A new off Broadway show opened recently. Drop Dead Perfect. Key West and a drag queen.

The show stars Everett Quinton. He plays an eccentric Key West matron.

The show itself has been described as a tropical hotbed of heathens.

All a perfect Key West fit!

Quinton plays Idris Seabright. Who is/was Idris Seabright? I do not know if there is a connection. However there was an authoress of some renown by that name. A bit eccentric in her day. She and her husband frequented nudist camps and were members of Wicca. Idris’ real name was Margaret St. Clair. Under the name Idris Seabright, she wrote science fiction..

Stopped at Joy Gallery again yesterday. Visited a bit. You should stop in. Jim is good company. Sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with him.

The Chart Room first last night. Emily bartending. Fred from Louisville there again. Fred is the gentleman I met last week. A nice guy. He owns a parking lot at Churchill Downs just a few yards from the main gate.

Jean Thornton stopped in. Looked fantastic in her new short hair style.

I only stayed for one drink. Decided to walk over to Kelley’s for wings. On the way, I realized it was not yet 7. Kelley’s happy hour lasts till 7. Happy hours are not my thing. I was on Duval at the moment. Burger Fi was just across the street. I crossed.

The very lovely Alex bartending. I had not been in burger Fi for a month. She remembered me and what I drank immediately. Alex has been a Burger Fi main stay for quite a while now. She is the single mother of six year old girl.

I like Alex.

While I was enjoying a double cheeseburger and onion rings (to die for), I was leafing through this week’s Conch Color. Christopher Rounds was featured.

Chris is one of the new owners of La Te Da. Previously, he owned Antonia’s. Chris is renovating La Te Da. Business is ongoing while the work is being done.

I have been a visitor and resident of Key West for 26 years. La Te Da has always been a part of my life during those years. It is that kind of place. It has gone through several owners and several renovations. I have a feeling Chris will make it the best ever.

Chris is originally from Boonville, New York. Fifteen miles from my hometown Utica. He comes from good stock!

Enjoy your day!



Happy 4th of July! A day of American pride. Independence day.

To my readers living in foreign lands, this is the day in 1776 that a group of men signed the Declaration of Independence. The written document by which the colonists declared their independence from England. An act of courage by these men. They were now traitors. Never the less, they stood tall.

Arthur continues to vent as it leaves North Carolina. Turned into a #2. Could have done more damage than it did. Fortunately, Arthur is a swift moving hurricane. Hits and gets out. Surge is still a concern.

I find Key West weather at the moment absolutely amazing. Quiet. Nothing is moving. There is not a speck of wind. Yet 800 miles north, Arthur is blowing up a storm.

A big day in Key West. A big day in every community across the United States.

Party time here in Key West. One of the events is the 6th Annual 4th of July Pub Crawl. Key West celebrates everything with a pub crawl! It will be attended by local military personnel. Those making the bar stroll will be attired in red, white and blue. The crawl starts at 2 at Schooner Wharf.

Tonight, fire works! Always a big event in Key West. Per custom, off the far end of the White Street Pier. Everyone will be there!

Last night for me began at Don’s Place. Don has been away for several days. A family reunion in Buffalo. He returns sunday. I chatted with Jimmy, David, and Hershel. Exchanged hellos with Grant, John, and Erika. Michael was bartending.

Jimmy and I were into golf again. His head is totally immersed in the game. We also talked about what precipitated the Revolution. I thought the Boston Tea Party. Jimmy said the Massachusetts Massacre. I suspect both had something to do with it.

Then to the Chart Room. Emily bartending. Looked good! Chatted with Che, Ollie, Sheila, Frankie and others.

As I was leaving, ran in to David. David showed me his leg. Something bit him more than a week ago. It happens in Key West frequently. Whatever it was gave him an infection. David said it hurt like hell and he is medicating. I told him he should not complain, the bug probably died after biting him.

David is one of Key West’s best people.

Stopped at Burger Fi for a cheeseburger. I was not very hungry. Lucas was bartending.

Met Scott from Boulder, Colorado. He is visiting with his wife. Cindy is her name. I met her later in our conversation. They are in Key West with their 13 year old daughter. Scott is in property management.

The family is staying at Casa Marina. Their room $420 a night. Wow! Next weekend, it will be half the price.

I asked about the pot situation in Colorado. Recreational marijuana is now legal. I was surprised at Scott’s response. Thought he would be enthused about it. I view it like gay marriage. It is something whose time has come.

Scott is concerned. Apparently, there are problems. Pot comes in many forms. One is candy bars. It is suggested that one square at a time be eaten. Teenagers are getting hold of the candy bars and eating the whole thing at one time. With adverse consequences. Alarming. Better control is obviously required.

Enjoy the 4th!


I received an education last night at the Chart Room. From an active US Marine. The Marine and team have been in Key West for a week training. They leave this morning.

The Marine was a career person. Served already once in Iraq and twice in Afghanistan. An officer.

I got Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Russia from a different perspective. A learned one. Bush 2 and Obama thrown in, also.

It appeared we do not understand what is going on world wide because we do not know all that is happening. Especially the driving forces/motivations behind decisions.

Education time last night was too short.

I left the Chart Room and walked over to Burger Fi. Very few people. Enjoyed a double cheeseburger and some fries.

Then drove to the Key West Pub. It was a little after 9. The Fabulous Spectrelles were supposed to have started their show at 8:30. I never got out of the car. I could see inside. Three people at the bar and no Spectrelles. It was home for me.

My day yesterday was spent writing next week’s KONK Life column. Children Walking Into America. The 50,000 children from El Salvador, Guatemala and Houndrus who entered the Texas from Mexico this year.

Two major events this weekend in Key West.

My publisher Shirrel Rhoades has arranged a mystery writers event. Mystery Writers of Key West Fest. Today at the Double Tree. Work shops and talks. I am not a mystery writer. If I were, I would attend. This is the first such event and people have booked to attend from all over the United States.

PrideFest Weekend, also. Gay celebration time! Duval will be closed today in the area of 801 and Bourbon Street for a street festival. Tomorrow at 5, the parade. Always a big event! Especially the Gay Pride flag.

In recent days, we have been reading and hearing about the roughly 50,000 children crossing the border from Mexico to Texas. These children are not accompanied by adults. They are their own Pied Pipers. Their trips originated in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Many in our country view immigrants unfavorably. Like criminals. This bunch are different. They are children. Only children. They should be viewed from a different perspective.

We must all keep in mind the words emblazoned on the Statue of Liberty…..Give me your tired, your poor. Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

Enjoy your day!


Good morning! Another lovely Key West day! A totally blue sky, water the same color, sun shining, a slight breeze. What could be better!

I wrote about Katherine the great white shark earlier in the week. Spelled her name with an e in the middle. Today in the title, I spell it with an a. I am confused. Not sure which is correct. Suspect it may be the one with the a. I researched the spelling on the internet and came up with both versions. Some stories use the e, others the a. For the time being and until further notice, I shall spell Katharine with the a.

Katharine is in the news again this morning. Front page of the Key West Citizen. Main article. Reported Katharine now heading south and last pinged off the coast of Marathon.

What is most interesting is how Katharine has captured the attention of people world-wide. Earlier in the week , it was reported her Twitter followers numbered 4,000. In less than a week, the number has moved up to 6,000. Katharine must be thrilled!

I wrote next week’s KONK Life column yesterday in the afternoon. Renounce Your Faith or Be Crucified. The story of cross hangings which have become popular in certain Muslim countries. I also did a bit of a historical walk. I traced crucifixion from Jesus Christ to present day. Interesting.

The article will be published in KONK Life beginning next Wednesday.

It was all Chart Room last night

Met two new friends by prearrangement. Betty Whilley and Larry Sullivan. Both first timers to Key West. Both from Selma, North Carolina. They are here for several months. Their RV is parked at Fort Zach Beach where they lending a hand.

We chatted forever.

Betty is known as BJ. She and Steve were high school sweet hearts. They have reunited in their later years. True love! BJ has a small business. She make hand crafted soaps and ships world-wide. Larry is a retired federal agent with a most interesting background.

We talked about everything. Became instantaneous friends. We met through the blog. BJ is a loyal reader. Wrote me to say she would be in Key West for a while and could we get together. Happy she did.

While I was spending time with BJ and Larry, I ignored my friends Don and Chris. Only caught a fleeting glance of Don and a quick exchange of hellos. David was a the bar. I do not see him enough. After BJ and Larry left, I chatted a while with David.

Dined well last night. At Burger Fi. Me and the newspaper.

The bar at Burger Fi was packed. They now have karaoke. A new bartender, also. Alice. I don’t know what it is, but there is a different bartender each time I stop in.

Alice is an attractive young lady. Has been in Key West two years. Does not like Key West. Took me back a bit. Rarely have I run into some one not thrilled with our community. I could not ascertain why. She was too busy working the crowded bar.

Book sales are moving along. Whether sufficient, I cannot tell. This is my first book. The publisher is happy. Must be a good sign.

If you have not purchased the book, consider doing so. It will make for enjoyable summer reading. The World Upside Down can be purchased at and

I have nothing to do today. Work on the Greece book? Take a walk? Go to the beach? Do nothing? I have not made up my mind.

Enjoy your day!


Ugly. A descriptive title.

I was sitting at the bar at Roostica having dinner last night. The buzz centered around one thing. The shark caught off Stock Island earlier in the day. A goblin shark.

The shark was 18 feet long. Appeared to have a double head. Not really, however. It has a long snout. Underneath and hidden, a jaw that comes out like a second head. The jaw comes out when prey is about to be caught. Big teeth and all.

I say ugly because I saw a picture of the goblin shark caught. Nothing you would want to cuddle up to.

The story of its capture is most interesting. A shrimp boat caught it. Shrimp boats fish daily off Stock Island.

The shrimp boat had its nets down 2,000 feet scooping up shrimp. The net was heavy coming up. There it was! This 18 footer! No one knew what it was at the time. It was still alive. All the shrimp fishers knew was they wanted the thing off their boat!

One of the fisherman took his cell phone out and recorded the event. That is how a definite identification was made.

The fish is actually pink in color. Down 2,000 feet, it takes on a black hue.

Before the shrimp fisherman today, it is estimated there are only 10 people alive who have ever seen a goblin shark.

The goblin shark has been described as a living fossil. It is prehistoric looking. Especially its wicked teeth.

The fisherman who took the pictures is to be complimented.

The other fisherman threw the goblin  shark overboard. They hoisted it up and dumped it back into the ocean. They were not going to screw around with the ugly 18 footer!

I babysat yesterday afternoon. Robert, Ally and I did Burger Fi again. They loved the cheeseburgers the last time and wanted to return.

Some things are too difficult for me at 78. Don’t laugh. These machines where you fill your glass with ice and then your soda selection confuse me. I could not figure out the ice nor could I get diet Coke. I kept coming up with an orange drink. I told Ally, you do it for me!

After lunch, we stopped at Joy Gallery. Jim and Theresa Wallace there. Nice people. I am glad to have made their acquaintance.

Robert and Ally could not understand what I was talking about as we headed to the Gallery. They could not put together that my Barons were now hanging in a different place. When they saw them, they understood. They kept pointing out which had hung where in my home.

Crystal Marie is an avid fan of this blog. She was in Key West yesterday to be married. Two in the afternoon at Smathers Beach. She invited me via e mail yesterday morning to stop by if I could. I could not because of the babysitting. Crystal Marie, many congratulations! Next year when you return to celebrate your first anniversary, we will get together.

Tonight, Montessori! Robert and Ally’s school. There is an open house at 5.

Robert and four other classmates designed and built a 9 hole miniature golf course. Even goes upstairs, Robert says! You have to putt the ball uphill from the first to second floor.

Don is coming with me. He is interested, as I am, in the type of job the kids did. Don’s Second Annual Miniature Golf Tournament will take place next year. Don says if the kids did a good job, he might hire them. For real!

Enjoy your day!




Jack’s back! Jack Baron! One of Key West’s premier artists. Now dead some six years. Jim Wallace at Joy Gallery has scheduled an exhibit of Jack’s works.

Wallace has accumulated over fifty of Jack’s paintings from private collectors. I am one of them. I have 14 pieces. Several will be in the exhibit.

The Jack Baron exhibit opens Friday evening, May 2, at 6 in the evening. Refreshments will be available. The exhibit will remain open through May 17.

It is not necessary you buy. Though it would be nice. The exhibit is an opportunity to view a large number of Jack’s paintings. Such an event may never occur again.

Lunched at Burger Fi yesterday. I have returned! Their product was not the best a couple of months ago when they first opened. The burgers have since gotten dramatically better. Robert and Ally enjoyed their cheeseburgers last Saturday. I enjoyed a double today.

While at Burger Fi, I met the manager. Rob Litman. He is retired military. Originally from Philadelphia. Has a daughter living in Key West. Came down to join her. Now burger Fi has been added to his family.

Rob told me Wednesday night is Ladies Night. Everything like half price. Raven Cooper is singing again tonight. A spectacular voice!

One of the things I like best about Burger Fi is that locals get a 20 per cent discount. A burger costs nothing to begin with. Throw in the discount and it is like eating for nothing.

Needed the New York City touch. Had dinner at the bar at Marriott’s Tavern ‘n Town. Mike Emerson performing again. I sat reading the newspaper, sipping some gin and picking on fried calamari. At the same time, singing quietly along with Mike Emerson.

England’s John and Ali were at Tavern ‘n Town having dinner with Ray and several others.

College tuition in the news again. Loans, payments, etc. A sad situation. What happened to working your way through. I did, as many of my friend’s did. We made it and generally with good grades. Liberalism took over and decided that the government would help finance college. Has not worked fairly. Graduates are burdened with tons of payments that in many instances are impossible to meet.

What galls me and is little known is that our benevolent government is benefiting big time. Last year, the government made over $40 billion off the loan programs.

Chiropractors and Medicare. It was announced yesterday that a Brooklyn chiropractor charged and was paid in excess of $1 million by Medicare in 2012. I do not know the details. However, sounds like a lot of money to me.

When I started practicing law in 1960, a chiropractor could neither testify nor have his bills paid as part of a negligence law suit. New York did not recognize chiropractor as a profession and so any testimony regarding them was not admissible. Now, they are a major factor and force.

I am not expressing an opinion as to right or wrong. Merely stating the facts as they have developed from the 1960s to present date.

Bocce tonight. Yesterday was the first day I felt better since Sunday. Never again will I play bocce in the day time in the boiling sun!

Enjoy your day!


My personal weather vane was working this morning. One hour ago I got up. The sun was shining. A relatively blue sky. But…..the wind was coming from the south. My palm trees were bending north.  Ripples in the pool were running north.Meant rain!

The weather report mentioned no south wind. Only a WNW one. Also, no rain.

It is now one hour later. It is pouring. Big time! My internal south wind barometer never fails.

Yesterday was fun filled.

Lunch with Robert and Ally. I decided on Burger Fi. They had never been. I told them we were eating cheeseburgers and french fries. They were game!

I know. I gave up on Burger Fi. However, thought I would give it another shot. I was pleased. The burgers were fantastic this time!

Robert and Ally agreed. They said…..Best cheeseburgers and fries ever! They are the experts!

I had a five o’clock visit with Dr. Mc Ivor, my heart doctor. The echo test I took a week ago came out ok. My heart problems had not progressed.

I worry about the aortic aneurysm. Mc Ivor worries about the aortic stenosis. He’s the doctor so I guess I should worry about what he does.

Went straight from Dr. Mc Ivor’s office to the Chart Room. I needed a drink.

Last night was one of the best times I have had at the Chart Room. Met some great people.

The Chart Room was quiet. Sheila, Emily, and another couple. We all started chatting. The gentleman was originally from Utica.

His name is Rocco Maggiore. Lived on Van Buren in Utica. He was with his friend Wendy from Central Square outside Syracuse. Rocco now hails summers from Big Moose Lake in the Adirondacks and winters Jackson Hole. He labels himself a ski bum. Whatever, sounds like a good life. Almost as good as mine in Key West.

Rocco and I spent an hour sharing Utica and Utica character stories. We both knew or were familiar with the same people. It was a wild conversation! Sheila and Emily were wide eyed during most of it.

Rocco has visited Key West several times. He was leaving for Syracuse last night. Driving. I look forward to running into Rocco and Wendy again next year.

Rocco and Wendy left. David and Rhonda came in.

Another great couple!

David and Rhonda are from Birmingham. Alabama graduates. I was hoping Jean Thornton would pop in. Jean is from Birmingham and a die hard Alabama fan, also.

David is a retired hospital administrator. Rhonda works for a greeting card business. They have visited Key West several times. Rhonda made noises about perhaps settling here. They visit each year at this time.

Best yet, David and Rhonda read my blog! Love them!

I enjoyed their company. Hope to see them once more before they leave.

Where to eat? I could not make up my mind. Ended up deciding to go home and feed myself. As I turned the corner onto Route 1, I decided to stop at Marriott’s Tavern ‘n Town. Glad I did.

I enjoyed a small pizza and drink at the bar. Met a new Tavern bartender. Harmony. A lovely young lady. Said hello and chatted briefly with an old friend, Andrew.

Mike Emerson was playing and singing. He has been doing so at Tavern ‘n Town for four years. I enjoy listening to him. He came over during break and we had a terrific conversation involving Key West. Mike is a talent and nice guy all wrapped into one.

The Conch Republic Independence Celebration is about to begin. A week long event. The best part is the Great Naval Sea Battle next friday night. Weapons include marine grade toilet paper. Means biodegradable. Unfurling toilet paper rolls are bombs dropped by the Conch Republic Air Force’s bi-planes.

Since tomorrow is Easter, today is egg coloring. Love it! Always enjoyed it with my children. I am enjoying it a second time around with Robert and Ally. I hope to join them for the egg coloring. I am a kid at heart. It all depends on timing. Robert and Ally’s timing. They have become old enough to have schedules and I must fit into theirs.

Enjoy your day!



A lot of miscellaneous things  happened yesterday. I am going to take them in the order of their occurrence.

It took me a half hour to get from the Shell Station in Key Haven to Key West. Traffic was backed up all the way. I was fuming. My thought was the boulevard construction was really screwing things up. Turned out I was wrong. There was an accident at the Cow Key Bridge.

Speaking of the Cow Key Bridge, Sheila told me last night there is going to be a race/run over the Cow Key Bridge next month. For those less than athletic. The bridge is at best 500 feet long. I agreed to participate. I will walk, however.

I was heading to see Tammy. Manicure time. I enjoy her company. I admire and respect the business she and her husband have developed.

Lunch was at Azur. Exceptionally fine food. I should go more often. The man I had lunch with was interesting and entertaining. My age. We had many common things to talk about. When we left, we shook hands and expressed to each other how pleased we were to have met. We both felt a new friendship had been formed.

Five hours later, I discovered the man was not one to like. I found him to be duplicit, two faced, and a sneak. That bad!

Will Rogers used to say he never met a man he did not like. I would say that I had never met a person in Key West I did not like. Until yesterday.

Friends we will not be. His identity is immaterial. He has done one good thing. Provided me with a character to include in a future novel.

The Chart Room last night. Packed when I arrived. It was me and Sheila. Lovely Emily bartending. John came in later.

Sheila can only be described as a good person. Concerned for everyone. Honestly so.

Sheila became aware of a lost camera at The Little White House. A good sized one. The White House had had it for a week and no one came in to claim the camera. They let Sheila take it to see if she could discover the owner.

She pulled the picture card out of the camera and ran the film. She placed some of the pictures on Facebook and asked…..Do you know these people? Within one half hour, she had 14 replies. Everyone helpful. Who was going to run her message on other sites. One said a woman’s tee shirt in one of the pictures was from Fort Lauderdale. She was going to check with the store there.

Emily has become involved. Sheila and Emily are on a quest to discover the owner.

The beauty of Key West people! All except the one I discovered earlier that I did not like.

A major announcement. Sheila’s birthday is next tuesday. Forget her not! Monday is Charlotte’s birthday. Charlotte from the Carolinas. Her boy friend is Skip, radio 104.9’s premier announcer. A big party week in the making!

I have spoken well of the new Burger Fi. No more. My burger was great the first time I went. I returned three times, last night being the third. The last few burgers have been close to terrible. I will not be returning to Burger Fi.

Finally, to Fuddrukers. Twenty five to thirty years ago, I did Coconut Grove. It was my place before I discovered Key West. There was a great burger/steak sandwich place in Coconut Grove. Fuddruckers. Their steak sandwich to die for. On soft butter soaked bread. Screw the cholesterol time!

I have neither seen nor been to a Fuddruckers since. I learned yesterday a Fuddruckers is coming to Key West. Fantastic! Unless the quality of the beef has changed, it will be a winner! Interestingly, it is opening next door to Burger Fi.

So much for yesterday.

Bocce tonight. I look forward to playing. I am scheduled to play the third game. Last week, it was the first game. Scheduling. I hope we win the match. This is the third week of the season. We lost the first two weeks. None on the team can understand why. This is like the fourth consecutive season we have not been winners. We are good. No question about it. But whatever it takes to win, we lost. We keep searching for it.

Enjoy your day!


My next book is Growing Up Italian. Completion is still a long way off. Yesterday afternoon, I worked on two chapters.

One had to do with a serious ear infection I got at about 3 years of age. No emergency rooms in those days for the poor. The doctor came to the house and operated on me on the kitchen table. After knocking me out with chloroform, of course.

The other was the time I came down with scarlet fever. Around age 3 again. A communicable disease. The building we lived in was quarantined. I still remember the big sign on the front to stay out. I was shipped off to the county hospital. We were on whatever was welfare those days. I was placed in quarantine.

Enjoyed the Chart Room last night. Personable Mari bartending. One of the nicest people in Key West.

A vacationing couple came in. They were from Saratoga Springs. I piped up I was from Utica. The communities are about 90 miles apart. They mentioned the gambling mogul Stevie Wynn was looking at Saratoga Springs for a casino. I shared with them that Wynn was born and raised in Utica.

There was a fisherman seated at the bar. He, Mari and I spent quite a while talking. Chickens came into the conversation. Key West chickens. They complained about the noise the roosters make. I shared with them a piece of information I came up with a couple of years ago while writing a column on Key West chickens. When a rooster coc-a-doodle-dos, he is looking to get laid. He wants sex and is announcing to hens nearby that he is on his way. Watch chickens when a rooster coc-a-doodle-dos. The hens generally run the other way!

I wear crocs. I have been wearing them for years. Probably have gone through a dozen pairs. I rarely wear shoes.

The sole wears down to smooth rubber after a while. Dangerous if the ground is wet. Slip and fall easily. The breaking of a bone always a danger. My crocs were in that condition.

There is a croc store on Duval near Irish Kevin’s. I stopped in after the Chart Room and bought a pair. Had the salesperson snip off what ever was holding them together and put on the new ones on to walk out with. I asked him to throw the old ones away. He said they did not throw them away. They are saved and shipped to Africa for use. I suggested a worn croc was dangerous. He agreed, but said something on their feet was better than nothing.

The crocs were $35. When they first came out 5-7 years ago, the same pair was $65.

When I left the croc store, I was only 3-4 doors away from Burger Fi. I opted to dine at Burger Fi. Dougie the bartender was off. I sat at the bar. Enjoyed a brisket burger. Went big time. Brisket is $2 more than a regular burger. Also ordered onion rings. I had tasted the fries the last time and was not particularly impressed. The onion rings were to die for! The best I have ever eaten!

Burger Fi is a busy place. There are two ordering lines. There were at least 10 people in each line the hour I was there. And the lines move. The place is a gold mine.

My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Join me for a fast moving half hour. A topic for sure involves more revelations regarding the Farm Bill. Plus, Beijing an environmental mess, how St. Valentine’s Day came to be, Connecticut and gun registrations, and more.

Enjoy your day!



I was uncertain whether to go out last night. I thought I might just sit back and do some pleasure reading. Going out won over staying in. Glad it did.

Started the night at the Chart Room. Mary bartending. I was surprised to see Charlotte. Charlotte is from North Carolina and had returned home about two weeks ago. I thought she was not due back for a couple of months.

There is a reason for her returning to Key West so soon. Her boy friend. Skip Sher. Skip is a  new Key West radio celebrity. He does a music/talk show on 104.9 from 6 to 10 evenings. Charlotte told me she intends to move to Key West full time and should be down here in about three months. A welcome addition to the Key West family!

It was a big night at the Chart Room. Nate was there with friends. Nate my team golf partner when I played. Nate a Don’s Place and Schooner Wharf bartender.

An old friend Ron John at the bar, also. Plus Sean, Key West’s premier newsman.

Charlotte and I had a long and enjoyable conversation. I suggested she try Burger Fi. She said she intended to meet Skip there for dinner. I agreed to join them.

Burger Fi was booming. As I thought it would be. By the way, the season has arrived. No question about it. Tons of people.

Skip came in. He had left his program airing with recorded music. However, he had to return soon. He asked if I would come over later to join him on his show. I agreed.

While at Burger Fi, met Steve Lieber. He is director of Franchise Sales for Burger Fi. A nice guy.

Dougie was bartending once again. He told me they had just turned out 200 burgers in an hour. Impressive!

Skip left. Charlotte and I remained for a while chatting.

Then to the 104.9 studio. It was like the whole world was there. Met some new and interesting people. Jack Allen Terry who I already knew. He is a bartender at Hot Tin Roof. Bobbie who has run the Southern Guest House the past ten years.

And Gary Ek. A most interesting individual!

Gary is a radio man, also. His show starts at 10 when Skip’s ends. His show is from 10 in the evening till 6 in the morning. Wow!

Gary’s radio moniker is Soundman From Hell. His show is also available on the internet at Gary has been doing blog talk radio for seven years. If I can stay up late enough one evening, I have to listen to Gary’s show.

I ended up a guest on Skip’s show. Two times last night. One with Skip alone, the other with Skip and Gary. Some Key West chatter followed by heavy political commentary.

I enjoyed myself very much!

As I was leaving, Gary was pitching my book The World Upside Down to his audience and that it was available for purchase on and

A terrific evening chock full of interesting people!

Tonight… blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine o’clock.

Fast moving and timely topics. Tonight I will be revealing some shocking aspects of the new $1 trillion Farm Law, new examples of governmental waste including a $100,000 outhouse in Alaska, UN criticism of the Vatican, NSA spying on Congress, freedom of speech and speed trap warnings, and more.

Again, please join me for a fast moving half hour of political commentary. I might even throw in a bit of Syracuse basketball. Syracuse plays Pitt tomorrow night.

Enjoy your day!