It was bocce playoff time yesterday. Our team participated in the Big Pine portion. It was my first time playing in the Big Pine Tournament. I labeled it the NIT of bocce. Like we were second class citizens.

Turns out the Big Pine Tournament is one of the finest Key West events I have participated in over the years. I would be pleased and proud to play in it again next year!

As in Key West, Big Pine has four nights of bocce. The top team of each night’s competition comes to participate in Key West in what is labeled the Big Pine Tournament. One team from each of the four Key West nights is added to the Big Pine Tournament. The number 6 team from each evening. The top five teams play in the regular play offs. Which I would label as the big guy playoffs.

There was a difference between the two playoffs. The Big Pine one was fun. Big time fun!

Each team played til it incurred two losses. We played 6 games. Our second loss came in game six. Had we won, we would have played in the final game for the championship.

We won 4 out of 6. Not bad. Too bad we did not win the last one. It would have added to the day to have come out the overall winner.

One of the things that makes the Big Pine Tournament more fun is the competition overall. It is a step down from the big guys. More competitive in the sense that everyone has a chance to win. In the regular playoffs, only the very best have a chance to win. And they are the same teams every year.

There was an ambiance to the event. It was like an old time family picnic. Whole families came. Babies included. The league provided the goodies. Free hamburgers, hot dogs and ribs. Beer and soda. Everyone brought their own alcohol in addition.

Chairs were necessary. Many brought their own or sat on a blanket or grass in the shade. Don sent back to the bar for chairs. Made the day more comfortable. We sat around and watched the other games when we were not playing. We chatted and drank. Some of us slept. I usually nap from 3-5. I did not miss my nap. I fell asleep sitting in one of Don’s chairs under a palm tree.

There was a strong ocean breeze that made the day easier to handle.

Everyone on our team played well, except for me. Seriously. As those who were there would attest. As well as I played Thursday night, I sucked Saturday. I could not get the ball to the pollina. I constantly came up short. I played in the second game which we lost. No one asked me to play in the other games. I don’t blame them. I had no desire either to play after my performance in the second game.

It was a day long event. I arrived at 10:30. The first games started at 11. I finally left at 7 after our second loss.

It was a fun day! A different kind of Key West day!

I snuck out at 5:30 for Robert’s birthday dinner and cake. Always enjoyable. Afterwards, I returned to the bocce courts to watch my team play.

The annual Truman Symposium is this weekend. Tonight at 5 at the Little White House, there will be a discussion regarding Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb. The event is titled Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Several survivors of the bombings will speak. I plan on attending.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Robert was 10 years old yesterday. Happy birthday, Robert! Poppa loves you very much!

Robert’s birthday might not have been. He was born with cancer of the liver. Fortunately discovered at birth. He had two major surgeries at Miami Childrens Hospital within the first eight days of his life.

We thank God all went well.

There has been no Happy Birthday celebration as yet. Robert is in Disney World and some other such places for three days with his Montessori classmates. Wonderful!

Even for animals, mammals and fishes there has to be an almighty overlooking them. One who provides them with a sixth sense.

The Turtle Hospital in Marathon has a new patient. An injured green seas turtle swam into the boat basin of the Turtle Hospital yesterday. The turtle weighed 46 pounds. A fishing line was wrapped around the turtle. He had lost his left flipper. The other was cut to the bone. He also had swallowed some of the fishing line. Additionally and not related to the fish line, he had ten herpes type internal tumors.

The turtle is obviously in critical condition. The hospital will work hard to save him.

This was the second time a turtle showed up at the Turtle Hospital boat basin on its own for medical attention. The last time was 1986.

Bocce last night. We had to win all three games to make the playoffs. We won only two. I played in the one we lost. I had one of my better evenings shooting. However, I missed a basketball 3 pointer at the end. My last throw was an open shot a bit long. I came up short. Way short. A few throws later by the opposition and we were yesterday’s news. One game short of making the playoffs.

We were on the bubble re the playoffs going in. There is a consolation prize. We are eligible for the Big Pine Tournament. We play tomorrow morning at 11.

The Big Pine Tournament is comparable to the NIT in basketball. A hollow victory having been invited.

The Players Golf Tournament was last weekend. I played in a pool. I rarely gamble. Came in first. Won $340. Those afternoons I lie in bed watching pro golf paid off.

I shaved my beard last friday. No one noticed till wednesday evening. Emily finally did at the Chart Room.

Cool today. Overcast. Strong wind from the north. No tee shirt today.

Enjoy your day!



Needless to say, the 300 young girls abducted in Nigeria is disturbing. Watching the scenario play out difficult to understand.

First, it took two weeks for the international media to pick up on the event. After the oh how terribles, the four week search has yet to find and recapture the girls. Whereas millions were spent and are still being spent on the Malaysian plane that went down, the dollars to find these youngsters does not compare.

The 5/13/14 Miami Herald had a column by Frida Ghitis on the abduction issue. Ghitis is a world affairs writer for the Miami Herald. Certain portions of Ghitis’ column were directly to the point informationwise and otherwise.

Re the Islamic radical group Boko Haram responsible for the abductions, she wrote: The group’s name Boko Haram means “Western education is a sin…..but …..the kidnapping and selling of girls – most likely into sexual – is somehow acceptable.” She further wrote, “The gang of radicals want to impose…..their twisted version of Islamic law, Sharia.”

Why do I write about this situation. Simply, it bothers me. As it must you. The girls are reportedly 3-17 years old. Even if all were women, it would be bothersome. Certain interpretations of Islamic law permit young girls to be married and permit sexual slavery. Such situations in Nigeria and the Middle East are religiously motivated and/or justified.

How can the Western world combat such beliefs which are in direct contradiction to their own? I do not know. The problems reflected have been ongoing for many years. Attempted solutions in the past have failed. The differences may not be reconcilable.

Enough. Off the soapbox!

It was Blossom’s for lunch yesterday. I was the only customer till I was leaving. I lunched there two weeks ago and noticed fewer customers. I suspect a problem.

One problem is the new owners are not making the sandwiches the same as the former ones. The former ones made them as they had been prepared for some 20 years at Paradise Cafe. There is an old adage…..Never screw around with something that works.

My Cuban toast with tomato is never the same. Different size, never enough butter, sometimes on the cool side, not always crushed. The same with the Cuban coffee. Sometimes warm, sometimes luke warm. Never hot.

A greasy sandwich to eat. Fingers become licking good. Two napkins  before, only one now.

I have not had the courage to share my experiences with the new owners. They seem so happy and confident in what they are doing. As a result, I have gotten into the habit of going to Blossoms for lunch less frequently.

I spent the afternoon fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. The show went well. I spent the first half beating up Tim Geithner, banks, big corporations with off shore deposits, and insurance companies. Deservedly so.

Robert’s picture was in the Key West Weekly. There were a series of photos of the miniature golf event last week. Robert and a classmate were responsible for erection of hole 9. The hole was described as “…..one of the most artistic.”

A proud grandfather am I.

Enjoy your day!



Good morning!

The start of another magnificent Key West day! Not a cloud in the sky. A good breeze. Too early for the humidity. A God is in His Heave, all is right with the world moment.

My blog talk radio show tonight. Nine o’clock my time. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. A fast moving half hour commentary on things happening world wide. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Some heavy topics. Revealing, also. Like the return of crucifixions. Hanging Christians on crosses to die because of their faith. Happening now in Syria and Nigeria as part of the conflicts in those countries.

I am also going to touch on the goblin shark that visited Key West waters this week, Monroe County cracking down on employee smoking, top US companies having the most accumulated offshore profits, big banks laundering drug money, the world’s first married lesbian threesome, and more.

Last night was Montessori!

Grandson Robert and classmates had constructed a 9 hole miniature gold course. Took them a month. Even made the putters. The task was in preparation for a Montessori fundraiser. $5 a head to play.

I brought Don with me.

Impressive is the only way to describe what we saw and experienced. The holes were mechanically set out. Tough! No kidding! I picked up after 5 strokes on some holes. Don played his usual solid game. He even pared one hole.

Each hole represented some historical fact. One hole was Rome, another Egypt, and so forth.

The kids did a great job!

It was dinner afterwards at Hot Tin Roof. Don’s wife Stephanie joined us. It was fun time. We laughed throughout dinner.

Enjoy your day!


While events in the Ukraine could throw the world into upheaval, while Japan bullies China in the oceans surrounding them, while thousands are dying in genocides in Africa…..the Key West Commission debates whether a woman’s breasts are genitals, sexual organs or what.

Only in Key West!

This important dialogue took place at an official meeting of the Commission this week. The issue involved Fantasy Fest and nudity. A few citizen recalcitrants argue the spray painting of breasts is not sufficient during Key West’s most famous festival. More is required. Like pasties. At least one commission member has taken up the fight on their behalf.

Some astute comments were made by Commission members. One stated emphatically that “…..breasts are not a sexual organ.” Another knowledgeably that “…..breasts are not genitals.” A third, “I don’t think painted breasts constitute debauchery.” Another, “Fantasy fest is not a church festival.”

As the world turns.

I for one am happy that we speak of such mundane things in Key West rather than matters involving life and death. A little fun driven perversity never hurt anyone.

I enjoyed my dinner companion last night immensely. I have known June and Bill Hudson for more than 20 years. They hail from Delaware. Bill was one of Delaware’s outstanding divorce lawyers. Bill died last year. They had a second home in Sugarloaf. June recently returned to Sugarloaf for a six week stay.

We got together for dinner at Square One.

My beard took June by surprise. That is how long we have not seen each other. She said I should have prepared her for it.

We had a warm happy three hour plus dining experience. The laughs were plentiful, interrupted by an occasional solemn moment.

We both enjoyed and agreed to do it again. In fact, we are having lunch wednesday at Geiger Key.

Later this morning, it is Robert and me. The time has finally arrived for our Greece sit down and things like the Parthenon and Acropolis. I have already e-mailed him photos from my trips.

Enjoy your day!



Parents of America! Be proud! Your children are well behaved while on spring break in Key West!

Key West set up a Spring Break Court to deal with the college students partying here. I wrote last week that I thought it was not needed. My perception was that the police could handle the situation. If not and some matters proceeded to the regular court, the Judge could deal with whatever occurred in a lenient manner so the student walked away with a clean record. I was also of the opinion the whole idea was a waste of money.

The Spring Break Court was open and operating for four days. Fourteen different people at different time assisting, one a Judge. In those four days, the Court had no business come before it. Not one college student was brought before the Court.

Spring Break Court is no more. The city closed it down.

Which says to me that (1) the police were doing their job and (2) the students were behaving.

I was in all day and night yesterday. My back still bothering me. I thought it was better. Apparently not. I am still getting spasms. Though not as bad.

I was supposed to meet with grandson Robert yesterday after school. Because of my back, I could not. Robert had telephoned me earlier in the week and asked if I knew what the Parthenon was. He is studying Greece.

I have put many of my Athens pics together. Robert and I are to sit down so I can relate my Parthenon/Acropolis/Athens experiences to him while showing him the pictures at the same time. We are now going to do it saturday. I am excited! Probably more so than Robert.

The weather continues to be outstanding. High 70s by day. Cool at night. Sleep with the window open. There is a touch of humidity. Some days heavier than others. Today is one of them. I am standing in the shade of the tiki hut near the water. I stand because my back hurts if I sit too long. The sweat is running off me as I compose this blog. From the humidity, not pain.

Bocce tonight. No way can I play. Bending over would kill me!

Putin continues to be in the news. He has the world balancing on the point of a pin. Two interesting things have come to light. Each occurred in the past few days.

Putin has been nominated for the Noble Peace Prize. By a Russian advocacy group. A proper nomination. His nomination is for his activities which are claimed to have brought about a peaceful resolution in the Syrian/United States dispute regarding chemical weapons.

He could win. To me it would be like Hitler receiving the award for his actions with regard to Austria and Czechoslovakia in 1938. The world is changing. Our European friends who presently are speaking out against Putin will not be there when the chips are down. They need Russia for their gas and oil.

President Clinton made an interesting observation regarding Putin. He said Putin can be trusted. “He kept his word in all deals we made.”

A few days later, Hillary blasted Putin. She said he was tough but thin skinned.

The happy couple obviously do not agree 100 per cent on all things. Which to me is a good sign if Hillary is to be President. I want our President to make the decisions, not her husband.

For the past two years, I have in effect been knocking the courts. Here, on television, on the radio and in my newspaper column. You do not have to be a former attorney to understand. The courts have changed. The people sitting as Judges have changed. Many decisions are far out and generally to the detriment of the majority of the citizenry.

On this day in history in 1857, the United States Supreme Court said slaves were property in the Dred Scott decision. It took the Civil War which started four years later to turn the decision around.

Why did it take a four year war with over a half million dead to accomplish what nine men could have done?

The Dred Scott scenario is representative of the type of wayward decisions being decided by today’s courts.

Enjoy your day!




I am late today! Sorry! Had a full morning.

Tomorrow morning the Key West Lou Legal Hour airs. Nine my time. Great topics! What is Sotomayor doing?, French tax 75 per cent of all executive salaries in excess of one million euros, too many antibiotics finding their way into our bodies, anal cavity searches on the rise, some Oregon citizens take policing into their own hands, government refusing to subpoena JP Morgan Chase records, fracking, drug testing Florida welfare recipients declared unconstitutional, and more.

All interesting issues. In many instances, revealing. I bring to your attention things you might not know or have heard.

The show can be seen on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19 from Key West to Boca Raton. Otherwise available via the internet worldwide. www.weyw19.com.

Staying with tomorrow’s show, I spent a good deal of yesterday afternoon working on it. Not finished yet. I have another two hours to put in later today.

Chart Room last night. Fewer tourists. The locals returned. En masse. Visited with Emily, Sheila, Peter, Jean, Katherine, Katherine’s cousin Katherine, Sean, and Cheryl.

Cousin Katherine presently hails from Dallas. She is somehow affiliated with the Dallas Cowboys.

Cheryl is held in high regard by our family. Especially Lisa. Cheryl was the technician who performed the sonogram on Robert when he was born and discovered his cancered liver. Nine years ago. Seems like yesterday. Cheryl recently returned to Key West. She is working as a nurse in Dr. Boro’s new walk in clinic on the boulevard.

I had been looking for Jean Thornton for 3-4 days. We finally met up last night. Chatted a while. Then decided to head over to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner. I invited Sheila to join us. She declined.

Joseph managing, Matias bartending.

Jean and I had a long and interesting evening. We conversed about everything. We stopped back at the Chart Room after dinner. Ollie was there.

With final prep still awaiting me re tomorrow’s TV/internet show, I doubt I will get out this afternoon or evening.

Enjoy your day!




A proud week in the Malcom household!

Robert graduated yesterday from the third grade at Montessori. He had a big grin on his face. So did Lisa and I. And as predicted yesterday, Lisa hit me in the ribs a couple of times with a …..isn’t he beautiful!

Cameron graduates from Key West High School friday. He did well academically and will be attending Florida State. Yesterday’s Key West Citizen front page had a picture of Cameron. He was dressed in his graduation attire and standing on a stage in front of a podium. The photo was taken monday at Take Stock in Children’s separate graduation ceremony for those the organization has worked with in their mentoring program. The same organization that sent Cameron to Mongolia and has been guiding him during his high school years.

The rain ain’t going away! Two more days of it. This time up from the south. Predicted for today are winds of 20 mph and gusts up to 50 mph. The rains will be torrential. Key West streets will flood, as usual.

Yesterday afternoon, I treated myself to peace and tranquility. A manicure and pedicure with Tammy.

Dinner at Hogfish. Me and the newspapers.

Last night was my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I did the show for the first time using Skype. A success! Finally! The audio clear and distinct.

I start my summer travels this week. The first step is Washington, DC. I will be doing my blog talk radio show from there next tuesday.

In  due course, I will be in Italy, Greece and France. Skype makes it possible for me to do the show from these far away places. You do not need Skype to receive me. Nothing changes at your end.

I wanted to do my TV/internet show from far away places. Looks like it will not be possible. Tried hard to put it together. It does not work.

Last night’s show was hard hitting as well as informative. I talked about Darrell Issa’s shortcomings, the Catholic Church’s hypocrisy, the Catholic Church and artificial insemination, Father Andrew Greeley, thong bathing suits for women being banned in Myrtle Beach, and Mc Cain, Syria and Turkey combined.

The show is archived immediately and is available for listening anytime at your convenience. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Have to hustle this morning. Seems I hustle every morning. I have an early morning appointment with the dermatologist.

Enjoy your day!





I decided to stop at Louie’s Backyard for a drink last night. It had been quite a while since I was last there.

Louie’s has the best view of the ocean in Key West. What a spot!

The bartender was Terry. We had never met before. A nice guy. We chatted a while.

His father is Craig Worthing. A radio talk show host extraordinaire!

Craig started his career in Maine. At some point, he ended up in my hometown of Utica, NY. I never met him. I am sorry I did not. He concluded his career in Miami.

Craig was well known. He was controversial. He did his show his way. Which on occasion caused  consternation.

He was his own man.

I met the son. I hope some day to meet the father.

The evening continued to be one of visiting places I had not been to in a long time. I have been thinking of weinerschnitzel lately. Where else! Martin’s! I was not disappointed. As always, excellent!

Lunch time yesterday was disaster time. I heated a container of soup in the micro. It was hot as I took it out. Too hot! My hand was burning. I threw the container towards the sink. Missed the sink. The top flew off and covered a whole section of kitchen with chicken soup. The window, the blinds, the walls on either side of the sink, the sink itself, the ice cube maker and cabinets beneath the sink.

What a mess. I spent some time cleaning it up. After first having buried my burnt hand in ice.

Tonight is blog talk radio time. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine o’clock. A quick half hour of interesting chit chat. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

One of tonight’s topics is Darrell Issa. He is the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

I feared Issa as far back as several months ago. I did a piece on him on my TV show. I thought he was a loose cannon back then. He definitely is now.

Fast trains another topic. Big in Europe and China. Nothing here in the U.S. Prague is magnifying its profit factor with Love Trains. Interesting.

Myrtle Beach has become ultra conservative. To be expected. A solid Republican state. Thong bathing suits have been banned on it beaches. A 22 year old female vacationer has already been arrested.

I guarantee you will enjoy the show. Join me.

Early yesterday was spent running errands. Publix for groceries, the cleaners to pick up clothes, Walgreen for a prescription.

This morning big! Robert is graduating! From the third grade at Montessori.

Montessori groups the classes into three. He moves on to a new group for the fourth grade.

Graduations are always fun. Exciting especially for the young. Robert is proud. It will be a happy event.

I usually sit next to Lisa. She pokes me in the ribs several times during these events and says…..isn’t he beautiful!

Enjoy your day!




Hell’s Rangers! Would you believe! Yes, here in key West. A bocce team!

Tonight is bocce. Our team (Don’s Place) is playing Hell’s Angels. Don told me last night we are going to party. Our team will be providing the liquid refreshments. The Hell’s Angels food. Sort of cook out time. I anticipate the food will be terrific.

Notice how some times bocce becomes incidental to whatever else is going on.

I shopped for Robert’s birthday gift yesterday. I did not want to buy him clothes. He has everything else…..basball glove, bat, basketball, soccer ball, books, etc. He even has his own tablet.

I finally decided on a $50 gift card for the movie theater at Sears. He is into movies. Goes with Lisa and the family. $50 will just about cover one show. Terrible!

Robert’s birthday was fun. Dinner and cake. Chocolate with chocolate frosting. Robert’s choice. I ate two pieces. We blew out the candles and sang Happy Birthday! Jake could have cared less. He aimlessly wandered around.

Dinner and cake done, it was still early. I stopped at Don’s Place. Caught Don, Hershel, and Tom. Then there was just Don and me.

All in all, a good evening.

I spent most of the day yesterday working on friday’s Key West Lou Legal Hour tv/internet show. A lot happening. I plan on talking a bit about how women in Saudi Arabia are treated as opposed to here in the U.S., the Associated Press, IRS and Benghazi of course, Greece, France and the euro, a new law that should make you uncomfortable, the Syrian rebel eating a soldier’s heart, and more.

I watched a film of the Syrian soldier incident on the internet yesterday. Gruesome!

The Pier House? I know no more. Rumors abound all over Key West. When there is something concrete, I will share it with you.

Enjoy your day!