Immigration, Ferguson, Ebola, bocce, nudity…..all take a back seat to the Syracuse basketball story. I mentioned recently I was concerned about this year’s basketball team. Concern being a rare occurrence. It has been many years since Syracuse has had a team not up to snuff. This may be the season.

I watched the Syracuse/California game last night. Not since Pearl Washington’s days have I seen  a Syracuse team that had neither a defense nor offense. The fabled Syracuse zone was not working. California was penetrating at will. As to the offense, there was none. Most of the time, Syracuse looked like a bunch of guys playing pick up ball. Everyone shooting. Shots forced. The ball not going in the hole.

Can Boeheim weave the team together? I think not. The talent is there. If he does, it will be the miracle of miracles.

The Syracuse basketball team is my team. Right or wrong. Good or bad. I am with them to the bitter end!

I spent much of yesterday writing next week’s KONK Life column. Why Decapitation. The story of what is behind the ISIS beheadings.

I only stayed for the first bocce game last night. I left early to watch the Syracuse/California game. We won the first game 16-15. A squeaker. Tom is back from New Jersey. He won the game for us. His last shot a bocce one. The opposing team could not knock the shot out.

My cell phone is dead. I do not know how we fared in the next two games.

Last evening was the last night of the season. Playoffs are saturday. We were on the bubble to make the playoffs. I do not know how we and the other teams on the bubble fared.

I am excited about tonight. I cannot wait. I will be attending an evening of Cole Porter music at the Waterfront Playhouse. Porter’s music thrills me.

Jenna is joining me. We will probably have dinner first at the Hot Tin Roof.

The President has spoken. An executive order is forthcoming re immigration. I think he was correct in doing what he did.

What concerns me is how off the track the Republicans are. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma was one of the worst. I have always admired Coburn. Yesterday, he had it wrong however. He said on television before Obama’s talk that what the President was going to do would cause or was anarchy and that violence could result. Violence by the people.

I think some Republicans sit in a small smoked filled room with their glasses of bourbon in hand beating the drums about what a bad person Obama is. They do it so much, they start believing themselves. Lunacy.

Gail Collins, the syndicated writer for the New York Times, had an interesting observation in a recent column. It had to do with Republicans and Democrats. I do not share it with you in that vein. I share the following as an odd ball happening in today’s world.

Collins reported that a recent South African study revealed an off the wall happening in the Antarctic. Fur seals are having sex with penguins.

I wonder if someone will blame this relatively new development on global warming.

Enjoy your day!



Her name is Lynda Frechette. One of the nicest people in Key West. A dynamo. Involved in all sorts of Key West activities.

I ran into Lynda and her husband Bob last night at Tavern ‘n Town. It had been a while. We exchanged warm pleasantries.

Lynda also does a blog. She has been doing it for years. More years than mine. It is called Key West With Lynda. Purportedly a Key West social calendar. Actually more. It is sprinkled with love. I recommend Lynda’s blog to you.

It was Bobby Nesbitt time last night at Tavern ‘n Town. Many of his friends in attendance. Me included. He is probably Key West’s premier vocalist.

Seated next to me at the bar were Lisa and Allen Taylor from Cape May, New Jersey. One of my old haunting grounds. I spent many a summer at Stone Harbor. We would occasionally drive to Cape May for dinner. Lisa and Allen are snowbirds. They are down six months a year. They own a home in the Sanctuary on the golf course.

In their other life, Lisa and Allen owned three restaurants in Cape May. Allen is a chef by profession.

Enjoyable people. I hope to run into them again.

When the Marriott Beachside first went up, I did not think it would succeed. Too far out of the way. It has. Big time! The success of Tavern ‘n Town an example.

Several new motels are under construction immediately across the street from the Marriott. I suspect each will be successful, also. The bar/restaurants especially. A whole new social area opening up.

Sloan was over in the afternoon. I have her working on the new musical introduction to my blog talk radio show. She is the one who will be responsible for adding it into computer format.

Heard from an old friend yesterday. A telephone call from Rose Ann. I have known Rose Ann from the time she was 20. She is now 66. We have not seen each other in close to 20 years. Yet every year or so, I received a telephone call from her. Our conversation picks up as if we had talked the day before.

I admire Rose Ann. First time we met was in a courtroom. She was suing my client. I destroyed her. She lost. The defeat had a dramatic effect on her life. Changed her life completely. Rose Ann had a tough time for many years thereafter. However, she pulled herself up by her bootstraps and has had a very successful life since.

I met Rose Ann again after the trial about 2-3 years later. I was having lunch in a restaurant. All of a sudden, I got hit hard in the head with something. It was Rose Ann. She was a waitress. She hit me with her order pad. She started in immediately. Do you know what you did to me, she shouted.

We have been close friends ever since.

Syracuse football. Oh, what a year! Lost again yesterday. This time to North Carolina State. We are now 3-6.

There has been an ongoing investigation of Syracuse sports covering the last 10-12 years. The emphasis seems to be more on the basketball program rather than football. The results should be forthcoming soon. I hope they are not bad and in no way adversely reflect upon my friend Jim Boeheim.

Enjoy your Sunday!




There was a time when I sailed frequently. Generally off the north shore of Long Island. Sometimes in the Tampa area. A few times off Key West.

I learned that wind is fickle. It blew this way for a bit and then changed suddenly. The bottom wind went in one direct. Ten feet above in another direction.

Tropical Depression Nine broke up over the Yucatan yesterday. That should have been the end of it. Apparently not. Weather reports suggest it could regroup and turn into a hurricane. The amusing question being where is Nine going next.

This is funny! Some believe it will end up in the Pacific Ocean. Others, that it will end up between Cuba and Key West. A wide range. Never saw one reported that far apart.

If it turns into a hurricane and ends up between Cuba and Key West, Key West will be in trouble. So far, no one is concerned. After several years of living here, one becomes expert re hurricane predicting. I am not concerned.

The big parade tonight. The Fantasy Fest Parade. Some fifty floats covered with party goers. Most of the females close to nude. Seventy thousand people standing on both sides of Duval cheering and begging for beads. A good time!

Weather should be ok. Weatherman says mid 70s. Which means at least ten degrees warmer. The body heat at times is oppressive.

I am not sure I am going. This afternoon I babysit. Lisa has to work at a Fantasy Fest Montessori fundraiser from 2-4 somewhere. I have to drive and pick her up. There is no parking anywhere. Whatever, I will have a happy afternoon with Robert and Ally.

I miss WeBeFit. My trainers. Especially, Albert. I was his charge. My torn rotator cuff negates any gym type activity for a while.

Albert and his wife Jill had their first child wednesdy. Angelina. Congratulations!

I came across a couple of interesting pieces of information yesterday.

We fought a war in Afghanistan. A military one. Spent billions of dollars and lost many American lives. We fought a second war. One to combat opium growth. Afghanistan’s opium ultimately finds its way to our streets.

Recent figures indicate the United States has spent $7.6 billion on the drug war. At the same time, recent figures indicate opium production at a record high. 516 planted acres last year yielding $3 billion.

I was under the impression that people joined al Qaeda and ISIS for religious reasons. Maybe for al Qaeda. Not ISIS.

ISIS is attracting members because of sex and aggression. Not religion. Most are young men. They join to fight. Youthful aggression finds a way out. Sexually, not a bad deal either.  If a young girl is other than an Iraqi, she can go to to a center where she signs up to marry one of the fighters. If the fighter does not want a wife, a sex slave is provided. Generally from captured Iraqi women.

ISIS also pays its soldiers.

These fighters have it made. They have frequent sex, give vent to their natural fighting aggressions, and get paid besides.

Enjoy your day!


I was enjoying a quiet Saturday evening meal last night at Roostica’s. A large bottle of water was on the table. A drink, of course. My meal. Braised short ribs over a bed of brown rice covered with some greenery. Delicious! The ribs especially. No bones. Small chunks of meat that had fallen away from the bones during the cooking process.

My date was a tablet. I was reading yesterday’s New York Times.

An article on the Iraqi/ISIS/Mount Sinjar situation caught my attention. Heavy stuff!

There are 30,000 people on Mount Sinjar. They have been there for a week or two. No water, no food. The article reported that parents are spitting into their children’s mouths to provide them with some liquid.

Most of the 30,000 are Yazidis. A religious group. Neither Muslim nor Christian. ISIS is grabbing women and young girls off the mountain. They are offered a choice. Convert to Muslimism and immediately marry a jihadist. Or die. Most convert. Some prefer death.

Mount Sinjar is a humanitarian crisis.  As is the Mexican border crisis in the United States where some 70,000 children have come into the United States this year alone. Congress has failed to act to help these kids. Obama has reacted to Mount Sinjar and is having food and water dropped.

There is another aspect to the numbers. Kurdistan is part of Iraq. Technically. However it acts independently and governs itself. ISIS is causing havoc in Syria also which is next to Kurdistan. Between refugees from Syria and those who are trying to escape the Iraqi war itself, 580,000 refugees have arrived in Kurdistan. Two hundred thousand since last Monday.

Some in the U.S. complain about 70,000 children. Look at what Kurdistan is dealing with!

I spent most of yesterday laying in bed watching the PGA. Great golf! Some of the finest I have seen. Most of the players are on in 2 and regularly sinking long putts. Today’s final round is going to be some contest. Any one of a dozen players can win.

This weekend has been Lobsterfest time. Today is the last day. Featured is what has been described as a decadent lobster brunch. Included are lobster tails, lobster ravioli, lobster benedict, lobster paella, lobster lasagna, lobster mac and cheese, and more.

Plus water.

I started this blog with 30,000 people on Mount Sinjar without food and water. Now a lavish Key West spread. Hard to relate the two. Life goes on.

Today is Captain Tony’s birthday. He was born August 10, 1916. There will be a birthday party tonight at 8 at Captain Tony’s.

What a life the Captain had. Four wives, 13 children, a saloon keeper, booze runner, boat captain, gambler and who knows what else. Even mayor of Key West. One of his campaign managers was Jimmy Buffett.

Enjoy your Sunday!


In my blog talk radio show tuesaday evening, I referred to ISIS as Jesse James and the Mafia. Last night, CNN also referred to the group as the Mafia.

Jesse James because ISIS robs banks. Perhaps better than most bank robbers. A few days ago, ISIS robbed a bank in Mosul of $429 million. Plus some gold bullion. Further, as ISIS moves from one town to another, it robs the banks.

Jesse James lives again!

The Mafia was well known for extorting business men. The Mafia provided an unneeded protection service for a fee. Refuse to pay the fee and the business was blown up. Generally, with the proprietor inside.

ISIS practices extortion in a similar fashion. Pay up or we’ll blow you up!

It is claimed ISIS grabs $1-2 million a month in this fashion.

All of which proves, history repeats itself.

Yesterday was an easy one. Started with the gym in the morning. I told Albert my right shoulder had been aggravated. I could move my right arm backwards or sideways. He said he understood. He must have. Whatever he had me doing, not once did my shoulder ache.

Last night was sit and chat time at the Chart Room and Don’s Place.

Spoke with a couple from Chicago at the Chart Room. Asked how their mayor Rahm Emanuel was doing. The response was he is not terrible. Not much of a commendation. I inquired how they felt about Obama. They shrugged their shoulders and the wife said he was not around long, he did nothing for us.

Did I note an air of entitlement?

The wife is a special ed teacher. From nowhere another special ed teacher showed up. The two did not know each other. The new special ed lady wrote on the blackboard a Benjamin Franklin quote…..Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

The quote in Key West time as was the lady.

Spent a lot of time at Don’s Place. Chatted first with Hershel. Then with Don and Grant. Enjoyable.

I have to move my butt his morning. I have a hair appointment with Lori.

Enjoy your day!


The bottom right hand corner of the comics page of the Key West Citizen runs a daily history feature. A this day in history type thing. One mention this morning was that today is the anniversary of Napoleon having been defeated at the Battle of Waterloo.

The importance of the day was the event itself. Napoleon’s defeat. What is lacking and is lacking in most reports is what many historians consider an impairment which had a major impact on the out come of the battle.

Napoleon’s hemorrhoids.

Napoleon’s hemorrhoids were killing him the night before the battle. He also had a bladder infection. He took opium to relieve the pain. The opium caused Napoleon to sleep late the next morning. Crucial hours were lost.

He could barely get on his horse. The pain. He took more opium.

He tried to move around the battlefield on his horse. Pain still bad. He took more opium.

Some historians believe Napoleon’s physical condition and the opium effect on him physically and mentally contributed significantly to his defeat.

This morning’s Key West Citizen also ran an article where one of our local judges fell asleep on the bench while hearing a case. Judge Tegan Slaton. He had to be removed from the case. He said he had been taking ambien which must have caused the problem.

I never had a judge fall asleep on me. Though I thought sometimes they must have been asleep when I received their decision. I did have a juror sleep through most of one trial. It was obvious he was sleeping during the three days it took to complete the case. It was a 12 person jury and it took all 12 votes to decide the winner.

The jury came back 11 for my client and one I don’t know. The judge questioned the I don’t know juror. He said he could not decide since he slept through most of the trial.

We had to try the case over a month later. I still won.

Prior to my blog talk radio show tuesday evenings, I have dinner at Roostica’s. It is near my home and the Italian food is good.  While I was waiting for my meal to be served, I saw three young kids sitting at the bar in front of the pizza ovens. Each was making a pizza. Each was swirling the dough. The waitress told me children are permitted to do so. I cannot wait to take Robert and Ally.

Terrific show last night! I can feel when a show is going well. I had that feeling last night.

Post show comments indicate the ISIS situation in Iraq drew the most interest. Concern might be a better word.

Gym time later this morning. I aggravated my shoulder monday. Felt badly yesterday and throughout last night. I am nor concerned. I will tell Albert and he will have me do exercises that neither use nor affect my shoulder.

Enjoy your day!