I went out last night. A big deal. I have not been going out because of my diet. I am easily tempted. To be near food and drink is difficult.

Jenna was my date.

Just what a 77 year old needs. A 26 year old dinner companion.

We started the evening at the Chart Room. Ran into Captain Peter in the parking lot. A good man.

JJ was bartending. Jean and Joe Thornton were there. Two of the best. Alabama grads. I may watch the game with them Monday night. Told them I am pulling for Notre Dame.

Dinner was at the Hot Tin Roof. Jenna ate. She eats little, however. I had two diet Pepsi’s, a glass of water and a cup of coffee. The company kept me going.

After I dropped Jenna off, I headed over to Don’s Place. I have not been there in five weeks because of the diet. I felt like I had returned home!

Rob and Bebe, Herschel and Erika, and Boomer at the bar. Stayed a brief ten minutes talking with them. Then got out of Dodge fast! I was dying for a drink!

It is amazing! I feel so good this morning. I attribute it to having gone out last night.

Syracuse basketball today at noon. We play South Florida. I will be watching at John’s Big Ten Sports Bar. Only diet Pepsi on the menu for me.

I see in the news this morning that Syracuse is losing its head football coach, Don Marrone. Sad. Don has done a terrific job in returning Syracuse to winning football. Don is going back to professional football. He will be head coach for the Buffalo Bills.

Don of Don’s Place is a Buffalo native and die hard fan. I am confident Don will be happier with Marrone as head coach.

The debt ceiling problem gnaws at me. It should not be a problem. Never was till the Republicans made it one last year.

The Republicans are playing a dangerous game if they shut down the government as threatened. The United States will not be able to pay its bills. Any of its bills. No Social Security checks, no doctors and hospitals being paid via Medicare, no federal salaries, no nothing where federal dollars are involved. Globally their conduct could bring down our economy and that of the world.

Washington mugging the people!

People will go to the streets. There could be riots and the like. I would not expect federal troops to interfere. They are not being paid. Additionally, I cannot conceive of them exercising force against their fellow citizens under the circumstances.

It will not be as after World War I when veterans were protesting in Washington pension problems. They established a tent city. MacArthur went in with federal troops and broke up the demonstration. I have always considered the day to have been a black one in American history.

I am assuming Obama will prevent the debt ceiling crisis by exercising certain never used before Presidential powers under the Fourteenth Amendment.

Enjoy your Sunday!




  1. Ii write this with mixed emotions. Syracuse football program has really been enjoyable under Dick Marrone. Now he will travel the 2 hours down the NY Thruway to lead the Buffalo Bills. I live here and have been a Buffalo fan since the beginning. It would be a great football season if both Syracuse and Buffalo football programs were to be winners. Tom

  2. Hmm, our countries debt was never a problem until the republicans made it one ? Yep, its no problem that under the obama administration our debt has increased six trillion dollars in just 4 years. But, after all, its the republicans fault, naaa, actually its still all Bush’s fault, isn’t it ?

    • Actually, it is BOTH parties that are are fault. Dems for not realistically dealing with Social Security and Medicare and what we can actually afford to provide within our means and REPUBS for never be willing to downsize our bloated military-industrial war complex and foreign wars of adventure with generous tax rates for the investor class and pitiful resource royalties on federal lands (our lands!) due to their constituencies and donors.”

      For example, as to military spending…The US spends more than the next twenty largest military spenders combined. The United States and its close allies are responsible for two-thirds to three-quarters of the world’s military spending (of which, in turn, the U.S. is responsible for the majority).

      On the flip side. from health case to education, our spending tops the global list but provides no benefit to the US. Heck, we have a fabulous and envied system of colleges and only foreigners (bankrolled by their countries) or ball players get free rides; an y future Eisenstein needs loans. We also have great and expensive healthcare, often used by foreigners and illegal immigrants (free care) and screw the citizens without insurance.

      Such is our system at the moment.

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