Key West is accustomed to street flooding.

If a rain fall is heavy and it is high tide, the sewers cannot take the rain water. Intersections become lakes. Some as deep as two to three feet.

Hurricanes are no stranger to street flooding. Wilma comes to mind. Six and a half feet of water. Not just pouring over the streets. Into homes. Level six and a half feet, also.

On this date in 1919, Boston experienced a significant flooding. Twenty one killed. Dozens of horses, also.

Not water, however. Molasses.

The U.S. Industrial Alcohol Building contained a 58 foot high tank. The tank holding 2.5 million gallons of crude molasses. The tank exploded. Flowed  into and flooded the streets.

Took two weeks to clean the streets. Not bad. It took one to two years to clean up the Wilma mess. I refer specifically to home damage.

Spent yesterday afternoon quietly reading. Stories involving U.S. forces in Europe during World War II.

Then at 4, the Syracuse/Boston college game. Syracuse won 96-81. Interesting since Boston College decisively defeated Syracuse in a game New Year’s Day.

Syracuse’s fabled zone defense was working yesterday. Made Boston College look terrible.

As Boeheim continues to say, Syracuse wins if it plays its special defense hard. If not, Syracuse loses.

What Syracuse needs is consistency. The big post season tournament is slipping away.

Dinner last night at Berlin’s. Decided on beef. A filet mignon. As good as any I have enjoyed at a New York City steak house.

The local community college has steadily grown during my many Key West years. First, a two year community school. Now a four year institution. Presently offering a bachelor’s degree in a certain business area. This summer, a four year nursing degree.

No more a community college. The Florida Keys Community College needed a new name consistent with its movement to four year degrees.

The front page of this morning’s Key West Citizen announces such. Beginning this summer, the name will change. To The College of the Florida Keys.

Congratulations to The College of the Florida Keys. Congratulations to the administrators and faculty who worked hard to make it so.

I have many times criticized the Key West City Commission. Bunglers. Know not what they do. Inept.

Today’s Key West Citizen editorial takes on the Commission and its many shortcomings. Its sins itemized.

The editorial titled: Why Doesn’t the Commission Listen?

The editorial one of the best written in the many years I have read the Citizen. It publicly admonishes the Commission to shape up.

I doubt it will help. Commission members are hard headed. Several times I have engaged one or another with a question, complaint, etc. In each instance, the reason for the particular Commission action was supported by a non-nonsensical reason.

They cannot see. Thinkers they are not.

William Healey continues to suggest a concern re a Florida Indian uprising in 1856.

He mentions several travelers came down to Key West from the Miami River and corroborated the news he had received one day earlier that the Indians might wage war again. He mentions ten Indians also arrived.

Ernest Hemingway’s grandson will appear at the San Carlos on January 26. John Hemingway will discuss Pamplona and running with the bulls. The setting of his grandfather’s The Sun Also Rises.

Ernest Hemingway never ran. His World War I leg injuries prevented his participation. His grandson John not so affected. John has made the run 16 times. Never gored!

John’s appearance is sponsored by the very active Key West Art and Historical Society.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Pets get sick. When it happens, it is a calamity.

Jake was sick yesterday. Up chucking and diarrhea. Would not eat. His eyes sad.

Lisa rushed him to the vet. Jake had a bug. Sounds human. A shot. Some intravenous fluid. He was dehydrated.

The medical report this morning is that Jake appears on the mend. He is eating a bit.

Jake was not the only one who saw a doctor yesterday. I had a return visit with Dr. Lefferts to get my blood results. Everything ok. Obviously, the steroids had screwed up the previous blood test.

Keith stopped over to do some work on my bedroom. I am in the process of remodeling it. Since I am no longer married, it will be a bachelor’s pad. It is being decorated as such.

Dinner last night at Geiger Key. You cannot beat the place for restfulness! Such is the feeling I get every time I am there. It is the surrounding water and mangroves. Like being held in the palm of someone’s hand.

No Syracuse football this weekend. Fortunately. A week off before the last two games of the season.

Syracuse has had good and bad seasons. I remember when Syracuse was third in the nation when I was in law school. We had some excellent teams in the 1980s. The pendulum swings back and forth. For whatever reason, we have been on the losing side of the pendulum too long. It seems stuck. I hope next season reflects a return to days of glory.

I was surprised last night when the news showed Obama and his administration claiming a major break through with China. From my understanding of the agreement, the United States has to  produce results before the Chinese. Also the wording the agreement is weak. It is “intended” these things be done.

Putin is the one who scored prior to the China meeting. This past week Putin announced a new and additional 30 year agreement with China to build another pipeline to China. The agreement includes a 30 deal whereby China will buy gas from Russia.

That was not all Putin accomplished. It was also announced this past week that Russia and Iran have made a deal. Russia is going to build eight new nuclear units for Iran. The announcement coming while the United States is negotiating a nuclear agreement with Iran.

When it comes to one upmanship, Putin does well.

Enjoy your day!


You win some, you lose some. We only won one game last night.

Played Larry Smith’s team. A money game/a blood match. We won the first game 16-15. A battle! We lost the second game 16-15. Another battle! They out did us in the third game.

I played the second game. I was not up to par. I was not getting the ball there. The courts were damp from the rain and I did not have enough umph  to get to the polina.

Captain David has redone the parings. No longer will I be playing with Frankie. Keith is my new partner. We will work well together. Keith had a good evening last night.

I spent some time yesterday afternoon at the Plantation Coffee House. Had lunch there. Coffee and a toasted bagel. Read the newspapers. Chatted with Diane.

Before I forget, Happy Valentine Day! I have no one to give candy and flowers to at the moment. I am uncertain whether I will be out tonight. This is the busiest night for restaurants in Key West. Like New Years Eve.

After the Coffee House, I headed over to see Tammy. It was time again for a manicure and pedicure. Ran into Martha Robinson. I had not seen her for a while. A charming lady. One of Key West’s leading citizens.

Stopped at Publix on the way home. Needed food again. Basics. Bananas, grapes, strawberries, bread, and milk. The wrong time to shop. Too many people. Only four empty carts available when I arrived at the store.

Ran into Karen at Publix. Another person I have not seen in a while. She congratulated me on my book The World Upside Down. Said she had been trying to buy the soft cover edition. Each time she looked, there was a waiting period/backlog of 4-6 weeks. I suggested she order it and wait. The backlog has been that way since about a week after the book came out. I told her to check and barnesand

Italian politics is back in the news. Prime Minister Enrico Letta is resigning as of today. His own party dumped him. Mark what I am saying. Burlusconi will be back! Not soon, but soon enough. Not as an elected official. Rather as the power behind the throne.

I love talking politics with my Italian friends. Every politician they do not like  they refer to as Mafiosa.

Italy presently has 45 per cent unemployment. The highest in 40 years. It is right behind Greece on the poor economy list.

I have a bug up my ass again. A situation has developed in Connecticut. The State passed a gun registration law. It went into effect. A very low percentage of known gun owners registered their weapons. We are noyttalking about handguns. The law covered those modern day machine gun types.

Very few  gun owners registered the guns per the law. An act of civil disobedience or does it border on anarchy? Interesting.

A society cannot survive where its members decide for themselves which laws to follow and which not.

Syracuse/North Carolina State tomorrow. We should win. My recollection is North Carolina has lost 8 games. Syracuse, none. But…..Syrcuse is due. Most Syracuse wins have been close this season. I wish we would win one going away. My heart cannot take these last second (note not minute) victories.

Enjoy your day!




From the depths of the Bible comes today’s David and Goliath story. Syracuse v. Florida State.

Florida State is ranked #2 in the country. Syracuse unranked. Florida State is 9-0. Syracuse 5-4.

The Vegas line is 38.5 points.

Take Syracuse. A chancy but good bet in my opinion.

In the 60 odd years I have been a diehard Syracuse fan, there have been 3-4 upsets. Games where a lowly Syracuse team beat a high ranked one. It happens.

This year’s Syracuse team has been improving. If our quarterback and receivers can meld and the defense plays its finest game, Syracuse wins! Again, it has happened. It can happen.

I have that feeling. Nothing more.

As to the 38.5 point Vegas difference, a good bet. I do not see a 50-7 game here. Again, simply my opinion. One which is not supported by any data.

The game will be nationally televised on ABC at 3:30. I will probably be at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub watching the game.

I spent a day and a half in bed. By last night, my stomach appeared back to normal. I did not eat, however. Waited till this morning.

Around 9 last night, I got chest pains. Sort of big. They came and went for 5 minutes. I used my nitroglycerin spray. Within 45 seconds, the pain was gone. A few minutes later, they came back. Nitroglycerin spray again. Pain went away again in 45 seconds. A few minutes later, the chest pain again.

This time I telephoned my heart doctor. I spent some time in the hospital last night. He examined me, had me tested, etc. While all this was going on, I had no chest pains. He could find nothing. That was ok with me. There have been no pains since.

However, I am scheduled 7:30 Monday morning for a stress test. He also has put me on a small dose nitroglycerin pill which I am to take every day.

There are some inconveniences to getting old. I do not view them as disadvantages. The inconveniences are health problems. As long as correctable, who am I to complain.

Almost forgot! My book! The World Upside Down. The book was published last wednesday. It is available in ebook and paperback on and

Enjoy your day!


I write today’s blog with all due respect to the ladies. Offensive I am not trying to be. However, this is the week of many bare breasts in Key West. It is Fantasy Fest!

There is regulation with regard to permitted nudity. You cannot run around bare ass. Though a few do.

There are two basic ordinances/laws to be followed. If not, a person is subject to arrest.

The first involves a woman’s breasts.  The nipple area must be covered. If body painted, it will be considered covered. Some ladies opt for pasties which are considered ok.

The ladies have their breasts painted. There are stands/tents all over Duval performing the service. Prices anywhere from $75 to $125. The paint job lasts a week. After the first 24 hours, a woman can shower and the paint will not come off.

Some ladies push the envelope. They wish to be as nude as possible. All nude if such can be legally accomplished. The breasts are normally painted with large palm trees, birds or fish. Shades of Key West. However, a certain number who want to cover as little as possible, have an inch or two surrounding the nipple area painted. No more.

The female genitals come into play. The area is spray painted. Not much. Just enough to cover what must be covered.

In recent years, a new gambit has come into play. The ladies have their entire bodies spray painted. Faces, also. All one color. I think mentally they believe this is closer to true nudity.

The second law/ordinance to be concerned with involves sex itself. Sex acts in public places are strictly prohibited. Makes sense. Although an adult party, people should only go so far.

I was up before the sun this morning. Dressed and out in my car. Just before 7. Still dark.

I was on my way to Publix. I have been dieting all week and had absolutely nothing I considered diet food in the house. Not wishing to screw up what thus far has been a successful five days, I decided to shop.

I was at Publix just as the doors opened. About 20 people shopping. A good time to shop. You basically have the store to yourself. I did not need much. But what I needed I had to have lest I blow my diet. I spent all of $17.

The ants have returned! In a new place in the kitchen.

There is a high dining counter at one end. I sit on a high stool. It is where I write this blog and all my writings. It is also where I eat. I suspect I may have dropped a crumb or two.

As I began this blog, I felt something crawling up my leg. It was an ant! The tiny ones. I looked on the floor and they were all over below me. TERRO houses have been laid out. I suspect the ants will be gone by tomorrow.

A pain in the ass!

The Key West Citizen reported this morning that the Florida keys are the most vulnerable to a sea rise. Caused by global warming, of course. The most vulnerable spot to be affected by rising waters in all of the United States. Perhaps, the world.

Syracuse my Syracuse! Got beat big time yesterday. 55-0 by Georgia Tech. We shall return. The trip back is painful, however.

I have to avoid the near occasions of sin when I diet. On the other hand, I have to get out. Last night I went downtown. One stop only. Irish Kevin’s for two drinks. I did not eat last night at all.

I like Irish Kevin’s, though I rarely go. It is a couple of doors down from Sloppy Joe’s on Duval. The attraction for me are the young lady customers who go up on stage and exhibit their breasts. I am a voyeur at heart.

My Friday TV/internet show, The Key West Lou Legal Hour, is You Tubed. I am having a problem. Perhaps some of you may be able to help.

The shows are not being You Tubed in order. The show consists of five segments. They do not show up on You Tube in sequential order nor are they all grouped together. Shows from three or six months ago pop up in between segments. How do I get them to show in order?

Please understand that the show cannot be You Tubed as one item. Television station personnel tell me it has to be in separate segments. I do not understand why, except that it may have to do with time at the TV station’s end.

My shows have been You Tubed for several months. I do the show Friday mornings. My show is rerun on television Saturday afternoons. It is supposed to be You Tubed at six Saturday evening. Sometimes nothing appears. Like here it is Sunday morning and Friday’s show is not yet up.

It is not easy.

The You Tubed shows in whatever order are available for viewing, never the less. Go to You Tube. Then enter Lou’s Legal Hour.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Great Goombay Night


Show time yesterday morning. The Key West Lou Legal hour. My TV/internet show.

I was shocked at the response to what I believe will be the big issue in the next debt ceiling fight in three months. The response was huge. Instead of Obamacare being the issue, I suggested it might be the result of a marriage between the U.S. Conference of Bishops and the Republicans. The issue: Birth control.

The Bishops want available birth control coverage cut back even more. The far right believe this will bring the mass of Catholics on to their side. No way. Birth control was the issue that first drove Catholics from the Church back in the 10950s and 1960s. I know. I lived it. It was the early years of my marriage.

The ants are gone. I won another battle. My laptop works. I am surprised! I thought they might have feasted on the wires inside.

Spent my afternoon napping.

Last night, Goombay!

Goombay has become a tradition of sorts the past several years. It is a Don Manaher party for his friends. Twenty of us last night.

The evening started At Don’s Place. Then several cabs to 801. 801 is one of the gayest of gay bars in Key West. I suspect everyone in our group are only there the one night of the year that Goombay begins.

We continued the partying that had begun at Don’s Place. I drank Yager for the first time. A bunch of guys were doing Yager shots. I joined them. My eyes teared.

I did the usual walk down Petronia Street. Each year I am amazed at the street’s development. More and more stores and restaurants.

The music was at the far end of Petronia. Reggae. I sat and listened for a while. In the same area as the band stand, there were all kinds of kids’ rides. I have to tell Lisa about them. The grandkids will enjoy big time.

I stopped at the outside bar at Blue Heaven. Packed as usual for Goombay. Had a drink and took in the crowd.

Started my walk back to Don’s Place where I had left my car. A bit of a walk. I was on Duval and passing the Little Room Jazz Club. Only been open about six months. Krystal, my engineer at the TV studio, bartends at night. She is always telling me to stop in. I did last night.

What a beautiful place! Well done! I knew it before when it was an art gallery. Décor totally different. I was further impressed by the number of people. Inside and out. Packed. Mostly tourists. A bad sign from my perspective. I have seen it before. A business cannot survive in Key West without local support. Tourists come and go. Locals are here all the time.

Whatever, it was a fun place last night.

Krystal looked lovely! A beautiful young lady. I enjoyed a drink and some fruit and cheese at the bar. A singer entertaining. Kristen McNamara. Excellent. She and her guitar. Not Key West music, however. It was more of what I would expect to hear in a New York or Chicago hotel bar. Will it go over in Key West? I do not know.

Kristen has an interesting background. She appeared on American Idol in 2009. She was a top finalist on Star Search in 2003.

Met an interesting couple at the Jazz Club. Anne and Glenn Ford. From Lumberton, North Carolina. Celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary! Congratulations Anne and Glenn!

Glen is retired. He used to restore Volkswagens. Anne still works. She is in health care.

This was their first night and first time in Key West. I told them to get over to Goombay. Enjoy a Key West flavor! I mentioned some other places they might also enjoy while here. Hope I run into them again during their visit.

I left the Jazz Club and walked back to Don’s Place. A bit of a hike. I made it without tiring.

Don’s was packed. Most of our group had reconnoitered and were now partying at Don’s. I said my hellos, did not have a drink, and drove home to bed.

I have no idea what I will be doing tonight. May stay in. On the other hand, a little Chart Room and perhaps Irish Kevin’s would not hurt. Fantasy Fest visitors are streaming into town. Some of the ladies will be clad in less than usual clothing. Some topless. I am a voyeur at heart and enjoy looking.

Enjoy your day!






North Roosevelt Boulevard went two ways yesterday. I was not impressed.

I had to go into town twice. Traffic backed up big time going and coming. Used to be a four lane highway. Two lanes each way. I am doubtful this new temporary concept which also permits a middle turn lane will work. Besides delay, my sense is that there will be an increase in accidents.

I have decided to use Flagler for going and coming for a while. It will be out of my way a bit on the ingress portion of a trip. However, faster and safer.

Lisa and family over for a swim. The grandkids are fish!

I watched most of the Syracuse/North Carolina State game in the later afternoon. Syracuse won! 24-10. A big victory for the Orange who were a 6 point underdog.

Syracuse’s ground game looked good. Especially in the second half. Syracuse is now 3-3.

If I were inclined to suicide and cut my wrists, my blood would have flowed orange in pride.

Saturday bocce last night. A make up game. Could not be played when scheduled because of rain.

We won the first two games. I left at the start of the third. For some reason, I was very tired.

I played the first game. Frankie my partner. Don and Stan playing the other side. I sucked. Those three were the ones who actually won.

The second game found us down 10-0. I hate those games. We won 16-11. A comeback!

People are starting to get angry with the Washington fiasco. Here and there. From Washington to Hawaii. Veterans asserted themselves yesterday by visiting the World War II Memorial. Some came from as far away as Florida. Same in Hawaii where the December 7th Memorial was visited. Each time gates and barriers were opened by the visiting veterans. The  police never interfered.

I view the happenings here and there as seeds of unrest. The beginning of protests of sorts. In these instances, silent ones.

With regard to federal activities, only those deemed essential remain open. The House of Representatives have their own private gym. Must be essential. It is still open.

Most of the House members are still being paid, also. A small number have said they will donate their pay to charity. Most have not. Probably because they need a check to live on. Just as the hundred of thousands of furloughed federal employees do.

Our county is Monroe County. We house federal prisoners for periods of time in the county jail. The federal government pays rent for this service. Rather than a check, an IOU was received last week by the Sheriff.

Enjoy your Sunday!



A first class evening last night. A good way to enjoy friday after dark. Jenna and I went to Square One for dinner. A terrific date and a great meal!

Jenna as always was her beautiful self. Lucky will be the man she falls in love with.

I started going to Square One over 20 years ago when Michael Stewart first opened it. For many years, it was my favorite haunt. Three to four times a week. Other regulars attended with the same frequency. We all had a good time. Bartender Patrick “Patty Cakes” Hayes became our friend. To this day, he and Lisa remain extremely close.

Carmelo used to own La Trattoria. He sold it several years ago. Bought Bottle Cap. He still owns Bottle Cap. Last year, he bought Square One from Michael Stewart.

Carmelo knows the restaurant business. He updated the restaurant interior. Introduced a new menu. The place is gorgeous! The food outstanding!

Jean Zimmerman. I have not seen Jean in probably 10 years. Saw her last night. She was hosting at Square One. Jean, lovely as ever!

Jean is from the Square One days of old. She hosted there around 15 years ago. It was good to see her again. Always a warm smile. Last night an addition. Long flowing white hair. Magnificent!

Bartender Patrick was not working. He is vacationing in Europe with husband Les.

I started yesterday morning with my TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Post show comments and emails indicate Social Security was the topic garnering the most interest. Many were unaware that the U.S. government has legally stolen from the Social Security fund to the tune of $2.7 trillion. Social Security is the U.S.’s biggest creditor. Not China or Japan.

Unfortunately,  the money will probably never be paid back.

Then a manicure with Tammy. A nice person! The American dream fulfilled. Immigrated  from Vietnam 12 years ago. Worked hard. She and her husband bought a business. Last month, a new home.

Sloan and I worked together for a while in the afternoon.

Followed by a nap. I was tired!

Tonight, bocce! I know, it is saturday. Bocce is thursday. It is a make up game. At 7. Saturday night at the bocce courts. Should be interesting. We will probably be the only ones playing.

Syracuse football this afternoon. Go ‘Cuse!

Syracuse plays North Carolina. North Carolina is a one touchdown favorite. Hopefully, Syracuse will come out on top!

Enjoy your day!



I enjoyed an unusual Saturday yesterday. I watched television most of the day. Not planned. That is how it worked out.

I was a history major in college. I had a special interest in the Civil War. I took extra courses involving the Civil War.

At noon yesterday, an old mini series appeared on TV. All six segments at one time. From noon till eight in the evening. Concerning matters which lead up to the Civil War. The series was appropriately called North and South.

I watched it all! I was in all my glory! As a result, I never went out.

The only interruption was when Lisa showed up with Robert and Ally to swim. I said hello, how are you and kissed each one. Then it was back to the television set.

While watching, I enjoyed a sandwich and a couple of drinks.

There are things happening that I would like to make comment regarding.

Toilet paper. Back in May, in this blog and on my TV show, I made mention of the acute toilet paper shortage in Venezuela. People were without! Still are! What could be worse?

Venezuela has a large toilet paper making factory. The government took it over this week. Nationalized it, in effect. Shades of Hugo Chavez. Actually, things were good for the people of Venezuela under Chavez. We may have disliked him. His people did not. He took care of everyone.

Syracuse football. Syracuse beat Tulane yesterday 52-17. Big! Syracuse has a new quarterback the last two games. It is said he is the difference. Plus, the defense has been playing unusually well. My recollection is Syracuse blocked four kicks yesterday. Three punts and a field goal attempt.

The proof of the pudding comes in two weeks. Clemson! A top team.

A tropical storm beat the hell out of Acapulco this week. Tropical storm Manuel. 100,000 tourists in Acapulco at the time. The airport is a mess and not in use. A military one is ok, however. Roads are wiped out. Mud slides everywhere.

I have visited Acapulco several times. Not the place to be when a disaster occurs. I was there when a minor one occurred. 40,000 tourists are still stranded. All waiting to be airlifted out by the military. Things will be tough until they get on a plane.

Germany’s national election is today. Merkel is favored to be returned as Germany’s leader. A shame. Europe teeters while Merkel continues to play her hard assed economic game.

Terri White. My friend, my love.

Robin Williams has a new television show. It starts this week or next. In the third show, Terri White will be guest appearing. A big deal! Watch for the show. I look forward to the day when Terri gets her own TV show.

Enjoy your Sunday!


This is the weekend! Key West Poker Run weekend! The 41st year for this event.

The Poker Run has Key West giving itself over to bikers. More than 10,000 motorcycles have roared down US 1 into Key West. They leave with the same noise sunday evening and monday morning.

The bikers ride in on the most expensive motorcycles. Alone or with a companion. A wife or girl friend sitting behind them and holding on for dear life.

The Poker Run is a charity event. In the area of $100,000 will be raised. One of the recipients is the Key West Rotary Club. The Rotary turns the money over to specified charities.

Eight blocks of Duval Street have been closed off. A mini Mardi Gras atmosphere exists. Tents and stands. Cold beer and food. This afternoon in front of Sloppy Joe’s there will be a stage and all kinds of entertainment.

The bikers look like tough mean guys. Black leather vests, Hitler type helmets, etc. Most are doctors, lawyers, accountants and business men from all over the United States. Most have their bikes shipped to Miami. The bikers fly down and pick up their bikes in Miami. Then the 155 mile ride down US 1 with the sun, wind and water encircling them.

It is noise time, also. Big time noise! The bikes roar! However, this weekend no one cares. It is their time! Biker party time!

Did my tv/internet show yesterday morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I heard about it all day and into last night. Viewers were excited about my supermarket comments/expose. Rising prices, corporate farms, favorable laws, and genetically modified seeds. The genetically modified seeds really hit home.

I had a good time last night. Unusually good.

My evening started at the Chart Room. Took me a bit longer to get there from my home in Key Haven. I was behind about 30 bikers coming into town.

A new bartender. Victor. He is filling in for Emily who is on vacation. Sheila and Peter holding court.

Met some terrific people.

Trish and Tommy. They live in Marathon. Marathon is all of 45 miles away. They periodically come into Key West for a fun weekend. We had some deep conversation about the economy. Nice people.

Then Mark and Kim. Locals. High school sweet hearts who found each other again after 41 years. Kim plays booce on thursday nights. My night. I will be looking for her from now on.

David was a no show. I wanted to play billiards with him this afternoon. I did not have his number and Sheila could not remember it. So much for billiards this afternoon.

Today is David’s birthday. Happy birthday, David!

I was hungry. Desired a good meal. Walked across Duval to the Hot Tin Roof. Chatted with manager Joseph a bit. Enjoyed scallops over a bed of extra wide linguine covered with a light oil. Finished the meal off with a snifter of Grand Marnier.

At that point, I should have gone home. It was time. My body was ready. I was prepped for bed.

Instead, I went to Don’s Place. Glad I did! I had a good time there, also.

Spent time chatting with Don, Michael, Nancy, Joanie, and David. I do not know who I love more. Nancy or Joanie?

Don introduced me to two young ladies. Karen was from Buffalo. Don is from Buffalo. Actually, Karen was from Amherst which is close to Buffalo.

Karen, I loved dearly! She reads my blog every day!

She is becoming a Key Wester. Has a condo at Truman Annex. She also is an acquaintance of a lawyer friend from upstate New York. Garry Outtrim. Garry practices in Herkimer, New York. He is associated with my law school class mate George Aney. Love George! George graduated somewhere near the bottom of our class. He turned out to be a most successful attorney. The best! George frequently joked about his class standing and his success later in the practice. He would say…..So and so was smarter than me, but I made the money!

Melissa was with Karen. Melissa is from Seattle. She has been living in Key West six weeks. Working. Still looking for a place to live.

I read an article yesterday about Pope Frances. The writer referred to him as a “…..flaming liberal.” I agree. Jesus was a liberal, loved everyone. Why should his representative on earth be any different.

Syracuse plays Tulane today. The Vegas line is 17 points. Syracuse is favored.

I was critical last week of Syracuse scheduling Wagner in football. Apparently it is habit forming. Miami, a football giant, plays Savannah State today. Miami is a 60 point favorite.

Enjoy your day!