You are wrong if you think today’s blog is about the Ferguson/Garner demonstrations. There is enough hype in the media. This blog concerns itself with another burning.

Luoyang City is in China. The city burns money for power. To make electricity. Coal is not used.

The money consists of old and damaged banknotes. Instead of burning and trashing the worn out dollars, they are used to save money. Help the enviroment, also. Every 1.32 million kWh of electricity produced via this method is equivalent to 4,000 tons of coal being burned.

You have to give the Chinese credit! Other Chinese cities should take heed and follow in Luoyang’s steps.

My yesterday began with a manicure. Tammy always good company. Many I know now get their manicures and pedicures at Tammy’s Lee Nails. It solved my Christmas buying problem. I got them all gift certificates for Lee Nails.

I spent the afternoon working on tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Topics include the rules for sex handbook the Islamics handed out to Iraqis, Lee Trevino and the Ryder cup, torture being a manifestation of who we are, cops raiding a wrong house and shooting and killing a grandfather laying face down, if derivatives fail how there is not enough U.S. dollars to cover the loss, and more.

A quick moving revealing half hour. Join me. Nine o’clock tonight. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Last night was Don’s Place first. Enjoyed David’s company while there. Then off to Tavern ‘n Town for dinner. No room at the inn. The bar was jam packed 3-4 deep. I turned around and went home where I prepared something to eat.

I have a friend Anne in upstate New york. She originally lived in Ithaca. Most recently in Syracuse. Ithaca is the home of Cornell University.

This past weekend Ithaca held its annual winter carnival. At the downtown Ithaca Commons. A three day ice carving contest. Contestants from all over the world. $9,000 in prize money.

Something like Key West’s chalk and sand contests.

Anne sent me a picture of the outdoor bar. Sculpted in ice. Twelve feet long. Bar stools and all. Not part of the contest.  A place where beer and wine were sold. Dancing, too. The only admonition was to dress warm. In the background of the photo, mounds of snow were evident.

My diet is working. 21 pounds this morning. I am into my ninth week.

Some have asked what the diet is. I have dieted my entire adult life. A yo yo. Probably done every diet. This diet is a composition of what I considered the best parts of each.

It’s working!

Enjoy your day!


I finally got a good night’s sleep last night. Thank you, Dr. Jackie Lefferts!

My back had been killing me for upwards of two weeks. Prior to last night, the previous two nights had been hell. I got very little sleep each night. I could not lie in any fashion in bed, sit in a chair, stand, walk, etc. I was in constant pain from my back down to my ankle.

Dr. Lefferts says sciatica. I will be taking an x-ray to make sure it is nothing worse.

She put me on steroids. First time ever for me. Will I get muscles?

She said…..Drop your pants! I did. A shot in the butt to start. Now pills for 5 days. She also gave me a painkiller, if I needed it. I did not last night. The steroids are to decrease inflammation.

It worked last night. Not one moment of pain. A great sleep. I had forgotten in a short time how it is good to sleep soundly and peacefully.

Let’s hope the steroids continue to work.

I missed TV last night and the bombings of Iraq and Syria. I was sound asleep early. Caught up on the news this morning.

I am glad five Arab nations joined us. I do not know what will come of this. An air of uncertainty.

I fear heads may role today. Perhaps more.

Visited Tammy at Lee Nails for a manicure and pedicure late morning yesterday. How tired was I from lack of sleep? I fell asleep three times while getting my manicure. Not the pedicure. My head dropped and I would pull up suddenly. Like when you start drowsing at a movie.

Did lunch at a strange place for lunches. Outback started a new program and is providing lunches, also. Glad I did! It was good. And cheap!

Robert was bartending. He wanted to know where I had been. I have not stopped by for dinner in a while. He showed me the new luncheon menu. Simple. Only 3-4 items, but in a mix and match fashion.

I had a cup of onion soup, a huge hamburger, and glass of diet Pepsi. Outback now gives an AARP discount. Robert wanted to know if I qualified. Was he kidding? I am 79 years old.

The entire bill was $10.23. You can’t beat it!

There were very few customers. More should try it. The lights are kept down. There was a peacefulness with the lights subdued.

I spent the afternoon working on tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou and on next week’s KONK Life column. The KONK column will concern itself with bank robbers. With a special twist.

The show will cover a multitude of sins. Like, it is now Constitutional to take a cell phone and shoot up a woman’s skirt IF she is wearing panties. Plus, the bombing, the US now leading developed nations in low wage jobs, a SWAT team used to investigate a barber shop to determine if the barbers were licensed, a shocking revelation re generals who appear on TV talk shows recommending war, and more.

Join me at 9 my time for the show. A quick half hour of dialogue. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

I visited Walgreens at dinner time to get the steroids and painkillers. I spend a ton of money on prescription drugs. It still costs a lot and I have the AARP super dooper drug program. It is the donut. I am in the donut. The steroids and painkillers were cheap. It cost me $128 for my blood thinner. A 30 day supply. Terrible!

Dinner at Hogfish at the bar. Chatted with a couple of local fishermen while enjoying a lobster roll.

It rained big time during the night. Raining now. Will rain all day.

I love rain by the ocean. Ever since I was a kid. It comes in  buckets. Loud. Sometimes so thick a person cannot see very far ahead. There have been times I cannot see the MTV house across the water.

Syracuse plays Notre Dame at the Meadowlands saturday. I am concerned. Prior to last week’s game against Maryland, I thought Syracuse would crush Maryland. I obviously was wrong. I expect the opposite this saturday. I see Notre Dame killing Syracuse. At the moment, Notre Dame is an 11 point favorite.

My friend Bob Marks vacationing at the Cape, what do you think? Bob is a Syracuse fanatic as I am.

I never read the comics. Have not dome so in 60 years. For some reason yesterday, my eyes caught a comic strip called SHOE. It was penned by a Robert MacNally. There were three pictures. An elderly man sitting in a classroom as a student. He was taking a quiz. The question was…..What is Plutonium? His answer…..The name of Mickey Mouse’s dog in Latin.

Mickey Mouse was everyone’s friend in my age bracket. We who attended Catholic high school took three years of Latin. The elderly man taking the quiz could have been me.

Enjoy your day!




I woke to bad news this morning.

Tom and Cindy are dear friends. Key west friends. They are from Iowa. Used to spend three months a year in Key West during the season.

They both read the blog. We arranged to meet on one of their trips. I remember our meeting distinctly. It was this time of the year. I was watching basketball at the Sports Page Bar when they showed up.

We became instantaneous friends. And have been so for many years.

I noticed Cindy only had one leg. I soon discovered she had had something like eight surgeries for five different cancers. Her leg was gone right up to her body. A couple of operations involved brain tumors.

The woman never complained. Always a smile on her face.

Tom is not only the husband of husbands, he is totally in love with Cindy. His care and concern are obvious.

Tom and Cindy stopped spending three months a year in Key West several years ago. Instead, they are spending their time in Largo. Fortunately for me and many others, they take one month out to travel to Key West from Largo each season.

We are at opposite ends of the spectrum politically. Being from Iowa, they are true 100 per cent conservative Republicans. We never the less get along.

I love them both.

I woke to an e mail from Tom this morning. Cindy fell on a wet floor at a restaurant in Largo. She broke her one and only leg and shattered her hip. Tom says he has never seen her in such pain. It has to be bad!

Recover swiftly, Cindy! Your many friends in Key West miss you. We will be cheated this year. I doubt you will be able to spend a month this with us.

Interesting revelation yesterday. I was getting a manicure with Tammy at Lee Nails. It dawned on me that many Vietnamese who have come to the United States are nail people. I asked Tammy where and how they learned in Vietnam. I was surprised to learn that the talent is not native Vietnamese. They do not learn it in Vietnam. It is when they come to the United States and are looking for work, that they join with the many who have come before them. They go to school here and learn how to do nails.

Great game last night! I watched it from my bed. Stayed up too late. Enjoyed the talk shows afterwards.

Connecticut was the best team! The best team won. Plain and simple.

The Connecticut players are lucky. How many have the opportunity to be #1 and a champion in something. Anything. These young men will remember the rest of their lives the victory. The high point in their lives.

My blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Topics tonight include interesting Ukraine updates, China in trouble economically, an Atlanta bishop giving up his $2.2 million retirement home, Iceland arresting more big bankers, Venezuela really in the toilet, and more.

Enjoy your day!


A lot of miscellaneous things  happened yesterday. I am going to take them in the order of their occurrence.

It took me a half hour to get from the Shell Station in Key Haven to Key West. Traffic was backed up all the way. I was fuming. My thought was the boulevard construction was really screwing things up. Turned out I was wrong. There was an accident at the Cow Key Bridge.

Speaking of the Cow Key Bridge, Sheila told me last night there is going to be a race/run over the Cow Key Bridge next month. For those less than athletic. The bridge is at best 500 feet long. I agreed to participate. I will walk, however.

I was heading to see Tammy. Manicure time. I enjoy her company. I admire and respect the business she and her husband have developed.

Lunch was at Azur. Exceptionally fine food. I should go more often. The man I had lunch with was interesting and entertaining. My age. We had many common things to talk about. When we left, we shook hands and expressed to each other how pleased we were to have met. We both felt a new friendship had been formed.

Five hours later, I discovered the man was not one to like. I found him to be duplicit, two faced, and a sneak. That bad!

Will Rogers used to say he never met a man he did not like. I would say that I had never met a person in Key West I did not like. Until yesterday.

Friends we will not be. His identity is immaterial. He has done one good thing. Provided me with a character to include in a future novel.

The Chart Room last night. Packed when I arrived. It was me and Sheila. Lovely Emily bartending. John came in later.

Sheila can only be described as a good person. Concerned for everyone. Honestly so.

Sheila became aware of a lost camera at The Little White House. A good sized one. The White House had had it for a week and no one came in to claim the camera. They let Sheila take it to see if she could discover the owner.

She pulled the picture card out of the camera and ran the film. She placed some of the pictures on Facebook and asked…..Do you know these people? Within one half hour, she had 14 replies. Everyone helpful. Who was going to run her message on other sites. One said a woman’s tee shirt in one of the pictures was from Fort Lauderdale. She was going to check with the store there.

Emily has become involved. Sheila and Emily are on a quest to discover the owner.

The beauty of Key West people! All except the one I discovered earlier that I did not like.

A major announcement. Sheila’s birthday is next tuesday. Forget her not! Monday is Charlotte’s birthday. Charlotte from the Carolinas. Her boy friend is Skip, radio 104.9’s premier announcer. A big party week in the making!

I have spoken well of the new Burger Fi. No more. My burger was great the first time I went. I returned three times, last night being the third. The last few burgers have been close to terrible. I will not be returning to Burger Fi.

Finally, to Fuddrukers. Twenty five to thirty years ago, I did Coconut Grove. It was my place before I discovered Key West. There was a great burger/steak sandwich place in Coconut Grove. Fuddruckers. Their steak sandwich to die for. On soft butter soaked bread. Screw the cholesterol time!

I have neither seen nor been to a Fuddruckers since. I learned yesterday a Fuddruckers is coming to Key West. Fantastic! Unless the quality of the beef has changed, it will be a winner! Interestingly, it is opening next door to Burger Fi.

So much for yesterday.

Bocce tonight. I look forward to playing. I am scheduled to play the third game. Last week, it was the first game. Scheduling. I hope we win the match. This is the third week of the season. We lost the first two weeks. None on the team can understand why. This is like the fourth consecutive season we have not been winners. We are good. No question about it. But whatever it takes to win, we lost. We keep searching for it.

Enjoy your day!



I spelled Girrrl correctly.

Last night at the Chart Room, I met Laura and Gary from Virginia. Laura is National Sales Manager for Dish Network. Gary, a gun dealer.

Laura is also the Garden Girrrl. She writes a blog! We bonded immediately. Her blog can be found at gardengirrrl@wordpress.com.

We chatted about blogging, WordPress, and related matters. She was excited when I mentioned I had just published my first book. The World Upside Down. She asked where it could be found. I happily told her Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com.

Read Laura’s blog.

Kevin is a snow bird. In Key West for the winter. We had met before. Howard came in. He and Kevin are friends. The three of us sat together.

Howard is originally from Manhattan. Now retired, he lives on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. He used to own a coffee shop on the Outer Banks which he sold. He still works there part time.

Emily comes into the picture. Emily knew Howard well. Chart Room Emily once lived and worked on the Outer Banks. She braided hair.

I enjoyed talking with Kevin, Howard, and Emily.

Kevin has a terrific party planned for Sunday afternoon. He invited me. Nice guy. Not sure I can make it.

I left and drove over to Don’s Place. David was leaving as I arrived. Met a woman who knows Lisa. Her name escapes me. I sat down to talk with Grant. He stayed five minutes and left. Apparently did not enjoy my company. Only joking!

I was hungry. Stopped at Outback for a prime rib dinner. My concession to good health was I ordered the small portion and steamed vegetables.

My doctor called me. X-rays showed no fractured ribs. Probably bruised, however. I still hurt. Between the pain pills and a few drinks the pain disappeared. Slept good, also.

The morning was involved with my TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. The issues that interested most people were twofold.

One involved police brutality, courts that support such activity, and legislation that permits unreasonable acts by authorities. My comments were motivated by the strip search of the Indian Deputy Consul General in New York City this week.

Also, a New Mexican woman aged 54 that was anally searched for drugs, compelled to move her bowels in front of hospital staff and police officers and otherwise infringed upon. No drugs found, of course. The hospital billed her $6,000.

Crazy world! Getting more so by the minute.

I visited Tammy at Lee Nails after the show. Manicure and pedicure. Tammy is a joy! A tiny and beautiful Asian woman. We have interesting conversations.

Key West weather continues to be delightful. Low 80s by night, low 70s by evening. Sleep with the windows open. I can feel the breeze coming in over the ocean.

Enjoy your day!








Two things bugged me yesterday. Though I have labeled them in the title as the complaints of an old man, they are such that would bother an adult of any age.

Publix. I was grocery shopping around 10 yesterday morning. A good crowd of shoppers. Such as one would expect on a Saturday morning. With all those people and all the carts they were pushing, why did Publix pick that time to stock its shelves? Boxes stacked here and there in every aisle. Stock clerks busy.

It was no fun shopping. For anyone!

Next came the Syracuse/Pitt football game. I was surprised to find it being shown on TV. It was on channel 3. Six minutes to go in the last quarter. The score 17-16. Syracuse down by one point. Syracuse had just gotten possession of the football via an interception or fumble. All of a sudden, I was watching another game. The station never went back to the Syracuse/Pitt game.

Can you blame me for being upset? Syracuse lost, by the way. 17-16.

My morning yesterday started with an early visit with Tammy for a manicure. Then to Publix. Following which I visited Larry Smith.

Larry is home convalescing from surgery. Double knee replacement. The surgery was done about 10 days ago. Larry was half propped up in the middle of his bed. There was a machine moving his leg up and down. The machine was periodically moved to the other knee.

Larry’s walking is limited to a walker to and from the bathroom.

He looked good. Apparently convalescing well. He was calm. Unusual for Larry. I suspect it was the pain pills.

I enjoyed my visit with Larry and Christine. Christine, always the dutiful wife,  was constantly doing her part. Move the machine, a new setting, etc. Whatever Larry needed. A terrific woman! A first class wife!

The World Upside Down has a review. On Amazon.com. In Italian so I do not know if it is good or bad.

The adage that you get what you pay for always seems to run true. Two years ago, a friend bought me a large flat screen TV. Forty five inches. It was purchased over the internet. When delivered, the delivery guy carried it in and set it up. Great service.

I looked for the brand name on the set. Could not find one. Who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth, however.

The TV died this week. I had Tim Reynolds in to evaluate the situation. The problem has to do with the picture part. He told me I would be better off buying a new one.

I sense the purchase price was a bargain.  The set lasted only two years. An example of getting what you pay for.

My TV/internet show The Key West Lou Legal Hour is available on You Tube. Enter Key West Lou and the date of the show. The show is each Friday so it is easy to recall the date. The show will come out on top and be easy to click on.

I share this information with you to simplify things. I thought all one had to enter was Key West Lou. The show did come up but was buried amongst my shows for the past year. By putting in the date, no further searching is involved.

I am probably going to irritate some people now. I do not mean to do so. However, I have an opinion I feel compelled to express.

The deal with Iran announced in the last 24 hours bothers me. I question the trustworthiness of the Iranians. I question the competence of Kerry to have made the deal. I worry about Obama embracing it.

My experience business wise has always been that when doing business with a Middle Easterner, he would shake my hand with one hand while picking my pocket with the other. Or, at least trying.

The deal concerns me.

Enjoy your Sunday!




The Washington, DC trip tired me out. I figured I should go easy last night. I decided on a quiet dinner at the Yacht Club. Good luck! It was like New Years Eve! People and noise. A fun time. I played and am paying this morning. I was too tired last night and feel worse this morning.

Instead of going home from the Yacht Club, I went to Don’s Place. No Don. But everyone else. Mostly from my bocce team. It was good to see everyone again.

Tonight is the bocce banquet. For the whole league. Something like 50-60 teams. At Turtle Krall. I plan on being there.

Yesterday was busy by day, also.

The morning began with the Key West Lou legal Hour. My tv/internet show. Love doing it! Post show comments indicted most enjoyed hearing about theWashington trip.

Yesterday was my last show till August. I leave on my European trip thursday. The show will go on, however. Reruns. If you have not seen all the shows, tune in. You might catch one you have missed. The Key West Lou Legal Hour is also televised saturdays at 4:30 and sundays at 3. In addition to which, it is You Tubed.

I will be doing my blog talk radio show. It is going to be exciting! I will be broadcasting from Italy, Greece and France. Live. Tuesday evenings Florida time at 9.

The show is archived and available all the time for listening. Weekly stats indicate that most of my listeners tune into the archived version.

I will continue to write my KONK Life column from where ever I am. They should be terrific! I most likely will be writing about some of my trip experiences.

Saw my doctor Jackie Lefferts for a pre trip check up. She says I am ok to go.

Spent some time at the opticians. I had three pair of glasses to be repaired. I stepped on one prescription pair. Did a number to it. Lost the lens on another. Fortunately, I found the lens. The third pair needed the frames tightened.

Now I am ready for Europe! I can see!

KONK Life has been on the stands since thurday. It carries my article on the Holocaust and my thought that man is inherently a killer. I did next week’s column yesterday.  The College Loan Program…..A Ripoff. Unfair and corrupt. The article is an eye opener. It comes out next thursday.

A busy day today. Sloan will be here shortly. I took a lot of pictures  in Washington. Want to put them on WordPress and Facebook. I hope I learn well. My plan is to post some pics every day while I am in Europe.

Enjoy your day!





The rumors are true. The Pier House has been sold. For $90 million!

What a country, America!

It is worth every penny. A great top shelf hotel. Property and personnel the best.

I hope the new owners do not screw around with the Chart Room. It has been the same for 45 years. One of the last vestiges of the real Key West.

My day yesterday started with Tammy. A manicure at Lee Nails. Always a pleasure.

I received a haircut from Lori the day before. Both at the Lori’s place and Lee nails, there were obviously fewer customers. The same in restaurants and bars. A sign the season is over!

I spent an unusually long time in the afternoon writing next week’s KONK Life column. I titled it Avalanches, A Tsunami And Hot Water. A global warming piece. Similar to the segment I did on my tv/internet show in the morning. With additional facts added.

The Arctic and melting ice are prominent in the article. You will be surprised how much the Arctic ice mass has and does affect everyone in the northern hemisphere. Including Key West.

Greenhouse gases played a prominent role in the article.

This morning, I read in an Internet article that greenhouse gases are affecting the atmosphere at the highest level in years. It was announced by some organization  that studies greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide that carbon dioxide measured 400 parts per million. That is comparable to the stock market having hit 15,000 for the first time this week.

It was further reported that the level has been rising faster in recent decades because of the Industrial Revolution. Something we all knew.

I ate at the bar at Outback last night.

Tina recently reminded me that I was eating there again after blaspheming Outback in a blog a few months ago. I had concluded that Outback was charging an extra $5 for sides. I thought it was outrageous.

I was wrong and wish to publically acknowledge my error. I must have had one drink too many when I surveyed the menu the night in question. I made a mistake! Please……everyone…..enjoy dinner some evening at Outback. The prices are right and the food excellent.

I was at the Outback bar at 6. I planned on seeing the Gatsby movie at 7:20.

I only somewhat enjoyed the movie. The first half moved too slowly. The second half, fast! The acting was superb. Leonardo DiCaprio another version of Gatsby. He played the part well. The movie is worth seeing. I viewed the 3D version. The movie itself will not win an Academy Award for best picture. DiCaprio deserves to be nominated for Best Actor.

Benghazi continues to be in the news. A lot of nothing? A bit of something? I do not know.

What I do know is that the Republicans are being two faced. Typical politicians. The Democrats are equally as bad when they think they have an issue by the proverbial testicles.

Issa and other Republicans voted in 2009 to cut $1.2 billion from State operations, which included funds for 300 more diplomatic security positions.

House Republicans voted to cut the administration’s request for embassy security funding by $128 million in 2011 and $331 million in 2012.

Just sharing.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour is being rerun today at 4:30. On television via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19 all the way up through Miami-Dade County.

The show is now totally You Tubed. You can watch it there anytime.

I watched the rerun of my show yesterday morning. I was impressed! Excuse my modesty! It was entertaining. I was sad, happy, serious, and funny. I should be on television! Ho ho!

Enjoy your Saturday!



It was a Donald night last night!

I stopped into Don’s Place. I knew Don would be there. Wednesday is his golf day. He follows the game up with time at the bar.

Don and David were chatting. I joined them. One of the items discussed was bocce. This evening is league night. We are playing a team that has won only one game. Hopefully, we will win three. You never know, however. Bocce can be like the recent college basketball season.

Our team is in 4th place. Not bad. There are 14 teams. Fourth place is where we have been the past couple of years. Better than last place or way down in the rankings as we used to be.

The team won all 3 games last week. Without me. I could not make it. Perhaps I should stay away more often.

I said my good byes. Told Don and David I was off to the Chart Room. Don decided to join me.

As interesting as the Chart Room can be, it was more so last night with the presence of Don. He chatted away with Emily, met Peter. We  met Mary from Chicago. In Key West on vacation. She visits frequently. Knows Key West well.

Chicago Mary had been to Don’s Place before. We were returning there. She asked to join us. I took her in my car.

We chatted some more at Don’s Place. It was time for me to leave. Mary asked for a ride to Willy T’s on Duval. A tourist place. Across from La Trattoria. I drove her over.

I was home in bed early.

My morning began with a manicure. With Tammy at Lee Nails, of course. Tammy is the personification of Asian beauty. It is always a pleasure to be with her.

Then to Lisa’s. I am still bonding with Jake.

Lisa had taken Jake to the Vet’s for the first time earlier in the morning. She said he was very swell behaved. The Vet told Lisa that Jake is as big as he is going to get. He is a terrier mix of sorts. Stands about 15 inches tall and weighs 9.5 pounds. One year old.

It was a beautiful day. I have become pale. I do not spend enough time outside. I put the top down and drove US 1 to Sugarloaf and back. My sun lamp. Thirty minutes. It did some good. My cheeks are rosy red this morning.

I spent a couple of hours at home working on friday’s TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Some interesting material has been accumulated. I will be speaking on the Iraqi War and its effect on the national debt, the Cyprus situation, the shame of Congress regarding its failure to entertain the assault weapons ban, a money strapped city that required male employees to bring their own toilet paper to work, the Gutenberg bible, a 1349 massacre of Jews, the early New York Yankees, and more.

Join me. Good stuff!

The show is at 10 in the morning my time. It is available on television via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19 from Key West through Miami-Dade County. The show is available world wide via the internet. www.tvchannel19.com.

All of a sudden, I was tired. I plopped on the bed and slept for 2 hours.

Sloan arrived. We worked on perfecting the blog talk radio show.

Emily told me last night another cold front was coming in today. Not a bad one, however. It is here this morning. It is a bit chilly. The high today will only be 73. Cool for us. Warm for you folks up north. I am not complaining. Merely sharing information.

The Florida keys are experiencing a manatee problem. Better stated, the manatees are experiencing a problem. An algae has developed out in the ocean that is not healthy for the manatees. Over 100 have died so far. I feel bad. I am sure most others in the keys do also. Manatees are big friendly hulks. Loved by all.

When I have bocce, I go out for lunch. Bocce starts early so I do not have time for dinner. Today my thought is Hogfish.

Enjoy your day!



The Saturday before Christmas was quiet and mundane.

I watched the Syracuse/Temple basketball game at noon from the comfort of my bed. Syracuse lost. By four points. Syracuse deserved to lose. The team did nothing right, except to show up. Made less than half their foul shots, did not control the offensive backboards, did not set up for plays, permitted the zone defense to be penetrated at will, etc.

Temple on the other hand played a perfect game. While Syracuse played its worst.

Better the loss came now rather than next month when the team is into Big East play.

Had a manicure appointment after the game. Cold outside! Wore long pants and a winter type jacket. It never got over 66 degrees yesterday.

Talked with Santa claus on the telephone. Had to update him on Robert and Ally. Santa will be with both of them at dinner time Christmas eve.

Love it!

Planned on going out in the evening. I enjoyed my previous evening. However, I did not feel quite right. Stomach a bit queasy. Stayed home.

Diet going well. Tomorrow makes one month. Eighteen pounds so far. I will be cheating Christmas eve and day.

My blog talk radio show Tuesday morning at 7 my time. The Key West Lou Blog Talk Radio Show.  One half hour of current events to chat about. Join me. Listen in, talk, do whatever you like. You will enjoy.

The show is easy to find. Only on the internet. Listen. Nothing to see.  A radio talk show. Enter www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. Or you can click the blog talk radio button on Facebook and Twitter. On Word Press, click blogroll.

In each instance, my blog talk radio home page comes up.

Two boxes on the home page. Click the second one containing the date of the show.

Voila! You will be there! Then follow the listen/call in instructions.

Enjoy your Sunday before Christmas eve!