Fog is common in many beach areas. Not Key West, however. Maybe once or twice a year.

This morning was one of those times. I woke to heavy fog. The kind described as thick as pea soup. I could see nothing. Not even the MTV house across the way. The fog has gradually lifted. Finally totally gone two hours after I first saw it.

The day is projected to be a warm one. Whether the fog has to do with it, I do not know.

Mel Fisher Museum is like a second home. I have visited many times. The Museum apparently has an attic. I did not know. Attics are uncommon in the keys. Crawl spaces prevail.

The famous playwrite Arthur Miller wrote The Price. It takes place in an attic. The show starts its run tonight for several weeks. Presented by the Fringe Theater of Key West. The show is being performed in the attic of the Museum.

Garret is another way of describing an attic. The show is advertised as taking place in the garret of the Museum.

Christmas has encouraged my writing habits. I seem to be spending more time at it. Most of yesterday involved knocking out three chapters of Growing Up Italian. Rough, of course. Refining and editing will take more time than putting the words on paper for the first time. Whatever, I was both pleased and excited by what I accomplished yesterday.

It became habit with me over the years to spend a bit of time at the end of Christmas or New Years Eves sitting alone or with my father and doing some soul searching. It has not occurred since I moved to Key West. Last night, I enjoyed the experience again.

I was with Don at Don’s place. He and I alone at the bar for a couple of hours. Serious conversation. Excellent conversation.

On the way home, my grumbling stomach told me I was on hungry. Even on a diet, one must still eat something. I stopped at Hogfish. Packed! Chatted with the fishermen who frequent the bar evenings.

Enjoy your day!



I spent my Saturday night at the Chart Room. Glad I did. Good company all evening.

I went initially because I was looking for Peter. Known also as Captain Peter and English Peter. I thought perhaps the rest of the locals who frequent the Chart Room might be there. I was disappointed. No one was, including Peter.

Met two interesting couples.

Unfortunately, I did not get the names of the first. The wife had run in the 5K earlier in the day. The husband was from Nebraska. I shared with him I was a Syracuse grad. I brought up way back when Nebraska was #1 in football and Syracuse upset them at the Carrier Dome. I told him I had a box at the Dome and rarely missed a game. However on the day of the Nebraska game, I had a family wedding to attend in Utica.

During the ceremony in Church, I had a small radio pressed against my ear.  I missed little.

Even the bride was interested. A Syracuse graduate also. On the way down the aisle after the ceremony, she leaned over and asked how the team was doing.

The man at the bar last night thought Syracuse won because of the noise in the Dome. He felt it affected the Nebraska players.

The other couple was Dave and Heather. Terrific people!

Dave has been a frequent visitor to Key West. His first wife and her family lived here. He recalled a memorable Thanksgiving back in the 1970s. He was in the Chart Room. Most of those whose ashes lie in the bar rail were there, also. They enjoyed turkey and each other. He described it as a special moment.

Dave is retired. Heather working towards it.

My sense is they definitely will be settling here in Key West some day. They will be welcome additions.

Dave is an accomplished guitarist and sings. He will find a new career in Key West if he desires it.

The Syracuse football season ended yesterday. Syracuse lost to Boston College 28-7. Syracuse’s season record 3-9. No where to go but up!

I worked hard yesterday. Just about all day. On my next book. My publisher wants next another The World Upside Down. It will be #2 in a series. I spent at least 7 hours on the book. Pleasurable time.

Sloan joined my around 5 and we worked together on the book and other things for an hour.

The book will not make it for Christmas. I suspect it will publish in February.

This morning’s Key West Citizen reported hogfish are being overfished. A genuine problem. Hogfish are the best fish eating in the keys! Studies are underway to determine how to rectify the problem. Probably the size permitted to be caught will be increased. It is now 10 inches. Might go to 16-20 inches. No determination has been arrived at as yet.

Most persons outside the keys are unaware how hogfish are caught. Speared! It is said hogfish are difficult to catch with hook and line. Ergo, the spearing. Interestingly, hogfish are a friendly sort and approach spear fisherman. They cannot win!

A lower keys resident by the name of Mary “Dawn” Baker died recently. I did not know her. I wish I had. Her obituary is in this morning’s Citizen. Read it. A warm and loving rendition of her life. From small town girl to airline stewardess to hippie to world traveler to Florida keys resident.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Stone crab season opens today. The season runs from October 15 to May 15. I consider stone crabs the best of foods. If I were to be executed and had one last meal, it would be stone crabs.

I was first introduced to stone crabs in the early 1960s in Miami Beach. Where else but Joe’s Stone Crabs! I have been addicted ever since.

Local fisherman are not sure whether it will be a good season or bad. They never know at the beginning. Two months into the season they will.

Fantasy Fest had an early beginning this week. Not in Key West. In Marathon. A 60 year old man was arrested for running up and down US 1 bare ass.

The Pier House recently remodeled its beach bar. I lunched there yesterday. The remodeling was not extensive. It involved redoing the wall behind the bar. The wall is now covered with a huge wood panel with some insignificant design. Pretty. Not beachy, however.

I spent the whole afternoon writing. Two days in a row. I am into it.

Growing Up Italian has been set aside for the moment. My publisher insists on another World Upside Down work. The World Upside Down is becoming a series. I have promised to have it out forthwith.

I can see already the book will be a third longer than the first. I have decided to sneak in a couple of the Growing Up Italian and Greece book chapters. They will fit. The Growing
Up Italian has so many chapters already that it will probably end up a series, also.

I needed a taste of old time Key West. It was dinner at Hogfish at the bar. Chatted the time away with fishermen typical of days gone by. Bearded, somewhat toothless, extremely thin, bronzed and weathered. I enjoyed a comical time discussing the mundane.

Last night was Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I love doing the show! I appreciate all who listen.

Post show comments indicated the ebola portion garnered the most interest. All I said was cool it. Every one getting excited. McCain wants an ebola czar, a nurses’ union wants better training, Afro-Americans are saying the man from Liberia died because he was black. The last item bothers me. Not every issue is a black issue. Saying it is does not make it so. Keep playing the black card and eventually a legitimate cause will not gain support.

Friday night Goombay. Two days away. Fantasy Fest around the corner.

Enjoy your day! Continue Reading


I finally got a good night’s sleep last night. Thank you, Dr. Jackie Lefferts!

My back had been killing me for upwards of two weeks. Prior to last night, the previous two nights had been hell. I got very little sleep each night. I could not lie in any fashion in bed, sit in a chair, stand, walk, etc. I was in constant pain from my back down to my ankle.

Dr. Lefferts says sciatica. I will be taking an x-ray to make sure it is nothing worse.

She put me on steroids. First time ever for me. Will I get muscles?

She said…..Drop your pants! I did. A shot in the butt to start. Now pills for 5 days. She also gave me a painkiller, if I needed it. I did not last night. The steroids are to decrease inflammation.

It worked last night. Not one moment of pain. A great sleep. I had forgotten in a short time how it is good to sleep soundly and peacefully.

Let’s hope the steroids continue to work.

I missed TV last night and the bombings of Iraq and Syria. I was sound asleep early. Caught up on the news this morning.

I am glad five Arab nations joined us. I do not know what will come of this. An air of uncertainty.

I fear heads may role today. Perhaps more.

Visited Tammy at Lee Nails for a manicure and pedicure late morning yesterday. How tired was I from lack of sleep? I fell asleep three times while getting my manicure. Not the pedicure. My head dropped and I would pull up suddenly. Like when you start drowsing at a movie.

Did lunch at a strange place for lunches. Outback started a new program and is providing lunches, also. Glad I did! It was good. And cheap!

Robert was bartending. He wanted to know where I had been. I have not stopped by for dinner in a while. He showed me the new luncheon menu. Simple. Only 3-4 items, but in a mix and match fashion.

I had a cup of onion soup, a huge hamburger, and glass of diet Pepsi. Outback now gives an AARP discount. Robert wanted to know if I qualified. Was he kidding? I am 79 years old.

The entire bill was $10.23. You can’t beat it!

There were very few customers. More should try it. The lights are kept down. There was a peacefulness with the lights subdued.

I spent the afternoon working on tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou and on next week’s KONK Life column. The KONK column will concern itself with bank robbers. With a special twist.

The show will cover a multitude of sins. Like, it is now Constitutional to take a cell phone and shoot up a woman’s skirt IF she is wearing panties. Plus, the bombing, the US now leading developed nations in low wage jobs, a SWAT team used to investigate a barber shop to determine if the barbers were licensed, a shocking revelation re generals who appear on TV talk shows recommending war, and more.

Join me at 9 my time for the show. A quick half hour of dialogue.

I visited Walgreens at dinner time to get the steroids and painkillers. I spend a ton of money on prescription drugs. It still costs a lot and I have the AARP super dooper drug program. It is the donut. I am in the donut. The steroids and painkillers were cheap. It cost me $128 for my blood thinner. A 30 day supply. Terrible!

Dinner at Hogfish at the bar. Chatted with a couple of local fishermen while enjoying a lobster roll.

It rained big time during the night. Raining now. Will rain all day.

I love rain by the ocean. Ever since I was a kid. It comes in  buckets. Loud. Sometimes so thick a person cannot see very far ahead. There have been times I cannot see the MTV house across the water.

Syracuse plays Notre Dame at the Meadowlands saturday. I am concerned. Prior to last week’s game against Maryland, I thought Syracuse would crush Maryland. I obviously was wrong. I expect the opposite this saturday. I see Notre Dame killing Syracuse. At the moment, Notre Dame is an 11 point favorite.

My friend Bob Marks vacationing at the Cape, what do you think? Bob is a Syracuse fanatic as I am.

I never read the comics. Have not dome so in 60 years. For some reason yesterday, my eyes caught a comic strip called SHOE. It was penned by a Robert MacNally. There were three pictures. An elderly man sitting in a classroom as a student. He was taking a quiz. The question was…..What is Plutonium? His answer…..The name of Mickey Mouse’s dog in Latin.

Mickey Mouse was everyone’s friend in my age bracket. We who attended Catholic high school took three years of Latin. The elderly man taking the quiz could have been me.

Enjoy your day!




It is amazing the range of stories/issues I get to cover here.

Today, it is Donald Duck.

Yesterday was Donald Duck’s 80th birthday. A belated happy birthday to Donald!

The world is heavy today with saddening news. Donald’s birthday was important. He is an American icon. Loved by most, if not all. We grew up with him and Mickey Mouse and Pluto. Why was his birthday basically forgotten yesterday?

I did not know till later in the day when I heard it on the car radio. I believe the media should have shared the news of Donald’s birthday with us. The media basically failed. Good feeling news does not hurt. It can bring a smile to one’s face.

The Key West Citizen failed to make any mention of the event. Nor did KONK Life E-Blast. The New York Times failed, also. Except for a brief article it published on the internet, but not in the paper.

I was out and about driving yesterday afternoon listening to the radio. Sirius station 6. Music from the 1960s. My time. The announcer interjected it was Donald Duck’s 80th birthday. Later in the day, someone I had complained to called me to say she had just heard of it on another Sirius radio station, NPR.

Newspapers wonder why heir sales are going down. One reason may be a failure to print all the news that should be read.

It was time gym again yesterday morning. Day #5. Albert killed me! The worst yet! I hurt and he laughs!

Sloan was over later in the afternoon. I needed to be spoon fed some steps to be able to accomplish more with the computer. I truly am computer illiterate. You may not think so because I use the computer so much. However, it is true. I envy my grandchildren. They are already adept at computer use. The school have them and the kids are required to use them. Computers did not exist when I was their age.

I stopped at Hogfish a bit late. Very few people. Had a sandwich and drink at the bar. Made three new friends. Fishermen, of course. We got along well. I bought them each a beer and shot of Jack Beam.

I fell last night. When I was leaving for Hogfish. Was going back into the house to get something I forgot. Using the front door. A six inch stoop. My right foot only went up five inches. My whole right side still aches. I was fearful as I lay there that I might have broken my wrist, elbow, shoulder and/or hip. All hurt immediately. Apparently not. I merely ache this morning.

I fall a lot. Though not much recently. The reason generally is I do not lift my feet enough to make a step. Or, so I think.

The Key West Citizen carried a brief news note of an event with which most Key Westers are familiar.

In the early 1930s, Karl Tanzler Von Cosel was in love with Elena Hoyos. She 22, Karl 44. She died of tuberculosis. Karl could not live without her. He stole her body from its tomb in a mausoleum. Karl took Elena home and laid her on his bed. He kept her there for seven years. Ugh! A true story.

Today is tuesday and tuesday is my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine this evening my time. A quick half hour of interesting and revealing things.

Topics tonight include my Donald Duck dissertation, Putin screwing American banks this past week, American oil companies doing business with Russia the past couple of weeks, Argentina appointing their own Joseph Goebbels to the new post of Secretary for National Thought, a Katharine update, the story of turtles Yertle and Mack, an update concerning the Sudanese woman who refused to renounce her faith and was sentenced to death, and more.

Enjoy your day!



Key West has the reputation of being a drinking town. The reputation is warranted.

Last night, I viewed an off the wall example of alcoholic consumption. At the bar at Hogfish while I was having dinner.

A sort of big weathered guy came up to the bar and stood next to me. It appeared he was there just to order and then return  with the drinks to where ever in Hogfish he had come from. His order was a double screwdriver, a double shot of tequila, and a double shot of Grand Marnier.

Erin was bartending. A different Erin. Not the one from La Trattoria.

Erin served him the drinks. They were sitting on the bar. He asked for a lime. I figured for the tequila. As he was handed the lime, I casually mentioned to him how it would be needed after knocking down a double tequila. He looked at me. Said nothing. Merely grunted.

He picked up the double shot of grand marnier, gulped half of it down and poured the rest in the screwdriver. He did the same with the double shot of tequila. Then he picked up the lime and squeezed it in the drink looking over at me as if to say…..You got it now? And walked away.

A drinker! No question!

My blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. A quick half hour of revealing material.

I will be touching on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki symposium I wrote about in yesterday’s blog, as well as Islamic justice, global warming and the Nomad way of life, a Florida couple fined for feeding the homeless, the spike in meat prices, the 59 Nigerian boys killed, General Motors coming out on top with a mere $35 million fine, Gaddafi and Mubarak, and more.

You will enjoy. Guaranteed!

I apologize for the length of yesterday’s blog. The one concerning Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The only way the story could be effectively told required more words than usual.

Apparently, it was read by many. The comments received are among the most ever. One comment  described the blog as “…..compelling reading.” If you missed it, you may want to go back and read it. I believe you will find it most interesting.

Enjoy your day!


In the present era, banks continue to be whores.

A perfect example is Capital One. Capital One is one of the largest bank distributors of credit cards world wide.

A new addition to Capital One’s contract was announced/discovered yesterday. The contract between Capital One and the card holder is all those pages one receives once a year in the mail from Capital One. Small print, both sides of a sheet. Somewhere buried is something new between Capitol One and its card holders.

It provides that Capital One can contact a cardholder anytime it wants, including “personal visits.” The personal visits are “…at your home and at your place of employment.”

Simply stated, Capital One has added to its many rights, the right to walk into your home unannounced at any time. Further, bother you at your place of employment.

The IRS and police cannot enter your home without a search warrant or some type court order. The Fourth Amendment prohibits illegal searches and seizures. The Fourth Amendment applies only to governmental interference, however. Capital One is not the government or a government agency.

Additionally, Capital One’s new rights are predicated on a contract. A civil matter. The courts have not been favorable in recent years to the public in confrontations of this nature. The court decisions generally have held the contract controls.

If Capital One can do it, I am sure the other credit card companies will follow suit. Be prepared for a new guest at the dinner table. The bill collector.

I spent yesterday afternoon finalizing last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I enjoyed doing the show last night. There were a lot of other goodies to talk about in addition to the Capital One issue.

Between final preparation and the show, I ran off to Hogfish for an early dinner. Sat at the bar and chatted with my fisherman friends. These guys are the true old time fisherman. Teeth missing, bearded, weather beaten faces.  Theirs is another world.

Syracuse basketball again tonight! This time against Boston college. Syracuse a 16 point favorite. Means nothing based on recent games.

Syracuse remains undefeated at 25-0. Boston college is 6-19. We should beat their asses! But…..who knows anymore? Syracuse seems to play to the level of its competition.

We should win.

Saturday is Duke. What a game that will be!

I will be watching the Syracuse/Boston College game at Don’s Place tonight. Join me, my Syracuse fans.

Enjoy your day!



Thirty three years ago this week  I was in Portland, Maine. First and last time. Said I would never return and I have not.

Bob and Helen got married. I was their best man. The ceremony took place in a small Lutheran Church. The same Church Helen’s parents had been married in during World War II. Nostalgia was in the air. Helen wore the same suit and hat her mother had worn. She was lovely!

The ceremony was by candlelight. Not because of the mood it created. Rather because there was an electricity problem which you will understand better as this tale unwinds.

Afterwards, we celebrated with dinner at what was purported to be the oldest restaurant in Portland. I believed it. The structure was just clapboard. Nothing else. No more wood, no plaster board, no insulation.

I froze my ass off! The whole time in Portland. The restaurant being the worst. It was twenty below zero!

I had driven to Portland with a friend. Bob Mazza. I had a cold before I even started the trip. It got much worse in the -20 degree weather. By the time I hit the restaurant, I thought I was going to die.

Heat. forget it. There was no heat anywhere. It was 1981. Carter was President. We were experiencing our first big fuel crisis. An example of how bad it was was when I went to a mammoth shopping center to buy something to help cure my cold. The place was like a refrigerator. No, a deep freeze. The store the employees all wearing winter coats and fur lined boots. The boots still stick in my mind.

The next day Bob and I headed south. He was to drop me off at the Boston airport. I had planned to go to a Club Med in Martinique. Bob thought I was too sick to go. I thought so too. I was feverish and felt like shit. All of a sudden I decided screw it! Take  me to the airport! The sun would kill whatever was bothering my body.

I went to Martinique. Two days on the beach in the sun and I was cured!

Bob and Helen. Happy anniversary! You are two of the loveliest people I know. I was honored  when Bob asked me to be best man. I continue to feel honored to this day. It is unfortunate we do not see more of each other. My fault more than yours.

Bob and Helen have retired to Las Vegas.

Last night was dinner at the Hogfish bar with Pati.

At noon today, the Syracuse/North Carolina basketball game. Syracuse is a 7 point favorite. I will be watching the game at the Sports Pub.

I know Bob will be watching the game. He is a die hard Syracuse fan as I am.

Enjoy your day!



My day yesterday started at the TV studio at 10. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Once again, it was enjoyable to do.

There is always some topic that garners the most interest. I base which one on post show comments. Yesterday, it was my tirade on Black Friday. I do not mind Black Friday on Friday. I do mind it starting Thanksgiving. I believe every one is entitled to a paid day off on a holiday. Especially low paid employees. A day of rest and feast with the family.

Back when I was young and up through my early years in the practice, there were something called Blue Laws. All over the United states. Blue Laws prohibited stores from being open and selling on Sundays. The day was one of rest and also to pay homage to God. The keep holy the Sabbath thing.

Blue Laws are no more, except in a few small places. Commercial greed has won over. I say bring back the Blue Laws. Prohibit Black Friday on Thanksgiving. Give everyone a break.

I spent the afternoon writing. I have two books going at the present. One is Growing Up Italian. It covers my life from birth through college. I worked on the book yesterday. I am still at the outlining stage. Much to do. I hope to devote 3-4 hours a day to it through December.

The publisher and I are in a bit of a disagreement. I want the growing up book. He thinks I should come out with a book of essays similar to the one just published. Book publication and promotion are not my field.  I rely on the publisher. We shall see.

In the mean time, The World Upside Down appears to have been acquired by some. I am at the stage where people are asking me to autograph their copy of the book. Amazing!

Cold yesterday morning. Cold last night. In between, terrific weather. By day, high 70s. This morning 70. Cold for me. Cold for most Key Westers. I repeat myself. Once you have lived on a sub-tropical island as Key West for an extended time, your blood thins. The cold is more dramatically felt.

Last night spent at Hogfish. Had dinner with Pati. Ran into Steve. Steve is a Syracuse graduate, also. We used to watch Syracuse basketball together. Last season, he was nowhere to be found. We were happy to see each other last night. He is back. I will once again have a pro Syracuse companion at the games.

I was home early. Early enough to see a good part of the Arizona/Duke game.

Syracuse plays Indiana Tuesday night. Tuesday is blog talk radio for me. I will probably only catch half the game and that will be at home.

Enjoy your day!



You northerners can laugh all you want! Sixty three degrees is cold in Key West! Our blood is thin.

I will probably wear long pants tonight. It has been months since last my legs were so covered.

Hogfish for dinner last night. I had my blog talk radio show to do at 9. I like to stay close to home. Enjoyed a lobster roll and read the newspapers.

Blog talk time later. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. If you missed the show, it is archived. It is also available on You tube.

I have visited Greece twice in the last year and a half. Roughly one month each time. Traveled the islands as well as visiting Athens. I love Greece! It has everything. Yesterday, today and the scent of tomorrow. It also has problems. Big time.

The euro and Germany have devastated the Greek economy. The highest rate of unemployment in all of Europe exists in Greece. Jobs almost non-existent. Many unemployed. Begging common place. Fathers cannot feed their families. Demonstrations. The Nazi party on the rise.

I have written four articles for KONK  Life concerning today’s Greece. Two of them are in my recently published book. The World Upside Down.

Now comes an even more tragic event. You will find it hard to believe. But as I have been repeatedly saying, desperate people do desperate things.

The World Health Organization announced yesterday an HIV twist never heard before. Anywhere. Fathers and single mothers are injecting themselves with the HIV virus. Intentionally. The reason simple. The Greek government considers HIV a disabling illness. Persons so afflicted receive a 700 euro a month pension from the government. Plus free medical to help contain and control the disease.

Seven hundred euros is a lot of money in the Greek economy of today. Rent can be paid and food put on the table. Not a lot, but enough to sustain a family.

Would you believe? Have you ever heard? Desperate people do do desperate things!

The World Upside Down is available for sale. and The Greek stories I have included in the book give you a taste of the book’s style. Read it. I am sure you will enjoy the essays. Consider purchasing extra copies as Christmas gifts for friends.

Syracuse beat California in the Maui Classic last night 92-81. I did not see the game. Got screwed up somehow. I thought there were only four teams in the tournament. Turns out there must be six. Syracuse plays Baylor tonight in the finals. Both teams are ranked. Syracuse #8 and Baylor #18. Should be a good game. The game will be Syracuse’s first test against a ranked team.

I will be watching the game from the comfort of my bed. It does not begin till 10 pm.

Tomorrow is turkey day! I enjoy the Thanksgiving meal. I will stuff myself. Recently lost 16 pounds so there is room to spare.

Lisa bought the turkey sunday. It has been sitting in my garage refrigerator thawing. I checked it this morning. Still hard as a rock! Lisa’s headache to resolve. I am sure she will.

Enjoy your day!