Rained big time last night. With booming lightning. The type lightning that comes flashing through the shutters into the bedroom.

Windy, too. Weather report this morning says gusts were up to 35 miles per hour.

It is still raining. Rather, pouring. I susect it may keep up all day.

The street in front of my home is flooded. More water than Isaac.

If the rain continues, forget bocce tonight. The courts will be too wet.

First Egypt and Libya, now Yemen. Probably not the end. These people are religiously too sensitive.

In days gone by, the killing of one or more of our representatives meant war. Not today. For all understandable reasons. However, there must be retaliation. Not just equal in force. There is a need for a bit more. Hit the other side harder than they did us. Those seekinmg to harm us must understand that there is retribution. Hopefully, it would discourage harmful erratic demonstations as we have seen the past few days.

I walked again yesterday morning. I am proud of myself!

Published another Amazon Kindle article yesterday. Girl 10 Gives Birth To Baby Boy. An abortion dissertation.

Worked hard with Sloan in the early evening on the trip pics. We are getting there! Soon they will be available for viewing.

Dinner last night at the Yacht Club. With the lovely Jenna Stauffer. Jenna is doing well on Comcast TV. She has her own daily talk show and does the news three evenings a week.

We have not been together in a long time. We had a lot of catching up.

I like Jenna. She has a great future ahead of her. Deservidly so. She is good people.

While Jenna and I were having a drink at the bar before dinner, Cindy Livingston came over. Cindy is wife to friend Howard. We chatted quite a while. Cindy and Howard and some friends are off to St. Martens next week for a few days of fun.

Tomorrow morning my interent show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Friday. Ten in the morning my time. Join me. Watch. The show will be interesting and challenging. Especially in view of the week’s events in Cairo, Benghazi, Yemen and Chicago.

Made an interesting discovery yesterday. I have started to trace where this blog goes, who reads it, etc. I am pleased to share with you the following. Key West Lou is read in 38 different countries, plus the United States. Wild!

Anna is back from her one month family visit to Poland. She returned two days ago. She is here this morning. I am thrilled! I will have clean pressed clothes and a clean house once again.

Enjoy your day!

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