I would like to tell you I ran a 5K and played some softball yesterday. Those days are gone, however. Actually, I never ran a race. I was a runner though for 3-4 years way back when. 2-3 miles a day.

Today, I watch sports. On TV or in person.

Yesterday, TV.

Started the day with the Syracuse/Villanova basketball game. Villanova won 82-77 in overtime. Syracuse played well. Looked the best yet this season. Especially against the #7 team nationally. Syracuse led at one point by as much as 15 points. Were up 5 points with 17 seconds to play and blew it. The game went into overtime.

Joseph played well. Very well. The first time. Cooney played well once again. Our 3 big men continued to get into foul trouble early in the game.

Syracuse should have won. The team blew it in the last 17 seconds of regulation play.

They continue to be less than a great team. Great teams are what we have come to expect. The team is still jelling. I only hope we win 20 games at the least. For the team and Boehiem.

After the game, I headed to Don ‘s Place. Glad I did. There I stayed. Watched the Philadelphia/Washington pro football game. Don, David, Larry, Stan, and Klare. We whooped it up! A very good time!

Larry is a die hard Philadelphia fan. We were pulling for his team. As with Syracuse earlier in the day, it was not meant to be. Philadelphia lost a close one.

One of Key West’s finest traditions takes place tonight. The Christmas show at St. Paul’s Church. Right on the altar. The best musicians Key West has to offer performing. The Church always packed. Have to arrive early to get a seat.

I may not get to St. Paul’s tonight. A conflict. I shall miss what I have come to enjoy for many years.

I was happy to see yesterday that the price of a gallon of gasoline at the Shell station near me had dropped to $2.85. Then last night, I read on the internet that gasoline is selling for under $2 a gallon in 24 states. Come to Key West!

Torture continues to be in the news. A passing thought/comment. Jesus was tortured and hung on a cross to die. A fact most if not all Christians deplore.

New stats came out yesterday. 46 percent of Christians support the torture being discussed. Whereas, 72 percent of non-Christians disapprove.


My friend Anna was shopping in Milan yesterday. She saw homeless/the poor sleeping on sidewalks. Some holding signs…..I am hungry. Anna observed such for the first time.

Italy is second only to Greece in being broke. Many unemployed. Taxes skyrocketing. Stores and businesses closing down. What Anna saw was inevitable. Almost like Greece, she said. Except no maimed and crippled begging.

It had to happen.

Enjoy your Sunday!


I woke to bad news this morning.

Tom and Cindy are dear friends. Key west friends. They are from Iowa. Used to spend three months a year in Key West during the season.

They both read the blog. We arranged to meet on one of their trips. I remember our meeting distinctly. It was this time of the year. I was watching basketball at the Sports Page Bar when they showed up.

We became instantaneous friends. And have been so for many years.

I noticed Cindy only had one leg. I soon discovered she had had something like eight surgeries for five different cancers. Her leg was gone right up to her body. A couple of operations involved brain tumors.

The woman never complained. Always a smile on her face.

Tom is not only the husband of husbands, he is totally in love with Cindy. His care and concern are obvious.

Tom and Cindy stopped spending three months a year in Key West several years ago. Instead, they are spending their time in Largo. Fortunately for me and many others, they take one month out to travel to Key West from Largo each season.

We are at opposite ends of the spectrum politically. Being from Iowa, they are true 100 per cent conservative Republicans. We never the less get along.

I love them both.

I woke to an e mail from Tom this morning. Cindy fell on a wet floor at a restaurant in Largo. She broke her one and only leg and shattered her hip. Tom says he has never seen her in such pain. It has to be bad!

Recover swiftly, Cindy! Your many friends in Key West miss you. We will be cheated this year. I doubt you will be able to spend a month this with us.

Interesting revelation yesterday. I was getting a manicure with Tammy at Lee Nails. It dawned on me that many Vietnamese who have come to the United States are nail people. I asked Tammy where and how they learned in Vietnam. I was surprised to learn that the talent is not native Vietnamese. They do not learn it in Vietnam. It is when they come to the United States and are looking for work, that they join with the many who have come before them. They go to school here and learn how to do nails.

Great game last night! I watched it from my bed. Stayed up too late. Enjoyed the talk shows afterwards.

Connecticut was the best team! The best team won. Plain and simple.

The Connecticut players are lucky. How many have the opportunity to be #1 and a champion in something. Anything. These young men will remember the rest of their lives the victory. The high point in their lives.

My blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Topics tonight include interesting Ukraine updates, China in trouble economically, an Atlanta bishop giving up his $2.2 million retirement home, Iceland arresting more big bankers, Venezuela really in the toilet, and more.

Enjoy your day!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Enough said. Stay sober.

I am a weather man today. The wind is from the south this morning. Rare. Whenever from the south, it rains/storms. Lovely out at the moment. Sun shinning. Nary a cloud. However, palm trees bent north from the south wind. Ripples in the pool running north, also.

The weather report says only a 10% chance of rain today. I disagree. Let’s see if I am correct.

The Greek isle of Amorgos is my Shangri-la. When there, I live as the natives. A small apartment on the waterfront. Few amenities. No airport. The boat comes in with people and supplies once a week.

Saturday’s Keynoter had a picture on the editorial page of a fishing net and well attired gentleman who apparently had been mending the net. The net was hanging  from some sort of post in the picture. The picture a 1977 photo.

My Amorgos home was about a hundred yards from Adelphos’ home. Each time I walked into the heart of the village, I had to walk by Adelpho’s place.

Most afternoons, I would find Adelphos sitting on the ground in front of his abode. About 30 feet from the water. In his lap and surrounding him was a large fishing net. He was always mending the net. Daily. Otherwise, the net would fall apart in a few days. The mending involved looking for places to repair and untangling parts of the net that had twisted together. Adelphos worked primarily with his fingers. Adeptly. Sometimes with some sort of needle. About four inches long.

Mending nets is referred to in the Bible in several places. Four of Jesus’ disciples were fisherman who joined him while mending their nets. Mending nets probably goes back to the beginnings of man.

In all the centuries, nothing has changed for Adelphos or the fisherman of Amorgos who came before him. Though it has changed here in the United States and most of the modern world. The mending is more technical and machine driven.

I had to get out of the house early due to the open house. I was at the Plantation Coffee House at 11. Stayed till 3. Would have stayed longer. However, the place closes at 3 on Sunday. I did not know. While there, I did yesterday’s blog, read some Sunday papers, had a couple of cups of coffee and a toasted bagel. Chatted a bit with owner Diana. Yesterday’s blog was unusually long. The spread of European Nazism and the failure of the American media to keep us advised is bothersome from my perspective.

I could not return home till after 4. It was only 3. I was driving along the Atlantic and passed the Key West Airport. I turned around and headed to it. My goal was the Airport’s restaurant.

I am glad I decided to go there. Only when traveling would I normally stop.

It was old home week. Victor was bartending. Several years ago, Victor was the bartender one night a week at the Chart Room. Someone came up and hugged me as Victor and I were talking. It was Jana. I enjoyed seeing her again. Big time!

Jana immigrated from one of the eastern block countries to Key West. She is presently 32. Our connection goes back to the Paradise Cafe. My daily morning haunt of years ago. My favorite place for Cuban cheese toast with tomato. The best! Never that good again!

Jana was the enterprising sort. She opened her own restaurant on Bertha Street after Paradise closed. She had a hard time. The place did not take off. She took a financial beating. I used to go frequently because she was serving the same Cuban cheese toast with tomato that I had enjoyed for so many years at Paradise Cafe.

A few years have passed. Jana looked terrific. Happy. The pressure off her face. A bad business will do that to a person. She has been a waitress at the Airport for over a year. Married, also. A retired military man.

The twenty young men have left the MTV house across the way. Yesterday. Replaced by couples and children. When I went outside this morning, a mother carrying a baby waived at me..

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is in the process of purchasing Miami’s Channel 10. South Florida’s second largest TV station. Welcome Buffett and company. Anyplace/anything he decides to buy has to be good!

Syracuse is a #3 seed in the South Region. I am surprised. I thought it might be higher. That is all I have to say. We shall see how things go as the tournament progresses. Friday is the first game.

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day!


Yesterday was far from exciting. The title misrepresents the day.

I went to the doctor for my ankle. I left his office with a soft cast from my toes to just below my knee. Covered with a couple of ace bandages. And a large black boot. The boot goes from my toes to just below my knee, also.

I have to live this way for one week. Boot comes off when I sleep and shower. One good thing. No pain since I got wrapped up and booted.

For those of you who have worn such a boot, you know it is heavy and uncomfortable.

Doctor said no fracture, no bone chip, no gout, and no shingles. Also, no arthritis. My thanks to all of you who were concerned and suggested such maladies. The doctor believes it is a nerve problem. Two nerves run right over the pain area.

I had planned on going out last night. It became too much work to get ready. I have to shower wearing a garbage bag kept tight with duck tape. I went to bed instead.

I have to record my tv/internet show this afternoon at 2. The TV station has yet to correct the cable problem preventing a live feed.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour will run at 10 tomorrow morning my time. As always, interesting topics. How I see the world. Subject matter will include my take on Syria, Obama blinked, Putin looking good, a chicken airlift, food stamp recipients up 13 million since Obama first took office, Chinese have language and sex problems, the Beatles and Key West, and more.

Join me. You will enjoy.

The show is available on television from Key West through Boca Raton on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. On the internet world wide. www.weyw19.com.

The show is also You Tubed 24 hours a day. Enter Lou’s Legal Hour.

No bocce tonight. One, I would get clay all over my toes, cast, and boot. The other is I would probably fall over at some point.

Enjoy your day!



Fred Cabanas is dead. At 60. His plane went down somewhere over Mexico’s Cozumel Island.

Fred was a Key West icon. A legend. His mark is well imbedded in Key West. He will be long remembered.

Some of Fred’s accomplishments were his family life, his business Cabanas Aeronautics Unlimited, his daredevil flying, being the Marlboro Man for the smoke designs he made from his bi-plane, being the General of the Conch Republic Air Force, and his movie parts. He also had a rare distinction. He was a Conch. Fourth generation.

It would be remiss not to mention one other item. Fred flew a bi-plane in the bloody Conch Republic Battle for Independence which occurs each year. The bi-plane bombs the US Coast Guard vessels. With biodegradable rolls of toilet paper! You have seen nothing till you have seen toilet paper tossed by Fred unrolling as it hurries down to do in the US Coast Guard.

Fred will be buried tomorrow. At sea. Somewhere on the gulf stream. He will be buried from Key West’s tallest and best known ship the Wolf. Afterwards, there will be a celebration of his life at a hangar at the Key West Airport. Roast pig and alcohol will be consumed. The desire is for a party as Fred would have enjoyed it.

I stopped dieting. I did not shop. I was without food this morning. Nothing for breakfast. At 8, I was at Publix picking up a few things. A good time to shop. There was no one in the store. I was all alone with the help.

Today is Inauguration Day. There is a more than normal excitement. I sense it over TV and in conversations with Key Westers. The last time I recall this degree of excitement was when John Kennedy was inaugurated. I was a young practising attorney at the time.

Today is Martin Luther King Day, also. I recall his killing. It was inevitable. He was in the forefront of the civil rights movement. Actually, he had his nose in everyone’s face. You just knew his life was on the line.

Today has another significance historically. The Key West Citizen reported this morning that President Ulysses Grant visited Key West this day in 1871. The paper included a picture of Grant in a horse drawn cab on Duval Street waving to the crowd.

Syracuse basketball again today! At 3:30. Against Cincinnati. Cincinnati has only 3 losses. I worry about this game, also.

Where are the new national rankings? I thought they came out sunday evenings. Guess not. I hope Syracuse is #1. It is deserved after the Louisville game.

As usual, I will be at the Big Ten Sports Pub watching the game. With Don and Chris and Dan and Lisa and I do not know who else.

Show time tomorrow morning. The new blog talk radio show I am trying to get off the ground. Tough! I suspect 7 am may not be the best time. However, for those of you who are hearty and up, join me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. Call in and ask questions, if you are so inclined. Lets have a good talk or listen.

I have another radio show later in the afternoon. I will be appearing weekly on tuesday afternoons on Ryno’s Show. Pirate Radio. Somewhere around 3:45 and 4. The time is flexible. Ryno has me on the air as soon as I walk in the door.

Enjoy the holiday!




Dieting is such a pain in the ass!

It got to me yesterday afternoon. Only the third day. Weak! Big time! This morning the same thing.

It will pass. Another day or two. In the meantime, I drag.  As I said yesterday, the penalty for overindulging.

I walked yesterday. The airport. The four lanes in the parking garage, back and forth. Shaded, cool. Occasionally I would walk up the ramp outside where departing persons are dropped off.

I seem to have this thing for walking in garages.

Lunch was home. The diet lunch. No Blossoms or Harpoon Harry’s for a while.

Early afternoon did more work on friday’s show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Additional topics include 3 months in jail for having sex in a cab in Dubai, a Swedish woman who slept with human bones, the saving of a baby accidentally and unknowingly flushed down the toilet while the mother was sitting on the toilet, Italian markets without business, and more.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Friday mornings at 10 my time. Worldwide. TV via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. The internet via www.tvcomcast19.com.

Later in the afternoon worked on blog radio. I had a test show to do at 5. Some additional preparation was required.

Yes, I am going to do a blog radio show. Will start in about two weeks. I am presently contemplating making it a talk show. People can call in free from where ever, world wide. Details will be provided in due course.

I hope the show works, is a success.

I love the Turner Classics Channel. Great old movies! Yesterday was a favorite. Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. Starred Laurence Oliver and Merle Oberon. Strong! Dark! Touching!

Enjoy your day!


Tropical storm Sandy is having her way. Knocked the hell out of Jamaica. Did a number on Cuba.

Last night and today Key West has been feeling her effects. Forty mile per hour winds. Rain. Overcast sky. Palm trees bending in the wind.

Sandy is slated to be a #2 hurricane. Whether it has changed to that number yet, I do not know. It has the makings of a very bad storm.

Mark Wignall wrote yesterday in the Jamaica Observer, “Sandy is not a sweet girl.” Right he is. Yesterday, Jamaica suffered its worst storm damage since the 1980s.

No bocce last night. Obviously. Too wet. The courts were saturated. The wind was coming in off the Atlantic. Players could have been blown off the courts. Not really. A lot of body bending would have been involved, however.

Sandy screwed up my plans for last night. I was going to play the bocce make up game. No game. Freed me up to go downtown to Fantasy Fest. Two biggies scheduled. Pretenders and Toga Party. My problem was parking. I had not made arrangements. No way would I have been able to find a parking spot anywhere near downtown. So I stayed home.

No major disappointment. I have seen both events more than a dozen times over the years.

I spent a portion of yesterday fine tuning today’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten my time. World wide. www.konknet.com/tv/personalities. Join me. An interesting show! All kind of crazy things happened this week world wide. I will be reporting on them.

Enjoy your day!


Spent most of yesterday preparing friday’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. KONK Broadcasting has been moving. I have been unable to do the show for two weeks. I missed doing it! I am thrilled to be preparing for a friday show again.

Remember, the show has a new internet address. Reception supoposedly will be better. www.konknet.com/tv/personalities.

Some of friday’s goodies include the ten foot python found last week at the Key West Airport, contraception to be taught in Key West and other Monroe County schools, eating worms and roaches, teaching the young to make Molotov cocktails in Tunis, a son who stole his mother’s jewels so he could visit a brothel, a medical theory that castration leads to longer life, HIV and jail sequestration, and more. The more of course includes my take on the Presidential campaign, last night’s debate, and an update on Greece’s economic problem.

A good show in the making. Join me.

I did get out of the house briefly during the day. A noon manicure with Tammy. A neighbor airport pick up at 5.

Last night was dinner at the bar at Hogfish. Fish and chips and read the newspapers.

Parking was unusual last night at Hogfish. There was none. Cars everywhere. Even way up the road. The place was packed.

The Presidential debate. A few brief comments.

Neither candidate answered questions. If either were in a court room in front of a Judge, they would first be yelled at and then held in contempt.

I thought Obama the winner. Far and away. Romney continues to be weak on foreign affairs. He is also too combative. A tough opponent. On the other hand, if he conducts every day business in a similar fashion, he would not be successful as President. Putin would knock him on his ass if Romney got in Putin’s face. Similarly, Romney evidenced a lack of respect for his opponent and the moderator.

Lets move on to happier things. Like Courmayeur. A small ski village at the foot of Mont Blanc. Another stopping off place on my European trip.

Courmayeur is in northern Italy. One half hour car drive to France and a one hour drive to Switzerland. It is located in a valley high up on Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc is the highest point in Europe. Part of the Alps.

I was in Courmayeur in August. It was warm. But…..I woke one morning to snow. That is how it is on Mont Blanc. The temperature had dropped from a mid 70 high the day before to a 20 degree temperature the next morning.

I found Mont Blanc awesome! Magnificent! Over powering!

The favorite food of those living in the Courmayeur area is polenta. Ground corn. It was eaten with every meal. Huge plates of it. I could not stand the polenta. My only dislike on the trip.

There are nine photos of Courmayeur.

If I was on the side of a mountain near Switzerland, what else would I live in other than a Swiss chalet? Which I did. The first photo is of the chalet. The building actually contained four condominiums. Each with a balcony facing Mont Blanc.

The next photo is of some other chalets to the right of the one I was staying at.

The chalet buildings are old old. Hundreds of years. They are purchased and renovated. The outer stone reset. Wood stairs and balconies added. Some of the wood additions are reflected in the next photo.

Shadows intrigued me. They were caused by the angle of the sun and the position of the staircases. The next photo hopefully is representative of the shadows.

The next pic is the dining room of the chalet.

The next photo is the best! I took it from the balcony of the chalet. Mont Blanc with clouds below its peak.

The next two photos are different shots of Mont Blanc taken from different places and angles.

The last photo is interesting. It did not come out as intended. However, I still want to share it with you.

Mont Blannc is high. Very high. Trees run up its side. Then suddenly stop. As if a line were drawn. Beyond the trees were rock and dirt running to just below the peak. I was trying to capture the tree line break and show the difference.

The top of Mont Blanc is neither dirt nor rock on the surface. It is glacier ice and snow! Twelve months a year.

Enjoy your day!



What a lovely Saturday!

The MTV house across the way has been repainted a bright yellow. The sun is reflecting off it. Magnificent!

I like Saturdays. It is the start of a two day vacation. Happens every five days.

Loved yesterday’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. From the reaction, I have to believe many others enjoyed it also.

The topic garnering the most interest this week was the one having to do with Social Security. I reported the recent purchasing procedure by Social Security to obtain 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets. To be delivered within 60 days to 41 locations. The locations being Social Security offices in various parts of the United States.

Several reasons have been mentioned as to why Social Security is arming itself. With heavy duty ammunition at that. The consensus seems to be in preparation for civil unrest. Following an anticipated economic collapse.

Forty per cent of those receiving Social Security live off  of it. They are totally dependent on their Social Security checks to survive. If the government cannot issue any checks because it is broke or going broke, it is feared there will be a run on Social Security offices through out the country. Demonstrations and protests will occur.

Social Security workers are being armed to protect against such activity.

Americans shooting Americans. I cannot believe it! If such is true, it is a sorry place we are at.

The news became public this past Wednesday. Some print media have picked up and are commenting on it. Television news is saying nothing.

After the show, I hustled over to Lee Nails. Manicure time. A whole half hour to chat with Tammy. I had to wait a few minutes. Her son Kevin is five years old. Mom was babysitting him while she worked. Kevin and I had a conversation. We ended it by high fiving each other.

Then a quick run  to the airport. I had to get some information face to face. Sometimes it is impossible to get a straight answer via computer or telephone.

Lisa and family have been away a week. Vacation time. They were returning last night. Lisa called me. Buy some groceries. She gave me a list over the phone. I filled her order at Publix and left the goodies in her refrigerator.

By this time it was mid afternoon and I was tired. I went to the Plantation Coffee House for a cup of coffee. Sat quietly and read the newspapers.

Owner Diane was working. A lovely person. Met her sister who also lives in Key West.

A quiet dinner last night. Me and the bar stool at Hogfish. Actually, I did chat a bit with some of the local fishermen. Always interesting conversation. These are for real fisherman. Have been doing it for years. Look like men of the sea.

Paul Ryan tells us the influence Ayn Rand had upon him. I wish to comment on Ayn Rand and her influence on Louis .

In the early 1960s, I was a young attorney. I had just opened my own office. Somehow I came across a book called The Fountainhead. Ayn Rand had written it. Her work blew me out! I needed to read more by her. The more was Atlas Shrugged. From my perspective, The Fountainhead raised the questions and Atlas Shrugged answered them.

Just as Ryan, I told my employees and everyone to read her books.

The bottom line of Ayn Rand’s works was a type of laissez-faire capitalism.The rights of the individual were supreme. She called loud and clear for the protection of those rights.

I loved her! I loved her thoughts! Stand up against the world and let no person detract you from what you consider correct.

I was browsing through a New York paper one day. I noticed an ad by Ayn Rand. She was giving weekly lectures in New York City and also publishing a monthly newsletter. It was impossible for me to attend the lectures because of distance. I could read the newspaper, however. I subscribed immediately.

The first newspaper arrived. A small 4 or 8 page publication. I buzzed my secretary and told her to hold my calls. I could not wait to get into Ayn Rand’s newspaper.

I read it. The whole thing.

It was immediately obvious to me. The woman was a nut. Ayn Rand was crazy. I did not get this when reading her novels. But the newspaper provided a different and more personal vehicle for her thoughts. She was undoubtedly certifiable!

I immediately cancelled my subscription. Never more did I recommend her books to others to read.

Now comes Paul Ryan. Republican Vice-Presidential candidate. He claims Ayn Rand is the one person who has had the most influence on his life. He lives by her teachings.

I guess Ryan never read the newsletters.

If Ayn Rand is his guru, his god outside of chuch, we are all in for trouble if he is elected.

Enjoy your Saturday!