Spent most of yesterday preparing friday’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. KONK Broadcasting has been moving. I have been unable to do the show for two weeks. I missed doing it! I am thrilled to be preparing for a friday show again.

Remember, the show has a new internet address. Reception supoposedly will be better.

Some of friday’s goodies include the ten foot python found last week at the Key West Airport, contraception to be taught in Key West and other Monroe County schools, eating worms and roaches, teaching the young to make Molotov cocktails in Tunis, a son who stole his mother’s jewels so he could visit a brothel, a medical theory that castration leads to longer life, HIV and jail sequestration, and more. The more of course includes my take on the Presidential campaign, last night’s debate, and an update on Greece’s economic problem.

A good show in the making. Join me.

I did get out of the house briefly during the day. A noon manicure with Tammy. A neighbor airport pick up at 5.

Last night was dinner at the bar at Hogfish. Fish and chips and read the newspapers.

Parking was unusual last night at Hogfish. There was none. Cars everywhere. Even way up the road. The place was packed.

The Presidential debate. A few brief comments.

Neither candidate answered questions. If either were in a court room in front of a Judge, they would first be yelled at and then held in contempt.

I thought Obama the winner. Far and away. Romney continues to be weak on foreign affairs. He is also too combative. A tough opponent. On the other hand, if he conducts every day business in a similar fashion, he would not be successful as President. Putin would knock him on his ass if Romney got in Putin’s face. Similarly, Romney evidenced a lack of respect for his opponent and the moderator.

Lets move on to happier things. Like Courmayeur. A small ski village at the foot of Mont Blanc. Another stopping off place on my European trip.

Courmayeur is in northern Italy. One half hour car drive to France and a one hour drive to Switzerland. It is located in a valley high up on Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc is the highest point in Europe. Part of the Alps.

I was in Courmayeur in August. It was warm. But…..I woke one morning to snow. That is how it is on Mont Blanc. The temperature had dropped from a mid 70 high the day before to a 20 degree temperature the next morning.

I found Mont Blanc awesome! Magnificent! Over powering!

The favorite food of those living in the Courmayeur area is polenta. Ground corn. It was eaten with every meal. Huge plates of it. I could not stand the polenta. My only dislike on the trip.

There are nine photos of Courmayeur.

If I was on the side of a mountain near Switzerland, what else would I live in other than a Swiss chalet? Which I did. The first photo is of the chalet. The building actually contained four condominiums. Each with a balcony facing Mont Blanc.

The next photo is of some other chalets to the right of the one I was staying at.

The chalet buildings are old old. Hundreds of years. They are purchased and renovated. The outer stone reset. Wood stairs and balconies added. Some of the wood additions are reflected in the next photo.

Shadows intrigued me. They were caused by the angle of the sun and the position of the staircases. The next photo hopefully is representative of the shadows.

The next pic is the dining room of the chalet.

The next photo is the best! I took it from the balcony of the chalet. Mont Blanc with clouds below its peak.

The next two photos are different shots of Mont Blanc taken from different places and angles.

The last photo is interesting. It did not come out as intended. However, I still want to share it with you.

Mont Blannc is high. Very high. Trees run up its side. Then suddenly stop. As if a line were drawn. Beyond the trees were rock and dirt running to just below the peak. I was trying to capture the tree line break and show the difference.

The top of Mont Blanc is neither dirt nor rock on the surface. It is glacier ice and snow! Twelve months a year.

Enjoy your day!


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