I have not felt well the past few days. It all started three weeks ago with the sciatica attack. Doctor put me on steroids. Worked! Pain disappeared almost immediately.

The problem is I have a few heart problems. One is edema. Water around the heart on occasion which eventually reflects the problem in enlarged water filled ankles. Steroids have a large sodium residue. It happened! My ankles swelled.

The doctor had me on a water pill. One week later, the ankles were still swollen. Would not even go down at night. Doctor put me on a super dooper water pill. In addition to the regular one. One week later, the ankles are down and this morning I feel fine. I pissed my brains out, got rid of the water.

I got rid of so much water that I became dehydrated. Which affected my mind. It was difficult to think. Especially the last three days. I could not do next week’s KONK Life column because of it yesterday.

Whatever, it is a new day and my mind appears to be functioning this morning.

Toga Party was last night. This morning’s Key West Citizen had a couple of pictures of toga at Sloppy Joe’s. Mild. Extremely so. Few people. Had to be taken early in the evening. A hurricane itself would not have resulted in poor attendance. Toga people do not miss the party!

A major Fantasy Fest event is Masquerade Parade. It is today. This is an event that many locals come out for also. People dress. The parade starts at the cemetery. Initially, the parade went up Fleming to Duval. Several years ago, another street was added.

Participants walk up the streets in mass. All costumed. Most drinking. Everyone carries their own.

Observers watch from parties held on porches of homes along the routes. I have never marched. However, I have done a number of porch parties. Fun!

Several years ago, a new party was established. The Pimp and Ho Party. The title is self explanatory. The party tonight at the Bottlecap.

A star attraction is Ron Jeremy. Amazing! The guy is a porn star whose career started in the 1960s. He is not very attractive. However, his male member is purportedly large.

Jeremy has to be old! My age. Around 80. Apparently still going strong. I admire him! No, I envy him!

Sissy Spacek’s new TV show has completed filming here in the Keys. The title is Bloodline. A Netflix presentation. Thirteen episodes can be seen on TV beginning March 15. Sam Shepard co-stars.

Enjoy your day!



I wrote of Peter Anderson yesterday morning. Indicated he was ill and things did not look good. They were not. Peter passed away yesterday. Key West has lost one of its finest citizens and a most loved neighbor. May he rest in peace.

I started my yesterday with a gym visit. The first in ten days. Albert was waiting for me. The hour was grueling, especially since I had been away so long.

While Albert was abusing me, we talked about the children immigrating from Latin America. Albert shared an observation I had not considered. Imagine how bad/desperate things must be for parents to send their children off alone to the United States. How they must have scrapped, borrowed and perhaps stolen the $7,000 necessary to pay a coyote.

For two reasons. First, to make sure their children avoided the death and rape that might confront them if they remained at home. Second, for the better life America promised.

The Republicans in Congress make me sick. Almost to a person, they are opposed to the help the President wants to provide. Senator McCain was on television this morning saying in effect…..Put them on planes and send them back!

There is a child problem ongoing in South Sudan. Children are dying daily of malnutrition. A humanitarians crisis. Money needed from all over the world to help these children. The United States is doing its part. Last week, we sent $22 million. Total sent by the United States this year $456 million.

Where did this money come from? Was it part of a House bill? Was it appropriated? If we can help these kids on a foreign shore, why can’t we help the children who have made it to our shore?

It is all politics. Disgustingly so.

Dinner was with Lisa last night. The grandkids are away visiting their other grandparents.

Stopped at Don’s Place afterwards. Quiet. Chatted with Randy. Met a new person. Ann Marie. Lovely. Just got hired to work the outdoor bar at La Te Da. Good for her! A great job!

Then to the Chart Room for what turned put to be a big night.

I was supposed to meet Sheila. She was there. As was David, Jean Thornton and granddaughter Paris, and several others.

Friends Hank and Pat from Melbourne. I met Hank for the first time last year. He comes to Key West each year to participate in the Hemingway Look A Like contest. He has been doing it for 21 years. He is still waiting to win. Don’t know why he has not. He looks like Hemingway!

Dianne was back. Have not seen her in a year. She is a good friend of Sheila’s. Dianne is an artist from Champagne, Illinois.

A fellow sat next to me at the bar. There was an empty seat between us. He had white hair and beard. Looked like Hemingway! No question about it. I asked if he was in the contest. He gruffly said yes and then ignored me and everyone else, except for an occasional word or two with Emily. A most impolite individual. I hope he loses.

Billy and Cindy Schott showed up! Great people! Friends from Texas.

Billy and Cindy married in Key West in 2011 on Smathers Beach. They visit Key West frequently. This trip they are here till the end of August.

Billy has an interesting job. Something to do with college football and TV. His title is Big 12 Conference TV Liason.

Billy and Cindy know everyone. On the drive down to Key West, they stopped to visit their friend Kyle Chandler. I knew nothing of him, had never heard his name. Chandler is an actor. Has several featured roles in movies and television under his belt. He is presently starring with Sissy Spacek in the new television series being filmed in the upper keys. The show’s base of operations is Islamorada. Where they met up with and spent some time with their friend.

It was a big night at the Chart Room.

Enjoy your day!



I did a foolish thing yesterday afternoon. Took a walk. In the heat of the mid afternoon sun. It was oppressive!

The walk took me over Duval. I was thirsty. Dying for a drink of anything cold. I stopped at the outside bar at La Te Da. Only 3-4 people at the bar. I had a glass of water and diet Coke.

While sitting there, a familiar woman walked by and up into the restaurant portion. She looked familiar. It was Sissy Spacek!

She was looking for someone. Came back onto the bar area and chatted with a waiter. Then her lady friend showed up and they sat together in the outdoor dining section.

Spacek is in the Keys for a while. She is filming a new TV show. Its primary location is Islamorada. The show is yet unnamed. News reports suggest the show will cost $8 million a week to produce.

I loved spacek’s appearance! The woman is 65. No shame. She looks 65. No shame. We all get older each day. What impressed me was how comfortable she appeared with herself. Her walk, her appearance, her smile, her clothes. Especially her clothes. She was in a Key West frame of mind! I cannot accurately describe the outfit except to say some sort of baloony black shorts or skirt with a crazy deigned/colored blouse. Her sneaks and socks were the thing, however! Very Key West. Black, white and I don’t know what else. Sloppily worn. It was the sloppy that was the key.

Spacek has only been in the Keys a couple of months. She has made the transition. She looked terrific! Right at home!

I returned home to review my notes for last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Then an early light dinner at Roostica. Antipasto.

Patricia waits on me. Found out last night she is sister to Bobby’s wife. Met bobby’s wife and Patricia’s son who also works at Roostica. A nice family.

The blog talk radio show went well. I enjoyed the pace last night. I opened with a last minute thought. The 50,000 children that have crossed the border into Texas and some of whom are now in Arizona. More are expected. My thought was I hoped we would not drop the ball. Immigration is a many faceted issue. These are kids, however. Most 10-12. It is our responsibility now that they are here to take care of them. Very well! The world is watching. Let’s not drop the ball.

After the show, I ran to the TV set. The Heat/Spurs game. I could not believe the score. The Spurs had a bang up night. No team shots as well as they were. They made 19 of the first 21 shots they took. Miami has its work set out for themselves.

I woke to the news this morning that Eric Cantor was defeated by a Tea Party candidate in a primary. Good! I am not in tune with Tea Partyers. Nor have I been in tune with Cantor politics. He looks like a mean guy and generally acted like a mean guy. Not the type to be in a leadership position in Congress.

Key West’s chickens. The Key West Citizen reported this morning that many have chicken pox. Technically called avian pox. The pox is an annual event. Generally, during the rainy season. We are in the rainy season. It is initially caused by mosquito bites. The pox is dangerous to the chickens. Not all will survive. It is not contagious as regards humans.

My shoulder still hurts from my monday night fall. I sat up in an easy chair all night with my feet on an ottoman.

Enjoy your day!



Today’s blog going out very late! Sorry! I had a big morning. I had to tidy the house up. Realtor showing it this morning. Then had to get out early because the first group was arriving. Walked around Duval for an hour before my hair appointment. Then walked Duval some more. People watching. By the time I returned home, it was after noon and I was tired!

Began last night at the Chart Room. Glad I did. Met a couple I met sometime last year. Raylene and Gary from  Kansas. Dorothy country. They were staying for four days at the Pier House with their two young adult children. Good looking kids!

Raylene and Gary return to Key West early every October for two weeks. To celebrate their anniversary.

Nice people. I hope I get to see them before they leave this trip and definitely in

Raylene is extra special. She she told me bought my book and read it! Also mentioned she was looking forward to my next book, Growing Up Italian.

The season is in full bloom. I walked the first 3 blocks of Duval. Jam packed! Walking impossible. Everyone moving at a snail’s pace.

Ended up at Kelly’s. Jennifer and Amy working the bar. Two lovely ladies. I enjoyed an order of wings and read the newspapers.

Two fellows sat near me at the bar. They appeared to be Europeans. Speaking English. Jennifer asked if they were from Holland. Yes, they responded. She could tell from their accents. Jennifer’s grandmother was from Holland, also.

The new Netflix TV series I mentioned earlier this week  will start shoting in the next few days in Islamorada. As previously mentioned, Academy Award winner Sissy Spacek stars. I discovered her co-star last night. Sam Shephard. What a combination!

This has been a spectacular lobster season! Not the most lobsters caught in a season. But the most dollar wise. Prices per pound wholesale are up. The Asian market has opened big time. Daily flights take the lobsters live packed in ice to Asian markets.

I find it amazing how the Florida lobster trade has grown world wide.

Frankly, I do not enjoy Florida lobsters. I am a Maine lobster snob. I rarely eat a Florida lobster. They are good. However, once you have tasted Maine lobster, it is  difficult to enjoy local ones.

An American tragedy occurred yesterday. The NLRB announced that scholarship college athletic students are employees and accordingly have the right to unionize. I disapprove of the ruling. The fallout is going to be fantastic. It will in effect be similar to 9/11. Change will take place in college athletics. Big time!

Northwestern was the university involved.

President Obama has been in Italy the past two days. Surprisingly, my Italian friends wish he had not come. They are not happy with him. Much of Europe is not.

Bocce tonight. I am going to cheer my team on. With a glass of gin in my hand, of course. I will not be playing. My back. Besides the pain,  I fear that one of the times I bend over, I will not be able to return to a standing position.

Enjoy your day!






Big time TV coming to the Florida Keys for filming!

Netflix announced yesterday that a new television series starring Sissy Spacek will be filmed in the Keys. Islamorada to be specific. It is an original series, yet untitled. A mystery. Sissy Spacek plays the mother of a some what dysfunctional family. An old hotel/motel is involved.

Filming starts next week. The series is sixteen weeks. A crew of 125 involved. Each episode will take nine days to film. The cost of each episode $8 million.

Most of the crew will stay in Islamorada, Tavernier, and Key Largo. Star Sissy Spacek at the Ocean Reef in Key Largo. President Obama and Michelle stayed there last week.

The show will be a boon for the Islamorada area. Good for them!  I doubt it will make a dollar impact here in Key West. Islamorada is a one hour forty five minute drive from Key West.

I can understand Islamorada being the site as an old hotel/motel was required. Islamorada is an old Keys vacation spot. Most of the lodgings go back to the 1950s and before. The place is nice, but very elderly. You will recall when I occasionally want to get away from Key West for a few days, I drive up to Islamorada.

An interesting dinner last night at Square One. Darling Jenna. She wanted me to meet Tamara. Jenna is doing a documentary regarding Tamara. The specific subject involves a psychopath. I have an interest in psychopaths and at some time down the road plan a major book involving the subject. Jenna asked me to dinner because of my interest. She also wanted my take on the victim Tamara and her story.

It was some evening!

Afterwards, I stopped at Don’s Place. Chatted with Jeff, Grant, and Angus. Dougie bartending.

Syracuse basketball this evening. 7:10. Against Dayton. Syracuse a 6.5 point favorite. Means nothing. Syracuse has lost several games where they were favored. Also, the mighty are falling in the tournament. Dougie told me last night Mercer beat Duke.

I shall be watching the game at Lukas’ Sports Pub.

Stephanie Kaple telephoned me yesterday. To give me a hard time. I sometimes think she has no one else to beat on. She is a Dayton grad. I invited her to join me tonight. She said she would call. I am still waiting.

Note that my enthusiasm for Syracuse’s chances at the moment are non-committal. I am taking each game as it comes.

A magnificent morning! Sun out. No wind. Absolutely none. The water still. The tide is out. Very much so. I can see the roots of the mangoes across the way. It is a silent time. Dead silent. Generally, the only noise is the moving water. It is one of those God’s in His Heaven, all’s right with the world times!

My book! If you like political, historical and social commentary, buy it. I guarantee you will enjoy the book. The World Upside Down is available on amazon.com and barnsandnoble.com.

Enjoy your day!