The power boat races began yesterday. Unfortunately, an accident occurred. The Smokin’ Tuna boat hit a wave while turning off Fort Zach Taylor and capsized. Both team members were injured. One helicoptered to Miami.

I was watching the races. Never saw the accident, however. I was too far away. Down at Schooner’s Wharf.

The power boat races are always exciting. The boats zooming by. At the same time, helicopters flying low over them. The noise from the helicopters is greater than the noise from the boats. Chilling in effect.

Child service agencies have grown over the years. They are powerful and have little oversight. Children must be protected. No argument. Sometimes not enough is done to protect a child, however. Foster parents are not thoroughly vetted or vetted at all.

An example in point is what happened in Texas. A baby girl was removed from her parents because the parents were found to have smoked pot after the child was asleep. The baby was turned over to a foster mother.

The foster mother threw the baby down head first onto the ground. The baby died. Two years old and her life over. At the hospital, the baby’s body revealed in addition to her head injuries, body bruises.  Also so much of her hair had been ripped out, that the 2 year old appeared bald.

The foster mother was arrested, tried and convicted. She is now serving life without parole.

This is not an isolated incident. Ten children in foster care in Texas in 2013 were killed.

I raise the question as to whether the child service agency that was so diligent in discovering the parents had been smoking a joint, did any significant investigation with regard to the foster mother. Or, foster parents in general.

Early in my legal career, I thought foster parents were wonderful people. They took in unwanted or neglected children. Altruistic they are not, however. It is a paying job. So much per child from the state or county. Many foster parents take in multiple children.

I was involved in a case where the foster parents had taken in six children at one time. They were farmers. They were able to make a double hit. The State paid them to care for the children. The foster parents had the children help work the farm.

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