I screw up re birthdays, anniversaries and the like. I forget or do the happy greeting on the wrong day. I cannot blame it on age. I have been this way my whole life.

I did it again this morning.

I thought it was Ally’s birthday. Nine years old. I telephoned to wish her a Happy Birthday. Poppa…..My birthday is tomorrow!

Oh, well.

I returned to the gym yesterday morning. Not for a scheduled work out. Just to use the tread mill for a while. The gym by the way is WeBeFit.

I figured I would do an hour. Slowly. Like 3 mph. Good luck! I was fortunate to make 20 minutes. A mere 3/4’s of a mile. I was tired! Felt it the rest of the day. My body got more tired as the day progressed.

Worry not. I am not pushing myself.

Lunched at the Pier House. The Beach Bar was packed so I sat on the outside deck. Spent a couple of hours reading through newspapers and watching the bikini clad ladies prance about. Always an enjoyable experience.

I arrived home a little after 3. Laid down. I was feeling the tread mill experience.

Decided to stay home again. I was too tired to go out!

It was an interesting evening of television.

I watched Havana with Robert Redford. About the Castro revolution. At the end of the movie, it is 1963 and Redford is driving his car down this street running along the ocean. I said to myself…..That’s Key West! It was as was made known seconds later. He was driving along Smathers Beach, stopped his car and walked out onto the sand. Reminiscing about Cuba and the love he left behind.

Another movie was of 1955 vintage. It starred Rhonda Fleming. A most beautiful woman!

I met Rhonda Fleming around 1980. I would have been 45 at the time and she 57. We were both at La Costa. La Costa was a well known fat farm in those days. As the Golden Door is today. I visited at least a dozen times.

The men were placed on 800 calories a day and the women 400. More, if you liked. I did the 800 one. Not much to eat! Exercise was constant from 9 to 5. No stragglers permitted. Not hard to handle, however. Each day included a massage and facial.

Lunch was in a large dining room with floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking La Costa’s famous golf course and mountains on the other side. I used to sit at lunch and dinner with my back to the dining room and its guests. I would stare out at the mountains and wonder about the safety of the homes I could see which were built on pilings on the sides of the mountains.

I noticed Rhonda Fleming sat at the table next to me. The seating was prearranged. I recognized her from her many films. She still looked good! High cheek bones, magnificent skin, a winning smile.

She asked one day if I disliked people. My back being always to the other diners. I responded everyone looked drawn and tired from the diet with very sorrowful faces. The mountains were much prettier and comforting.

We became friends. We lunched and had dinner together the next two days. We also hung out in the bar for a while after dinner drinking Perrier or some type water. No alcohol permitted on the diet. One glass of gin would have blown it to hell.

The brief time with her was a most enjoyable experience. I checked her out on the internet this morning. She is still alive and 91.

Vera Schiff was an integral part of Key West for many years. A widow from Pennsylvania, she moved to Key West. Loved by all. Threw great parties. Exemplary parties!

She left several years ago. I understand she is back in Key West. I assume for an extended visit. I look forward to running into her.

Big party tonight! The league bocce party. As opposed to the special 5 team party next thursday at Don’s Place. The bocce parties remind me of the bowling banquets of old. My team is meeting at 5:30 at Don’s Place and will go together. The party is at the restaurant next door to the Green Parrot. The name escapes me. It is a relatively new owner and name.

I sense a good party. Good food and drinks. We will probably all end up at the bar at the Green Parrot. The Green Parrot is one of Key West’s oldest and favored spots. A touch of old Key West like Schooner Wharf. I rarely go to the Green Parrot. I look forward to it tonight.

Enjoy your day!



It is already New Year’s Day in New Zealand and Australia. Auckland was the first major city to welcome 2014 in with a fireworks display. Then Sydney. In both places, people were dancing in the streets. Much like Key West and New York City will be this evening.

I have a blog follower in Papua, New Guinea. Since Papua is close to Australia, I assume Papua has likewise welcomed the New Year.

An historic event occurred yesterday/Monday. The first flight from Key West to Havana took place. The first in more than 50 years. It will not be a regular flight. At least not yet. This one took two years to arrange. The rules limited the size of the plane to a ten seater.

Castro screwed the Cubans when he took over. Especially the affluent ones who lost everything and had to escape to the United States. I would hate Castro if I were one of them or one of their families. However, all that took place was three generations ago. The Cubans who came to the United States have as a whole done extremely well for themselves. Especially in South Florida. I believe the time has come to lift the travel and trade ban.

I walked yesterday. Not long. A half hour at Home Depot. It was a bit humid and rainy. Michael was working. Michael was on our bocce team several years ago. A good player. We exchanged New Year greetings. Michael told me about the home he and his wife are in the process of purchasing in Mexico. They close on it next month. Good for you, Michael!

I needed a few things from Publix. Yesterday was the wrong time to shop. Everyone was. The aisles were two way traffic. I only needed bread, Weight Watcher cakes, bananas and yogurt. Took forever!

I now have three books in the works. The newest one concerns the parents of today  who are a forgotten generation when it comes to their adult children. I have to settle into one book and go for it!

It was the Chart Room first last night. I was all alone. The place was packed. However none of my usual acquaintances were to be found. I chatted with Gary who works a rescue boat when a boat breaks down on the high seas.

There was an interesting occurrence. I am not trying to be gross as I share the experience with you. There was a lovely young lady in the Chart Room with exceptionally large breasts. Had to be man made. She was wearing what appeared to be a very strong halter which she occasionally pulled down to exhibit her good fortune to admirers. She was proud of what she had. Rightfully so.

I had a similar experience earlier in the day when I was walking in Home Depot. Another young and beautiful woman. Her breasts huge! Too big! My initial thought after WOW! was how can she balance herself as she walks. Obviously man made, also. Had to be.

I walked over to Hot Tin Roof hoping to run into friends. None to be found. Asked Sheila where everyone was. She found it strange also.

Even without my local friends, the place was packed! A good business night!

Met Matis. He is a new bartender. Recently arrived from Rhode Island. We talked a bit about Block Island.

Traffic  was a pain yesterday. My evening trip into Key west took 45 minutes. Normally, 15. I figured let me get home and avoid the people and traffic later in the evening. Home I went. It still took me 40 minutes to get home. The traffic was a combination of the boulevard construction and the exceptionally large number of tourists.

When I finish this blog, I will be off to Home Depot again. Walking two days in a row will be a major accomplishment.

This afternoon I will either watch the Syracuse game or work on Friday’s TV/internet show. I am not sure who Syracuse is playing. The game is this afternoon. If it is not on local television, I will not be seeing it. I do not wish to handle the traffic to get to John Lukas’ Sports Bar.

Tonight, I am not sure. I have a couple of parties to attend. I might watch Sushi drop in the red shoe at 801. I may stay home. At the moment, home is attractive to me. I am lucky. Every night is New Year’s Eve in Key West.

This day reminds me of a special one I had about fifteen years ago. I thought it might be my father’s last New Year’s eve. I decided he and I should spend it together. We did. Quietly alone in my living room in front of a roaring fire. We spoke of many things. Mostly from the past. His past. Our past together. His wife, my mother. I treasure the evening.

I was wrong that it might be our last together. My father did not pass away till last year. He was 98.

Happy New Year. Chat with you in the morning. The first morning of the New Year.



My Tuesday nights have become stay at home ones. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou is aired tuesday evenings at 9. My blog talk radio show. I do the show from home. Actually, the kitchen table. Headset and all.

I do not mind missing a night out on the town. I derive great pleasure from doing the show.

I spent some time last night discussing poverty. The 99 per cent are on  a fast road downhill. Not a good situation. The stats are shocking. Like 1.2 million public school students are homeless. Can you imagine going to school from a “home” under the bridge, in the woods, or an abandoned car. Consider also that the U.S. is purported to be the wealthiest nation in the world. If so, why is one out of every four children enrolled in the food stamp program?

Snuck off for a little Louis time during the day. Went to Fort Zachery Taylor. The most beautiful beach in Key West.

I tried to find Peter. He spends his days there. Could not. He might have taken yesterday off.

The water always clear. The views spectacular. Especially of the boats coming in and out of the channel. All sizes, including the big cruise ships

Did a bit of research on gender inequality. An interesting topic. If I decide at some point to do a column on the issue, it will take considerably more research.

I did learn a few things from my brief perusal. Women have always been considered second class citizens. Religion one of the reasons. Another is insecure men who try to keep women in their place, so to speak. Whereas, a real man would not.

The thrust of the research again was that women are basically inferior to men.

These thoughts are the same ones that have existed since the beginning of time. Inroads have been made. However Congress is a perfect example of why women have such a hard time being equated with men. The thinking of the males in Congress is the same that has permeated society for thousands of years. Even before the birth of Christ.

The Key West Citizen carried an interesting article this morning. A small airline is planning to open direct flights between Key West and Havana on November 15. Some approvals are still required. Can you imagine, a weekend in Havana!

Key West loves Harry Truman. No question. Key West was his vacation home during and after his Presidency.

I learned something about the President I never knew. It bothers me that I did not know. I read the Pulitzer Prize winning 1,000 page plus book written about ten years ago. A Harry Truman biography.

What I do not recall having known: Truman was the least formally educated President in history. His education consisted of nine years of schooling.

Sometimes it is not all in the books. Truman made some of the heaviest decisions ever confronting a President. Like should the atomic bomb be dropped on Japan. His life is proof that it is not all in the books.

Enjoy your day!




Key West is a small island. Both in size and population. 1 1/2 x 4 miles. 29,000 people. The population triples during the season and on special occasions.

For a relatively tiny place, big things happen in Key West. Like yesterday. Diane Nyad completed her 100 mile plus swim from Havana to Key West.

A fete! The swim took her through waters infested with sharks and jelly fish. She had to contend with turbulent tides.

The trip took Diana just under 53 hours. She said afterwards that it was early morning, still dark, when all of a sudden she could see the lights of Key West. It heartened her. She was about 10 miles from Key West at the time.

Diana’s accomplishment is a big deal! She is the first to complete the swim without a shark cage. She is 64 years old. This was her fifth try over a period of 35 years. It took that long for her to be successful. Neither the swim nor success were easy.

Diana came ashore around 2 yesterday afternoon at Smathers Beach. She appeared tired. She was sunburned. She was also thrilled.

A huge crowd awaited her on shore and in the water. People of all ages. Even babies. Boats of all sizes. Cruise ships stopped or deviated their course so as not to interfere with her swim.

There were television and other cameras all over the place.

Diana made a brief statement. Her message was threefold. Never give up, you are never to old to chase your dream, and the swim looks like a solitary sport, but it was a team effort.

Everyone, including the President, sent immediate congratulations. Most Tweeted. National television last night and this morning carried her story and pictures of Diana coming ashore in Key West.

An impressive achievement! God bless you, Diana! You made us all feel good.

Now to Greece.

It was announced yesterday by the Greek government that as of September 1 stores were permitted to sell outdated food. The only exceptions were meat and milk products. The outdated foods had to be sold within a specified time. They were to be sold at reduced prices.

That is how bad things are in Greece! People cannot afford normal process for food. It is hoped this will help. Additionally, the stores cannot sell many items because the people have no money. The program supposedly will also help the store owner.

A disgrace when a government permits the sale of what may be bad food.

Today is tuesday. Tonight, my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Three certain topics are the Greek food situation, Syria, and computer hacking as a new way to wage war.

Join me. The show is a fast moving one half hour. Nine o’clock is the start time.

Enjoy your day!