The sunset last night was beautiful. One of the most beautiful I have seen. I was on my deck. The sun settled behind a bank of white and gray clouds. Brilliance radiating around and through the clouds.

Rained heavy during the night.

This morning the sky is gray. Very little wind. Water crawling. I suspect the gray will turn to gold and we will have another glorious day.

Needed to stop at Walgreens on the Boulevard yesterday for a prescription. The parking lot was empty. Only three customers in the store, including me. I asked the druggist if the construction was the problem. Yes, it was. How many businesses, big and small, must be hurting. We are told it will take two years to complete the work.

My next stop was Publix. What I am about to relate has nothing to do with the construction.

Saturday is a good day to shop at Publix. Went to the new one. I have noticed over the years that very few people in Key West grocery shop on Saturday. As opposed to Sunday when Publix is a mad house.

Dinner was me alone at the bar at Hogfish last night. Actually never alone on a Saturday night at Hogfish. The bar is packed with fisherman. Not the tourist type. The ones that have lived here all year long for many years. Saturday night is there time to howl. They are tough looking. Though meek. Dark skinned. Wrinkled. Bearded. Some a bit toothless. Good people all! Most are shrimp boaters.

This is Poker Run Weekend. Motorcyclists galore come to Key West. Their ladies hanging on behind them on their cycles. Beautiful bikes. Expensive. The bikers are here for a fun filled weekend.

There does not seem to be as many this Weekend. I saw fewer bikes and was subjected to much less noise. The bikes make a big racket. They come racing down US 1 20-30 at a time. I did not see that at all this weekend. Could the reasion be a forewarning of the construction?

The teachers bother me with regard to the Chicago teacher strike. Enough is enough. Settle this thing. Put it to rest. We are being told every day we are a day away. Then we are told there are a few more details and the union wants to see everything in writing.

We may be looking at a last hurrah with this strike. The teachers may have won a battle. I suspect they ultimately will lose the war. My sense also is that the leaders are a bunch of rank amateurs enjoying their fifteen minutes.

Let’s put this matter in perspective. Only 60 percent of Chicago students graduate. Need more be said?

My heart is heavy. I saw a picture on the internet this morning of Ambassador Stevens. He was in pants and a tee shirt. Apparently dead. Being dragged through the mob.

There is brief comment on the internet this morning also that the Ambassador was raped. I share this information reluctantly. It may not be true. Take it with a grain of salt.

My concern is that if he was, our government should share it with us. As soon as known and verified. Nothing should be kept from the American people. We are being attacked in 20 different places. More of our people may die. We may retaliate. The ramifications of any and all actions will have consequences. So we should be made aware up front of everything that has occurred and is occurring.

A somber note to end this blog on. Sorry.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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