still in town, I am sure they will be joining me.

Syracuse could lose. I know I say it every week. It is that time of the year and that type of team.

I did the Key West Lou Legal Hour yesterday morning. Great show! Such modesty! But it was and they are.

I discussed three examples of fraud. From Subway to jailed criminals to an Italian bank. Made sort of a trilogy out of it. Turns out viewers enjoyed the fraud stories the most.

I have had a slow leak in one of my tires. I went to Sears. The slow leak could not be mended due to the nail’s location. Needed a new tire. Only 12,000 miles on the car. It is a 2010 Volkswagen Beetle convertible. Purchased new.

Volkswagen stopped making the Beetle convertible in 2010.

I was told the tire had been discontinued and there were none available. Sears found a substitute. Discontinued also.

I could not win. I was tired from having hung around Sears for two hours besides.

Put the tire back on the car. The air will hold for about three weeks. In the meantime, I have to find a tire. Any suggestions? I plan on telephoning Volkswagen in Miami monday.

The spare would not work while waiting for a new tire. It is one of those donut things and is not made for a week or two of miles.

The world continues to become more crazy. Especially with the gun issue here in the United States.

A Wisconsin sheriff yesterday told his residents to learn how to handle a gun and to get one. For economic reasons, his department had been cut 48 jobs. He felt he could no longer do an effective job.

Enjoy your day!




It’s Friday again! Showtime!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Ten in the morning my time. Airs via television on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19 all the way up through Miami-Dade County. Can be viewed world wide on the internet. www.tvchannel19.com.

Some major issues to be discussed include the Democrat failure re the filibuster, three degrees of fraud, and the Italian Lehman Brothers. Interesting stuff! Make an effort to watch. I guarantee you will enjoy.

My yesterday started with a haircut and beard trim by Lori. The beard is starting to fill in. Looks pretty good.

Then coffee at the Plantation Coffee House. Business good. Diane running around.

The smell of freshly baked goods permeated the shop. What was it, I asked Diane. Freshly baked cookies, she responded. Smelled, oh so good!

I had a short business meeting at noon.

The afternoon was spent fine tuning today’s show.

Chart Room time last night! Three hour worth. A good time.

I enjoyed great conversation with Peter, Sean, Katherine, Sheila, David, and Emily. Then it was me and Emily alone. Everyone gone, including tourists. I like Emily. Enjoyed our private time together.

The locals, including me, are concerned with what will happen with the Chart Room when the Pier House sells. Would a new owner close it down? The Chart Room has been where it is since the late 1960s when the Pier House first opened. Never renovated. Never changed in any way by human hands. The room has a character all its own.

I have started to think where my new watering hole might be. Would my friends come? Would it have a unique flavor as the Chart Room?

Lets hope the questions never need be answered and the Chart Room remains as is.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner. I wrote of this problem before it was acknowledged as a big one several weeks ago. Talked about it on my show two different times. Now, it is a major problem!

All fifty plus 787s in service world wide have been grounded. For over a week now. A problem with the lithium batteries. Caused the batteries to burn and a fire to occur. Not good when the plane is in the air and flying.

An FAA representative stated this week that the problem was a “…very serious air safety concern.” Hope it gets corrected properly. Properly being the operative word.

Enjoy your day!





Tomorrow is friday. Friday means The Key West Lou Legal Hour. My internet show. World wide. Ten in the morning my time. KONK Broadcasting. www.konknet.com/tv/personalities.

Great topics. Interesting. Some thought provoking. Included tomorrow is the story of a girl raised by monkeys in the Columbian jungles, the United States suing Bank of America for mortgage fraud (about time!), the story of two new Catholic saints who both had ties to my hometown, the first televised Presidential debate, cow manure being used at a Vermont ski resort to generate electricity, an Arizona ski redsort making snow from sewage, the man with size 24 feet, Panama wanting to use the euro as legal tender, a French man who died in bed whose body was not discovered for 15 years, the Miami Archdiocese filing a lawsuit over birth control, and more.

Of course, there will also be comment regarding the Presidential race.

I spent most the day yesterday working on tomorrow’s internet show. I also published a new article to Amazon Kindle: The Popcorn Lung Lawsuit.

I was a babysitter when Robert and Ally got out of school. Picked them up. Always a thrilling experience! Ally was quietly sitting on a bench waiting for me. Robert walked out a few minmutes later. Both could not wait to run over and hug and kiss me. God is good!

We went to Dairy Queen for ice cream. Then to the gas station. I was near empty. I asked if either wanted to hold the pump. No. Neither was interested.

Then home to Lisa.

The Chart Room was my first stop last night. Early. Actually before 5. Emily bartending. Still setting up. I do not think I have ever been to the Chart Room that early. Had two drinks and chatted with Emily. I like her.

Emily made fresh popcorn. The best! Buttery and just enough salt.

Since it was so early, I decided to walk Duval a bit. Glad I did. I am a voyeur at heart. I saw enough to satisfy me.

A significant number of women of all ages walking around exposing their breasts. Most were spray painted with a palm tree or bird or what have you. Some of the younger ladies were basically bare ass. A slight thong and painted breasts. Such beauty!Magnificent!

Some men were wandering around with next to nothing on. One was a gentleman easily weighing over 400 pounds. He had a g string type thong on. It barely covered his privates and covered his ass not at all. He was a hit! People were going up to him and putting dollar bills inside the g string.

There was electricity in the air. The crowd was building. The evening would provide a fun time for all involved.

I wanted to sit and watch. I walked myself out on the European trip. I ended up on the second floor of the Bull. On the terrace sitting on a stool. Duval and all its excitement below me. I chatted for a while with a Jersey couple seated next to me. The lady was kind. She had two roses made from palms. She gave me one.

Then to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner. On the way, I stopped at the Chart Room for a minute. Saw the lovely Jean Thornton and Captain Peter at the bar. Hellos and hugs exchanged. As I was leaving, I spotted this lanky young man standing at the end of the bar. He was dressed like a Swiss yoddler. The hat and short pants with shoulder straps.

He looked like Sean Kinney. Could not be, however. Sean was in Arkansas for the week. So I walked by and said nothing. It was Sean as I later found out. My apologies Sean for not saying hello. And a chastisement for not saying hello to me!

Dinner was great. I was into my appetizer, when Jean walked in. I invited her to join me for dinner. We had a good time!

Jean was going to at least three Fantasy Fest events after dinner. I went home to bed. I cannot keep up with these young people!

Sandy is with us. Ran over Cuba during the night. Winds all night. Around 30 miles per hour. Dark and overcast this morning. A light rain. The weather the result of Tropical Storm Sandy. Soon to be a #2 hurricane. It will not hit the Florida keys. However, Key West and the rest of Florida will experience adverse weather from Sandy for the next couple of days.

Sandy will not affect Fantasy Fest, unless it pours during the float parade saturday night.

Tonight is Pretenders at the Pier House and Toga Party at Sloppy Joe’s. My favorite Fantasy Fest evening. Especially the Toga Party. It empties into the street. Something to see!

I shall see neither event this evening. There is no bocce scheduled. However, we have a bocce make up game to play. It is being played tonight. Duty ahead of pleasure. I will be at the bocce court instead of on Duval with all the crazies.

Enjoy your day!


It is here again! Fantasy Fest! It began last night. With Goombay.

Goombay is a Caribbean street festival. Blocks of food, drink and trinkets. A rap band at one end. The streets very crowded.

My evening started just before 6 at the Chart Room. I was to meet Don and Chris. The bar was empty when I arrived. A table was full. Sheila, David and Ollie. And a woman I did not know. I said my hellos and payed no attention to the strange lady. When I turned to the bar, Emily says that woman is Charlotte and she is waiting for you.

First let me say I do not know what I would do without Emily. She has become Key West Lou’s personal assistant.

I immediately recalled Charlotte. She is a loyal reader of this blog. We have been communicating on Facebook. We ended up in each other’s arms and exchanged excited greetings.

Charlotte is extremely lovely. Turns out last night was an evening of all lovlies. Charlotte lives somewhere in North Carolina. Lives on a boat. The past ten years. She works for United Health Care. My supplemental and drug policies. Travels a lot for her company. This was her fourth trip to Key West this year. Her Key West trips are on her own. She is a Key Wester at heart. I enjoyed her company and look forward to seeing her at the Chart Room again during the week.

Don and Chris arrived. My Syracuse friends. They both travel a lot for business. Key West is their second home, though they still stay at the Casa Marina. Don looked shot. Chris terrific, as usual. They both had returned from a China business trip the day before.

They arrived with two lovely ladies. One was either Don or Chris’ sister. I cannot remember exactly. Marla is the sister. Her friend Kathie was with her.

Both ladies work for Phillips Distilling in Minneapolis. Marla is Design Director. She is in charge of all labeling. Kathie is Director of Marketing. More importantly, Marla is a loyal blog reader. Thank you Marla!

Phillips is the producer of UV Voldka. All those flavors! The proud distiller of Old Grandad back when.

Marla and Kathie recently did a TV show for Lifetime Network. They were the stars! Promoting Phillip’s products, of course. They even had Joe Biden on the show.They showed me a photo taken of the Vice President holding a bottle of beer Phillips named after him. The Vice President had a broad grin on his face.

Before our time together ended, we had circled the bar stools and were all talking. Charlotte included.

I had an appointment to meet Don of Don’s Place. I was off and away. Walked to Petronia Street where Goombay is held. Stopped into 801 looking for Don. No Don. No one I knew. 801 is Key West’s premier gay bar. Don and friends were to meet there and then head into the mass across the street that was Goombay. I missed them.

I walked the several blocks of Goombay. Said hello to many people I knew. Stopped and chatted a few minutes with some. Ate and drank a bit. Finally ended up at the bandstand at the end of the street. Everyone enjoying rap.

Made my way back to Blue Heaven. The second designated meeting place for Don and friends. Don and everyone were at the bar.

Goombay is Don’s party. Everyone is his guest at 801 and then Blue Heaven. Don has a heart of gold.

It was Don’s Place and the bocce team transplanted to Blue Heaven. Don, Stephanie, David, Joanie, Herschel, Erika, Keith, Angus, Sandy, Frankie, and I cannot recall who else.

Frankie is a man of many talents. He is Key West’s premier plumber. He is the man when a toilet is plugged! He is also my bocce partner. Probably the best bocce player in Key West. Last night I discovered he was a musician, also.

The band was on a second level. Up there in the lights was Frankie beating the drums.

It was hot. I was hot. A humid evening to begin. Add the mass of people to the humidity and it could become unbearable. It did for me. So much so that when I arrived at Blue Heaven, I ordered a cold bottle of beer. A Budweiser. David was shocked. He had never seen me drink antything but gin.

I do not like beer. Have never liked it. It did cool me a bit. However, I had that sour after taste. I shall stay with gin from now on. Last night was my first deviation in 45 years. There will not be another.

On the walk back to my car, I ran into Ollie. Ollie is a recent friend. He is a candidate for the Mosquito Control Board. An important position in the Keys. He was with two lovely ladies. I told you earlier, it was an evening of lovely ladies. They were his sisters.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour went well yesterday. Many today topics discussed. The one that garnered the most interest was my discussion of the NFL’s tax status. It is tax exempt. You read it correctly. It has 501(c)(6) status. It is considered a not for profit for tax purposes. Since 1966. Another biggie that does not pay income taxes. The NFL’s cash flow is in the billions. The NFL pays its President Roger Godell $11.6 million. I do not believe professinal baseball and basketball enjoy a similar exemption.

My evening began at 5:30. It was over at 9:30. I was dead! Slept well last night.

Enjoy your day!


I stayed in bed a bit later this morning. Watching the Ryder Cup matches. Exciting!

I have been fortunate to have attended a Ryder Cup, as well as several other porofessional golf tournaments. When at the Ryder Cup, there is tension with every shot. For the players and the spectators. The tension factor is with you all day. At the end of the day, I was always exhausted. Wiped out. Think of how the players must have felt!

Even from my bed, I was experiencing that tension this morning. Every shot crucial. Each putt important.

In all likelihood, I will spend most of today watching the Ryder Cup.

Yesterday’s Key West Lou Legal Hour internet show went well. I love doing the show. I am pleased so many watch it. The topic garnering the most interest involved my comments regarding Greece. Since I recently spent five weeks there, I consider myself a half assed authority on the country.

The point I was stressing on the show was that we do not know Greece. It is not like the Unitted States. People think differently. For example, it is considered proper to avoid paying taxes, although illegal. Not the same as in the United States where some taxes are paid and the rest hidden in off shore accounts. Greeks neither file nor pay at all. No wonder Greece has no money.

Tax avoidance is an all Greek game. The government improperly respects the game. The government fails to pursue tax avoiders. Some do get caught, however. When so, they are requied to participate in a Tax Court trial. It takes 7-10 years for a case to be reached for trial.

Greek tax avoidance…..a game all sides participate in!

After the show, it was off to the Plantation Coffee House. Diane woprking. Good to see her again. She had just returned from a one week vacation with the girls in Arizona.

I broke my diet. Enjoyed a toasted bagel! Good!

Did some writing in the afternoon. Wrote next week’s KONK Life article. The article concerns a pet cat that was taken to the vet for a flea bath and ended up mistakenly getting euthanized. The thrust of the aticle has to do with how the law evaluates the loss from a monetary perspective. A dead cat ain’t worth much! No matter how much loved and missed.

When I was driving to the Chart Room last night, I could not believe the water sitting along the curbs and covering the streets. It had rained like hell in Key West during the afternoon! It never rained in Key Havden where I live. A mere 2.5 miles north of Key West. Always interesting how strangely it rains over the island. Lisa will occasionally telephone me and say what a storm we are having! And I will ask, what storm? That is how it is.

Ran into Captain Peter on my way into the Chart Room. He was on his way out.

Emily bartending. Sheila at the end of the bar. I seated myself next to Sheila. Sheila, Emily and I chatted away the next couple of hours.

I proudly broke from the diet once again. Popcorn! Emily popped some fresh. Delicious! Would love to have her make my pop corn all the time!

Met Ollie at the Chart Room. First time. He is Oliver Kopfoid, a local. Works in sewage waste management. A scientist. He is a candidate for the Mosquito Control Board. An important position. The Board is all that stands between the populace and the mosquitos. With out the Board and the work they do, dengue fever would be a big time problem. Instead, it is merely a threat. The Board keeps the nasty critters at bay.

Ollie was interesting and knowledgable. He would make a good Board member.

I was not really hungry. The pop corn seemed enough. However, I thouight I should eat a bit more.

I walked over to the Wine Galley. Enjoyed a bowl of French onion soup.

Larry Smith playing and singing. He is the best!

Overall, it was an enjoyable evening. Returned home around 10 and to bed. Had a very good sleep.

Enjoy your day!