I visited the Pier House around 7 last night. No particular destination in mind. Just wanted to see how things were. At midnight, the new owners were to take over.

The parking lot was basically empty. Only a few cars. Not unusual however for a monday night during off season

I passed no one as I entered the building and weaved my way through the corridors to the Chart Room.

I had anticipated the Chart Room would be closed. That was the last I knew. I was shocked. The Chart Room was open!

Inside Mary bartending and four tourists.

I was thrilled to see my favorite room alive. Chatted with Mary a bit. She knew nothing, except the Chart Room was being closed at 10:30 for inventory purposes. She told me as far as she knew, the Chart Room would be open tomorrow night (tonight).

There was a cloud hanging over the room. Perhaps it was me. I think Mary sensed it also. The unknown.

I walked down the lovely shrubbed path to the Beach Bar. Passed a lonely worker hurrying along. No hello. He kept his head down as he scurried by me.

The Beach Bar was empty. No customers. Two employees off to the side.

My destination was the Wine Galley. On the way, I had to pass through the outside/deck restaurant. One table occupied. Several employees off to the side.

No smiles. None of the usual hello….good evening… are you?

Then the Wine Galley!

I was pleased to see as I approached that the sliding glass doors were open. There were people inside!

Larry was there. Getting  ready to play the piano and sing. We chatted a bit. Steve bartending. A lovely lady who I assume was a waitress.

One table occupied. John and Ali from England.

Hellos said. A hug here, a kiss there.

The cloud from the Chart Room was within the Wine Galley. You could feel it!

I left and walked back to the parking lot. On the way, I ran into a security person I have known for years. He was pleasant. No smile. Hello, shook my hand and went on his way.


The whole of the Pier House was unsettled. Awkward. Perhaps it was me and only in my mind. I do not know. What I do know is that it was all strange. Eerie is the word.

Prior to the Pier House, I became aware Kathleen Peace had been let go. It was on Facebook. I can understand. She was number 2 or 3 in the hierarchy running the Pier House. if I spent $90 million to buy a business, I would want to bring my people in and place them in top positions. That is the way business is done.

I understand from conversations with others that Kathleen’s separation was pleasant. Without rancor. I am confident she will land on her feet. Few have the talent and experience she has. In the meantime, I am sure she will enjoy her newly acquired free time!

Have a ball Kathleen!

Tonight…..Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. My blog talk radio show on the internet world wide. At 9 o’clock.

Fast moving dramatic events to discuss.

Like the U.S. government seizing two months of telephone records of the Associated Press. Wow! Freedom of the press at stake here?

Bangladesh is still in the news on several fronts. One is the refusal at this time of Gap, Walmart and Sears to sign onto a pact to help ensure/protect against future building failures and employee injuries. Clothes are going to become expensive to produce in Bangladesh!

The 813 Italian Catholics who were declared Saints by the Pope this week. They were beheaded in the 1400s by Turkish Muslims for refusing to accept Islam as their religion. Convert or have your head chopped off! 813 were beheaded.

A bit re the Syrian conflict. Specifically concerning the Syrian rebel who was filmed eating an enemy soldier’s heart.

The world we live in!

Enjoy your day!


2 comments on “EERIE

  1. Yes, it is very sad over at pier house…i live in key west, retired, and have gotten to know many of the people on this island, many of who work in the service industry. I hope they rehire all the people who have been let go…this is tramatizing, especially all the people who lost their jobs when Cowboy Bills closed due to nonpayment of rent by the owner. I know the new owners of Pier House are operating a business, but I do hope they rehire most of the folk they just laid off and quickly.

  2. Totally agree, Sherry! I certainly appreciate Lou’s insight into this, the vibes and uncertainty in the air, it helps us Key West Commuters stay tuned in. The island is just not large enough to withstand an impactful layoff and the Pier House employed many. I too am hoping the new ownership realizes change for change sake alone is not always the best solution. The Chart Room is an historical place, perhaps even mystical place where many decisions and ideas were pieced together. It’s a part of Key West as much as the harbor, Sloppy Joes or the lighthouse. Sending good karma from StLouis to the island!!

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