A typical Key West day should be one where you do nothing. Not the case. There is always something that happens, that you do.

Yesterday was one of limited activity. However, it consumed my whole day.

A doctor visit was first. I have said it before. You move on in years and it seems most of your time is spent in doctors’ offices. No big deal yesterday. A back check up and a flu shot. If you have  not had a flu shot, get it. Do not be foolish. I used to get the flu 2-3 times a year. Fifteen years ago, I started receiving an annual flu shot. I have not had the flu since. Amazing!

Lunch was at Salute’s with new found friends Karen and Dan from the Pittsburgh area. They visit Key West several months each year. Enjoyable people. It was a two hour lunch. We were having a good time.

Bocce last night. We won all three games. The first time this season we won all three. David was happy!

In between lunch and bocce, I wrote next week’s KONK Life column. Our Legal System Is Disintegrating. It took forever. Longer than usual to do. The reason was the length. It was three times the usual number of words. As a result, the column will be featured over two weeks. A Part I and a Part II.

Two happy events occurred yesterday.

It was announced Malala Yousafzai would be one of the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala is the Pakistani teenager who was shot in the head by a Taliban because she supported education for women. Vocally and in her blog. She survived and has been promoting the cause worldwide. She was 15 when shot. She is 17 today. An unusual young lady.

The other worthy event were the two court decisions handed down throwing out voter ID laws in Texas and Wisconsin. The Texas decision was by a Federal District Court Judge. She wrote a 150 page decision. She held that an ID request was comparable to a poll tax. She further stated that the purpose of the ID law was to suppress minority voter turn out.

The Wisconsin decision was by the Supreme Court. Supreme Court Justices Scalia, Alito and Thomas dissented. No surprise. These three Justices have done much injury to the American way of life. It will take years to turn around most of their decisions.

I am on my soap box a bit this morning. I apologize.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyaku appeared on Face The Nation sunday. He was generally supportive and had kind comments regarding his recent meeting with Obama. He did have a negative, however. He was openly critical of Obama with regard to one matter.

The criticism is immaterial. What happened to it is.

CBS edited out the criticism. It bugs me! I have been complaining increasingly that the media is censoring the news. We are only provided with what they want us to know. Direction in this regard generally comes from the corporations that own TV and radio. Perhaps this time it was from the White House itself.

The people’s right to know is and has been under silent attack. Transparency is out the window.

Enjoy your day!


3 comments on “A TYPICAL KEY WEST DAY

  1. Lou-

    There was no decision that threw out the voter ID law in Wisconsin. The U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling indicating that the law was put on hold, but only to the extent that it does not apply to the election next month.

    The law has otherwise repeatedly been upheld in its entirety.

    I enjoy reading your blog – keep up the good work.


  2. Those three justices are trying to preserve the American way of life.

    Want to vote ? Show a proper ID. For how many other things is an ID required.

  3. Glad you noticed the mainstream medias’s censoring of any criticism of Obama. This has been going on since he ran for office. We are very close to living in a totalitarian state. The media is no longer independent, and are very near useless. I get most of my news from foreign outlets, where they don’t censor anything about obama.

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