Washington continues to abuse the American public. The funny part is we take it. Over and over again.

The latest gambit is an affront to the taxpaying public. I refer to that part of the budget bill passed by the House last night that permits bank subsidiary derivative action to be covered by taxpayer dollars in the event the bank takes a loss. A similar scenario to what occurred because of the 2008 mortgage debacle.

Dodd-Frank passed in 2010 prohibited the taxpayer guarantee. Last night’s vote does away with that portion of Dodd-Frank. It is a step back to 2008.

Permit me to portray the situation in its simplest form. Wall Street reaps big profits from derivative trading. Wall Street gets paid big bonuses for its derivative trading successes. If Wall Street makes mega dollars when it wins, I believe Wall Street should be prepared to handle any losses sustained in a downside.

Tell me any other businessman that has his action covered with taxpayer monies. Businessmen stand the risk. When things are good, they  and their businesses profit. Both live well. When business is poor, they have to stand the loss alone. No government agency steps in and bails them out.

I was impressed with Senator Warren yesterday. She sounds like a breath of fresh air. I hope she stays that way and is not contaminated by the system.

My day yesterday started with a haircut by Lori. She was number one on my hit parade. She exclaimed as I walked in…..You lost weight! At 20 pounds, it is beginning to show. Love it!

Visited Lisa afterwards. Jake greeted me. He was outside. I am amazed how we have become friends. Good friends.

By the way, Jake is healthy once more. Whatever was bothering him seems to have gone away. He looks better and acts better.

Then to Smathers Beach for a walk. The cooler weather makes outdoor walking easier.

Key West is going to stay cool for a few more days. The high today will be 67. Tonight, the temperature will drop to 62.

Christmas is two weeks away. An inexpensive gift is my book. The World Upside Down. The cover Key West. Me sitting outside under the tiki hut typing with the water and mangroves behind me. A big green KEY WEST LOU across the top.

The book’s contents interesting. I cover everything from the Florida keys woman who was shaving her privates while driving to world events to feel good stories.

The World Upside Down is available at and

Enjoy your day!




The cold spell leaves today. The temperature will be 77.

I feel sorry for my friends up north. Especially in the Buffalo area. Tom Dixon, who I mentioned yesterday, actually lives to the south of Buffalo. He is in the middle of it all. News reports say 4-5 feet of snow yesterday. Could be as much as 3 feet more today.

I lived with snow for 71 years. I miss it not!

The title to today’s blog is not meant for Patrick. Though it could apply. Rather, I am referring to Harry Bethel. Bethel is the leader of the pack regarding nudity and Fantasy Fest. He has taken to the task with fervor. His right.

I was reading this week’s Keynoter last night. There was an article on the Fantasy Fest nudity/sex issue. The article stated that Bethel admitted he had never attended a Fantasy Fest. A blind man leading the dissidents.

Had dinner last night at Tavern ‘n Town. Packed, as usual. There was an empty seat next to me. A gentleman took it. We ended up conversing. His company most enjoyable. His name Elias Gerth.

Gerth is a local physician. His speciality internal medicine. His office is on Flagler near Government Road.

I look forward to running into him again.

On the way out after dinner, I saw Allan Wimer and Robin Weiss. To know them is to love them. We hugged, kissed and chatted.  I see them both not often enough.

Jake has become a Key West icon in his own right. I thank the many who have e-mailed with concern for Jake and the medical attention he is receiving. Lisa reports this morning that Jake appears ok. However, he is medicated. He was sick during the night.

Jake is a fortunate animal. He has Lisa and the family. Others are concerned. Jake is loved. More than loved, Jake is lucky. He was adopted from the animal shelter about 1 1/2 years ago. Jake might have ended up being put to sleep if Lisa and the family had not discovered him. It may have been Jake who discovered them. His face says it all. He is adorable and lovable.

Syracuse basketball tonight! Syracuse plays California. The game is in Madison Square Garden. The first round in a pre-season tournament. Syracuse is favored by 5 points.

Madison Square Garden is no stranger to Syracuse. When in the Big East, many games were played there. Season and post season. I rarely missed the Big East Tournament. St. John was always a big game. I used to schedule my New York City work so I could be overnight in the City when Syracuse played St. John in the Garden.

All Garden games were exciting. It was the flavor of the place. The home of big time basketball.

In addition to the Syracuse game, there are two other biggies this evening. The President speaks at 8 re immigration. I will miss his speech. I will be playing bocce. I will leave bocce early to get home to watch the Syracuse game which begins at 9. The President I will see in one of the reruns which will be on television all night.

Let me close with Ferguson.

Both sides are getting ready for the anticipated storm. The governor already has called in the national guard. The protesters  are not standing idly by. All over the St. Louis area they are staging dry runs on how to face the police.

Nothing good can come from all this.

Enjoy your day!



I am concerned. Jake is still sick. It has been a week thus far.

Lisa takes him to the vet daily. He receives shots and pills. Also fed intravenously so he does not become dehydrated. He is not eating. He still has diarrhea. He has been x-rayed and had blood work.

Vet does not know what is wrong yet.

Jake was lying on the bed when I visited yesterday. He reminded me of how young children look when they are sick. Sad sunken eyes. No reaction to anything.

My Sunday’s normally involve a visit to Don’s Place to watch pro football. Don set up a special area in back of the outside bar for himself and his friends. The Don’s friends group has grown. The games start 1. People arrive at 11:30 to get a seat.

Not my cup of tea. It does not make sense to arrive an hour plus early to get a seat. It is like staying at a resort. Certain people want the best located lounges by the pool. They are down to the pool at sunrise.

My out of the house time was limited in the afternoon. A visit to Lisa’s. Picked up a prescription at Walgreens. Needed some food. Stopped at Publix. On the way  home, I stopped at the new CVS on US 1. It is close to my home. I wanted to check it out.

I did not like it. Two reasons. The drive in off US 1 is not worth visiting the store. Also, the aisles are set up in a confusing fashion My old head does not want to learn new. Ergo, I will be staying with Walgreens.

I also took a walk. A long one. Along Smathers beach.

Saw my first Syracuse basketball game late in the afternoon. Syracuse played Hampton. Syracuse won 65-47.

The Syracuse team I saw yesterday least impressed me of all the Syracuse teams I have seen this early in the season.  Syracuse’s zone defense in the first half was not there. Hampton was getting inside at will. The defense did improve in the second half, however.

The Syracuse offense did not have the sharpness it has had this early as in previous seasons. There appeared to be uncertainty in the way the team moved the ball around.

Hampton used a zone defense. Syracuse runs into a zone defense rarely. Syracuse has difficulty penetrating a zone defense. As was evident yesterday.

I suspect it is going to be a tough season. That does not mean I contemplate a losing season. It merely means the games will be harder to win and most probably very close.

I discovered something which excited me no end. The game was on ESPNU. I have Comcast. I can get ESPN1. Sometimes ESPN2. Never ESPNU.

I was screwing around with the remote trying to see if the game might be on a higher numbered channel. It was. Channel 396. Mark it well, friends. That is the place.

Enjoy your day!



Pets get sick. When it happens, it is a calamity.

Jake was sick yesterday. Up chucking and diarrhea. Would not eat. His eyes sad.

Lisa rushed him to the vet. Jake had a bug. Sounds human. A shot. Some intravenous fluid. He was dehydrated.

The medical report this morning is that Jake appears on the mend. He is eating a bit.

Jake was not the only one who saw a doctor yesterday. I had a return visit with Dr. Lefferts to get my blood results. Everything ok. Obviously, the steroids had screwed up the previous blood test.

Keith stopped over to do some work on my bedroom. I am in the process of remodeling it. Since I am no longer married, it will be a bachelor’s pad. It is being decorated as such.

Dinner last night at Geiger Key. You cannot beat the place for restfulness! Such is the feeling I get every time I am there. It is the surrounding water and mangroves. Like being held in the palm of someone’s hand.

No Syracuse football this weekend. Fortunately. A week off before the last two games of the season.

Syracuse has had good and bad seasons. I remember when Syracuse was third in the nation when I was in law school. We had some excellent teams in the 1980s. The pendulum swings back and forth. For whatever reason, we have been on the losing side of the pendulum too long. It seems stuck. I hope next season reflects a return to days of glory.

I was surprised last night when the news showed Obama and his administration claiming a major break through with China. From my understanding of the agreement, the United States has to  produce results before the Chinese. Also the wording the agreement is weak. It is “intended” these things be done.

Putin is the one who scored prior to the China meeting. This past week Putin announced a new and additional 30 year agreement with China to build another pipeline to China. The agreement includes a 30 deal whereby China will buy gas from Russia.

That was not all Putin accomplished. It was also announced this past week that Russia and Iran have made a deal. Russia is going to build eight new nuclear units for Iran. The announcement coming while the United States is negotiating a nuclear agreement with Iran.

When it comes to one upmanship, Putin does well.

Enjoy your day!


There came a point yesterday afternoon when I played Monopoly with Robert and Ally. Though I had not played in years, one never forgets. Ally ended up the winner. Big time! She had all the houses and all the money!

I had to get out of the house for a few hours. There was a showing. I went to Lisa’s. No one home, except for Jake. I sat at the kitchen table, opened my computer and wrote this week’s KONK Life column. Bank Stories. Three random tales involving banks and how ravenous and gluttoness they are. All the while I was working, Jake sat next to me. Only occasionally moved. and then no more than five feet away. My friend!

Headed home afterwards. Stopped at Publix to pick up a couple of things. Sunday afternoon is family time. Especially mother and child time. The kids are always good. Occasionally one will try to put something in the cart that Mom does not want. Always interesting. The battle between the young and old.

The rest of my day was a lazy Sunday. Watched golf. A lot of it. Ron Steelman impressed me with his seven straight birdies to win the Travelers. Michelle Wei likewise with winning her first major.

After golf, movies. Saw Love Is A Many Splendored Thing again. For about the 88th time. Love the movie! Love love! Jennifer Jones and William Holden.

Did a little reading in between. Still with the Hillary Clinton HRC story.

Later this morning, the gym again. I am at the point I look forward to it. I can sense it is doing me good. Energy wise. Not weight wise as yet.

Enjoy your day!



The world is full of oppression and depression. International events bombard us. Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, China, etc. Nationally, the VA problem, military suicides, the economy, jobs, etc. Yet, a natural event has captured the attention of many.

I refer to Katharine. The Great White Shark. Pregnant or no? Traveling to the Gulf of Mexico or returning to the waters off Cape Cod?

I first spoke of Katharine several days ago. What follows is what I know as of this morning.

Katharine is now somewhere south west of Key West. Between Key West and Cuba. She definitely appears to be heading for the Gulf of Mexico.

Pregnancy comes into play. If pregnant, she will go to the Gulf to deliver. If not, she will return to the waters off Cape Cod which apparently are the breeding grounds for great white sharks. The present assumption is that she is pregnant since she continues in the direction of the Gulf.

There is a video on You Tube taken by a diver spear fishing off Vero Beach last week. He saw Katharine and filmed her. The guy had to be nuts! The music of Jaws was added to the video. Made it more menacing. The shark darted around the diver. Fortunately, never that close.

Katharine’s Twitter following continues to grow. It now exceeds 8,000.

A contractor spent the morning at my home yesterday. Someone considering buying the house wanted some numbers. I had to get out. Went to Lisa’s. Did my blog and next week’s KONK Life column while there.

Jake has it made! It is his home!

No question about it. He lies in his small bed, on the couch and on the floor. He lets Lisa know when he wants to go out. He chases the tiny lizards through the bushes. When he wants a treat, he stands at the bag holding them and looks at Lisa with sorrowful eyes.

The title of next week’s KONK Life column is “You Should Know…..” Little things that escape the attention of many. Like the giant rise in CEO salaries while most CEO’s are opposed to a raise in the minimum wage, General Motors dragging its ass in repairing the more than 2 million recalls with the defective ignition switch, Sears in bigger trouble because of the 1 percent not having purchasing power, the shocking number of military suicides since the first of the year, the shame of the VA screw ups, the government profiting to the tune of $41.3 billion last year off the college tuition program, and why didn’t the government tell us Snowden was utilized as a spy as well as a computer geek when his story first broke more than a year ago.

This week’s edition of KONK Life hit the stands yesterday. My column concerned demanded renunciations of faith or crucifixion in certain countries. One was Vietnam. In addition to crucifixions, I also mentioned Vietnam having a special unit of religious police.

As with most communities today in the United States, Key West is a veritable United Nations. Two Vietnamese contacted me after reading the article.

One has been in the United States 20 years. She left Vietnam when she was 14. She recalled hearing about crucifixions when there, but never saw one. As to the religious police, she knew of one. The other said right on. His former country was very anti Protestant and Catholic. It practiced forced renunciations.

Enjoy your day!




Ugly. A descriptive title.

I was sitting at the bar at Roostica having dinner last night. The buzz centered around one thing. The shark caught off Stock Island earlier in the day. A goblin shark.

The shark was 18 feet long. Appeared to have a double head. Not really, however. It has a long snout. Underneath and hidden, a jaw that comes out like a second head. The jaw comes out when prey is about to be caught. Big teeth and all.

I say ugly because I saw a picture of the goblin shark caught. Nothing you would want to cuddle up to.

The story of its capture is most interesting. A shrimp boat caught it. Shrimp boats fish daily off Stock Island.

The shrimp boat had its nets down 2,000 feet scooping up shrimp. The net was heavy coming up. There it was! This 18 footer! No one knew what it was at the time. It was still alive. All the shrimp fishers knew was they wanted the thing off their boat!

One of the fisherman took his cell phone out and recorded the event. That is how a definite identification was made.

The fish is actually pink in color. Down 2,000 feet, it takes on a black hue.

Before the shrimp fisherman today, it is estimated there are only 10 people alive who have ever seen a goblin shark.

The goblin shark has been described as a living fossil. It is prehistoric looking. Especially its wicked teeth.

The fisherman who took the pictures is to be complimented.

The other fisherman threw the goblin  shark overboard. They hoisted it up and dumped it back into the ocean. They were not going to screw around with the ugly 18 footer!

I babysat yesterday afternoon. Robert, Ally and I did Burger Fi again. They loved the cheeseburgers the last time and wanted to return.

Some things are too difficult for me at 78. Don’t laugh. These machines where you fill your glass with ice and then your soda selection confuse me. I could not figure out the ice nor could I get diet Coke. I kept coming up with an orange drink. I told Ally, you do it for me!

After lunch, we stopped at Joy Gallery. Jim and Theresa Wallace there. Nice people. I am glad to have made their acquaintance.

Robert and Ally could not understand what I was talking about as we headed to the Gallery. They could not put together that my Barons were now hanging in a different place. When they saw them, they understood. They kept pointing out which had hung where in my home.

Crystal Marie is an avid fan of this blog. She was in Key West yesterday to be married. Two in the afternoon at Smathers Beach. She invited me via e mail yesterday morning to stop by if I could. I could not because of the babysitting. Crystal Marie, many congratulations! Next year when you return to celebrate your first anniversary, we will get together.

Tonight, Montessori! Robert and Ally’s school. There is an open house at 5.

Robert and four other classmates designed and built a 9 hole miniature golf course. Even goes upstairs, Robert says! You have to putt the ball uphill from the first to second floor.

Don is coming with me. He is interested, as I am, in the type of job the kids did. Don’s Second Annual Miniature Golf Tournament will take place next year. Don says if the kids did a good job, he might hire them. For real!

Enjoy your day!




Into the valley of Death

Rode the six hundred

Theirs not to reason why;

Theirs but to do and die.

Crimea is in the news big time these days. As is Russia, other European nations and Ukraine. War threatens. In 1854, there was a war in Crimea. The Crimean War. Involved were Crimeans, Russians, Great Britain, certain other Euro nations, and many of the Muslim faith.

On October 25, the Battle of Balaklava took place. An ill fated event in British military history. The British calvary charging up the hill were decimated. Totally destroyed. Fire from each side and above. The attack was a mistake. A for real administrative error. The British troops should not have been riding up that hill.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, was poet laureate at the time. After the battle, he wrote his famous The Charge of the Light Brigade. The opening quoted four lines of this blog represent four lines from the poem.

History appears to be repeating itself. Hopefully war will not ensue.

Live long enough and you get to meet everyone.

Jimmy Valvano was North Carolina State basketball coach. His team won the Final Four in 1983. Many will recall the film of Valvano immediately after the winning game. He was running up and down the court looking for some one to hug.

Valvano died of cancer at age 47.  Yesterday’s Key West Citizen carried a quote of his concerning cancer. “Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul.”

A couple of years after the Final Four victory, I was in Italy for a one month family vacation. It was the last three days of the trip. My parents and son had already left for home. It was just my wife, two daughters and me. The night was late. They were tired. Left me wandering the Via Veneto as they returned to the pension.

The Via Veneto is Rome’s main street. Bustling with character and charm twenty four hours a day. Many outside cafes. Sitting at one alone was Jimmy Valvano. I immediately recognized him.

I went over, introduced myself, related my Syracuse affiliation and friendship with Jim Boeheim. Valvano and I became immediate friends.

His wife had gone back to the hotel tired. We sat, enjoyed Italian coffees and chatted for quite a while. A nice guy. A memorable evening for me.

Yesterday included a meeting downtown, manicure, and time at Don’s Place. Tammy happily was relating to me her happiness with their new home. Love her! She and her husband deserve all the joys they are experiencing. Later, I chatted with David and Herschel at Don’s Place. We are going to be short handed thursday at bocce. Herschel, Erika and Jennifer will not be there.

Stopped to visit Lisa in between. Jake was sick. Had been up chucking. Poor Jake!

Blog talk radio tonight. I will be discussing how the economy is bad for some of the big guys, also. An interesting change in the Utah polygamy laws. It is now legal. Who would want five wives, however? A 70 year old father who discovered his son’s fiancée was in the escort business. Should he tell his son? U.S. combat aircraft having a superior readiness to all other nations. The looting of the Ukraine already by American and Euro nation banks. Obama and Putin playing chicken to the detriment of the world. The head of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi party running for President. Putin nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. And more.

Revealing information. A quick moving half hour. The show is archived. It is also available on You Tube following the actual broadcast. Enter the show’s title Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou and the date of the show in numbers. My pic and voice come up. Enjoy!

The You Tube version is not posted till 3-4 days after the show. Sorry. We are working on it getting posted sooner.

New college basketball rankings came out yesterday. Syracuse #11. How the mighty fall! Two weeks ago, Syracuse was #1. Unless Syracuse wins the ACC tournament this week, Syracuse will be a 3 or 4 seed in the big tournament.

Enjoy your day!


Blog is being written late today. It is noon. Sorry. I had an early morning appointment in Key West which took up most of the morning.

Mandy Miles is a colorful writer. She pens a column each Sunday for the Key West Citizen. Front page. Always interesting.

Yesterday’s was titled Who In their Right Mind?

Mandy was at the corner of Duval and Caroline. Her car had the light. Someone walked against the light in front of her. Fortunately, Mandy was paying more attention than the pedestrian and no accident occurred.

Mandy was sufficiently upset to write the column mentioned. She referred to the walking wrongdoer as a color blind pedestrian.

I want to add my two cents to her comments.

What I am about to say pertains to locals and tourists alike. As adults they have forgotten the rules of the road they learned when young. Simple things. Like look before you cross.

Pedestrians forget there are cars on the road. As mentioned, they rarely look before crossing. Bicyclists are equally as bad. Guilty of all the same things as pedestrians, plus running stops signs and lights. Mopeds are guilty of everything. However, on a lesser scale.

Driving a car downtown can be a nerve wracking experience. I drove a cab in New York City while in college. It was a hell of a lot easier than driving Key West streets.

I rarely agree with Key West Citizen editorials. Yesterday, I did. The Citizen said it was time for America’s iron curtain to fall as regards Cuba. I have written and spoke recently to the same effect. Enough of the punishment. What happened was 50 years ago. It is time to end the embargo and travel restrictions.

I can understand the pain of the families who were forced to flee Cuba and who came to our shores penniless. That was two generations ago. The Cuban society succeeded. It is time to move on.

Bebe Rebozo. A name I have not heard in years. Bebe was President Nixon’s buddy. They traveled and fished together. Most of the time in south Florida.

I read this morning that Bebe bought a home in Key West some fifty years ago. An old conch house at 513 Whitehead Street.

Robert and Ally came over yesterday. To swim. The pool is not heated. It did not bother them. Ally wanted to go in the canal, also. Not yesterday. No one wanted to go in  with her.

It was close to the mid 80s yesterday and very humid. Great February weather! Jake looked like he could not handle the humidity. He stayed inside my air conditioned home with me. This was the first time Jake had been permitted to roam free in the house. He appeared hesitant to move about. Lisa carried him from room to room on the first floor acclimating Jake to the house. Everything was fine thereafter.

I had a dinner date tonight. Key West’s Shoe Girl Stephanie Kaple. I was unaware Syracuse was playing this evening. Called Stephanie to cancel. This is the second time I have. She knew when she heard my voice that I was backing out. We have rescheduled for Wednesday evening.

Syracuse and Maryland at 7. At Maryland. We lost 2 games last week. We have lost a total of 2 games. Maryland has lost 12. Means nothing. Boston College that had lost 19 beat Syracuse earlier last week. I suspect/hope that Syracuse will be sufficiently aggravated over the losses and come out strong against Maryland.

I will be watching the game at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub.

Enjoy your day!



My 15 minutes of notoriety are gone. This week’s KONK Life hit the stands yesterday. There is a new face on the cover.

I once again thank Guy de Boer for featuring me on last week’s cover. Every where I went, people mentioned it to me.

I wrote about condoms and government waste yesterday. I spent time researching the issue in detail yesterday afternoon. My thought was to do next week’s KONK Life column on condoms and government waste. The research educated me. I learned a few things I was previously unaware of. I also realized there was not enough background material upon which to build a newspaper article.

Some pieces of unrelated information stuck out. Permit me to share them with you.

1. The grant was made to a Georgia condom manufacturer. I tried to figure out the name. Turns out there are several condom  manufacturers in Georgia. Maybe Georgia is the condom capital of the world.

2. Trojan manufactures 75 percent of all condoms. Whether in the United States or world wide, I could not figure out.

3. Trojan produces 1 million condoms a day. I did not realize there were that many in use.

4. China and India are the biggest users of condoms in the world.

5. The government grant was to design condoms in various sizes. Like 95, I read some where. I thought this better fit thing was baloney. Turns out it is not. There is a problem. Especially among African-American men. It is claimed they have more problems with fit and feel than Caucasians. The result is condom failure while in use.

I babysat late yesterday afternoon and into the early evening. Robert had fallen behind in his homework. Lisa’s marching orders to me were to keep him working at his homework… not believe him if he says he’s done. I did not have to follow instructions. Poor Robert stayed buried at his desk working hard. Ally had no homework. She watched TV with me.

Jake got into the picture. He likes me. He was up on the couch lying next to me. Of course, I had to rub his head and back.

Stopped at Don’s Place afterwards. Several people commented in effect that my picture was all over town. I suggested they should buy the book.

Chatted a bit with Don, Jimmy, Hershel, Rob, Frankie, and Grant. Grant is the Bad Boy Burrito cook. Soon to be famous when the cooking show that filmed him airs.

You can tell bocce is around the corner. It is THE topic of conversation. We have too many players, who should play the first game, do we want to win or have a good time, etc. Don, Frankie and I had the discussion last night.

It was an early evening. I was home in bed by 9.

Enjoy your day!