Loved doing yesterday’s Internet show! Why not. The week was full of wild events.

I suspected the Cairo/Benghazi stories or the Chicago teacher strike or the Catholic Church issues would prove the most popular. Instead, none were. Post show comments were primarily addressed to the overall quality of the show. Whatever, I thank you.

After the show, it was to the doctor’s office. Flu shot time.

Then a long walk along Smather Beach. Sun was a bit hot. I should have walked earlier. However, the show interferred.

I wrote next week’s KONK Life article. Catholic Church…..200 Years Out of Date. It was a reiteration of Cardiinal Carlo Maria Martini’s death bed interview. His opinions an interesting revelation. I discussed the Cardinal’s thoughts also in yesterday’s Internet show.

Spent the balance of the afternoon researching and writing.

Stayed in last night. I am still at the beginning of the diet where it tires me out. I am on Dr. Atkins. I cooked myself a steak for dinner. Proper Atkins food.

Embassy attacks are now occurring in twenty countries. Sad. They are ongoing. Even in Cairo and Benghazi. A difficult situation. I wonder how Obama will deal with it all.

A beautiful day here in Key West. As most are. Sun, blue skies and blue running water. Warm. Humid. It all feels good.

Enjoy your day!


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