In my blog talk radio show tuesaday evening, I referred to ISIS as Jesse James and the Mafia. Last night, CNN also referred to the group as the Mafia.

Jesse James because ISIS robs banks. Perhaps better than most bank robbers. A few days ago, ISIS robbed a bank in Mosul of $429 million. Plus some gold bullion. Further, as ISIS moves from one town to another, it robs the banks.

Jesse James lives again!

The Mafia was well known for extorting business men. The Mafia provided an unneeded protection service for a fee. Refuse to pay the fee and the business was blown up. Generally, with the proprietor inside.

ISIS practices extortion in a similar fashion. Pay up or we’ll blow you up!

It is claimed ISIS grabs $1-2 million a month in this fashion.

All of which proves, history repeats itself.

Yesterday was an easy one. Started with the gym in the morning. I told Albert my right shoulder had been aggravated. I could move my right arm backwards or sideways. He said he understood. He must have. Whatever he had me doing, not once did my shoulder ache.

Last night was sit and chat time at the Chart Room and Don’s Place.

Spoke with a couple from Chicago at the Chart Room. Asked how their mayor Rahm Emanuel was doing. The response was he is not terrible. Not much of a commendation. I inquired how they felt about Obama. They shrugged their shoulders and the wife said he was not around long, he did nothing for us.

Did I note an air of entitlement?

The wife is a special ed teacher. From nowhere another special ed teacher showed up. The two did not know each other. The new special ed lady wrote on the blackboard a Benjamin Franklin quote…..Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

The quote in Key West time as was the lady.

Spent a lot of time at Don’s Place. Chatted first with Hershel. Then with Don and Grant. Enjoyable.

I have to move my butt his morning. I have a hair appointment with Lori.

Enjoy your day!


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