Join me at 9 tonight for Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Blog talk radio at its best. Current interesting topics. Many times revealing.

Tonight’s topics include staying out of Iraq, Putin and Russia’s off shore bank accounts problem, Cantor loses and Boeing’s stock takes a nose dive the next day,  the 50,000 children who have come into Texas from Mexico, and more.

I try not to be repetitive, but what is is. Rain when living by the ocean. Again last night. All night. Thunderous. Lightning coming through the blinds. As I used to tell my children and then grandchildren, the big band in the sky was playing.

Still overcast this morning.

I woke to the flooding on the street in front of my house. It extended about 30 feet further than normal. I am never concerned about it reaching my home. The house is built on 8 feet of hard packed soil. The driveway steep.

Two big events in my life yesterday. The gym and dinner at Mangia Mangia.

I am into my fourth week at WeBeFit. Still alive! Nothing broke! My trainer Albert appears to know what he is doing. He is beating the hell out of me! I was typically exhausted when we finished. I drove home and spent the afternoon in bed. Primarily, sleeping. The workout knocks me out!

Dinner last night at Mangia Mangia. Frst time in  10 years. I last was there with Walter when he lived across the street. Walter had cocktails at his house and then we went to Mangia Mangia for dinner. I did not like it then and never returned. I went last night because I was invited. Ten years had not improved the food.

I dined with Larry, Christine and Journey. Christine’s paintings cover the walls. They are for sale. Christine blossomed in her senior years to become one of Key West’s leading artists. She added to her earlier accomplishments. Good for her! Love her!

Larry and family are leaving for a 3-4 week European trip next week. Two places they will visit are Camogli and Rome. I shared Louis’ perspective on both places with them. Where to go, what to see, etc. From toilet paper to the Vatican Museum. By the end of dinner, they could not wait to embark on the trip. I am thrilled they will be making the trip. Something everyone should enjoy at least once in a life time.

Enjoy your day!



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