I am a creature of habit. I returned to Tavern ‘n Town last night after having been there thursday evening. Two reasons. Dieting, I have to go where I can get the best meal for my diet. There is also Bobby Nesbitt. He entertains friday evenings at the bar. I have enjoyed his singing for over 20 years. He sings songs I know. Songs from my past. I quietly sing along with him.

Tavern ‘n Town was packed both bar and dining room. Mostly locals. They were having an early dinner before heading over to the Tennessee Williams Theater for the Nutcracker Suite.

Key West’s Nutcracker is presented every two years. Artistic liberty taken.  The mice, etc. are chickens and fish to reflect the Key West life style.

I was banking at noon time. Afterwards stopped at Don’s Place. No Don nor anyone I knew. I left.

This diet has introduced me to organic foods. Emily is an organic nut. She finally drove me to shopping correctly in certain instances.

I had heard of the Organic Cafe on Fleming. Had never been there. Stopped yesterday for a sandwich. The Cafe is in a former gas station.

I could not order. The menu was too confusing. The place crowded. A line to place an order. I took a menu home and read it. Interesting. No question healthy food. Also, very expensive. I was shocked. I guess you pay the price for healthy food.

The place unquestionably a gold mine. People buying!

I am into sitting on the deck. Spent some thoughtful time. Much happening in my life at the moment.

I dislike bike riders. Accidents waiting to happen. Electric carts joined the club yesterday.

I was driving up US 1. North, heading home. Just past Cross Street, traffic got heavy. I was in the passing lane. Backed up badly. Hard to pull out because of traffic in the driving lane.

Finally got to where I could pass. There were two electric  carts driving in the passing lane up US 1. Where they were going, I know not. Doing probably 30 miles an hour at best. They were placing their lives in jeopardy. Perhaps even that of a car driver.

While enjoying my diet food at the bar at Tavern ‘n Town, I was watching a basketball game. It was a high school game. Simeon v. St. Rita. Could not understand why a major channel would carry a high school game in prime time.

Turns out it was a national championship round. Simeon #2 in the country, St. Rita #5. These kids played well. College Division I well. I read afterwards that certain players from the two teams are already committed to Kentucky, Tennessee, and Tulane.

All over Key West people are discussing the Cuba thing. All in favor. Not one I heard against. The reason generally being that the U.S. program has existed for 50 years and nothing has changed. The program did not work.

Cuba brought to mind the nuclear showdown between the U.S. and Russia involving Cuba. It was October 1963. Russia had nuclear missiles in Cuba. The U.S. said get them out. Russia said no.

U.S. ships were blocking the way to Cuba. Russian vessels were heading for Cuba and reached the American line. World War III was imminent. Ships facing each other. Within several hundred feet. Russia blinked. I can still see clearly the Russian vessel turning around and heading home.

In the last coupe of days, an al-Qaeda/ISIS group in Nigeria attacked a village. Killed 35. Took captive around 140. Mostly young women, girls and children. The last time this occurred a few months ago, 300 young girls were captured. The word is they were sold into slavery.

ISIS published a manual in Mosul recently. It had to do with slaves and sex. What the man could do and not do. Not much he could not do. Females considered property. Intercourse before puberty permitted.

These people are crazy!

The market has had a good week. Up, up and up. Very upward. I have been a market player my entire life. People should recall that whatever goes up rapidly, comes down even more rapidly.

Syracuse/Villanova today at 1. Villanova a 12 point favorite. The game is ccarried on a major channel. I shall be watching it from the comfort of home.

Enjoy your day!


It was Don’s night last night. Even though we were out together, we did not get very far. Don got comfortable talking with people at the Chart Room and we never left.

We were headed for dinner at Hot Tin Roof. I had to satisfy my pangs of hunger with pop corn.

In spite of no food, the evening was good. Ran into a fellow Manhattan graduate. Jack Kelley. He and wife Sabina used to own a home in Key West. Sold it. Still visit. Their full time home is Washington, DC. Jack is retired, Sabina still working.

Che at the bar. Chastised me for not losing weight. He needs new specs. I told him I had just lost 21 pounds and was still working at it.

Mary bartending. She normally works the beach bar. Emily is on vacation. If I recall correctly, somewhere in one of the Carolinas.

Met RD for the first time. Former manager of Cowboy Bill’s. Consults for several bars in town now. Spent a significant part of his life in the meat packing business.

I found his meat packing experience interesting. During college, summers and each vacation that I was home, I worked the midnight shift at a meat packing house in Utica. I did it all!

When I finally was able to drag Don away, it was too late for dinner. I dropped him off at Don’s Place and headed home.

My first evening stop was Don’s Place. That is where I hooked up with Don. When I arrived, he was sitting at the bar chatting with Sam. I had not met Sam before. Nor had Don. This was Sam’s first time at Don’s Place.

Sam has lived in Key West ten years. He is a civilian employee with the Army at Boca Chica. Interesting and good company. The three of us spent a considerable amount of time talking about Cuba.

Obama announced yesterday that the U.S. is reopening relations with Cuba after more than 50 years. Native Key Westers have always thought that when Cuba opened again, Key West would benefit. Key West is only 90 miles from Cuba. I never thought so. I do not think so even today. The best I see coming out of it is a new ferry boat service Key West to Havana and return.

My initial impression is Obama did the right thing in starting the necessary steps to solidify a friendly relationship with Cuba. The Cuban revolution was in 1959. I was a senior in law school at the time. It is 55 years later. Time to lay differences aside and move on. The Germans and Japanese did more to us and other peoples during World War II. It did not take anywhere near 50 years to put our differences aside and move on.

I made a brief visit in the afternoon to Lisa’s. The grandkids are off from school afternoons this week. Spent some time with Robert and Ally. Robert has a cold and sore throat. Nothing bad. Lisa fears Ally is coming down with the same thing.

Friend Jake met me at the door. I continue to be amazed at how we have become friends.

Enjoy your day!



Good morning world!

I feel great this morning. Slept well. The best in ten days. Even my back feels good. I suspect that is why I slept better and am vitalized this morning.

I am into my 26th year of Key West. First as a tourist. Then as a regular vacationer. Then as a home owner. And now for eight years as a full time resident. In all that time, I have been under the impression that the chickens roaming the streets were the result of a City Commission folly.

As the story was told to me early on, the City fathers imported a number of chickens to add to the local color. The politicians did not realize that chickens are sensuous beings and propagate. I think the gestation period is 28 days. Soon the chicken population was and continues to be out of control.

A new story has come to my attention as to the source of the chickens. This one has to do with Cuban immigration. In  the 1950s, many Cubans escaped Castro’s revolution. They came to Key West to work in the booming cigar industry.

They brought with them chickens. For meat and eggs. And for cockfighting.

Over time, many of the chickens escaped or were released. The supermarkets became larger. It was cheaper and easier to buy chicken and eggs at the market.

Chickens have no known predators in Key West. Now generations later, they still roam Key West streets. Running freely here and there.

More Beatles lore.

This morning’s Key West Citizen, in its Florida Keys History section, reported that during and following the Beatles visit at the Key Wester Motel, people wanted to buy anything the Beatles had touched or used. Including the pool water they swam in.

Did my blog talk radio show last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Most of the show involved income inequality. Seems to have been well received based on the post show comments.

Some of the facts exposed included net worth. Since 2007, the average net worth of most Americans has dropped 43 percent.

There was another time when Americans were faced with a 1 percent / 99 percent situation. In 1928, one year before the Great Depression.

Another interesting tidbit involved a babysitter’s pay. A babysitter’s average hourly nationally is almost twice the national minimum wage. More than that in Key West from what Lisa tells me. She pays $20 an hour for a babysitter.

KONK Life hits the stands at 5 this afternoon. I have an extended article in this week’s publication titled Income Inequality. Take the time to read it. You will the column interesting and revealing.

Enjoy your day!




Good morning! I am at Lisa’s this morning doing the blog. The realtor is showing my house.

There was a breast feeding event saturday in Key West. I was unaware of it till this morning. Not that I would have gone. My involvement with breast feeding is a thing of the past. One of my daughters did it. If ever I will observe the activity again, it will be with one the grandchildren.

There is a national organization known as Big Latch On. A fitting name! A world wide event takes place each year. The day was this past saturday. Forty five babies breast fed publically at Higgs Beach. The purpose obviously to promote breast feeding. No question, the right thing to do. Healthy. Great for the baby. Comforting to the mother.

Respect for Peter Anderson is ongoing. It does not seem to fade into the sunset.

Last April, Renier Rodriguez visited Key West from Cuba. He joined the Conch Republic, received a passport and obtained a Conch Republic flag. All from Peter Anderson himself.

Rodriguez lives in Candelaria, Cuba. This past week the Conch Republic flag flew over his home in memory of Peter Anderson.

Yesterday afternoon was spent in final preparation for last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Did the show at 9.

One of the topics involved the OPA. Not the OPA of World War II. The OPA of today. The Office of Population Affairs. A federal agency. It is part of the Department of Health and Human Services. The OPA has been in business as a federal agency since 1970.

The OPA’s purpose is to control/limit population growth. The thought is that some day there will be too many people and not enough to feed them all.

The agency is pro-abortion, pro-sterilization, and pro-contraceptive use. It also has a Family Planning Clinic, one of whose purposes is to get rid of unintended pregnancies.

Plans contemplated are extremely discriminatory as regards women. Additionally, the agency has researched the legality of its proposed programs. The programs are referred to as they would be at an appropriate time. Compulsory Population-Control Laws. The suggested laws are claimed to have been legally researched. The agency’s conclusion is they can be constitutionally sustained if over population becomes sufficiently severe so as to endanger society.

The agency has a budget. In the past several years, it has averaged between $280 million and $298 million. Recall, the House of Representatives controls the budget. They decide what agency of government gets what and how much.

I find it difficult to understand how the Republicans in the House who are anti-abortion and anti-contraception can vote yearly to fund this agency and at the same time fight like hell against abortion and contraception

It does not make sense to me. Gross inconsistency.

OPA was the topic last night that garnered the most interest.

In between preparation and the doing of the show, I had dinner at Roostica. The lovely Megan took care of me.

A public official in  Ankara, Turkey is as anti-female as some of our legislators. Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister wants to prohibit women from laughing in public. He claims women who laugh cannot be honorable women. Turkish women are aroused. They have filed a discrimination complaint against him.

My column in this week’s KONK Life is titled Black Jesus. It will be available at 5 today. Read it. You will find the article interesting.

The San Antonio Spurs announced yesterday that they had hired Becky Hammon as an assistant coach. Becky is female, as her name connotes. A terrific move. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

Enjoy your day!


I was sitting at the table in the Plantation Coffee House around noon yesterday researching. Two couples were seated nearby. Chatting. Eventually, I got involved in the conversation. Best as I could. It was difficult with so many people around.

One couple appeared to be 40ish. Both good looking. The lady was from Dubai, the man from New York City. The man had previously lived in India.

They had met initially on the of the couple matching sites on the internet. The email meetings led to their meeting in Key West this week. The face to face meeting was for the first time. Excitement was written all over their faces.

The couple they were talking with had a similar experience. The lady lives in Key West. The man from New York City. They now live together in Key West. They appeared to be in their 60s.


I was unable to get names. Too many people again and little time. However, both heart warming stories.

Syracuse finally won and won decisively yesterday. Beat Florida State by 16 points. 74-58. Florida State was no slouch. My recollection is that their record was 18-11 going into the game.

This was the last season game for Syracuse. Next week the ACC tournament. Syracuse is the second seed, Virginia, first. Syracuse plays next this friday evening. Then the big tournament! Syracuse has to do well in the ACC tournament to be considered a #1 seed in the big one. Probably win the ACC tournament.

I watched the game at Lukas’ Sports Pub. I was the only Syracuse fan. John sat with me most of the game. My heart fluttered on occasion. Syracuse was up 11, then up 1 before they came back to go up 13 and then 16.

I am anxious to see the national rankings which come out later today. Syracuse dropped from 1 to 7 the past two weeks. However, everyone good lost this weekend. Syracuse won. I see Syracuse moving up to #5 or #6. Maybe even #4.

A concern has been developing in me since the Cuban earthquake of 2 months ago. It was felt a bit in Key West by some. Not me. There were three aftershocks till yesterday. Yesterday, the fourth occurred which was felt. It was a 4.7. Just after 7 yesterday morning. I did not feel it. Some at the Casa Marina did.

After the initial earthquake, I did a little research. Seems there were around 400 quakes last year off the north coast of Cuba. Small. Ergo, we did not hear of them. The article pointed out the quakes are increasing in frequency. Therein lies my concern.

My friend Grant is going to be on national television friday night at 10. On the Food Network Channel. Grant is a chef at Bad Boy Burrito. Cooking famer Guy Fieri chatted with him when his show covered the Bad Boy Burrito two months ago. Go Grant! Everyone will be at Don’s Place waiting for him to appear on the screen. He will receive a big applause.

Fantasy Fest nudity continues to waste the time of the Key West Commission. No one cares about bare breasts, except for a few old time politicians and ultra conservative church ministers. Sixty thousand other people who attend Fantasy Fest come to view the  breasts, amongst other things.

A woman who was instrumental in the first Fantasy Fest some 30 odd years ago is one of the ones upset. She wrote “…..get rid of the PUBLIC debauchery, the vomitorium and the debacle.” She and I are not seeing the same Fantasy Fests. I am sure a minimal amount of what she describes occurs. However, I have never seen an orgy or vomiting. I cannot respond to debacle because I am not sure what she is specifically referring to.

Interestingly, the first Fantasy Fest parade she was instrumental in getting started had leading the parade a completely bare assed woman painted in silver riding on the hood of a car.

Tomorrow night at 9, my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. My cup runneth over with material. The story of the mother who knew best, Russia’s new terrorist law, China’s bubble bursting, Crimea, what Ukraine should do to set Russia on its ass, the head of the neo-Nazi party running for President of Ukraine, how the bank looting of Ukraine has begun, polygamy in Utah’s today, and more. Listen and enjoy. A stimulating and revealing half hour of dialogue.

Enjoy your day!


Blog is being written late today. It is noon. Sorry. I had an early morning appointment in Key West which took up most of the morning.

Mandy Miles is a colorful writer. She pens a column each Sunday for the Key West Citizen. Front page. Always interesting.

Yesterday’s was titled Who In their Right Mind?

Mandy was at the corner of Duval and Caroline. Her car had the light. Someone walked against the light in front of her. Fortunately, Mandy was paying more attention than the pedestrian and no accident occurred.

Mandy was sufficiently upset to write the column mentioned. She referred to the walking wrongdoer as a color blind pedestrian.

I want to add my two cents to her comments.

What I am about to say pertains to locals and tourists alike. As adults they have forgotten the rules of the road they learned when young. Simple things. Like look before you cross.

Pedestrians forget there are cars on the road. As mentioned, they rarely look before crossing. Bicyclists are equally as bad. Guilty of all the same things as pedestrians, plus running stops signs and lights. Mopeds are guilty of everything. However, on a lesser scale.

Driving a car downtown can be a nerve wracking experience. I drove a cab in New York City while in college. It was a hell of a lot easier than driving Key West streets.

I rarely agree with Key West Citizen editorials. Yesterday, I did. The Citizen said it was time for America’s iron curtain to fall as regards Cuba. I have written and spoke recently to the same effect. Enough of the punishment. What happened was 50 years ago. It is time to end the embargo and travel restrictions.

I can understand the pain of the families who were forced to flee Cuba and who came to our shores penniless. That was two generations ago. The Cuban society succeeded. It is time to move on.

Bebe Rebozo. A name I have not heard in years. Bebe was President Nixon’s buddy. They traveled and fished together. Most of the time in south Florida.

I read this morning that Bebe bought a home in Key West some fifty years ago. An old conch house at 513 Whitehead Street.

Robert and Ally came over yesterday. To swim. The pool is not heated. It did not bother them. Ally wanted to go in the canal, also. Not yesterday. No one wanted to go in  with her.

It was close to the mid 80s yesterday and very humid. Great February weather! Jake looked like he could not handle the humidity. He stayed inside my air conditioned home with me. This was the first time Jake had been permitted to roam free in the house. He appeared hesitant to move about. Lisa carried him from room to room on the first floor acclimating Jake to the house. Everything was fine thereafter.

I had a dinner date tonight. Key West’s Shoe Girl Stephanie Kaple. I was unaware Syracuse was playing this evening. Called Stephanie to cancel. This is the second time I have. She knew when she heard my voice that I was backing out. We have rescheduled for Wednesday evening.

Syracuse and Maryland at 7. At Maryland. We lost 2 games last week. We have lost a total of 2 games. Maryland has lost 12. Means nothing. Boston College that had lost 19 beat Syracuse earlier last week. I suspect/hope that Syracuse will be sufficiently aggravated over the losses and come out strong against Maryland.

I will be watching the game at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub.

Enjoy your day!


It had to happen. It did. Last night. Syracuse lost! Boston College won 62-59.

The irony of the whole thing is Syracuse was undefeated going into the game. Boston college had lost 19.

Syracuse did not play like #1 ranked team. Fair missed too many of his usually easy shots. Cooney rarely got the opportunity to shoot a 3. I think he made 2 out of 4 three point attempts.

Duke saturday night. Going to be a hell of a game if it is anything like the first one which Syracuse won 91-89.

I watched the game at Don’s Place. Plenty of support. David sat next to me to watch the game. Don, Jimmy, and Dougie were supportive during and after the game.

Visited my heart doctor yesterday afternoon. Nothing wrong. It was three month check up time.

My physician is Dr. Mc Ivor. I continue to be impressed with the Doctor and his staff.

Dr. Mc Ivor has moved his offices. Into the BB&T Building on Kennedy. A beautiful suite of offices! The medical equipment awesome!

This morning’s Key West Citizen reported a migrant windsurfed from Cuba to Key West. He landed on the Reach beach. It appears he left at 9 tuesday morning and arrived sometime wednesday morning.

Unfortunately, three started the trip. The other two appear to be lost. The Coast Guard is searching for them.

I admire the windsurfer. It took guts. His venture also crystallizes an issue. Lets get on with relations with Cuba. Yesterday is 50 years ago. I cannot blame the Cubans of that day for being pissed. But it cannot go on forever. Castro is out of power and probably will soon die. His brother Raul is not in the greatest of health.

I have a hair up my butt again. Involves banks once again. Goldman Sachs and Bank of America.

Venezuela is in turmoil. Protests/demonstrations daily. It is only a matter of time before the incompetent/inept President Maduro is out of power. A statement by President Obama suggests he supports the protestors. He recently said the United States condemned the violence of the Maduro government and the throwing out of Venezuela of three American diplomats. Maduro took the position the United States was supporting and perhaps supplying the rebels.

On my blog talk radio show this past tuesday, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou, I set forth how certain American banks were attempting to make money out of the upheaval. Goldman Sachs wanted to loan the Maduro government $1.68 billion. Bank of America $3 billion

I referred to the banks as whores. My impression has not changed in the past 36 hours. The banks are working deals when a significant portion of the Venezuelan people are suffering under Maduro. To make it even more contemptuous, the banks are in apparent opposition to President Obama’s stand. The banks support Maduro, the President the protestors.

The banks should keep their noses out of what constitutes  the foreign affairs of the United States. They should not be acting in opposition to the President, whose position is the position.

The banks do not care about anything. Their lack of respect for the 99 per cent and the President in this circumstance is obvious. When they get too big for their britches, the mighty fall.

Enjoy your day!




I was surprised when I walked into the Chart Room last night and Emily asked me about the earthquake. What earthquake? Turns out there was another one about 8 miles off the coast of Cuba wednesday night at 10:20. About  seven miles below the water’s surface. I who read the newspapers all the time had failed to read yesterday’s Key West Citizen. I was unaware.

The earthquake was a 5.1 on the Rector scale. Apparently no damage anywhere. I did not feel it in Key West. Nor did Emily and others at the Chart Room last night.

I have a concern. Earthquakes in this area are uncommon. Now there have been two off the coast of Cuba in a month. Do these two earthquakes portend something? Is there a big one in the making? Should we be concerned about a tsunami?

Don’t laugh! So far the weather media has not discussed this aspect. I am not overly concerned. Such thoughts occur to me, however.

Conch Republic Admiral Frankie was part of our bar discussion last night. Besides the earthquake, the discussion involved the Olympics and skiing. Turns out Emily was/is a skier and a pretty proficient one at that. I thought she was born and raised in Key West. Not so. She was born in Indiana, spent time in Virginia and elsewhere. She developed her skiing prowess in those places.

Before heading to the Chart Room, I stopped at Christine’s opening night of her art exhibit. Christine Cordone has risen to a new level. She now has people in her paintings. I was impressed. Her water colors warm the heart and brighten a room!

Ralph Kiner died yesterday. A baseball great! Played many years with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Then spent even more years as the Mets broadcaster. He is a Hall of Famer.

My recollection goes back to the mid to late 1940s. Baseball was everything. My buddies and I used to spend some summer afternoons sitting around on the floor in someone’s living room listening to major league baseball games. One of our heroes was Ralph Kiner.

Listening is the operative word in the previous paragraph. There was no television back then. It was radio!

Enjoy your day!



Sometimes things happen all at the same time. Then it is the mundane for days. Yesterday was big for happenings…..All new!

Lets start with the earthquake. Yes, Key West experienced an earthquake. At 3:57 yesterday afternoon. The quake actually occurred 10 miles off the north shore of Cuba. Well below the ocean floor. Its impact was felt in Key West. By some, not all. Key West experienced neither damage nor injury to life.

The earthquake was a 5.1. A significant number. We were immediately advised by television reports not to worry about a tsunami. Apparently a 6.0 or better is required.

I did not feel the earthquake. I did not know one had occurred till I reached the Chart Room and Emily told me. When the quake hit, I was in my car driving from the Plantation Coffee House to the Pier House. It seemed that anyone who was driving did not experience the earth’s movement.

However, those who were on the second and third floors of buildings did. Sheila was on the third floor of the Custom House and felt it. David was on the second floor where he works. He experienced it. Jean and Joe, Peter, and Emily did not.

The locals group were all at the Chart Room early comparing notes.

My compliments to Sean Kinney. He is a reporter for a local newspaper owned by the Miami Herald. He is also the Miami Herald’s man in Key West. Within minutes, Sean had reported the quake and it was being carried on the Miami Herald website.

A television star from a popular TV show was in town. Guy Fieri of the Food Channel’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Guy and crew had come in Wednesday. Did their work. Stayed overnight at the Pier House. Enjoyed the hospitality of the Chart Room later in the evening. Guy and most left yesterday morning. It appeared one of the show’s producers remained.

The show hit three Key West places of note. I know two. Bad Boy Burrito and Garbo’s. Famous they will be once the show airs. Tourists will seek them out for the next ten years. Look what a bit of notoriety did for Louie’s Back Yard.

The most important thing is that the show will be recognizing a Key West luminary. One who people have paid little attention to up to this time. The cook at Bad Boy Burrito. It is our own Grant. Grant of Don’s Place fame who I periodically mention. A good man!

The third noteworthy item was that this week’s KONK Life hit the streets yesterday. My picture on the cover. The whole page. Basically a reprint of the cover of my new book The World Upside Down. It thrilled me! My vanity is showing, I guess.  My thanks to publisher Guy de Boer.

Dan…..Where are you? I have stopped at Don’s outside bar four times looking for you. Have you given up drinking? Syracuse plays North Carolina tomorrow at noon. I will be at the Sports Pub. I hope to see you and Lisa again.

Enjoy your day!



I left home after the Preakness yesterday to go to dinner. There were runners, police cars and people all over. Obviously a marathon. This took place around 7.

As I drove along the beach, I noticed the end of the marathon was Higgs Beach. A big blue tent, a tastey barbecue smell, music and tons of people!

I drove home around 10. Dark outside. Pitch black. There were still runners. In town and out of town. All the way up to Key Haven where I turned off US 1. I suspect some were further  up US 1 still running in.

The runners could not be missed. They all wore blinking lights around their necks. By 10, the pace was slower. Some were walking.

I figured it had to be a long run. I found out this morning how long. From Key Largo to Key West. Wow! One hundred miles, give or take.

The marathon was the Coast Guard Run To Remember. To honor fallen Coast Guardsmen. There were 90 runners entered. That number included some family members of fallen guardsmen.

The Boston Marathon is 26 point something miles. This run was four times longer!

Sloan worked with me yesterday morning. I am in the process of mastering my tablet. We also added apps and subscribed to the New York Times and Key West Citizen.

I am from that generation that is not mechanically inclined. I have to be taught everything in steps. Repeatedly before I grasp what ever it is.

It tires me out!

Tuesday, Sloan starts showing me how to add pictures to this blog. Finally! It will be a major achievement!

Mid afternoon I was upstairs sleeping. Heard noise. Kids yelling, a woman’s voice, a dog barking. It was Lisa and family. They had come to swim. Jake still does not like the water. I doubt he ever will.

I stayed home to watch the Preakness. From the comfort of my bed. My favorite place. I hope the bed is with me in my next life.

I was disappointed Orb lost. I thought he got boxed in and could not get to the front. From news reports this morning, it appears he just did not have it yesterday. Oxbow did. Ran a good race!

Felt like a change of venue for dinner. I wanted to be outside with an ocean view. It was the Southernmost Beach Bar. I sat, enjoyed the scenery and people, had a couple of drinks and a cheeseburger. A perfect evening!

The Beach Bar is the picture on my website. The picture at the top of this blog. That is where I was last night! Sat at the bar.

During the week, a dead crocodile was found in Lower Matecumbe Key. Nine feet long.

Turns out crocs are an endangered species. It is illegal to kill them in the State of Florida. Back in the 1970s there were about 300. Since protected, the croc group is estimated to have grown to between 1,500 and 3,000.

That is 1,500 to 3,000 too many.

There is now an investigation to find out who did the croc in. Whoever did will be arrested, etc.

Sometimes, I do not understand the law. There is no worthy reason why Florida should want crocs running around. They are dangerous. The only reason justifying their protection is that the species was dying out. So what?

Crocs are nasty. Let one of them snap off a person’s arm or chomp on a youngster playing in the backyard. People will be aroused. They would clamor for better protection. They would ask how could the State have permitted this too happen? The cry would be rid us of the crocs!

The problem is it will have been too late. Too late for the person with a missing arm or the maimed child.

Enjoy your Sunday!