Amorgos is the Key West of Greece.

It is not the night life that compels that judgment. There is no night life on Amorgos. It is the laid back atmosphere that Key West is so famous for. The locals here have the same laid back attitude.

The observation was arrived at last night while I was having dinner at Mythos.

The view from Mythos suggested a further similarity. The feeling, not the actual eye view itself. The same feeling you get at the Reach Restaurant’s back porch and the Pier House deck.

The wind is back. Blew last night. It was a cold wind. I had to wear a sweatshirt. This morning the wind is even stronger. You can hear it whistling. There are small whitecaps all over. The sun keeps you warm by day. A t-shirt suffices. The nights are another story.

Tonight, I intend to visit Chora. The oldest city on Amorgos. There is a Chora on every Greek island. Always the oldest town. Always on top of a hill. Always old white buildings. Always with Greek seniors sitting in front of their tiny white houses dressed in black.

The top of the mountain means cold. Colder. Definitely a sweatshirt or jacket.

I did Chora last year. The steps are steep and too many. Up, up and away! For me, it was no fun. We shall see if I can handle it better this year. My plan is to have dinner somewhere in Chora.

I carried through yesterday morning on my plan to walk immediately on arising. Forty five whole minutes. Up and down, some steep steps included. I thought I would try for a whole hour this morning.

Good luck! I never made it out of bed!

My computer system is now generally working. No thanks to Verizon. It still goes in and out. I am told the problem is with Vodaphone. Vodaphone is Verizon’s partner in Europe. The Verizon signal is strong. I have to get Verizon first. The Vodaphone signal weak. I cannot understand.

I sat and talked with Flora yesterday afternoon. The cleaning lady. Her story is fantastic! Guaranteed you will enjoy. I will do it as a blog one morning soon. We in the United States do not know how good we have it. Even the least of our citizens are in a better place than Albanians.

Cats have never been a favorite of mine. One appears to have adopted me yesterday.

All of a sudden, there was a cat curled up under one of the terrace chairs. Escaping the sun. I said get out. The cat apparently did not understand English. The cat stayed with me the rest of the afternoon. Later, I went inside to nap. I leave the door open so the ocean breeze runs in and cools the apartment. I forgot about the cat. No, the cat did not come in. However, when I woke the cat was laid out sleeping in front of the door stoop.

My visitor was nowhere to be seen this morning. I have a feeling he/she will be there when I return in a couple of hours.

My choices were twofold for dinner last night. Fried smelts at Dimitris’ or grilled vegetables at Mythos. Mythos won out. I wanted a drink. Dimitris has no hard liquor. Mythos has gin.

Grilled vegetables were an appetizer. My main course was fried calamari. Not like in the United States! Here like big pieces of octopus. Not what I wanted. I was hoping small breaded pieces as in the States. Still good, however. My problem was vision. Big pieces of head, tentacles and body. Affected my enjoyment.

My pants are staying up. I am not sure why. Either I lost weight or gained. At first, I thought lost. Now I am not sure. I am not drinking that much. Eating big time, however. Whatever, I no longer worry about losing my drawers.

Enjoy your day!


Before I get into the down and dirty, let me tell you how happy I am! No, I did not get married nor did I meet a lovely new woman. My data port connection is talking to my computers! Took two years. A shame.

I blame Verizon. I go into their Key West store and all the staff really do is sell. They know from nothing. They make like they do, however. Even Verizon’s alleged telephone professional staff is wanting.

I am on a little island called Amorgos in Greece. I keep saying the island is a hundred years behind the times. It is. On this tiny out of the way place, I discovered Spyros. Spyros Tsimelas. He lives on Amorgos all year long. He operates a small five computer internet store. The only game in town. I have been arriving at 10 every morning when he opens to do my blog and take care of other matters.

We got to talking about my problem. He asked to take a look at my equipment. Said he enjoyed working things out. Twenty four hours later, it all works. He figured out the two major problems and corrected them. He made a couple of other adjustments.

I label him a great man! He succeeded in less than 24 hours where Verizon failed over 2 years!

His bill was 15 euros. I said no way. I gave him 50. He was reluctant to take it. He finally did. Things are not valued as highly on Amorgos as back in the States.

Toilet paper has recently been in the news. Venezuela has a shortage. A real problem. They use 125 million rolls a month. They are coming up 40 million short. People are without. They are having to make do in other ways. It took one woman two weeks to find one roll of toilet paper she could buy.

Toilet paper on Amorgos is a problem, also! Though not in the same way as Venezuela.

I went into the men’s room at Mythos’ restaurant yesterday. Over the toilet was a sign: DO NOT THROW TOILET PAPER IN TOILETTE. Back at Eleni’s pension where I am staying, Eleni herself told me not to flush the toilet paper down the toilet.

There is a waste basket next to a toilet. The directions everywhere are to place the used toilet paper in the basket.

I suspect the problem has to do with the overall antiquated sewage system on the island.

There are some things I cannot do. Man has only one orifice requiring the use of toilet paper. I could not, I repeat, I could not, open the waste basket and drop my used toilet paper on top of the other tainted toilet paper. Gross!

Instead, I do it the usual way. I flush it down the toilet. If a disaster occurs or I am caught, I will say I did not see the sign, I forgot, I did not know, or what have you.

We all have limitations.

My yesterday was pleasant. I am doing basically nothing every day. Floating along.

I enjoyed lunch at a cafe on the port. Drank an ouzo afterwards. The view was spectacular. Magnificent probably a better description. The mountains, the clouds below the top of some, the white houses with blue trim, a blue sky, and water equally blue. I enjoyed!

Took a walk. Not 3 miles or anything close. About one mile. That was all I felt like doing. Then it was a nap for me. A two hour one.

Flora has come in to my life. She is the cleaning lady at Eleni’s where I am staying. She saw my clean but unpressed clothes on the couch. Maria washed them one last time, but could not get the ironing in. I have been wearing shirts and shorts out of the wash. Crushed also in the suitcase from the trip from Santorini to Amorgos. Wrinkled is not an apt description. Worse.

Flora said she would be happy to iron. She needed the extra money. Go to it, I said. I told her I was going to bed for a nap. Wake me when you are finished.

I woke two hours later. She was still at it. Finally, finished. Total time 2 1/2 hours.

We had made no deal as to how much. I handed her 20 euros. $30 American money. She said too much. I said, no. Keep it. She said no, again. Finally, she relented. Her eyes were tear filled as she did. Turns out Flora is from Albania. She is a college educated woman. 41. Teaches school. Single. Owns a home. She has a mortgage. Her teaching earnings are 300 euros a month. $400 American money. She does not get paid while not working. So she came to Amorgos for summer work. Ended up as the cleaning lady at Eleni’s. She is happy to have the job.

With the tears starting to slide out of her eyes, she said you have no idea how much money this is to me. My teacher salary amounts to 10 euros a day. Twenty euros represents two days’ pay. You have given me two days’ pay for 2 1/2 hours work.

Sometimes we do not know how good we have it.

Dinner was at Sunset. Mythos. I enjoyed the finest meal I have had thus far on the trip. Started with steamed greens covered with oil. Then the very best…..Roast lamb with potatoes done in the oven. I was told I would have to wait a half hour as it was cooked fresh. Where was I going? The meal was worth waiting for! Wow!

Of course, the meat was not lamb. It was that other little animal. Goat. I did not have the heart to confront the owner with the issue. I have become knowledgeable. I can tell the difference. It is not in the taste. It is in the form. The bone structure accompanying the meat is different.

There were five people sitting nearby. Early 20s. Four young ladies and one man. They caught my attention. They were all laughing and talking in sign language. Two of the ladies were apparently deaf and dumb. The two were talking everyone’s ears off, so to speak. The two were also absolutely beautiful! Hair, make up, attire all perfect. These were today ladies on an Amorgos holiday.

Another experience evidencing we do not know how good we have it. I was enjoying a conversation with two Italian ladies sitting at the next table. We were idling the time over coffee. Mythos gave us a dish of fresh watermelon on the house. Black seeds galore.

I mentioned that we have watermelon without seeds available in the United States. They were surprised. No seeds? Italian watermelon comes only with seeds.

I told them about seedless grapes. Again, surprise. They had never heard of them.

The conversation stayed on food. They told me they now have egg whites in bottles. New to Italy. I told them we have had egg whites for years.

An interesting world we live in.

Enjoy your day!


Each day is an adventure.

Yesterday’s adventure was a trip to Lake Orta.

The lake lies a one hour drive north of Novara. Go a bit further and you end up in Switzerland. An hour and a half away is France.

The trip to Orta was uphill. It took me into the Little Alps. So called because the mountains are smaller than the Alps themselves. No snow capped peaks.

The mountains, roads, trees and views reminded me of upstate New York’s Adirondacks. The same. With one major difference. The buildings. All huge and made of stone and granite. None wood. No wooden camps. Medieval Italy again. The buildings were all constructed in the 1,000 AD to !,500 AD era.

I finally ran into the Italy I experienced last year. Everything that goes down has to come up. The Orta village sits on the water at the base of a hill. Parking is near the bottom, though not quite. The last 1,000 feet is up to you.

The down trip went well. It always does. Up was another story. Shades of last year. I had to stop and rest a few times. However, I must admit I seem in better physical shape. The steps were long and twisting. Elevating at a 45 degree angle. The whole walkway only four feet wide. The buildings hovered next to and on top of each other. Built at a time when there was no vehicular traffic. Also at a time when narrow passageways were a safety factor in case of attack. The enemy would have to come drown the narrow walkways while the residents were pouring boiling oil down on them from the windows above.

I sat a couple of hours in the square. Piazza, actually. In italian, piazzetta. I am learning.

There was a tiny island about 300 feet off shore in Lake Orta. St. Giulio Island. A beauty. Completely covered with granite/stone structures 1-5 stories high. A church steeple visible off to the side.

I sat in the piazza and mellowed out on the view and a couple of drinks. Peaceful, restful.

I had dinner in a little hole in the wall restaurant located off one of the walkways. An outstanding meal! Rigatonis cooked in a light oil and mixed with small finely chopped vegetables and goat cheese.

My day started badly. Verizon sucks!

I spent hours and money getting set up for this trip. I cannot use my computer, tablet or data port. The problem is the data port. I cannot even put someone else’s wi-fi into my computer. It will not take. Verizon supposedly had everything worked out. They obviously do not know what they are doing, their store people do not know, the people they put me in touch with did not know. I am screwed. I wanted to do a number of things from Europe. Including my blog talk radio show.

I went to a computer store yesterday. Big! Like a huge super market. It was for communication items. The store made available computer geeks to help. Free of charge. Three spent over an hour with me. They finally concluded that Verizon did not know what they were doing. But they did not know, either. I had to go we elsewhere.

I did not come to Europe to get frustrated and run around trying to get my equipment to work. I am using a friend’s computer that accommodates my needs, except for tablet internet reception and being able to do my blog talk radio show.

I have not given up yet on the blog radio show. It is scheduled as usual for 9 tonight. That will be 4 am Novara time. I have a geek friend of a friend coming over later in the day to see if he can help. If so, the show will go on. If nothing, I failed in getting the problem corrected. Sorry.

Some observations.

The Italian people are very nice. Quiet. Congenial. Not boisterous. Do not raise their voices. Passive is the best term to describe them. Contrasted with Italo-Americans. Of which, I am one. We are boisterous, aggressive, know it all and in your face. I have concluded that those Italians who immigrated to the United States a hundred years ago were similarly passive, etc. as the ones today. However, being strangers in a new country they developed aggressive and loud qualities in order to survive and succeed. The new nature never left us.

Proving the point that Italians are passive, they have to be the most conquered and occupied country in the history of man. Italy’s history is replete with successful invaders. Starting with the Romans of antiquity to Attila the Hun to the World War II Germans.

The passivity was perhaps ingrained before the Roman invasion or has developed over the centuries from being an occupied country so many times.

I have not seen one beard in the three days I have been in Italy. Beard’s apparently are a local thing. Key West has them. Novara does not. I must look luck a nut when I am out walking wearing a baseball cap and exhibiting my beard. As stated yesterday, I have not seen one baseball cap either

My friend Silvio Berlusconi is in trouble again. Yesterday he was sentenced to seven years in jail for having sex with a 17 year old girl and abusing his power in trying to help her in a separate matter. He was sentenced two years ago to four years in jail for tax evasion. He is not considered convicted under Italian law until his appeals are exhausted. The process takes several years. His popularity continues. He is considered to have an excellent chance to be elected Prime Minister again.

I have a habit of saying…..Only in America! Sometimes…..Only in Key West! Now…..Only in Italy!

I discussed Napoleon yesterday and his impact on this area of Italy. Since then I have discovered that Napoleon was not French. He was born Italian. Born in Corsica of a noble family. The story is he ended up in France because he believed in freedom and equality and wanted to help the French fight for those things.

Immigration is a major issue in Italy as in the United States. In England, also. I had the good fortune to talk with a Brit last night.

The story is the same. The immigrants arrive, stay illegally and become social welfare burdens. The Italians and English have forms of socialized medicine. Because so many immigrants are eligible, care for all is delayed. Between three weeks and three months. Then there is the increased taxation to take care of the immigrant population.

A world problem.

My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Will I be there? The question of the moment. Tune in and see. That is the best I can do. If I am on, it should be a terrific show based on my travels and what is happening world wide.

Enjoy your day!



The pharmaceutical companies have had a free ride in the United States. Government oversight/control is lacking. The companies are permitted to charge outrageous sums for drugs. The profit factor has to be big time.

When the President was pushing Obamacare, he excluded most if not all drug coverages. I assume the reason why was he did not want the drug industry working against his bill. They did not oppose it. This action left the drug companies free to continue charging outrageously.

Now comes the Louis story. I am leaving tomorrow for two months in Europe. I take tons of pills each day. My heart is not the best and requires all type of medicinal support. I get my prescription drugs in a 90 day supply. Three of them would have run out while I am on the trip.

I need what is termed a “vacation override” to get my pills ahead of time and have the insurance company pay for them.

I have been on the phone two times to the insurance company, three times to Walgreen and two visits two Walgreen.

I started the process monday morning. It is now wednesday morning. I still do not have the pills, though they have been authorized. I pick them up today.

Adding to the aggravation, I am now in the donut. You who have prescription insurance understand. My costs skyrocket at a point during the policy period till I spend close to $5,000 out of my pocket. Note that I have already paid the policy one year in advance.

Walgreen told me the three prescriptions will cost me roughly $870 because I am in the donut.

Screw United Health Care who was recommended to me by AARP. Screw Walgreen.

Last night, I did my blog talk radio show. I was not directly discussing Walgreen. However, I did point out Walgreen does $18.65 billion a quarter. Walgreen was recently required to pay a fine to Florida of $80 million for something having to do with Oxycontin. The $80 million a drop in the bucket.

I have vented. Sorry. I am exasperated!

I spent yesterday afternoon in final preparation for last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Sloan came over at 5 so we could work on my getting ready with my equipment for the European trip. Verizon is another screwed up major corporation. We spent two hours on the phone with them trying to figure out data port coverage areas, costs and needs.

The blog talk radio show went well. I opened with the House’s abortion vote yesterday. The Republican controlled House voted overwhelmingly to limit abortions to 22 weeks. I love the Conservative Right. They are intent on taking women back a thousand years. I wonder how these members treat their wives and how the wives treat them in return.  If they treat their wives as they do American women in general, most will end up sleeping in separate bedrooms.

The Heat/Spurs game last night was one of the best basketball games I have ever seen. Either side could have won. It appeared to me the Spurs lost control at the end of the game and in the overtime. I also thought the officiating was slanted a bit in favor of the Spurs. A lot of too close to call calls.

Cathy’s service was Monday at La Trattoria. Lovely Cathy Hollner. Virgilio’s was packed. Many teary eyed women. The men sad faced. The service was more a celebration of life. Food and drinks were provided. Things were heavy when people arrived and again at the end when some spoke. Good bye, Cathy You were good people. There should be more like you.

The Pier House saga continues. Word is Larry Smith will no longer be at the Wine Galley after the first of the month. Too bad! Larry made the room what it is.

Enjoy your day!




Another great Key West Lou Legal Hour yesterday! I love doing the show. God is good!

My minimum wage dissertation interested many. Especially when tied in with the working poor. The topic drew the most response post show.

Yesterday’s show is available 24 hours a day on You Tube. A few You Tube wrinkles still being worked out. However, it is there.

I wrote next week’s KONK Life column. On the minimum wage. Tied it into the working poor. Felt the issue was newsworthy as so many people seemed to be into it. I liked the completed article. Published it immediately on Amazon Kindle as well.

Key West experienced one of those monsoon type rainstorms thursday night. My cell phone was charging at the time. When I took it off charge after the storm, everything was screwed up. The face was different. The icons different. Nothing where it had been. I could find nothing. Could not even figure out how to call out.

After yesterday’s show, I went to Verizon to get the phone fixed. There was no problem. At the same time as the storm, Verizon was changing over to something new. That is why my phone was as it was. It was not broke.

I was not intertested in the new format. I was comfortable with the old. I wanted the phone changed back to the old system. No way, I was told. You have to use the new. So teach me, I said. It took all of two minutes.

Mechanically inclined I am not. I get nervous when something changes or goes wrong.

Visited the Chart Room alone last night. All the people! We are into a three day holiday weekend. Tourists arriving in droves.

I saw Peter sitting by the wall. I joined him for a drink.

Had a date. Jenna at eight. Picked her up. We headed to Ambrosia for dinner.

Jenna never eats. Runs 5 miles a day or roller blades. I should be so thin!

She eats sushi, however. More than me! We had a good time. Sipped champagne along with the meal.

I had not been to Ambrosia in a couple of years. I prefer Orgami for sushi. Not because of the food, but the ambiance. Very calm and settled. Whereas Ambrosia is a modern high ceilinged emporium with a Las Vegas flavor. Interesting and pleasant in its own way.

I had seen in the paper earlier in the week that the Bottle Cap was having a ’50s, ’60s and ’70s music night last night. From eight to midnight. Apparently for the old folk such as myself.

Jenna was really not interested in going. She is a mere 27. Not here type music. She went to accomodate me.

The Bottle Cap was empty. At 9:30. Only Jenna and me. The bartender said no one had come to the event. They were not even playing the old music when we arrived.

Jenna and I had one drink at the bar and left.

Remember Becha? My Becha! The manager at La Trattoria for years. No more. She is now working at Bottle Cap. After a 20 year run at La Trattoria. We hugged. Love her hugs. Intoduced Becha to Jenna.

I dropped Jenna off. Then to Don’s Place. Don had telephoned earlier and said drop by.

Don and I spent a long time at the corner of the bar chatting. Without a doubt, Don is one of Key West’s nicest people.

Syracuse basketball tonight. Against Seton Hall. Eight o’clock. I will be at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub. John is doing a Syracuse night. Free pickies during the game!

The meteor that zoomed over Russia is some thing! The news reported it had the force of 30 Hiroshima atomic bombs!

Betweem now and the game tonight, I am going to screw off. Just lay around. My body is telling me to do it.

Enjoy your day!


Friday again! Time for the Key West Lou Legal Hour.

Ten this morning my time. World wide.

Join me. Interesting and challenging topics. Like a chastisement of the Presidential campaigns of both candidates, an insight into the Sikh Temple shooting, a shocking triple tragedy, FDR and polio, birthday of the electric chair, gay voters in the coming election, discrimination in a bakery, Boy Scouts and pedophilia, Catholic nuns at a cross road, the financial advantages of being a babysiter, a strange bigamy case, and more.

Did what I had to do yesterday morning. Haircut with Lori. She also trimmed my beard a bit. Banking. Finally was able to pickk up the prescription drops for my pink eye. The drops must be working. My eyes are significantly better this morning.

On the way home, I noticed work men gently removing the palm trees along Northern Roosevelt Boulevasrd. They were pushing hard at the trunk after having dug a bit around the base. Suddenly the roots would pop out. Much like a dentist pulling a tooth. Palm tree roots are surprisingly short. The palm trees are being saved somewhere in a holding pen till construction is complete. They will then be replanted.

Stayed in last night. Pink eyes made me uncomfortable. Addionally, I did not want to infect any one. Pink eye is very contagious.

For whatever reason, I had a good night’s sleep. The best in a long time. Feel energized.

Again, please join me this morning by watching my internet show. You will not be disappointed.

Enjoy your day!


Education time yesterday.

I am in the market for a new cell phone and I Pad. My present phone AT&T. I visited AT&T and Verizon. Left both places with a gigantic headache. Confusing stuff to a person of my age.

It seems Verizon might be the best deal. The I Pad would be a v something. Not Apple.

I would appreciate any suggestions. All greek to me.

Speaking of Greek, I bought some new shirts at Orvis yesterday for my Greece trip. I will be leaving in about 10 days.

Then spent some time shopping for Robert’s birthday gift. Went to the to the toy store on Mallory Square. I am not sharing what I bought Robert with you. I knew his mother would be upset. She was. You would probably be upset, also.

Lunch was exciting. We have a new place in Key West. 5 Guys.

I have heard of 5 Guys in recent years. Everyone speaks well of the operation. Key West’s is located in the little L shaped shopping mall behind the ice cream and water sports booths on the corner of Truman and Duval. It has been open about a week.

I was absolutely impressed. The best cheeseburger I have ever had.

It was assembly line preparation. One employee put mayonaise on the roll. The next mustard and ketchup. The next tomatoes. And so on. It reminded me of my former wife. She helped out at the Rescue Mission on Flagler at lunch time for a couple of years. Her job: buttering the bread.

The place was packed. A winner.

Birthday party time last night. Great cake baked by Lisa! Chocolate with a white frosting. Just what Robert ordered. Robert was pleased with his gifts and his day. He was excited by my gift. I was correct. Lisa’s eyes went up when she saw it.

Ally still sick. Low grade fever and not eating. She is beginning to look emaciated.

I watched the Miami/Indiana game last night. It looked like the start of World War  III.

Dentist visit at 9 this morning. I have to hustle.

Enjoy your day!