The major similarity between Vietnam and Iraq is that we were misled into each war. President Johnson with regard to Vietnam and Bush 2 with regard to Iraq.

We all know the Iraq lies. Some may not be aware of the Vietnam ones. Johnson wanted to expand the Vietnam war. He wanted to be viewed in the same light as Roosevelt and World War II. He misinformed the American people. He claimed that on August 2 and 4 1964, North Vietnamese ships shot at American vessels.

The August 2 engagement was not as described, although something did happen. The more serious event was August 4. The problem was it never happened.

Two Presidents, two lies, two long term conflicts.

What I find sad, besides a President lying, is that in both instances the Congress voted almost unanimously in providing the Congressional authority to proceed. Does anyone seek truth in the halls of government?

Obama has sent planes this past week to bomb certain areas of Iraq. Congress is not involved in the process as yet. I am not passing judgment on what Obama has done. I do not know enough at this time. There does however appear to be humanitarian interests to support his intercession.

Vian Dakhil is a member of the Iraqi Parliament. She spoke to the problem two days ago before her Parliament.

“For the past 48 hours, 30,000 families have been besieged on Mount Sinjar, without food or water. They are dying. Seventy children have died so far of thirst and suffocation. Fifty elderly people have died because of the deteriorating conditions. Our women are being taken captive and sold on the slave market.”

My yesterday started with a quick visit to the dentist, Dr. Linder. An implant required adjusting.

I spent several hours writing my KONK Life column which will be published this week. It concerns an issue I briefly wrote about several days ago here and spoke of at length on my blog talk radio show tuesday night. The column is one of the most revealing I have written. Be sure to read it. An eye opener!

The title of the article is Abortion, Sterilization, Contraception, Female Discrimination…..Tools For Population Control.

Tavern ‘n Town last night. A delicious prime rib. Chatted with manager Judy. Ran into Jenna and her Boston intern. They were attending a 40th birthday party for Ruben Gabriel Navarro, the singer. Ruben came over and joined the conversation. He invited me to join the party. I begged off. It was time to go home.

Mike Emerson provided the entertainment. It was a big night for him. His grandkids are visiting and watched him perform.

Met Susie yesterday. Susie Puskedra. Susie does estate sales. Short for she cleans your house out by selling everything. A good person to know. Her business name is Susie’s Key West Estate Sales.

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal carried an interesting piece of information. The article represented that doctors misdiagnose 5 percent of patients a year. Does not sound like much in and of itself. However, the 5 percent amounts to 12 million persons a year. That is a problem!

Enjoy your day!




Yesterday was quiet and constructive. It may appear I did little. Trust me, it was a lot.

Started with a morning haircut with Lori. Then to Home Depot for a long walk. Long means twice around the building. Forty minutes.

From early afternoon to 8 last night, I worked on the Greece book. The island of Mykonos. I have been delinquent in not spending as much time recently as I should have. I was hoping to get it to the publisher by the end of this month. No way. It will be July now. Definitely.

Eight for me is too late to go out. By the time I showered again and made the trip into town, it would have been 9. It was bed for me. With all the TV movies available, none appealed to me. So I read for about 3 hours. A new book on Hillary Clinton. HRC. This is not the book Hillary wrote. It is one written by others about her. Interesting so far. I am into her time as Secretary of State. Hillary was a smart woman. Skillful in nurturing relationships.

The history corner on page 2 of the Key West Citizen made mention yesterday of a 1956 De Soto 4 door sedan. Brought back memories. In 1956 while attending Manhattan College in New York City, I drove a taxi cab. It was a De Soto 4 door sedan.

The car was large. All cars were big back then. Nothing like today’s New York City cabs. Huge back seats. Legs could be comfortably crossed.

An observation, night time cab driving in New York City was an education in itself.

The history corner triggered another memory. It mentioned that on yesterday’s date in 1991, the last Soviet troops left Hungary. The same year I was driving a cab in New York, the Hungarian revolution took place. It was the young people who revolted. They had to get out fast when the revolution failed.

The United States took many in and sent them to several colleges throughout the country. One of those colleges was Manhattan. I was fortunate to make friends with them. Became a close friend of one.

The story they told of how the revolution occurred was interesting. The revolution was spontaneous. No one really thought or talked about one.

The young people drank beer. Some nights for fun, they would throw the empty beer bottles at the Russian tanks, laugh and run off.

The Russians started shooting back. The empty beer bottles became molotov cocktails. The revolution had begun.

Enjoy your day!



Join me at 9 tonight for Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Blog talk radio at its best. Current interesting topics. Many times revealing.

Tonight’s topics include staying out of Iraq, Putin and Russia’s off shore bank accounts problem, Cantor loses and Boeing’s stock takes a nose dive the next day,  the 50,000 children who have come into Texas from Mexico, and more.

I try not to be repetitive, but what is is. Rain when living by the ocean. Again last night. All night. Thunderous. Lightning coming through the blinds. As I used to tell my children and then grandchildren, the big band in the sky was playing.

Still overcast this morning.

I woke to the flooding on the street in front of my house. It extended about 30 feet further than normal. I am never concerned about it reaching my home. The house is built on 8 feet of hard packed soil. The driveway steep.

Two big events in my life yesterday. The gym and dinner at Mangia Mangia.

I am into my fourth week at WeBeFit. Still alive! Nothing broke! My trainer Albert appears to know what he is doing. He is beating the hell out of me! I was typically exhausted when we finished. I drove home and spent the afternoon in bed. Primarily, sleeping. The workout knocks me out!

Dinner last night at Mangia Mangia. Frst time in  10 years. I last was there with Walter when he lived across the street. Walter had cocktails at his house and then we went to Mangia Mangia for dinner. I did not like it then and never returned. I went last night because I was invited. Ten years had not improved the food.

I dined with Larry, Christine and Journey. Christine’s paintings cover the walls. They are for sale. Christine blossomed in her senior years to become one of Key West’s leading artists. She added to her earlier accomplishments. Good for her! Love her!

Larry and family are leaving for a 3-4 week European trip next week. Two places they will visit are Camogli and Rome. I shared Louis’ perspective on both places with them. Where to go, what to see, etc. From toilet paper to the Vatican Museum. By the end of dinner, they could not wait to embark on the trip. I am thrilled they will be making the trip. Something everyone should enjoy at least once in a life time.

Enjoy your day!



What a great day yesterday! Sports and Father’s Day all rolled into one!

I was glued to the TV most of the afternoon and evening. Martin Kaymer shot outstanding golf the whole tournament. Erik Compton became well known to the viewing public not only because of his golf prowess, but also his two heart transplants. The Heat/Spurs game told us what we were beginning to understand. The Spurs were the better team.

In between, it was Father;s Day dinner at Lisa’s.

The family had just returned from the Fort Zach beach as I arrived. Happy Father’s Day hugs and kisses from the grandkids and Lisa.

I missed the Key West Gay Parade. No time. Today’s Key West Citizen reports it was its usual success. Outstanding!

Iraq is beginning to concern me. As I assume it is you. Mass executions of the opposition, mass graves to hold them. Sick people.

Obama has some difficult decisions to make. I am glad it is his job and not mine. The responsibility is ominous.

Dinner tonight with Larry and Christine and daughter Journey. They are soon to leave for a first time trip to Italy. I am playing tour guide.

Enjoy your day!