The 1st annual Cow Key Channel Bridge Run is scheduled for Saturday. The race begins at noon. Registration is at 10. The post race party is at the Hurricane. Alcohol will be served. There are a number of friday night spaghetti parties all over the island.

The race is unique. Whereas most races/marathons are the full 26.4 miles, some are less. Five and 15 K races are popular all over the United States. The Cow Key Bridge race is of a lesser distance. Zero K. Zip.

Cow Key Bridge is 360 feet long. That is the length of the race. It is assumed most will walk. It depends on each participants’ athleticism. A water station will be located mid way on the bridge.

The Cow Key bridge is the last bridge into Key West and the first one going out.

I hope to participate. Depends on my back. I was getting in shape by walking Publix and Home Depot.

Perhaps Robert and Ally will be with me. If I falter, they can carry me across the finish line.

Lunched at Schooner Wharf today with KONK Life’s publisher Guy de Boer. At Guy’s suggestion, we ate upstairs in the open. A great view of the harbor! First time up there for me. I was under the impression the new part was the restaurant upstairs. I went up. Special stairs. It was enclosed. I thought how nice. Air conditioning! No food and drink. It was Schooner’s offices.

Took care of the food problem. Did some grocery shopping at Publix. In anticipation of the Cow Key Bridge race, I walked the aisles pushing a cart two times!

I intended to play bocce tonight. My back is/was better. Around 5, I fell in the garage while taking out the garbage. I missed the one step in the garage. A step I have traversed several times a day for 16 years. My back is twitching. I am not gambling. Telephoned Captain Dave and told him the team would have to win without me.

I seem to have a sense of humor this morning. Good!

Love my Italian friends. They have seen my TV show, read the blog and KONK Life column, and listened to the archived portion of my blog talk radio show. They think I am big time! I explain not, but they do not listen. I am their American celebrity.

They email or Skype me when something newsworthy occurs in Italy. A couple of days ago, it was Venice. Home of the gondolas.

Economically, Italy is in the toilet. Unemployment is sky high. Real property taxes have been increased several times a year for several years. People are getting desperate. Desperate people do desperate things.

There is a group in Venice who wish to secede from Italy. They are serious. This is not a Conch Republic thing. The group has been preparing. They created/made a tank. A bulldozer covered with metal plates with a phony cannon on the front.

The Venice police became concerned. Especially with the arms they were gathering. The arms were for real as opposed to the tank. The police concluded they had become terrorists. Twenty four were arrested.

After Greece, Italy is in the worse financial shape in Europe. The police fear real protests, fights, physical confrontations, etc. as have occurred in Greece.

Parliament is seriously considering a new child abuse law in England. Parents who drink alcoholic beverages in front of their children will be guilty of child abuse. The thrust is the children would be learning a bad habit. A similar law in Key West would find most parents in jail charged with child abuse.

Benghazi seems susceptible to fights and war. We know what occurred a couple of years ago. On this date in 1941, the Germans conquered Benghazi.

Enjoy your day!



I had competition last night for my blog talk radio show. The President of the United States. I doubt anyone listened to me. The show is archived if you care to listen.

Today, a double anniversary. A day to remember in both instances.

First, 9/11. Forget not those who died, forget not the persons responsible.

Benghazi is already a year old. Seems like yesterday. The same mind framed people involved. Forget not the four who died, forget not again the persons responsible.

Babysat last night. Till late. It was after 11 when Lisa and husband returned. The only one still awake was Jake. He was laying on the couch next to me.

Robert and Ally were good. As usual. Baths and everything else done. In bed at 8:30 without a complaint.

Visited my doctor yesterday for the ankle pain. She has referred me. I see another doctor this morning at 9. Interestingly, no pain yesterday. It makes me wonder.
Dr. Lefferts suspected I might have a bone spur or small fracture. Dr. Louis does not think so. I believe it to be nerve related. We shall see.

I live and learn.

I have always admired Peary Court here in Key West. Initially, Naval housing. Private rentals after the Navy pulled out. Peary Court was sold this week.

Keys History in this morning’s Key West Citizen made me aware of something I never put together. Peary Court is named after Robert E. Peary, purportedly the first man to reach the North Pole. The feat was accomplished in 1909. In the 1880s, Peary was stationed as a Naval officer in Key west.

Have to move my butt. I do not wish to be late for my doctor’s appointment.

Enjoy your day!



How many of us have said on occasion…..I hate fire ants! What with the intolerable itch and puss heads.

The fire ant may not be long for the Florida keys. The crazy ant is coming. It totally eliminates the red ant. The red ant is no more when the crazy ant arrives. The question is whether the crazy ant will migrate to Florida.


The crazy ant is from South America. It got to the United States on ships, in people’s clothing, etc. It likes neither cold nor dry. The dry may save our butts. The crazy ant is presently in Georgia and Alabama in the southeast.

Whereas the fire ant bit humans big time, the crazy ant does not physically bother humans. It will get into our homes, however. In the walls. Eat our electrical wires.

The crazy ants move in large swarms.

The crazy ants are expensive to eradicate from one’s property. The pest control person becomes your best friend. About every three months, he is needed to get rid of the most recent infestation.

Which is better? The fire ant or crazy ant? Until the crazy ant arrives, we will not know. From what I understand, the fire ant will have been a picnic. We will regret its departure.

One last crazy ant observation. Jeff Zucker is an ant expert. The scientist stated in a recent article that the crazy ant is the “…..single most difficult ant to control in the southeast.”

Man cannot win.

I enjoyed a unique experience last night. I was not that hungry. Stopped into the Hot Tin Roof. Ordered six oysters. I have not had oysters in years. When I finished the first six, I ordered another six.

That good! Big and juicy!

Stopped into the Chart Room first. Emily, Peter and Jean Thornton there. Plus four strangers. English friends John and Ali stopped in to say hello.

Apparently the Chart Room never closed down. A good thing!

Many employees have been let go and replaced. From what I understand, the whole security team, except for one. The parking lot attendant. Top echelon, of course. And others.

Began my yesterday with the Key West Lou Legal Hour. My tv/internet show. Went well.

Post show comment indicated two topics garnered the most interest.

The first was Benghazi. I did not get into the details. We have heard them repeated for months. I conveyed a simple observation. Twenty 6 year olds were killed in Newtown. Four Americans in Benghazi. Congress has spent significant time arguing Benghazi’s event. Little regarding Newtown. They even failed to vote for a new and simple gun control law.

Our politicians’ priorities are screwed up!

The other involved Syria. Whether government or rebel forces, they are crazy. Both sides behead. Assad’s group gang rape rebel  2-11 year olds.

I made mention of the film wh ich was all overthe internet this week. The video of a rebel leader cutting the heart out of an enemy soldier and eating it. While the crowd behind him shouted in their language…..God is Great!

My point. These are crazy people. Let us not get involved. They have been killing each other for hundreds of years. They are different from us, have different values.

In my opinion, Syria is not worth one American life.

Grocery shopped after the show. I always seem to be grocery shopping.

I spent most of the afternoon writing next week’s column for KONK Life. Stay Out Of Syria. Basically consistent with my comments made earlier in the day.

My tv/internet show is You Tubed. It has also been recorded and will run at 4:30 today on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19.

Enjoy your day!



Hell’s Rangers! Would you believe! Yes, here in key West. A bocce team!

Tonight is bocce. Our team (Don’s Place) is playing Hell’s Angels. Don told me last night we are going to party. Our team will be providing the liquid refreshments. The Hell’s Angels food. Sort of cook out time. I anticipate the food will be terrific.

Notice how some times bocce becomes incidental to whatever else is going on.

I shopped for Robert’s birthday gift yesterday. I did not want to buy him clothes. He has everything else…..basball glove, bat, basketball, soccer ball, books, etc. He even has his own tablet.

I finally decided on a $50 gift card for the movie theater at Sears. He is into movies. Goes with Lisa and the family. $50 will just about cover one show. Terrible!

Robert’s birthday was fun. Dinner and cake. Chocolate with chocolate frosting. Robert’s choice. I ate two pieces. We blew out the candles and sang Happy Birthday! Jake could have cared less. He aimlessly wandered around.

Dinner and cake done, it was still early. I stopped at Don’s Place. Caught Don, Hershel, and Tom. Then there was just Don and me.

All in all, a good evening.

I spent most of the day yesterday working on friday’s Key West Lou Legal Hour tv/internet show. A lot happening. I plan on talking a bit about how women in Saudi Arabia are treated as opposed to here in the U.S., the Associated Press, IRS and Benghazi of course, Greece, France and the euro, a new law that should make you uncomfortable, the Syrian rebel eating a soldier’s heart, and more.

I watched a film of the Syrian soldier incident on the internet yesterday. Gruesome!

The Pier House? I know no more. Rumors abound all over Key West. When there is something concrete, I will share it with you.

Enjoy your day!






The rumors are true. The Pier House has been sold. For $90 million!

What a country, America!

It is worth every penny. A great top shelf hotel. Property and personnel the best.

I hope the new owners do not screw around with the Chart Room. It has been the same for 45 years. One of the last vestiges of the real Key West.

My day yesterday started with Tammy. A manicure at Lee Nails. Always a pleasure.

I received a haircut from Lori the day before. Both at the Lori’s place and Lee nails, there were obviously fewer customers. The same in restaurants and bars. A sign the season is over!

I spent an unusually long time in the afternoon writing next week’s KONK Life column. I titled it Avalanches, A Tsunami And Hot Water. A global warming piece. Similar to the segment I did on my tv/internet show in the morning. With additional facts added.

The Arctic and melting ice are prominent in the article. You will be surprised how much the Arctic ice mass has and does affect everyone in the northern hemisphere. Including Key West.

Greenhouse gases played a prominent role in the article.

This morning, I read in an Internet article that greenhouse gases are affecting the atmosphere at the highest level in years. It was announced by some organization  that studies greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide that carbon dioxide measured 400 parts per million. That is comparable to the stock market having hit 15,000 for the first time this week.

It was further reported that the level has been rising faster in recent decades because of the Industrial Revolution. Something we all knew.

I ate at the bar at Outback last night.

Tina recently reminded me that I was eating there again after blaspheming Outback in a blog a few months ago. I had concluded that Outback was charging an extra $5 for sides. I thought it was outrageous.

I was wrong and wish to publically acknowledge my error. I must have had one drink too many when I surveyed the menu the night in question. I made a mistake! Please……everyone…..enjoy dinner some evening at Outback. The prices are right and the food excellent.

I was at the Outback bar at 6. I planned on seeing the Gatsby movie at 7:20.

I only somewhat enjoyed the movie. The first half moved too slowly. The second half, fast! The acting was superb. Leonardo DiCaprio another version of Gatsby. He played the part well. The movie is worth seeing. I viewed the 3D version. The movie itself will not win an Academy Award for best picture. DiCaprio deserves to be nominated for Best Actor.

Benghazi continues to be in the news. A lot of nothing? A bit of something? I do not know.

What I do know is that the Republicans are being two faced. Typical politicians. The Democrats are equally as bad when they think they have an issue by the proverbial testicles.

Issa and other Republicans voted in 2009 to cut $1.2 billion from State operations, which included funds for 300 more diplomatic security positions.

House Republicans voted to cut the administration’s request for embassy security funding by $128 million in 2011 and $331 million in 2012.

Just sharing.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour is being rerun today at 4:30. On television via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19 all the way up through Miami-Dade County.

The show is now totally You Tubed. You can watch it there anytime.

I watched the rerun of my show yesterday morning. I was impressed! Excuse my modesty! It was entertaining. I was sad, happy, serious, and funny. I should be on television! Ho ho!

Enjoy your Saturday!


The sunset last night was beautiful. One of the most beautiful I have seen. I was on my deck. The sun settled behind a bank of white and gray clouds. Brilliance radiating around and through the clouds.

Rained heavy during the night.

This morning the sky is gray. Very little wind. Water crawling. I suspect the gray will turn to gold and we will have another glorious day.

Needed to stop at Walgreens on the Boulevard yesterday for a prescription. The parking lot was empty. Only three customers in the store, including me. I asked the druggist if the construction was the problem. Yes, it was. How many businesses, big and small, must be hurting. We are told it will take two years to complete the work.

My next stop was Publix. What I am about to relate has nothing to do with the construction.

Saturday is a good day to shop at Publix. Went to the new one. I have noticed over the years that very few people in Key West grocery shop on Saturday. As opposed to Sunday when Publix is a mad house.

Dinner was me alone at the bar at Hogfish last night. Actually never alone on a Saturday night at Hogfish. The bar is packed with fisherman. Not the tourist type. The ones that have lived here all year long for many years. Saturday night is there time to howl. They are tough looking. Though meek. Dark skinned. Wrinkled. Bearded. Some a bit toothless. Good people all! Most are shrimp boaters.

This is Poker Run Weekend. Motorcyclists galore come to Key West. Their ladies hanging on behind them on their cycles. Beautiful bikes. Expensive. The bikers are here for a fun filled weekend.

There does not seem to be as many this Weekend. I saw fewer bikes and was subjected to much less noise. The bikes make a big racket. They come racing down US 1 20-30 at a time. I did not see that at all this weekend. Could the reasion be a forewarning of the construction?

The teachers bother me with regard to the Chicago teacher strike. Enough is enough. Settle this thing. Put it to rest. We are being told every day we are a day away. Then we are told there are a few more details and the union wants to see everything in writing.

We may be looking at a last hurrah with this strike. The teachers may have won a battle. I suspect they ultimately will lose the war. My sense also is that the leaders are a bunch of rank amateurs enjoying their fifteen minutes.

Let’s put this matter in perspective. Only 60 percent of Chicago students graduate. Need more be said?

My heart is heavy. I saw a picture on the internet this morning of Ambassador Stevens. He was in pants and a tee shirt. Apparently dead. Being dragged through the mob.

There is brief comment on the internet this morning also that the Ambassador was raped. I share this information reluctantly. It may not be true. Take it with a grain of salt.

My concern is that if he was, our government should share it with us. As soon as known and verified. Nothing should be kept from the American people. We are being attacked in 20 different places. More of our people may die. We may retaliate. The ramifications of any and all actions will have consequences. So we should be made aware up front of everything that has occurred and is occurring.

A somber note to end this blog on. Sorry.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Loved doing yesterday’s Internet show! Why not. The week was full of wild events.

I suspected the Cairo/Benghazi stories or the Chicago teacher strike or the Catholic Church issues would prove the most popular. Instead, none were. Post show comments were primarily addressed to the overall quality of the show. Whatever, I thank you.

After the show, it was to the doctor’s office. Flu shot time.

Then a long walk along Smather Beach. Sun was a bit hot. I should have walked earlier. However, the show interferred.

I wrote next week’s KONK Life article. Catholic Church…..200 Years Out of Date. It was a reiteration of Cardiinal Carlo Maria Martini’s death bed interview. His opinions an interesting revelation. I discussed the Cardinal’s thoughts also in yesterday’s Internet show.

Spent the balance of the afternoon researching and writing.

Stayed in last night. I am still at the beginning of the diet where it tires me out. I am on Dr. Atkins. I cooked myself a steak for dinner. Proper Atkins food.

Embassy attacks are now occurring in twenty countries. Sad. They are ongoing. Even in Cairo and Benghazi. A difficult situation. I wonder how Obama will deal with it all.

A beautiful day here in Key West. As most are. Sun, blue skies and blue running water. Warm. Humid. It all feels good.

Enjoy your day!


Rained big time last night. With booming lightning. The type lightning that comes flashing through the shutters into the bedroom.

Windy, too. Weather report this morning says gusts were up to 35 miles per hour.

It is still raining. Rather, pouring. I susect it may keep up all day.

The street in front of my home is flooded. More water than Isaac.

If the rain continues, forget bocce tonight. The courts will be too wet.

First Egypt and Libya, now Yemen. Probably not the end. These people are religiously too sensitive.

In days gone by, the killing of one or more of our representatives meant war. Not today. For all understandable reasons. However, there must be retaliation. Not just equal in force. There is a need for a bit more. Hit the other side harder than they did us. Those seekinmg to harm us must understand that there is retribution. Hopefully, it would discourage harmful erratic demonstations as we have seen the past few days.

I walked again yesterday morning. I am proud of myself!

Published another Amazon Kindle article yesterday. Girl 10 Gives Birth To Baby Boy. An abortion dissertation.

Worked hard with Sloan in the early evening on the trip pics. We are getting there! Soon they will be available for viewing.

Dinner last night at the Yacht Club. With the lovely Jenna Stauffer. Jenna is doing well on Comcast TV. She has her own daily talk show and does the news three evenings a week.

We have not been together in a long time. We had a lot of catching up.

I like Jenna. She has a great future ahead of her. Deservidly so. She is good people.

While Jenna and I were having a drink at the bar before dinner, Cindy Livingston came over. Cindy is wife to friend Howard. We chatted quite a while. Cindy and Howard and some friends are off to St. Martens next week for a few days of fun.

Tomorrow morning my interent show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Friday. Ten in the morning my time. Join me. Watch. The show will be interesting and challenging. Especially in view of the week’s events in Cairo, Benghazi, Yemen and Chicago.

Made an interesting discovery yesterday. I have started to trace where this blog goes, who reads it, etc. I am pleased to share with you the following. Key West Lou is read in 38 different countries, plus the United States. Wild!

Anna is back from her one month family visit to Poland. She returned two days ago. She is here this morning. I am thrilled! I will have clean pressed clothes and a clean house once again.

Enjoy your day!


Big news day yesterday!

Eleventh anniversary of 9/11.

Egyptian mob stormed United States Embassy in Cairo. Desecrated the American flag in the process.

A mob stormed the United States Embassy in Libya. Bengahzi to be specific. United States Ambassador Stevens and three staff members killed.

Chicago teacher strike ongoing.

Louis said back when the Egyptian revolt was taking place…..Never forget your friends. The United States did in Egypt. Murbarak had been our friend for forty years. He became a friend of Israel at our behest. Yet when the mob hit the street and shouted democracy, the United States failed Murbarak. They encouraged him to resign. Did not support his government. I recall Secretatry of State Clinton saying we had to stand with the protestors in the streets who sought democracy.

I said never abandon a friend. We knew what we had in Murbarak. We did not know what we would have with a new regime.

Today Egypt has a radical Islamic group ruling the country. The Cairo Embassy had blocked streets and Egyptian police and military protection under Murbarak. The new government removed the barriers and withdrew most of the police and military guards.

Within 24 hours of Cairo, the Libyans attack the United States Embassy in Benghazi. Here too there was no police or military protection. Libya is purportedly a democracy with the fall of Ghadafi.

Both the Egyptian and Libyan governments receive billions of dollars a year from the United States. Yet they bite the hand that feeds them.

It appears that democracy in Egypt and Libya means mob rule.

Israel wants to bomb Iran. Iran’s nuclear development is the issue. The United States wants Iran to stop its develoment of nuclear weapons peacefully. Israel and the United States cannot agree on a strategy for the near future. Things are touchy between Israel and the United States.

The Chicago teacher strike continues. Teacher demands are too many. The Mayor has offered a 16 percent raise over four years. Seems to me the teachers have an ax to grind.

What a 24 hours for President Obama! His already full plate is spilling over.

I walked once again yesterday morning. Good boy, Louis. Stayed on my diet, also.

Saw Tammy. Needed a manicure and pedicure. I was the only customer the whole time I was there. As I left, a lady walked in for a pedicure. September in Key West. Everything slows down.

I spent the afternoon working on Friday’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Obviously, Egypt and Libya will be discussed. Other topics so far include, the Chicago teacher strike, the Santorini volcano which might erupt, Serbian War crimes which now include the sale of body organs, Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini’s in effect death bed interview claiming the Catholic Church is 200 years out of date, a woman arrested for warning other drivers of a speed trap, an 8 year old who took his mother’s car for a drive, Arizona Supreme Court holding that tattooing is Constitutionally protected free speech, Frances Scott Key, Moscow burned to thwart Napoleon, Chubby Checker and the Twist, and more.

My show script is close to full. Watch if you get a chance. Ten in the morning my time. World wide.

Last night, dinner at Hogfish. A seared piece of fresh tuna on a salad bed, topped with a touch of oil. Good for the diet!

I have not played golf for health reasons in over a year. I planned on returning today. However, I have much to do organizing the trip photos further before Sloan arrives this evening. Ergo, no golf this week.

Enjoy your day!