The pharmaceutical companies have had a free ride in the United States. Government oversight/control is lacking. The companies are permitted to charge outrageous sums for drugs. The profit factor has to be big time.

When the President was pushing Obamacare, he excluded most if not all drug coverages. I assume the reason why was he did not want the drug industry working against his bill. They did not oppose it. This action left the drug companies free to continue charging outrageously.

Now comes the Louis story. I am leaving tomorrow for two months in Europe. I take tons of pills each day. My heart is not the best and requires all type of medicinal support. I get my prescription drugs in a 90 day supply. Three of them would have run out while I am on the trip.

I need what is termed a “vacation override” to get my pills ahead of time and have the insurance company pay for them.

I have been on the phone two times to the insurance company, three times to Walgreen and two visits two Walgreen.

I started the process monday morning. It is now wednesday morning. I still do not have the pills, though they have been authorized. I pick them up today.

Adding to the aggravation, I am now in the donut. You who have prescription insurance understand. My costs skyrocket at a point during the policy period till I spend close to $5,000 out of my pocket. Note that I have already paid the policy one year in advance.

Walgreen told me the three prescriptions will cost me roughly $870 because I am in the donut.

Screw United Health Care who was recommended to me by AARP. Screw Walgreen.

Last night, I did my blog talk radio show. I was not directly discussing Walgreen. However, I did point out Walgreen does $18.65 billion a quarter. Walgreen was recently required to pay a fine to Florida of $80 million for something having to do with Oxycontin. The $80 million a drop in the bucket.

I have vented. Sorry. I am exasperated!

I spent yesterday afternoon in final preparation for last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Sloan came over at 5 so we could work on my getting ready with my equipment for the European trip. Verizon is another screwed up major corporation. We spent two hours on the phone with them trying to figure out data port coverage areas, costs and needs.

The blog talk radio show went well. I opened with the House’s abortion vote yesterday. The Republican controlled House voted overwhelmingly to limit abortions to 22 weeks. I love the Conservative Right. They are intent on taking women back a thousand years. I wonder how these members treat their wives and how the wives treat them in return.  If they treat their wives as they do American women in general, most will end up sleeping in separate bedrooms.

The Heat/Spurs game last night was one of the best basketball games I have ever seen. Either side could have won. It appeared to me the Spurs lost control at the end of the game and in the overtime. I also thought the officiating was slanted a bit in favor of the Spurs. A lot of too close to call calls.

Cathy’s service was Monday at La Trattoria. Lovely Cathy Hollner. Virgilio’s was packed. Many teary eyed women. The men sad faced. The service was more a celebration of life. Food and drinks were provided. Things were heavy when people arrived and again at the end when some spoke. Good bye, Cathy You were good people. There should be more like you.

The Pier House saga continues. Word is Larry Smith will no longer be at the Wine Galley after the first of the month. Too bad! Larry made the room what it is.

Enjoy your day!



7 comments on “DRUG PROGRAM SUCKS

  1. Without a doubt “abortion” is one of the critical cultural issues that continue to rip the nation asunder.

    It’s a fine line that Gooferment “laws” are too blunt a tool to be moral, effective, and efficient.

    Pro-lifers, like me, see it as genocide or suicide. Pro-choicers, like me, see it as personal choice of the mother.

    Very difficult.

    Interesting that the politicians who exloit this issue, on both “sides” of the aisle, seem to have built in contradictory positions — pro-lifer supporting capital punishment and pro-choicer supporting infanticide.


    Very frustrating.

  2. To fjohn68,
    Women have the right to use basic medical procedures!! It’s american and you do not make the laws. So get over it and move on to another topic/argument you might have a chance to win! Shut up about abortion already!! Women won this fight decades ago!!

  3. Larry Smith is going????
    What are these new owners thinking??
    These are changes we don’t like at the Pier House!

    Lou, you must find out where Larry goes after the Wine Gallery and post it in the blog. The Crowds will follow!!!

    Have a safe trip.

    Hope to see you around Lobster Fest time.. John

  4. When does life begin ? Technology has changed considerably since 1973, Roe v Wade. At 10 weeks one can see a functioning beating heart and a developing HUMAN BEING. During an abortion you can now watch the little HUMAN BEING fighting for its life. With todays technology there should be few reasons for an unwanted pregnancy. I used to be pro-choice, but now ???

  5. Euthanasia could be considered a “medical procedure” and a “right” of the children to obtain when it comes to handling aging parents someday. Scary thought.

  6. Well, depending how you look at it, euthanasia takes place every day. And the decision is usually made by the family.

  7. Hi John
    pro-lifer supporting capital punishment and pro-choicer supporting infanticide. end quote

    Generally there aren’t many infants committing capital crimes. I’m in favor of letting the little guy or girl grow up and see how they turn out. If they then commit a capital crime, then lets kill them. But, it costs too much to kill them so lets just house them at our expense [ because its cheaper] for the rest of their life.

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