Jenna asked to interview me for the TV talk show she hosts. The interview took place yesterday. It will run next week or the week thereafter. When I know for certain, I will let you know.

The interview was taped in the living room at my home. The cameras and everything else were lugged in and set up. Jenna was assisted by her summer intern Iris. Jenna is 28 and has been doing TV work for seven years. Iris is 24. She is presently attending Boston University where she is working on a Masters in TV work.

The ladies told me to stay out of the living room. They needed ten minutes to set up.

The set up, Jenna’s questions, Iris’ filming, all professional. The ladies knew what they were doing and did it.

What did Jenna ask me? When are you going to take me out to dinner again, Louis? Not really. She covered my legal career as an environmental attorney to retirement in Key West. Followed by an internet show, then a TV show, now blog talk radio, and of course my book The World Upside Down.

Fun and interesting.

Since I was up, dressed and shaved, I decided to go out for lunch. The humidity was heavy again. I needed a place with air conditioning. I opted for the closed in dining room at the Pier House. I sat looking out at the water and bathers while reading two local newspapers. Quiet and comfortable.

My intention in the afternoon was to write my KONK Life column for this week. Never got to it. I was in a lazy frame of mind.

Dinner last night was at Boondocks. Boondocks is an open air restaurant just short of Big Pine. About 30 miles up US 1.

The overhead fans kept me comfortable. The mosquitoes were a problem. The Big Pine area is loaded with them. Fortunately, the locals in the area came to Boondocks prepared. Everyone seemed to have a spray can to ward off the mosquitoes. The woman at the bar next to me was kind enough to share her spray with me.

Mitsutoki Shigeta is a name in the news. He is a 24 year old Thailand businessman.  He provides surrogate babies for sale world wide. Sixteen this year so far.

His operation a bit different than most. He fathers the children. All of them. He pays the women and cares for them. Sixteen this year. He is in good shape and never tires. He wants to continue the business till he dies.

Everything appears legal. His name goes on the birth certificates as father. Nevertheless, the police are investigating him. They cannot seem to come up with any illegal activities. They refer to the matter as the Baby Factory Case.

The placement of the babies is private. The going rate for a Thailand child is from $15,000 to $40,000. The babies are sought by prospective parents world wide.

Enjoy your day!


I screw up re birthdays, anniversaries and the like. I forget or do the happy greeting on the wrong day. I cannot blame it on age. I have been this way my whole life.

I did it again this morning.

I thought it was Ally’s birthday. Nine years old. I telephoned to wish her a Happy Birthday. Poppa…..My birthday is tomorrow!

Oh, well.

I returned to the gym yesterday morning. Not for a scheduled work out. Just to use the tread mill for a while. The gym by the way is WeBeFit.

I figured I would do an hour. Slowly. Like 3 mph. Good luck! I was fortunate to make 20 minutes. A mere 3/4’s of a mile. I was tired! Felt it the rest of the day. My body got more tired as the day progressed.

Worry not. I am not pushing myself.

Lunched at the Pier House. The Beach Bar was packed so I sat on the outside deck. Spent a couple of hours reading through newspapers and watching the bikini clad ladies prance about. Always an enjoyable experience.

I arrived home a little after 3. Laid down. I was feeling the tread mill experience.

Decided to stay home again. I was too tired to go out!

It was an interesting evening of television.

I watched Havana with Robert Redford. About the Castro revolution. At the end of the movie, it is 1963 and Redford is driving his car down this street running along the ocean. I said to myself…..That’s Key West! It was as was made known seconds later. He was driving along Smathers Beach, stopped his car and walked out onto the sand. Reminiscing about Cuba and the love he left behind.

Another movie was of 1955 vintage. It starred Rhonda Fleming. A most beautiful woman!

I met Rhonda Fleming around 1980. I would have been 45 at the time and she 57. We were both at La Costa. La Costa was a well known fat farm in those days. As the Golden Door is today. I visited at least a dozen times.

The men were placed on 800 calories a day and the women 400. More, if you liked. I did the 800 one. Not much to eat! Exercise was constant from 9 to 5. No stragglers permitted. Not hard to handle, however. Each day included a massage and facial.

Lunch was in a large dining room with floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking La Costa’s famous golf course and mountains on the other side. I used to sit at lunch and dinner with my back to the dining room and its guests. I would stare out at the mountains and wonder about the safety of the homes I could see which were built on pilings on the sides of the mountains.

I noticed Rhonda Fleming sat at the table next to me. The seating was prearranged. I recognized her from her many films. She still looked good! High cheek bones, magnificent skin, a winning smile.

She asked one day if I disliked people. My back being always to the other diners. I responded everyone looked drawn and tired from the diet with very sorrowful faces. The mountains were much prettier and comforting.

We became friends. We lunched and had dinner together the next two days. We also hung out in the bar for a while after dinner drinking Perrier or some type water. No alcohol permitted on the diet. One glass of gin would have blown it to hell.

The brief time with her was a most enjoyable experience. I checked her out on the internet this morning. She is still alive and 91.

Vera Schiff was an integral part of Key West for many years. A widow from Pennsylvania, she moved to Key West. Loved by all. Threw great parties. Exemplary parties!

She left several years ago. I understand she is back in Key West. I assume for an extended visit. I look forward to running into her.

Big party tonight! The league bocce party. As opposed to the special 5 team party next thursday at Don’s Place. The bocce parties remind me of the bowling banquets of old. My team is meeting at 5:30 at Don’s Place and will go together. The party is at the restaurant next door to the Green Parrot. The name escapes me. It is a relatively new owner and name.

I sense a good party. Good food and drinks. We will probably all end up at the bar at the Green Parrot. The Green Parrot is one of Key West’s oldest and favored spots. A touch of old Key West like Schooner Wharf. I rarely go to the Green Parrot. I look forward to it tonight.

Enjoy your day!


I revisited some of my Greek days yesterday from the deck of the Pier House.

It was open house again. About the sixth Sunday the realtor has had one.  I had to disappear for four hours.

I grabbed my computer and headed out. Not sure where I was going. Ended up at the Pier House.

Merri working. The Beach Bar crowded. Grabbed a Beach Bar table, ordered a diet Pepsi and went to work. The noise and the entertainer’s singing did not bother me. I was working on my Greece book. Editing and rewriting some of the days from the first trip.

I felt guilty after a while. I was taking up a whole table and drinking soda. The waiter was losing money on me. Tourists spending money and tipping big could be sitting at the table.

I went up on the deck extending out from the Beach Bar. Took a table on the side under the awning. People rarely sit there.

Opened the computer again and went back to work.

There were constant distractions. Pleasant ones. The view. Blue water and white boats. Bikini clad lovelies running around.

Hard as it was, I was able to work. Got a lot done in the four hours I sat there.

Spent some money. I got hungry. Ordered a Cuban sandwich pressed and hot.

There I was. Sandwich in one hand and the other hitting the keys. Like riding a bicycle with one hand and eating an ice cream come with the other.

Such was my exciting Sunday. It was ok by me. I was still tired from the day before’s bowling. Age!

Enjoy your day!


Automobiles were big in the 1960s. Long and sleek. Sweeping rear fenders.

Ford came out with a new car in 1964. It was presented for the first time at the World’s Fair in Flushing, N.Y. It was called the Mustang.

The Mustang was small. Very small in comparison to other cars being manufactured. Low, also. The Mustang appeared to be part of the road it ran on.

The world went crazy over the Mustang! Everyone wanted one! There was a waiting period from order to delivery.

My sister Joan bought one. A convertible. I loved driving it! I could not buy one. Too small for the family I had by that time.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Mustang debut at the 1964 World’s Fair.

I spent two hours at the Pier House Beach Bar yesterday. Lunch time. I ordered breakfast. Ham and eggs. Read the newspapers.

A very lovely woman sat next to me to order a drink. We started talking. She came back two more times to talk. The last time with a bunch of friends.

Her name was Robin. A 40 year old nurse from somewhere outside Columbus, Ohio. A lovely body in a modestly brief bikini. Very little modesty.

I told her and her friends about the Chart Room. They were staying at the Pier House. They had arrived two hours earlier. They could not get into their rooms till 4. I suspected I would run into Robin last night at the Chart Room.

If she was there, I was not. I was exhausted at 6 when I finished my afternoon of writing. Instead, I made myself a sandwich and went to bed.

My afternoon was spent writing next week’s KONK Life column. The Catholic Church: Yesterday and Today. You will find it surprising. I had completed the research before yesterday. It took close to four hours to put the material together in column form.

Key West loves animals, fish, reptiles, any form of non human living creatures. Two events are scheduled reflecting such.

There is a pet stroll scheduled for April 22 at 5 pm. It starts at Mel Fisher and ends at the Westin Pier. It is a fundraiser for the Xena Fund. I hope Robert and Ally walk Jake. It will be a first for all three of them.

The Turtle Hospital is constantly busy. In January, a 140 pound loggerhead turtle was found floating and unable to dive. Obviously sick. The turtle was taken to the Turtle Hospital. Healthy once again, the loggerhead will be released back into the ocean at 1 pm saturday behind Salute’s. There will be a couple of hundred people watching, as usual. Always a big event!

Bocce tonight! I hope we win. This has been a tough season.

Enjoy your day!




A lot of miscellaneous things  happened yesterday. I am going to take them in the order of their occurrence.

It took me a half hour to get from the Shell Station in Key Haven to Key West. Traffic was backed up all the way. I was fuming. My thought was the boulevard construction was really screwing things up. Turned out I was wrong. There was an accident at the Cow Key Bridge.

Speaking of the Cow Key Bridge, Sheila told me last night there is going to be a race/run over the Cow Key Bridge next month. For those less than athletic. The bridge is at best 500 feet long. I agreed to participate. I will walk, however.

I was heading to see Tammy. Manicure time. I enjoy her company. I admire and respect the business she and her husband have developed.

Lunch was at Azur. Exceptionally fine food. I should go more often. The man I had lunch with was interesting and entertaining. My age. We had many common things to talk about. When we left, we shook hands and expressed to each other how pleased we were to have met. We both felt a new friendship had been formed.

Five hours later, I discovered the man was not one to like. I found him to be duplicit, two faced, and a sneak. That bad!

Will Rogers used to say he never met a man he did not like. I would say that I had never met a person in Key West I did not like. Until yesterday.

Friends we will not be. His identity is immaterial. He has done one good thing. Provided me with a character to include in a future novel.

The Chart Room last night. Packed when I arrived. It was me and Sheila. Lovely Emily bartending. John came in later.

Sheila can only be described as a good person. Concerned for everyone. Honestly so.

Sheila became aware of a lost camera at The Little White House. A good sized one. The White House had had it for a week and no one came in to claim the camera. They let Sheila take it to see if she could discover the owner.

She pulled the picture card out of the camera and ran the film. She placed some of the pictures on Facebook and asked…..Do you know these people? Within one half hour, she had 14 replies. Everyone helpful. Who was going to run her message on other sites. One said a woman’s tee shirt in one of the pictures was from Fort Lauderdale. She was going to check with the store there.

Emily has become involved. Sheila and Emily are on a quest to discover the owner.

The beauty of Key West people! All except the one I discovered earlier that I did not like.

A major announcement. Sheila’s birthday is next tuesday. Forget her not! Monday is Charlotte’s birthday. Charlotte from the Carolinas. Her boy friend is Skip, radio 104.9’s premier announcer. A big party week in the making!

I have spoken well of the new Burger Fi. No more. My burger was great the first time I went. I returned three times, last night being the third. The last few burgers have been close to terrible. I will not be returning to Burger Fi.

Finally, to Fuddrukers. Twenty five to thirty years ago, I did Coconut Grove. It was my place before I discovered Key West. There was a great burger/steak sandwich place in Coconut Grove. Fuddruckers. Their steak sandwich to die for. On soft butter soaked bread. Screw the cholesterol time!

I have neither seen nor been to a Fuddruckers since. I learned yesterday a Fuddruckers is coming to Key West. Fantastic! Unless the quality of the beef has changed, it will be a winner! Interestingly, it is opening next door to Burger Fi.

So much for yesterday.

Bocce tonight. I look forward to playing. I am scheduled to play the third game. Last week, it was the first game. Scheduling. I hope we win the match. This is the third week of the season. We lost the first two weeks. None on the team can understand why. This is like the fourth consecutive season we have not been winners. We are good. No question about it. But whatever it takes to win, we lost. We keep searching for it.

Enjoy your day!



Jimmy Buffett was in Key West friday night. He attended David Wolkowsky’s annual cocktail party which has become a part of the Key West Literary Seminary. The Seminary is on going this week. The party was held on the roof top of the Kress building. Better known to most as the building which housed Fast Buck Freddy’s for years.

There was a picture in yesterday’s Key West Citizen of Buffett and Wolkowsky at the party. Buffett and Wolkowsky are business partners. Buffett also proudly tells all that Wolkowsky was the first person to hire him.

The old timers in Key West know of Wolkowsky. Some of the newer residents perhaps not. Most of the tourists not.

I want to share with you David Wolkowsky’s story.

Wolkowsky is 94 years old. He is a legend in his own time. A quiet unassuming millionaire. He is responsible for much of what is Key West today. He worked diligently to preserve the best of old Key West. He was primarily responsible in the prevention of high rise buildings on the island.

He is known as the American Developer. Not for his efforts in Key West alone, but also for the significant preservation work he did in his younger days in Philadelphia.

His grandfather came to Key West in the late 1880s and opened a fine clothing store on Duval Street. Wolkowsky was born in Key West. The family at some point moved to Miami. Wolkowsky later went to college at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduation, he settled in Philadelphia. He was best known in those years for the renovation and preservation of what once had been Philadelphia’s best neighborhoods.

He was financially successful. In 1962 at the age of 40, he retired to Key West. Soon after, he started developing Key West real estate.

Today’s Captain Tony’s stands because of Wolkowsky’s efforts. This goes back to when it was Sloppy Joe’s and Hemingway’s first hang out. The building had been condemned. Wolkowsky saved it.

In 1967, he built a 50 room motel and restaurant at what would be 0 Duval today. It was called the Pier House Resort Motel. The forerunner of today’s Pier House.

My favorite haunt the Chart Room was a part of Wolkowsky’s Pier House. Here is where Jimmy Buffett comes into the picture. Wolkowsky was the first to hire him and it was at the Chart Room.

Wolkowsky built a dream home some eight miles off Key West on Ballast Key. He entertained often at both the Pier House and Ballast Key. He entertained the likes of Truman Capote, Tennesee Williams, Leonard Bernstein, Rudolf Nureyev, and Lillian Hellman. The Rockefellers,  Mellons and Vanderbilts were his guests, as well as British Prime Minister Edward Heath.

Wolkowsky entertained at Ballast Key with a menu consisting of hot dogs, white wine and potato chips. For which he was famous.

Another significant accomplishment was his construction of the Reach Resort.

Wolkowsky  could be seen over the years driving around Key West in a golf cart or his beloved 1926 Rolls Royce.

A man for the ages. Key West is fortunate that he settled here and his family before him. Conchs all in every sense of the word!

Enjoy your day!




I had a luncheon business meeting yesterday. I suggested the outside deck at the Pier House. The one near the Wine Galley and on the water.

It was the perfect setting. We sat and talked for three hours. The setting perfect. Out of season time so few people. No clouds. Blue water. Shiny white boats going by.

I believe the ambiance contributed to the success of the meeting.

Afterwards, I stopped at the bar. Met Carly. From the Jersey Shore. Yesterday was her birthday. I bought her a drink.

Tonight is my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Always a fast moving and revealing half hour. Join me.

The issues to be discussed include Obama’s new plan regarding senior drivers. They are trying to get us off the road! I consider it an insurance company motivated scam to get seniors off the road. A bit about Cheney who this week denied Mandela was a freedom fighter. Said he was a terrorist. The General Motors payback short in more than one respect. The South Carolina sheriff who refused to lower the flag to half mast in recognition of Mandela’s death. Obama had ordered it. These Southerners are an obstinate bunch! They are still fighting the Civil War more than one hundred fifty years later.

My publisher suggests that I suggest you consider buying The World Upside Down as  stocking stuffers and gifts. I so suggest. Not a bad idea. The book is a mere 116 pages. Quick reading. Best of all, enjoyable.

Dear friends and Syracuse supporters Tom and Fran Dixon arrive in Key West today for a lengthy stay. They are from Buffalo. I am sure they will be happy to get away from the snow.

In an e mail, I told Tom I would meet them at the Chart Room tonight. Cannot. I forgot the blog talk radio show. Sorry. Perhaps tomorrow night.

Got my computer back this morning. The virus cost me $125.

Enjoy your day!



The pharmaceutical companies have had a free ride in the United States. Government oversight/control is lacking. The companies are permitted to charge outrageous sums for drugs. The profit factor has to be big time.

When the President was pushing Obamacare, he excluded most if not all drug coverages. I assume the reason why was he did not want the drug industry working against his bill. They did not oppose it. This action left the drug companies free to continue charging outrageously.

Now comes the Louis story. I am leaving tomorrow for two months in Europe. I take tons of pills each day. My heart is not the best and requires all type of medicinal support. I get my prescription drugs in a 90 day supply. Three of them would have run out while I am on the trip.

I need what is termed a “vacation override” to get my pills ahead of time and have the insurance company pay for them.

I have been on the phone two times to the insurance company, three times to Walgreen and two visits two Walgreen.

I started the process monday morning. It is now wednesday morning. I still do not have the pills, though they have been authorized. I pick them up today.

Adding to the aggravation, I am now in the donut. You who have prescription insurance understand. My costs skyrocket at a point during the policy period till I spend close to $5,000 out of my pocket. Note that I have already paid the policy one year in advance.

Walgreen told me the three prescriptions will cost me roughly $870 because I am in the donut.

Screw United Health Care who was recommended to me by AARP. Screw Walgreen.

Last night, I did my blog talk radio show. I was not directly discussing Walgreen. However, I did point out Walgreen does $18.65 billion a quarter. Walgreen was recently required to pay a fine to Florida of $80 million for something having to do with Oxycontin. The $80 million a drop in the bucket.

I have vented. Sorry. I am exasperated!

I spent yesterday afternoon in final preparation for last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Sloan came over at 5 so we could work on my getting ready with my equipment for the European trip. Verizon is another screwed up major corporation. We spent two hours on the phone with them trying to figure out data port coverage areas, costs and needs.

The blog talk radio show went well. I opened with the House’s abortion vote yesterday. The Republican controlled House voted overwhelmingly to limit abortions to 22 weeks. I love the Conservative Right. They are intent on taking women back a thousand years. I wonder how these members treat their wives and how the wives treat them in return.  If they treat their wives as they do American women in general, most will end up sleeping in separate bedrooms.

The Heat/Spurs game last night was one of the best basketball games I have ever seen. Either side could have won. It appeared to me the Spurs lost control at the end of the game and in the overtime. I also thought the officiating was slanted a bit in favor of the Spurs. A lot of too close to call calls.

Cathy’s service was Monday at La Trattoria. Lovely Cathy Hollner. Virgilio’s was packed. Many teary eyed women. The men sad faced. The service was more a celebration of life. Food and drinks were provided. Things were heavy when people arrived and again at the end when some spoke. Good bye, Cathy You were good people. There should be more like you.

The Pier House saga continues. Word is Larry Smith will no longer be at the Wine Galley after the first of the month. Too bad! Larry made the room what it is.

Enjoy your day!





I visited the Pier House around 7 last night. No particular destination in mind. Just wanted to see how things were. At midnight, the new owners were to take over.

The parking lot was basically empty. Only a few cars. Not unusual however for a monday night during off season

I passed no one as I entered the building and weaved my way through the corridors to the Chart Room.

I had anticipated the Chart Room would be closed. That was the last I knew. I was shocked. The Chart Room was open!

Inside Mary bartending and four tourists.

I was thrilled to see my favorite room alive. Chatted with Mary a bit. She knew nothing, except the Chart Room was being closed at 10:30 for inventory purposes. She told me as far as she knew, the Chart Room would be open tomorrow night (tonight).

There was a cloud hanging over the room. Perhaps it was me. I think Mary sensed it also. The unknown.

I walked down the lovely shrubbed path to the Beach Bar. Passed a lonely worker hurrying along. No hello. He kept his head down as he scurried by me.

The Beach Bar was empty. No customers. Two employees off to the side.

My destination was the Wine Galley. On the way, I had to pass through the outside/deck restaurant. One table occupied. Several employees off to the side.

No smiles. None of the usual hello….good evening… are you?

Then the Wine Galley!

I was pleased to see as I approached that the sliding glass doors were open. There were people inside!

Larry was there. Getting  ready to play the piano and sing. We chatted a bit. Steve bartending. A lovely lady who I assume was a waitress.

One table occupied. John and Ali from England.

Hellos said. A hug here, a kiss there.

The cloud from the Chart Room was within the Wine Galley. You could feel it!

I left and walked back to the parking lot. On the way, I ran into a security person I have known for years. He was pleasant. No smile. Hello, shook my hand and went on his way.


The whole of the Pier House was unsettled. Awkward. Perhaps it was me and only in my mind. I do not know. What I do know is that it was all strange. Eerie is the word.

Prior to the Pier House, I became aware Kathleen Peace had been let go. It was on Facebook. I can understand. She was number 2 or 3 in the hierarchy running the Pier House. if I spent $90 million to buy a business, I would want to bring my people in and place them in top positions. That is the way business is done.

I understand from conversations with others that Kathleen’s separation was pleasant. Without rancor. I am confident she will land on her feet. Few have the talent and experience she has. In the meantime, I am sure she will enjoy her newly acquired free time!

Have a ball Kathleen!

Tonight…..Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. My blog talk radio show on the internet world wide. At 9 o’clock.

Fast moving dramatic events to discuss.

Like the U.S. government seizing two months of telephone records of the Associated Press. Wow! Freedom of the press at stake here?

Bangladesh is still in the news on several fronts. One is the refusal at this time of Gap, Walmart and Sears to sign onto a pact to help ensure/protect against future building failures and employee injuries. Clothes are going to become expensive to produce in Bangladesh!

The 813 Italian Catholics who were declared Saints by the Pope this week. They were beheaded in the 1400s by Turkish Muslims for refusing to accept Islam as their religion. Convert or have your head chopped off! 813 were beheaded.

A bit re the Syrian conflict. Specifically concerning the Syrian rebel who was filmed eating an enemy soldier’s heart.

The world we live in!

Enjoy your day!




There are two constants in life. Change and death.

I am concerned today with change. Change to Key West’s beloved Pier House.

The Pier House has  been sold. $90 million. Big money for a special place. Official takeover by the new owner is scheduled for monday. Based on some strange faces at the Chart Room and Wine Galley last night, I suspect some of the new people have already arrived and are evaluating the operation from both a staffing and continuation aspect.

There is a concern among many that the Chart Room may be closed. Gossip is it will become a tee shirt/sun tan lotion shop. If there is any validity to the rumor, it is sad. I doubt that is the case, however. Hotel operators have to know a good thing when they see it. That is their business. The Chart Room works.

Then there is the Wine Galley. Bobby Nesbitt put it on the map many years ago. Larry Smith took it to a new level.

No one knows what is going to happen to the Wine Galley.

I was at the Chart Room and Wine Galley last night. Everyone appeared happy. I question the outward appearance, however. There was a sadness intermingled with the laughs. The unanswered question in everyone’s mind at both places. Is this the end of the Chart Room? Of the Wine Galley? Regarding staff, who will be retained and who will be let go.

An awkward feeling.

I love the Chart Room! I am there at least five evenings a week at cocktail time. My seat at the bar has become a note taking place for me. I write about the people I meet on the back of coasters.

I meet new people from everywhere. World wide. I mention some in my blog. The Chart Room is mentioned almost daily.

As a result, a number of people stop in to meet Key West Lou. They know it is my hangout. JJ, Emily and Mary will sometimes telephone me to make me aware that someone from Idaho or where ever is in and looking for Key West Lou. Tourists come up and ask if I am Key West Lou.  All read this blog religiously and know that the Chart Room is the place to find me.

I have thought on occasion I might be responsible for 5-10 per cent of the business that goes through the Chart Room. Could be.

Ghosts from the past can be felt. The Chart Room has been open and basically never remodeled for 45 years. Jimmy Buffett new to town playing his guitar in the corner for coins. The group who first made the Chart Room their special place each day. Most are now gone. However, a bit of their ashes rest in the bar rail.

Last night, Chart Room regulars such as Peter, Jean and Joe Thornton, Sean and Virginia, Dave, and Stephanie were there getting a last fix of their favorite spot.

I consider the Chart Room the cross roads of America. At one time or another, most people stop in.

The Wine Galley. Great music every evening. Larry Smith responsible. He entertains. He brings in guests to join him in entertaining. Customers walk up to the mike and sing along with Larry. Everyone has a good time.

The boss of the Chart Room is Kathleen Peace. The Food and Beverage Director of the Pier House. A lady. Lovely. Personable. Tough in doing her job. Does it well.

Kathleen also sings. A magnificent voice! Booming! I sometimes think the walls of the Wine Galley are going to blow out when she hits the high notes.

Kathleen was at the Wine Galley last night. I was the happy recipient of a hug and kiss.

The Wine Galley had a good number of people last night. I had the feeling some were there to taste one last time the flavor of Larry and the room. Fearful that it might not be there next week.

John and Ali were in from England. They used to visit for a month once a year. Now it is two times a year. Good for them! John and Ali can be found most evenings when in Key West at the Wine Galley.

Larry’s mother Helen was in attendance. Eighty six. Her husband/Larry’s father passed on several weeks ago. Helen has come to Key West to live with Larry and Christine.

Speaking of Christine, she too is entitled to credit for the success of the Wine Galley. She and Larry have been married for years. Christine is a school teacher by day. An entertainer by night. Paints professionally on weekends. A full plate! Many evenings she joins Larry in singing.  A special voice belonging to a special person!

Steve and Midge are regulars. Love them both! Last night Midge brought Vic over to me. Vic Kim. I finally found some one older than me that enjoys being out on the town.

The reason Midge brought us together is that we both graduated from Manhattan College. Vic was one year ahead of me. I enjoyed meeting him.

We reminisced a bit. We both knew my class mates John Martin and Otto Obermier. Both served as U.S. Attorneys for Manhattan. Martin went on to become a federal judge. Otto one of New York City’s outstanding attorneys.

It was a nice trip back in time with Vic.

Mary Deasy was in attendance also. Mary sings. Sang a few years back also. She was not that good back when. Larry took her under his wing, as he  has so many others, and developed Mary into the great voice she is today.

Ray was sitting with John, Ali, Christine, and others. I have not seen Ray in a while. He has become an excellent entertainer also. Plays the electric guitar. Has all the moves.

Steve was bartending and waiting tables, as usual. A nice guy. A good guy. A terrific worker. Most evenings, he handles the bar and tables all alone. He does the job of two people. Always on his game, he is the best!

This is sort of a good bye to what will now be referred to as the old Pier House. A new owner means now staff. Changers will be made. Again, I hope the the Chart Room and  Wine Galley are left alone. Together with the fine people staffing both rooms.

That which is perfect cannot be made better.

Enjoy your Sunday!