My radio show tonight! Blog talk radio. Nine o’clock.

So many things to discuss. So little time. Topics such as the government shutdown, Senator Cruz, Congressional pensions, governmental waste, and Egypt.

The show is quick hitting and entertaining.

Went to see my internest Dr. Jackie Lefferts yesterday. A tough no nonsense female doctor. I visited her because of my swollen hand caused by something that bit me.

She could not tell what type bug. She was concerned with whether the poison had traveled up my arm. She satisfied herself it had not. Prescribed an antibiotic and some other things.

My drug store is Walgreen. Dr. Lefferts suggested for the antibiotic that I go to Publix. It was free at Publix. So I went. No waiting line. My prescription was ready. The bill was zero dollars. I was shocked. No one gives anything away for nothing in today’s society. I smiled and told the woman behind the counter…..thank you. She looked surprised. Must be most people do not say thank you.

There was a sheet of information in the bag. There are several antibiotics Publix provides free. You might want to look into it.

I drive a Volkswagen convertible. Two tone. Blue and white with a black top. A unique color arrangement. Only one other in Key West. I parked my car across the street from Dr. Lefferts’ office. When I came out and went to the car, the door would not open. I kept clicking and nothing happened. I tried the key. Nothing. I tried the trunk. Nothing. How the hell did I get an electrical problem which apparently caused everything to shut down?

I looked in the window. There was a woman’s bag on the front seat. I do not carry a woman’s bag. I looked up and behind the car. Two cars back was another Volkswagen convertible with the same colors. Mine! Who would have expected the only two similar cars in Key West to have been parked within 30 feet of each other.

Yesterday was a bit of a be good to Louis day. I went to the Pier House Beach Bar for lunch.

Lovely! A perfect setting! Sitting on the beach at the edge of the ocean.

A lot of people. In fact, as I drove over I noticed many people on Duval. It reminded me of season.

I had fish and chips, admired the view and read the Miami Herald. Much full page advertising  for senior citizens re signing up for Obamacare. Apparently the time to sign is now through some date in December. The insurance companies are after senior business big time. The prices were much less than I am paying now and seemed to offer more.

I missed Kathleen Peace and Larry Smith. Many times when I would lunch at the Beach Bar, Kathleen would come out of her office and provide a cheery hello and kiss. Larry would be doing some work in the Wine Galley in preparation for his evening show and walk by. Larry did not kiss me.

Then to Publix. To pick up the antibiotic prescription. I went to the new Publix. It is the one I generally use for grocery shopping.

The parking lot is huge. When I came out, I could not remember where I parked the car. For real! Up and down the rows I went till I spotted it.

A first for me. Worries me. A sign of old age. My father used to do it. I have become my father once more. Amazing.

Spent my evening working on tonight’s blog talk radio show. Please join me.

Enjoy your day!

Christmas Eve and Morning


Merry Christmas!

A happy time.

I did Christmas eve at Lisa’s. The evening is a big deal in the Italian tradition. In addition to everything else, the meal is special.

Italians eat seven fishes at the Christmas eve dinner. Lisa only does three. However, one is stone crabs. The stone crabs more than make up for the missing four.

Christmas eve dinner with Lisa was a warm event. As always. Robert and Ally were dressed in their new finery. Ally a new dress. Robert a shirt and tie. Robert is in to ties. He was proud of his.

While we were enjoying cocktails and pickies, who should appear but Santa Claus! Big and boisterous, he came through the door. Robert and Ally ran to greet him.

Santa had to leave his sleigh and reindeer several blocks away because of the Boulevard construction.

Santa stayed a while. Chatted with the grandkids. Chatted with the adults. Then he was on his way. Said he had a busy night ahead of him.

Ally loves to sing Christmas caroles. She led us during various parts of the evening.

I had my blog talk radio show this morning at 7. Only my second week. I finally had a call in. My first! I was thrilled! It was Larry Smith  calling to wish me a Merry Christmas.

After the show, I received a telephone call from another person who tried to call in. I missed seeing it on the screen. I felt bad. Hopefully next week she will try again.

The radio station provides me with immediate numbers following the show. I was very impressed by the increase from last week in the number of people listening. Thank you.

This morning’s show was recorded and can be heard on Facebook, Twitter, and Word Press during the week. It will pop up on your screen at least twice a day. Just click the box and you will be able to listen to the show.

Lisa did a big breakfast this morning. At 8. That is why the blog is late. I had to hustle over to Lisa’s for the holiday breakfast. Whereas I cheated on my diet last night, I did not this morning. One time was enough. Strangely, the thing I ate the most last night was bread. I could not get enough.

Santa was good to Robert and Ally. Their major gifts were tablets. Just like yours and mine. Only a bit smaller.

Robert and Ally looked beat. They both stayed up late last night. Then up at 5:30 this morning to see what Santa had brought. They will be napping part of the afternoon away.

Enjoy Christmas day!




Key West’s Christmas season kicks off this week.

Thursday night is the Yacht Club Christmas Party. For the young. Santa Claus will be there with gifts.

Saturday is the Christmas Parade. Long. As with Macy’s, Santa Claus is on the last float. This is one of Key West’s best events. For young and old alike. All ages enjoy.

The Lighted Boat Parade is December 15. Sponsored by Schooner Wharf, it is a fantastic event. Many many boats will be dressed in Christmas lights. Ingenuity knows no bounds. Several times, I have done the Parade while on one of the boats. A party! Food and drink, music and dancing. Plus, cold! Out on the open water this time of the year, it is very cold. Boat people that night wear everything and then more.

The Parade can also be watched from shore. Two to three thousand will be watching and drinking and partying.

Robert and Ally are members of a swim team. The team is having its first meet Saturday morning. Robert and Ally will be swimming. Exciting!

My day out yesterday was simple. The bank and paid some bills.

The rest of the day was inside. Worked on Friday’s show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Read more of the Ulysses Grant book. I am up to 1858. Grant was a failure. As a soldier, businessman, and farmer. Generally lived poorly.  Hard to believe that shortly he would be the North’s most successful general and later President of the United States.

The diet keeps me in. Away from food and booze. I avoid the near occasions of sin.

The diet has been working well till this morning. The scale said I had gain a pound. From 12 pounds lost to 11. I am not discouraged. Part of the dieting process.

Syracuse basketball!

Syracuse won again last night. Beat East Michigan 84-48. Syracuse is now 6-0. Even better, Syracuse is ranked #4 in the country.

The Orange played sloppy, especially in the beginning of the game. Eighteen turnovers.  Sutherland who scored 35 points in the last game, only scored 4 last night. On the positive side, three Syracuse freshman were in the double figures.

It is still early in the season. I question the ability of this year’s team. The Big East games after the first of the year will tell the story.

Sloan will be in late this afternoon. We are doing another practice blog talk radio show. It’s getting there. The show will be questions, answers, and exchanges between me and the caller.

A chill in the air this morning. Overcast, also. It will clear and be warm later.

Enjoy your day!





Dieting is such a pain in the ass!

It got to me yesterday afternoon. Only the third day. Weak! Big time! This morning the same thing.

It will pass. Another day or two. In the meantime, I drag.  As I said yesterday, the penalty for overindulging.

I walked yesterday. The airport. The four lanes in the parking garage, back and forth. Shaded, cool. Occasionally I would walk up the ramp outside where departing persons are dropped off.

I seem to have this thing for walking in garages.

Lunch was home. The diet lunch. No Blossoms or Harpoon Harry’s for a while.

Early afternoon did more work on friday’s show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Additional topics include 3 months in jail for having sex in a cab in Dubai, a Swedish woman who slept with human bones, the saving of a baby accidentally and unknowingly flushed down the toilet while the mother was sitting on the toilet, Italian markets without business, and more.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Friday mornings at 10 my time. Worldwide. TV via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. The internet via

Later in the afternoon worked on blog radio. I had a test show to do at 5. Some additional preparation was required.

Yes, I am going to do a blog radio show. Will start in about two weeks. I am presently contemplating making it a talk show. People can call in free from where ever, world wide. Details will be provided in due course.

I hope the show works, is a success.

I love the Turner Classics Channel. Great old movies! Yesterday was a favorite. Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. Starred Laurence Oliver and Merle Oberon. Strong! Dark! Touching!

Enjoy your day!



Sunday is a do nothing day for me. The less I can do, the better it seems.

I took a walk early afternoon. Parked the car at the airport. Walked the length of Smathers Beach and back. A bright sun. A bit chilly. No humidity. Perfect walking weather.

I am back into good health. I try frequently. Succeed rarely. This time I am serious. Today is day 3 of my diet. Yes, you will have to put up with it again. Exercise is a part of it all. Ergo the walk.

Afterwards, I stopped at Lisa’s. I was shocked when I walked in! Absolute quiet. Like a church.

Lisa was on the couch reading the newspaper. What is going on, I asked. Turned out Robert and Ally each had friends over to play. They were in different bedrooms and playing quietly. Cameron had a friend in his room. Corey was upstairs doing something on the computer.

Lisa said the kids should have friends over more often!

I babysit this afternoon. Lisa and Corey have a funeral service to attend. The grandkids have swim team practice at the college at 4:30. My responsibility is to watch them practice and then return them home.

The TV/Internet show is off the ground. It has some rough edges. I am working on them.

I have long thought I would like to do a radio show. Why not! So I am going to do one. I did a practice run thursday night. Went well. Have another practice session tuesday night. This one will be a talk show. You can all call in and share your thoughts with me.

The Key West Citizen yesterday had a major front page article on Breeze. Breeze is Carnivals new big boat. It is going to make six stops in Key West after the first of the year. It will carry 3,700 passengers.

I found the article interesting and strange. There is an ongoing furor whether Key West should make the channel deeper and wider. The purpose being to handle the big boats. Big dollars!

If Key West needs bigger and deeper, how can Breeze make it in to dock?

Breeze was commissioned this past June. Has already completed an Atlantic crossing. As stated before, carries 3,700 passengers. Plus a crew of 1,300. The vessel is a 1,000 feet long. Weighs 130 tons. Has a draft of 8.5.

I have seen several pictures of Breeze. A monster!

If it does not get stuck in the channel, I question the need for widening and deepening it.

Enjoy your day!