I revisited some of my Greek days yesterday from the deck of the Pier House.

It was open house again. About the sixth Sunday the realtor has had one.  I had to disappear for four hours.

I grabbed my computer and headed out. Not sure where I was going. Ended up at the Pier House.

Merri working. The Beach Bar crowded. Grabbed a Beach Bar table, ordered a diet Pepsi and went to work. The noise and the entertainer’s singing did not bother me. I was working on my Greece book. Editing and rewriting some of the days from the first trip.

I felt guilty after a while. I was taking up a whole table and drinking soda. The waiter was losing money on me. Tourists spending money and tipping big could be sitting at the table.

I went up on the deck extending out from the Beach Bar. Took a table on the side under the awning. People rarely sit there.

Opened the computer again and went back to work.

There were constant distractions. Pleasant ones. The view. Blue water and white boats. Bikini clad lovelies running around.

Hard as it was, I was able to work. Got a lot done in the four hours I sat there.

Spent some money. I got hungry. Ordered a Cuban sandwich pressed and hot.

There I was. Sandwich in one hand and the other hitting the keys. Like riding a bicycle with one hand and eating an ice cream come with the other.

Such was my exciting Sunday. It was ok by me. I was still tired from the day before’s bowling. Age!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou, when you finally sell that house that you should never have bought way off away from KW, you ought to arrange to live in a room or they might make a studio for you at your fav Pier House.

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