Several years ago in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, a memorial pine tree was planted. Dedicated to George Harrison of Beatles fame. The tree recently died. Killed ironically by beetles.

I have mentioned repeatedly on my radio show the drought problems world wide. A severe drought area is Southern California. The drought has weakened vegetation such as the pine trees. Thereby making pine trees such as the one dedicated to George Harrison susceptible to a beetle onslaught.

It was the gym first thing yesterday morning. Me and Albert. The exercise does not get easier.

Albert and I have some interesting conversations while he is brutalizing me. Yesterday it was the privatization of jails. Albert brought it up based in a television show he had watched the night before.

I have a bit knowledgeable concerning the situation. I did a television show on it two years ago. Jail privatization is not a solution. One reason is dishonesty. Man’s desire for easy gain reaches the highest levels.

A particular county in Pennsylvania had privatized its jails. Two Family Court Judges started sentencing high school kids to 4 to 14 days in jail. For minor stuff. Like talking back to a teacher. One was a girl student with straight A’s. Her four days in jail screwed her up mentally.

The increase in sentencing by the two Judges was noted. An investigation ensued.

Turned out the two Judges were on the take. The jail operators were paying them a stipend for each child sent by them to their jail. Both Judges are now doing long term sentences in jail themselves.

Just one reason I am opposed to privatization of jails.

Music again. Yesterday, it was Frank Sinatra at the gym. The whole hour. His singing made it easier for me to accept what was being done.

I took a late afternoon walk. In the heat and humidity. Parked the car at Square One and walked down Duval to the Southernmost Complex and the Reach. Two of the prettiest spots in Key West.

My return trip found me at the outside bar at La Te Da. I needed water. The water was followed by a drink. I was comfortable. The people at the bar interesting. I decided to have an early dinner.

Normally, I enjoy the lacquered duck. Outstanding! I did not want a full meal, however. I opted for a cheeseburger instead. Turned out to be just as heavy. Though good!

Heard from my friend Anna yesterday. She was in Kusadasi, Turkey. Apparently a short boat ride from where ever she was staying in Greece.

I must write my column for KONK Life today.

Enjoy your day!



There is always background music at WeBeFit. I suspect to take one’s mind off the pain.

As I was leaving the gym monday, I heard…..Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. From my college days!

This has been a music week. First, Don’t sit Under the Apple Tree and now, Lola. Music from the past. The distant past.

Lola was a featured tune in the Broadway musical and then movie Damn Yankees. I saw the movie. Unfortunately, not the stage show. Gwen Verdon  starred in both and sang Lola. Lola has something to do with the devil. A sultry woman, a sultry tune.

My blog talk radio show was last night. Because I screwed off monday, my show was not ready. I had to work on it quite  awhile yesterday to be ready for last night.

I opened with the Detroit water problem. I had spoken about it last week. Last night was an update. A detailed one. More facts had come out during the week. I was able to explore the nitty gritty.

A key factor is the unfairness involved. The water company is pursuing the little guy and not the businesses who owe. Anyone owing more than $150 or behind two weeks is pursued. Their water turned off. Only residential properties. Most of which are occupied by persons of color.

Many businesses also owe money. At least one auto company. Two businesses owe in excess of $1 million. A golf course over $200,000. The brunt of the money owed is from businesses and not residents.

When those in authority were asked why only the residents were having their water turned off and not the businesses, the reply was simple and stupid. It was claimed that a resident’s water ccould be turned off easily. Lift a small outside door, turn a switch and attach a wire. No special training required.

To turn off a business on the other hand, requires much more work. Purportedly complicated. Required special training which no one at the water company had.

Does not make sense to me. Go after the big bucks! Get yourself ready to do it! Do it!

Detroit came up this morning on Morning Joe. It was like many on the panel were not that familiar or were hearing about the issue for the first time. Mika said we will have to get into this tomorrow. I am discovering the live TV talk shows are generally a day or two behind in reporting an event. Whereas, the internet is right on!

The gym again this morning. I am into the scene. Though I dread it.

Enjoy your day!



A busy morning yesterday. Started with some scheduled heart tests at Dr. McIvor’s office. Then a manicure with Tammy. Finally an 11 o’clock business meeting downtown.

Spent a bit of time in the afternoon reviewing my notes for last night’s Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Dinner was at the Roostica bar. Chatted with the lovely Megan.

Showtime at 9. My blog talk radio show. Enjoyed doing it. I was disturbed about many things and vented. Things like the 52,000 children and China wanting to buy most of our American Fortune 500 companies.

Peter Anderson is sick. His condition reportedly serious. The cancer returned. He is bedridden and Hospice is attending him. Peter is the Secretary General of the Conch Republic. A major contributor to Key West history and folklore. Pray for him.

I continue to be concerned for the close to 300 girls who were forcibly removed from their school in Nigeria. Their captors said they were to be sold into slavery. That was three months ago. Nothing heard since. What has happened to the girls? Is anyone still looking for them?

Key West Citizen’s this Day in History section notes that on this day in 1941 Joe Di Maggio hit in his 56th consecutive game. Quite a feat! A record that stands to this day.

I met Joe Di Maggio twice. A privilege. Especially the second time.

The first occasion was in my home town Utica. Rufie Ventura owned a restaurant. Ventura’s. Each summer he sponsored a charity golf tournament. Joe Di Maggio would attend. He and Rufie were friends. I met Di Maggio at one of the tournaments.

The second time was years later. Di Maggio was long retired. I had finished playing a round of golf at La Gorce in Miami. I was sitting at a table with several La Gorce members after the game having a drink. We were in the Men’s Lounge. Di Maggio was a member at La Gorce. He came in and sat with us. He knew the others. I was introduced. I spent the next hour enjoying his company and graciousness.

I return to the gym this morning at 11. It has been 10 days since my last visit. Albert just telephoned to ask if I was going to appear. I was happy to say yes. I fear I am going to be extra sore after the workout because of the time I have missed. All for good health!

Enjoy your day!




This morning’s Key West Citizen in its World Almanac Section noted that today was the birthday of George M. Cohan (1878-1942). I love Cohan’s music and Jimmy Cagney’s role as Cohan in Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Cohan wrote songs like Over There, Give My regards To Broadway, The Yankee Doodle Boy, and You’re A Grand Old flag. He entertained millions.

The movie of his life starred James Cagney. Cagney received an Academy Award for his performance. The movie was spectacular! I have seen the reruns at least twenty times in my life and enjoyed each one.

The gym was my first stop yesterday. Bad, but not as bad as monday. I survived once again. Albert is doing a wonderful job. I hate him!

I went to the gym prepared. I had my sand chair and a towel in the trunk. Plus, a book. Headed straight over to Higgs Beach afterwards.

I was sweating big time from the work out. Went into the water immediately for a quick dip to cool off. The water was warm. Like bath water.

Placed the sand chair in the shade of a palm tree. Palm trees do not provide that much shade. The chair must be situated just right and moved periodically with the moving sun.

I continued my reading of HRC. Again, about Hillary but not the book she wrote. The book covers her time as Secretary of State. A most competent person. I would be comfortable with her as President.

I give thought each week as to what I am going to write for my next KONK Life column. The subject matter does not always come to mind easily. This is one of those weeks. Still do not know what I am going to write about. In between reading about Hillary, I gave thought to what the topic might be.

Arthur has gone from a tropical depression to a tropical storm to an anticipated #1 hurricane. The North Carolina shore seems to be in its path. I hope it misses.

Do not think that  because a hurricane is only to projected as a #1, that it is nothing. If my recollection proves correct, Wilma was a #1. It was not the hurricane that did the damage, it was the six foot surge that it brought six hours later.

Enjoy your day!


U.S. soccer has arrived. No question about it. The team has distinguished itself.

What made me a believer was what I viewed at Roostica last night while having dinner. The TVs were on. The game playing. Each time the U.S. team did something good, the people jumped up and cheered. The same reaction I experienced three years ago at an outdoor cafe in Athens while watching Greece play in a European soccer tournament.

When I was a youngster, there was no soccer. We knew nothing about it. Everything was baseball and football. When I was a young lawyer in Utica, I noticed that some immigrants had created a make shift field just outside the city limits and were playing soccer. I thought at the time the game would never fly. How wrong I was!

My compliments to the U.S. team. They distinguished themselves. They also garnered respect for their country.

When I woke yesterday, I thought I would be tired and achy all day from my exercise routine on monday, I was not. First time the day after was ok. I must be making progress. I go again this morning. I hope I am in as good shape tomorrow as I was yesterday.

A good show last night! I love doing blog talk radio!

The Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision disturbed me. It was wrong. I chatted about the case for half the show. This corporate person thing the Court has relied on in the Hobby case and a couple of years ago in Citizens United is neither good nor proper.

What of the rights of the Hobby Lobby employees who are being denied their right not to have their religious beliefs infringed upon? They may find abortive contraceptives not inconsistent with their beliefs. In the end, the Court gave deference to the five people owning the company over the 7,000-8,000 female employees Hobby Lobby has.

There is a bit of hypocrisy involved also. Hobby Lobby sells toys. Most the toys are purchased in China. A China that has a one baby per family limit, recommends contraception, and mandates forced abortion whenever there is a second pregnancy.

Hobby Lobby should buy their toys elsewhere. Or is money the compelling factor? Perhaps they cannot buy them as cheap elsewhere. Religion appears not to come into play on their part as regards China purchases.

One other consideration. When our forefathers wrote the Constitution, they were concerned with people having the right to be whatever they wanted. Whether Calvinist, Puritan, a Knox follower, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Catholic, Jew, or what have you. Sperm, the egg, the uterine wall, a woman’s vagina…..none of these things came into consideration. I believe we have gone many steps too far as regards Constitutionally protected religious rights.

Additionally, the framers of the Constitution did not appear to intend nor did they spell out one person’s right to impose his/her religious beliefs on another. And that is precisely what Hobby Lobby does.

Olivia de Havilland turned 98 yesterday. A beautiful woman when a young actress. A beautiful woman in her senior years. She played the younger sister in Gone With the Wind and Maid Mariam in Errol Flynn’s The Adventures Of Robin Hood. She also won two Academy awards.

The gym at 11. Albert is Dracula in gym clothes.

Enjoy your day!


Let the drums roll…..Tonight my blog talk radio show! Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine o’clock. A fast paced half hour of interesting chatter. My view point on rapidly changing events.

I plan on starting with my thoughts regarding the Supreme Court decision rendered yesterday concerning Obamacare and contraceptives. An appropriate title would be hypocrisy revealed. Then the results of a recent Gallup poll indicating the Supreme Court has an approval rating among the American people almost as low as Congress.

Plus, the U.S. plan to give money to the “moderates” in Syria who happen to be Al Qaeda by another name, the shame developing with the 52,000 child refugees, the UN targeting Detroit for turning off the water of half the population, one out of three pregnancies in Detroit resulting in abortions (Supreme Court note: contraceptives needed!), beef prices on the rise, the cost of gasoline the highest since 2008, a cute JP Morgan life insurance scheme that has enriched it coffers by billions of dollars, and more.

The gym yesterday morning. Albert. I thought I would not complete the session. The hardest yet!

I told Dr. Lefferets how hard it was. She said it was good for me. I was out of shape. I was and am.

Albert told me to eat as soon as I got home. My body needed to reenergize. I ate. Two ham sandwiches with tomato. Then to bed. I slept four straight hours. That is how beat I was from the exercise.

I am not complaining. Merely sharing.

Sloan came around dinner time. We worked for an hour. I was alive and bright by that time. The sleep had helped.

Dined in last night. Though I felt good, it was too much work to shower again to go out.

My dinner was one my Mother last made for me probably back in my high school days. Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup and crackers.

For some reason, it did not taste the as I remembered. Perhaps because my Mother did not prepare it. Actually, I think the Campbell people have altered the taste of the soup.

I continued to be invigorated after dinner. I worked on tonight’s blog talk radio show and completed it. Normally, I complete it with 3-4 hours work on the day of the show.

Something is wrong. Different. I have finished my KONK Life column and tonight’s show both early this week. Never before. Could it be the workouts are energizing me?

Arthur is turning. It has achieved tropical storm status. It is predicted it will turn into a #1 hurricane. Seventy five mile an hour winds. Seems definite it will track north at some point. By the weekend, it will either be off the coast or over the northeast.

Glad it will not be over Key West! You have to experience a hurricane to understand. Not nice.

Enjoy your day!


The last time I visited the Hemingway House was 15 years ago. I decided to give it another shot yesterday. I am a fan and admirer of one of the world’s great writers. Imagine, he lived in Key West for ten years!

I did the touristy thing. Stood in line for a short while to purchase my admission. I think, $13. I thought the amount a bit steep. Did not recall paying that much 15 years ago. But then, it was 15 years ago!

The thing that impressed me the most was the same that did 15 years ago. The room where Hemingway wrote. It was over the garage. The garage was not attached to the house. No stairs to the room. Entrance was gained by sliding a board from a second floor window in the house to a window in the top floor room of the garage. Hemingway’s intent was to isolate himself. Not to be disturbed while he was writing.

The six toed cats intrigued me once again. Unusual.

There are a couple of urinals sitting on the lawn. By urinals, I mean those things men step up to and relieve themselves in. About five feet in length. Made of ceramic tiles. Bright tiny tiles.

The urinals have been hooked up to water lines and now serve as the cats’ drinking fountain.

The urinals are from the original Sloppy Joe’s on Green Street. Now, Captain Tony’s. When Joe was moving from Green Street to his present location on Duval, his friend Hemingway helped him. A bunch of guys literally carried the bar furniture from one place to another sometime after midnight one evening. A bit tipsy, I am sure.

Joe was not taking the urinals. Hemingway thought they were too attractive to leave. He disengaged them from the wall and had them removed to his house. The story is Hemingway carried them. I doubt it. Two or three together would be too heavy and cumbersome. On the other hand, Hemingway was a big man.

Then to the gym. One hour with Albert. Tough! I could get to dislike Albert.

Spent the rest of the day researching next week’s KONK Life column. It will involve the House of Representative threat to shut down the government again. This time over the EPA. The column will be revealing. I spent the last 25 years of my career in the environmental field. I know the motivations of the players first hand.

I find it interesting that this Congress that has passed little legislation has the time once again for a government shut down. And as of yesterday, Speaker Boehner announced the House intends to sue the President for purportedly over extending his Constitutional powers. Better the House do what they were elected to do. Pass legislation. Not be involved in political ploys.

The Supreme cCurt decided yesterday that cell phones are free from police seizure and inspection without a search warrant. Strange that the conservative portion of the Court supported the decision. Chief Justice Roberts even wrote it.

There is an Op-Ed column in this morning’s New York Times by Linda Greenfield. The title explains it…..Supreme Court Justices Have Cell Phones, Too.

Enjoy your day!


One of Key West’s best people! A person full of love and warmth! A lady with a heart!

Diane Schmidt.

Diane is special. She cracked the glass ceiling a  long time ago. She has been the General Manager of the Westin Key West Marina and Resort for many years.

It came to her attention that an injured Afghanistan veteran and his fiancée were in Key West and wanted to get married. The young man had suffered a traumatic brain injury. He has difficulty walking, some speech impediment and other problems. Diane decided the couple should have a first class wedding at Westin’s Sunset Key. At Westin’s expense!

The event was last night. A story book wedding.

Diane and Westin came through again. Thank you Diane. Thank you Westin. We are proud that you are part of the Key West family.

I started my yesterday with a late morning manicure. I find my time with Tammy therapeutic. We talk about everything. I admire the success she and her husband are achieving. The American dream. The reward of hard work.

Then to the gym. Not for a scheduled work out. Merely to ride a stationary bike for a while. Not the simple kind. This one was hard hard! Albert was there. He made sure I spent 15 minutes on the bike. I was ready to quit after 5. In the end, I had ridden the equivalent of 4.5 miles. The sweat was pouring off me.

I was tired. Went home. Intended to finalize my blog talk show for last night. Needed an hour’s nap first. Then to completing the prep work for last night’s show.

Shot over to Roostoca for a pre-show dinner. Veal marsala. Outstanding!

Then home to do the show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. A lot to talk about. We live in a crazy world. Crazier by the day.

Post show comment indicated much interest in the 50 percent Detroit water customers who cannot pay their bills. The United Nations is looking into helping. I tied the Detroit story in with the 50,000 children coming over the border into Texas. I am concerned that we might not be standing up to our responsibilities in properly caring for them. I noted the world was watching.

The thrust of my talk was that we were beginning to suffer the plights of third world countries and might be slipping into a third world morass. Think about it.

Moses said…..Let my people go! I wish the Sudanese government would stop screwing around and let the Sudanese woman they have been holding go. The lady who was sentenced to death by hanging because she refused to renounce her Christian faith.

She was finally let go 48 hours ago. She, her husband and their two children were at the airport intending to fly out of the country. She had the necessary documentary papers to leave. She was not permitted to do so. The authorities said something was wrong with her travel documents A “criminal violation.”

Two days later, she is still at the airport. Not arrested. Merely detained.

These people never let up. Let this woman go!

Enjoy your day!


Before getting into the difficult, let me speak of the nice.

This morning!

Beautiful once again. No wind. No clouds. Blue sky. Still waters.

Across from my home sits the MTV house and Ed Swift’s home. The MTV house is yellow, blue and pink. Ed’s lime in color. The sun reflecting on both makes for a dramatic view! Even Gougan could not have painted the scene.

That is the good. Now for what might be considered the bad. My gym time yesterday was absolute torture. The worst yet. One hour of pure agony. Albert worked me harder than ever before.

This is my fourth week. He gradually increases the tempo, etc. each session. Yesterday it seemed like I stepped into another millenium. I left exhausted and aching.

Three hours later, I was sitting at home researching topics for tonight’s blog talk radio show. The real aches set in! Wow! Nowhere specific. Everywhere.

I went to bed. I hurt.

Four hours later, I felt a bit better. Only a bit. This morning, I am 80 percent recovered.

Albert is not overpushing me. The problem is I come to him in terrible shape. He is moving me slowly. I can see when I compare myself to the other old timers in the gym are doing. I have given Albert a worn out body that has not really exercised in many years. I am convinced that if I can survive, a year from now I will be glad I did this.

While I was sitting at the counter working on tonight’s show, my left eye started bothering me. Pain and pulsation. Shit, I broke a blood vessel! I went to the mirror. No broken blood vessel. Something had bit me. My eyelid was swollen, bright pink and almost totally closed.

Yesterday was a day I could not win with my body.

Great blog talk radio show tonight. Topics include the Pope and his excommunication of the Mafia and his no no re marijuana, organ implants, youthful immigrants still coming into Texas, the Republicans threatening a government shutdown over the EPA, half of Detroit residents cannot pay their water bills, a water war in the making between Arizona and California, Australia to produce GMO milk, and more.

Great material! interesting! In many instances revealing!

Join me at 9 my time.

The Seven Mile Bridge will have delays all day tomorrow. Ford Mustang is shooting a commercial. Movies, TV and advertising love using the bridge as a site. Why not! An extremely beautiful setting! An experience crossing it! Seven miles of bridge between open ocean on both sides. With the sun shining, it cannot be beat.

My today will be subdued. A manicure at 11 with Tammy. An afternoon spent completing tonight’s show. Then the show itself this evening. Maybe Roostica for dinner.

Big day for travelers today and tomorrow. Larry and Christine Smith and daughter Jordan leave Key West today for a three week journey. England first to visit John and Ali. Then Italy. Anna flies out of Milan tomorrow for Athens and three weeks in the Greek isles.

My friends, enjoy!

Each of you enjoy your today!


There came a point yesterday afternoon when I played Monopoly with Robert and Ally. Though I had not played in years, one never forgets. Ally ended up the winner. Big time! She had all the houses and all the money!

I had to get out of the house for a few hours. There was a showing. I went to Lisa’s. No one home, except for Jake. I sat at the kitchen table, opened my computer and wrote this week’s KONK Life column. Bank Stories. Three random tales involving banks and how ravenous and gluttoness they are. All the while I was working, Jake sat next to me. Only occasionally moved. and then no more than five feet away. My friend!

Headed home afterwards. Stopped at Publix to pick up a couple of things. Sunday afternoon is family time. Especially mother and child time. The kids are always good. Occasionally one will try to put something in the cart that Mom does not want. Always interesting. The battle between the young and old.

The rest of my day was a lazy Sunday. Watched golf. A lot of it. Ron Steelman impressed me with his seven straight birdies to win the Travelers. Michelle Wei likewise with winning her first major.

After golf, movies. Saw Love Is A Many Splendored Thing again. For about the 88th time. Love the movie! Love love! Jennifer Jones and William Holden.

Did a little reading in between. Still with the Hillary Clinton HRC story.

Later this morning, the gym again. I am at the point I look forward to it. I can sense it is doing me good. Energy wise. Not weight wise as yet.

Enjoy your day!