I had a luncheon business meeting yesterday. I suggested the outside deck at the Pier House. The one near the Wine Galley and on the water.

It was the perfect setting. We sat and talked for three hours. The setting perfect. Out of season time so few people. No clouds. Blue water. Shiny white boats going by.

I believe the ambiance contributed to the success of the meeting.

Afterwards, I stopped at the bar. Met Carly. From the Jersey Shore. Yesterday was her birthday. I bought her a drink.

Tonight is my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Always a fast moving and revealing half hour. Join me.

The issues to be discussed include Obama’s new plan regarding senior drivers. They are trying to get us off the road! I consider it an insurance company motivated scam to get seniors off the road. A bit about Cheney who this week denied Mandela was a freedom fighter. Said he was a terrorist. The General Motors payback short in more than one respect. The South Carolina sheriff who refused to lower the flag to half mast in recognition of Mandela’s death. Obama had ordered it. These Southerners are an obstinate bunch! They are still fighting the Civil War more than one hundred fifty years later.

My publisher suggests that I suggest you consider buying The World Upside Down as  stocking stuffers and gifts. I so suggest. Not a bad idea. The book is a mere 116 pages. Quick reading. Best of all, enjoyable.

Dear friends and Syracuse supporters Tom and Fran Dixon arrive in Key West today for a lengthy stay. They are from Buffalo. I am sure they will be happy to get away from the snow.

In an e mail, I told Tom I would meet them at the Chart Room tonight. Cannot. I forgot the blog talk radio show. Sorry. Perhaps tomorrow night.

Got my computer back this morning. The virus cost me $125.

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “GREAT AFTERNOON

    • Tom….

      Sorry. Hopefully nothing serious. Thank you for buying 5 copies of the book. That makes a total of 6 sold. Your 5 and my 1! I seem to have a sense of humor this morning.

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