There once were round trip flights from Key West to Havana. Long ago. The last flight was in 1962.

Round trip air service between Key West and Havana began  again February 28. The next flight March 7 is already sold out. The flights will be three times a week and cost between $479 and $525 round trip. Expensive for a 30 minute 90 mile flight. However, a start.

The reestablishment of flights between Key West and Havana represents the door opening a crack. May it open even more!

Did the dermatologist thing yesterday. I have several holes in the head area and a couple on my arm. Nothing significant.

Did final prep work on last night’s blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Except for a brief lament regarding Syracuse, the entire show involved the Ukraine. A tinderbox.

Putin reminds me of Hitler and the Sudetenland the way he is handling Ukraine. Hitler was an untrustworthy bully and so is Putin. We learn from history as history repeats itself. Hopefully, the situation will not result in another Munich.

Military wise, Russia only has one thing going for it. It still has nuclear weapons. Putin might decide he has to use them.

The Russian army consists basically of Russian draftees. Eighty per cent of those drafted never show up for induction. Those that do are only in for one year. Morale is low.

Russia’s army is already engaged in the Caucasus and Far Eastern Siberia. Russia is lacking in man power to conduct a third war.

Most Russian military equipment is out dated. Armored units and air assault helicopters are not up to snuff. Fuel consumption is high. As is the frequency of breakdowns.

A Ukrainian war would disrupt Russia’s sales in oil and gas to other countries. Oil and gas sales amount to 75 per cent of Russia’s income.

The bottom line is Russia is not equipped to go to war over the Ukraine. If not for Putin being off the wall and out of control at the moment, many would say he is bluffing.

Who knows? Who can be certain? Whatever, let there be no Munich resulting in another give away to a ruthless dictator.

I am subdued and calm re Syracuse. It is like a bomb has been dropped on me  and I lay in the middle of the rubble. Syracuse has lost 4 of its last 5 games. 25-0 is yesterday. Today, a horror story!

I did not see last night’s game. My blog talk radio show interfered. Syracuse lost to Georgia Tech 67-62.

I hope Syracuse comes back and I get to watch the team play in the Final Four. That is all I can say. I say it with a shocking calm.

Enjoy you day!


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  1. The one thing I’ve learned from history is that we don’t learn from history.
    I don’t think we should under estimate the Russians.
    There has been only one country in history that has ever used a nuclear weapon in anger.

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