It was the dentist at 2 yesterday afternoon. I now have teeth again. Thrilled I am! The best fit ever!

When you get on in years, you will understand.

Had to test the new teeth immediately. A toasted bagel at the Plantation Coffee House. They worked!

I had some time to kill. Checked out the local books for sale. David Sloan is a famous Key West author. I saw his book Quit Your Job And Move to Key West. I read about a third of it before returning the book to its place on the rack. A fine work! It was obvious why Sloan’s writings are highly regarded. Buy the book. You will enjoy.

One of Sloan’s comments in the book…..Key West consumes more alcohol per capita than any city in the U.S. A fair statement. Correct from my perspective. The comment might suggest to some considering retiring to Key West that they should buy a bar rather than
do nothing.

Stopped at Don’s Place. Chatted with Joanie. One of the happiest people I have ever met.

Then to the Chart Room and Emily. I was the first customer. Sheila came in. The three of us commiserated. Peter, aka Captain Peter, has left Key West. After 20 years. He upped and moved to Melbourne. Just like that. A Key west icon. He will be missed.

Had to try the teeth out some more. Stopped at Outback for a prime rib. Everything worked!

You have to appreciate what I have gone through the past three years. These marvels of modern dental science cost me $35,000. I have had one problem after another the first two years. This last visit merely had to do with might be described as a mechanical tune up.

Selena Gomez. I know little about her other than she is a lovely young lady and a star. I read some where yesterday that she is keeping company with pop star Austin Mahone. Gomez is 21, Austin 17. The significant detail in the article was that Mahone lives part time in Key West. I was not aware.

Big game tomorrow night. Syracuse/Duke. This game is similar to the Villanova and Pitt games. A test for Syracuse. The game is at 6:30. I will be watching it at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub. With Dan, I hope.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Sad to hear Peter has left Key West!! Over the past couple of summers, my wife and I spent hours listening to his stories and viewpoints in the Chart Room (while you were in Europe!).

    He will be missed! Did he sell his VW van? He was quite proud of that machine!

    Thanks for always keeping us in the loop of goings-on. Enjoy those teeth!

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