Bocce and Social Security. The two are related. Sort of.

Tonight the new bocce season begins. August 14, 2014. Exciting!

On this same day August 14 in 1935, President Roosevelt signed into law the Social Security Act. Exciting, also! Without the law, there would be no Social Security and Medicare today.

A point of information. People are always saying Social Security is broke. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If the United States honored its obligations.

President Johnson needed money for the Vietnam War. He looked at all the money sitting idle in the Social Security Fund. He legally devised a method by which the government could take the unused funds for its own purposes. The government keeps taking and never pays back.

The United States owes the Social Security Fund $2.7 trillion. Social Security is the government’s biggest creditor. Number 2 China is owed less than $1 trillion.

When people yell Social Security is broke, they either intentionally forget or do not know what I have set forth. Even today the government continues to  borrow money from the Social Security Fund. Your money and mine.

My yesterday began with a manicure at Lee Nails. Love Tammy!

I spent the afternoon researching further next week’s KONK Life column. Glory and Disgrace. About Great Britain in the early days of World War II. I plan on writing the column this afternoon.

Don’s Place was my first stop last night. Don is back. I was glad to see him.

I chatted a while with Stan and Clare and Hershel and Erika. Bocce, of course. Said hello to Grant.

Then to the Chart Room. Buffalo’s Tom Dixon is back in town! A rabid Syracuse fan. A Buffalo Bills fan, also. I asked Tom how the football team was going to be this year. He said terrific. I could not understand. Syracuse football has not distinguished itself in years. Turned out he was talking about the Buffalo Bills.

Tom’s wife Fran joined us. A charming lady.

We were together quite a while. We agreed to dine monday night at the Hot Tin Roof.

I had dinner at the outside bar at La Te Da. Always an interesting venue.

The people of the Keys and the turtles who live in its waters are lucky to have the Marathon Turtle Hospital.

Pine Tyme is an 80 pound loggerhead. In June, some fisherman found him in the ocean off Big Pine unable to dive. They got him on their boat and brought the turtle to the Turtle Hospital. Where he was named Pine Tyme.

Pine Tyme’s problem was gas in his intestines. He was not expelling it. He was full of air. No wonder he could not dive.

Pine Tyme has been treated and cured with antibiotics. He will be returned to the ocean friday.

I have been discussing on my various shows and in writing the past two years what I describe as the militarization of our police. Police departments across the country are receiving left over war machinery from the government. Police have also become cocky since 9/11. An item I discussed on my blog talk radio show this past tuesday.

Validity for my remarks is what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri at the moment. People are demonstrating. Some looting. The police have prohibited protesting in groups. Last night, the police were out in military gear. Armored vehicles. Repeating guns on top of them. The police used smoke bombs and tear gas to stop the demonstrators. At this point the demonstrators were merely walking down the street in group fashion.

You cannot defecate on a people. The demonstrators retaliated with molotov cocktails.

See the pictures and videos on television and the internet. Decide for yourself whether the police went too far, whether the police incited the retaliatory violence by the crowd.

Enjoy your day!




No, I did not get way laid at one of those super sexy Fantasy Fest parties!

No blog for two days because some one was trying to hack my personal computer. Had to have it cleaned up. Everything ok now. I caught it in time and did not contaminate anyone. My back up computer (20 years old) refused to type consecutive words as typed. Ends of sentences would all of a sudden be at the beginning.

I could have run to Lisa’s or used anyone else’s computer. However, the computer breakdowns seem to have coincided with a Louis break down. For the past couple of days, I have been tired. Really tired. Bed was the only attraction for me.

I feel alright this morning and hope that whatever was bugging me is gone.

Whether I was actually present is immaterial in describing some of the highlights of this year’s Fantasy Fest. I have seen so many, I know them by heart.

To me, the Toga Party on Thursday night at Sloppy Joe’s and in front on the street is the best! Naked breast time and whatever else. It’s a barter system. The ladies show their privates in exchange for beads. Each woman wants to end up with the most beads. So… me your breasts and I will give you a string of beads…..ok!

The interesting aspect of this scenario is that most of the women are middle aged and older. Out of towners. Many from the mid west. Places like Indiana and Iowa. Church goers, school teachers, community leaders, mothers, grandmothers. They visit Key West with their husbands this one week a year and do what they would never think of doing at home. They take off their clothes!

Especially to show their breasts. And  proud to do so. You can see it in their expressions. Even the husbands are beaming. The breasts are not all perky 34-Cs. Some are quite large and drooping. Such is not important. It is the excitement of being a bit risqué in a far away place.

Friday afternoon was Masquerade March time. Tourists and locals join together. Costumed, of course. A lot people. In the thousands. They march from the cemetery to Duval. It got so big several years ago that an extra route had to be added.

I have never done the Masquerade March. However, I have viewed it many times from a friend’s porch on Fleming Street. There are parties going on all over the routes of people observing and drinking. And cheering the marchers on.

The Masquerade March has been ongoing for more than 30 years.

The parade Saturday night was a big deal. Always.  A grand marshal, 50 plus floats, and 60,000-70,000 people watching. The floats loaded with scantily attired ladies. The floats throwing out beads to the viewers. Beads are everything! Yelling and screaming. Hands raised overhead to catch the beads.

I always wonder where the 60,000-70,000 people sleep. There are not that many beds between Key West and Key Largo. I suspect the beaches are full.

The grand marshal this year was Diana Nyad. The lady who recently swam from Cuba to Key West. A big deal in itself.

Diana has become a sort of folk hero already to Key Westers. The town has adopted her with open arms and she has done the same in return. Lisa and family were there to greet Diana when she landed on Smather’s Beach a month ago. Robert and Ally found the experience exciting. Both are serious swimmers.

Yesterday afternoon prior to the parade, Lisa took Robert and Ally to the Tropic Cinema to see Diana. The grandkids were thrilled. Even had their pictures taken with her.

In spite of my dragging ass, I did do my TV/internet show friday morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Based on subsequent conversations and emails, Social Security and the U.S. now being the biggest oil exporter world wide were the topics which garnered the most interest.

I keep hitting on the Social Security topic. Most people are unaware that the government has legally stolen $2.7 trillion dollars from Social Security and never paid it back. Social Security is the biggest creditor of the U.S. Not China or Japan.

Social Security is not broke. The U.S. is broke.

Angela Merkel continues to worry me. The woman is dangerous! An opportunist!

Merkel has known for several months that the U.S. was bugging German telephones and emails. She laughed it off each time the issue came up. Now she discovers that her cell phone was bugged. She is upset.

I think it is a too late phony reaction. What I perceive it to be is a reaction to the world perhaps now viewing the U.S. as a weakening power. The recent government shutdown being a major cause. If we cannot govern ourselves, how can we govern/guide the rest of the word.

So Merkel took the opportunity to take a shot at us. She is sending the German intelligence team over to talk with the U.S. Humiliating. The problem should have been taken care of behind closed doors.

I cannot really blame Merkel for taking advantage. I blame those who gave us the shut down debacle. Those who care little or not for the US.’s image. They are too wound up in their selfish ideological interests.

Syracuse did not play yesterday. Fortunately. They needed the extra week to recover from last week’s 55-0 beating. Hopefully, the remainder of the season will be better. I am a die hard fan. I have not been able to stop bleeding orange.

Enjoy your sunday!





A couple of random thoughts to begin.

The weather continues to be outstanding. I cannot recall a Fall season so consistently good.

Venezuela continues to have a toilet paper shortage. A serious problem. I have written about and discussed it on my TV and radio shows several times. A CARE program is needed.

I consider Wuthering Heights one of the great love stories of all time. The book and also the 1939 movie starring Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon. It comes to mind because I watched the movie again late yesterday afternoon on Turner Movie Classics.

Emily Bronte wrote the book. It was published in 1847. She died one year later at the age of 30. Wuthering Heights was the only  book she  wrote.

Heathcliff’s “Cathy, Cathy” as he spoke to his love on her death bed memorable. Heart wrenching. The Yorkshire moors soul touching as the dead lovers take their final walk among the heathers.

Emily had a sister Charlotte. Charlotte Bronte wrote Jane Eyre. A talented family.

You are already aware of my 7 am visit to Publix yesterday morning. An experience of sorts. Try it some time.

I enjoyed the diet foods I purchased as part of my breakfast. Followed the dining experience immediately with writing yesterday’s blog. Then leaned back and enjoyed the Sunday newspapers.

I spent several hours yesterday completing the research for this week’s KONK Life column. It is the true story of how our government has legally stolen $2.7 trillion from the Social Security Trust Fund. Intended never to be paid back. Secured by simple IOUs, not legal notes. Such is the reason Social Security will be in trouble 20 years down the road.

A shame! Our money was legally stolen and now the cry is benefits have to be cut. Bullshit! The government should start paying the money back!

Key West is  into Fantasy Fest. Started last Friday. Ends next Sunday. Things will start warming up this evening. By Thursday, they will be boiling over. The parade Saturday evening is the event of events.

Key Westers are aware what happens each evening. Many readers are not from Key West. Many from foreign countries. I would like to share each day’s events as we stumble through the week.

Today, the costumed Hero and Villains 5K Run/Walk. Womankind will hold a Decorated Bra Auction. There will be a Sunset Luau and Pig Roast at the Reach. A burlesque musical is scheduled for the Waterfront Theater.

A mild evening. As the week progresses, there is more and more. In addition to the scheduled events, people will be walking up and down Duval costumed. Some well covered. Others, scantily. The scantily can be very scanty.

Whatever, everyone having a good time.

Tomorrow night my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine in the evening.

What will I be talking about? I am not sure at this point. So many things happen on a daily basis. I have found the topics to be discussed formalize themselves in my mind about two hours before the show. Whatever I decide to talk about, I guarantee it will be interesting. Please join me.

Enjoy your day!



Here it is mid October and still humid. Fantastic weather!

I walked my island yesterday. Early to beat the humidity. I live in Key Haven, three islands north of Key West. All of 2.5 miles.

Key Haven was originally known as Racoon Key. The maps still call it that. The reason for the name was that raccoons lived on the island. Many.

When I first bought my home here 16 years ago, there were raccoons all over the place. Ergo, the  name was appropriate. Today, there are none. Why, I do not know.

I spent most of yesterday glued to the TV. The Washington political mess intrigues me. Stupid! Thank you primarily to the tea party group. I might add….. And to the people who elected them!

While watching, I fined tuned last night’s blog talk radio show. The show was at 9. Went off with out a hitch. Two topics particularly interested me.

One was Congressional pensions as opposed to Social Security. Over 400 former Congressmen are receiving Congressional pensions from $40,000 to $71,000 a year. Not bad.

Whereas, the average Social Security benefit paid is $1,160 a month. Roughly $14,000 a year.

And Congress wants to cut Social Security! Cut the retired Congresspersons’ pensions first!

The other topic involved Germany. Germany has benefitted the most economically from the euro situation. Most European nations are suffering under Germany’s oppressive thumb.

When the European nations entered into the euro agreement some 15 years ago, there was a provision that one military be formed for all the nations. It has not happened yet. Germany is pushing the concept now. Germany wants to be the head of the air force and navy.

Germany gave us World Wars I and II. They helped give many euro nations a weak economy. Now, they want to head the military for all the euro nations. I would not trust them.

While screwing around on the internet yesterday, I came upon an interesting article involving Albania. You will recall that Albania is Flora’s home. Flora of Flora’s Story that I wrote about this summer.

I learned from the article that Albania is the other Riviera. As opposed to the French and Italian ones. However considerably cheaper. The article said the cost of lodging and drink was 1/10th of the other two Rivieras. I know the cost of the Italian Riviera. I visited there twice. Once each of the past two summers. I stayed in Camogli. Next door to Portofino. Perhaps I should visit Albania next year.

My hand is getting better. The swelling is down 95 per cent. No more itching.

The two bite marks remain pronounced, however. You can see the bites and the red skin around each. I am beginning to think I was only bit once. By some wide mouthed bug. The bites remind me of those on a person’s throat in a Dracula/vampire movie.

Enjoy your day!



A first class evening last night. A good way to enjoy friday after dark. Jenna and I went to Square One for dinner. A terrific date and a great meal!

Jenna as always was her beautiful self. Lucky will be the man she falls in love with.

I started going to Square One over 20 years ago when Michael Stewart first opened it. For many years, it was my favorite haunt. Three to four times a week. Other regulars attended with the same frequency. We all had a good time. Bartender Patrick “Patty Cakes” Hayes became our friend. To this day, he and Lisa remain extremely close.

Carmelo used to own La Trattoria. He sold it several years ago. Bought Bottle Cap. He still owns Bottle Cap. Last year, he bought Square One from Michael Stewart.

Carmelo knows the restaurant business. He updated the restaurant interior. Introduced a new menu. The place is gorgeous! The food outstanding!

Jean Zimmerman. I have not seen Jean in probably 10 years. Saw her last night. She was hosting at Square One. Jean, lovely as ever!

Jean is from the Square One days of old. She hosted there around 15 years ago. It was good to see her again. Always a warm smile. Last night an addition. Long flowing white hair. Magnificent!

Bartender Patrick was not working. He is vacationing in Europe with husband Les.

I started yesterday morning with my TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Post show comments and emails indicate Social Security was the topic garnering the most interest. Many were unaware that the U.S. government has legally stolen from the Social Security fund to the tune of $2.7 trillion. Social Security is the U.S.’s biggest creditor. Not China or Japan.

Unfortunately,  the money will probably never be paid back.

Then a manicure with Tammy. A nice person! The American dream fulfilled. Immigrated  from Vietnam 12 years ago. Worked hard. She and her husband bought a business. Last month, a new home.

Sloan and I worked together for a while in the afternoon.

Followed by a nap. I was tired!

Tonight, bocce! I know, it is saturday. Bocce is thursday. It is a make up game. At 7. Saturday night at the bocce courts. Should be interesting. We will probably be the only ones playing.

Syracuse football this afternoon. Go ‘Cuse!

Syracuse plays North Carolina. North Carolina is a one touchdown favorite. Hopefully, Syracuse will come out on top!

Enjoy your day!




Sorry for the delay in getting this blog out. Friday morning is my TV/internet show and things get tight time wise.

Yesterday began with a haircut.  By Lori. A tiny very thin woman with long blond hair. A beauty to behold! I enjoy our conversations when she is cutting away. Not that much to cut these days. She takes a #1 and slides it over my head.

Visited the bank again.

A couple of weeks ago, the grandkids and I had lunch together. I was babysitting. I took Robert and Ally to lunch at Pepe’s. They had never been there.

Ally had a cheeseburger. I tasted it. Delicious! I have craved one for Louis ever since.

Ergo, I went to lunch yesterday at Pepe,s. Me and the newspapers. Ordered the large cheeseburger. Great taste!

Key West cheeseburgers were made famous by Jimmy Buffett. Cheeseburger in Paradise.

I occasionally would eat in the drug store. The one where Buffet got his inspiration for the song. It had  small tables and an old type drug store sitting counter. Drugs and lunches for sale.

The cheeseburger was not special. However, I always ordered it out of deference to Buffet. The drug store was purchased by a bank. A bank replaced a bit of Old Key West. Not nice.

My afternoon was spent working on this morning’s TV/internet show. It may be the best I have done. I had  a feeling it was special as I did it. All kinds of today/crazy things discussed. Like how Social Security has been stolen from us and additional examples of governmental waste. If you missed the show, it is on You Tube. Today’s show goes on tomorrow. Merely go to You Tube and enter Lou’s Legal Hour.

Bocce last night! We continue to play poorly. A gross misrepresentation. Lousy is a better description. We lost 2 of the 3 games.

To add to the shame of it, the other team had three new players. This is their first year. Only four showed up to play from the opposing team. Which meant the four had to play all four games. They played with honor! Nice guys! However, I was extremely unhappy when we lost 2 of 3 games.

No play offs for us again this year.

Tonight, Jenna! In all her pure unadulterated form. Sometimes I wish she were adulterated. Jenna does not tout a bible. She does not need one. Lines from Scripture roll off her tongue with regularity.

We will have a good time together. We always do.

Enjoy your day!



We have a mix today. Italy, Key West, Afghanistan, Washington, D.C., New York City, and Bangladesh.

Today is La Festa del Lavoro in Italy. Labor Day. Actually it is Labor Day in most of Europe, Asia, Central America, and South America. Only the United States and Canada celebrate Labor Day in September.

A big time national holiday in Italy. Very few work. Rome annually has a concert this day in the Piazza San Giovanni. More than 500,000 will attend.

I visited the Piazza more than 30 years ago when I was visiting Italy with the family. My whole family. Wife, 3 of my 4 children, and my parents. The Piazza is a huge open space surrounded with medieval buildings. Beautiful! Magnificent!

The day celebrates International Workers Day. Sounds a bit socialistic or Communistic. For that and other reasons, Mussolini did away with the holiday when Fascism ruled Italy. It was only after World War II that the holiday returned. It has been an Italian holiday since 1890, except for the Mussolini years.

Let me stay with Italy for a moment.

Italy has a new Prime Minister. Latte. It is questionable how long he will last. Berlusconi’s party made it possible for Latte to become Prime Minister. However, Berlusconi has made it clear that unless Latte pushes through the return to the citizens of the additional real property taxes paid in 2012, that Latte will be yesterday’s news. He will call for a confidence vote and Berlusconi’s party will not support Latte. Latte cannot survive under that circumstance.

My day yesterday started with a CAT scan at the hospital. A quickie. Took all of 5 minutes.

Then headed over to the Yacht Club for lunch. Enjoyed a very delicious crab cake and read the newspapers while seated at a corner of the bar.

Spent the afternoon fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Following previous shows, some complained my voice was scratchy or cutting out. I contacted the Blog Talk people. They said try a land line. I had been using bluetooth and my cell phone.

Several telephoned after the show to tell me the voice was perfect. No scratching or cutting out. I am glad the problem is behind me. I am learning that it is always something with TV, internet, and radio shows. For real. Nothing runs perfect. Nor consistently.

I talked about money last night. Labeled the topics rip offs. Where our tax dollars are being misspent, where money is being misspent.

I talked about Karzai and Con Edison in that regard.

It was reported Karazi has been receiving bags of money every month for 10 years from us.

Regarding Con Edison, after failing to effectively resolve the Sandy hurricane problems and shutting out 8,000 employess during salary/benefit negotiations last year, Con Edison’s Board gave hefty bonuses to top echelon execs for a job well done. Con Edison’s Board Chairman and President received a total of $7.4 million in compensation. At a time when Con Edioson is seeking permission to increase its rates an additional $400 million a year.

I also talked about a hearing scheduled by the government in Washington, D.C. Seven former Congresspersons have been appointed to a committee. The purpose of the committee is to study contacts made by extra terrestrial beings. Yes, you understand correctly. Creatures from outer space who may have communicated and/or visited the United States.

The hearings are limited to 5 days. They are being held at the National Press Club. The former Congresspersons are each to receive receive $20,000 plus expenses. Before these hearings are concluded and a report filed, I bet total monies exceed $300,000.

What a waste! Especially in poor economic times.

I also spent some time telling/exposing the Social Security story as I see it. No one gives it to us straight. We are getting ripped off in more ways than one.

Bangladesh and the 300 plus dead from a building failure was also discussed. Shades of the sweat shops of the 1920s and 1930s in the United States.

These issues will also be discussed on my friday tv/internet show. They are too good to let go.

Lisa took Jake to the vet yesterday. One of his back paws and part of his foot were swollen. Jake favors the leg. Vet said it probably is a broken toe. As with humans, nothing to do. If he still favors it next week, Jake is to be brought back to be x-rayed.

The Smokin’ Tuna Songwriters Festival begins today in Key West. The 18th year for this event. Country and western vocal and composing celebrities world wide participate. They come to
Key West in droves. There will be music the next several days morning , noon and night. In bars and show rooms and on the streets. Some will hang out on street corners and play.

Enjoy your day!



Yesterday was one of the busiest I have had in Key West. Business, not pleasure. I was at it from 9 in the morning to 3:30 in the adfternoon. Two business conferences, 2 bank conferences, a visit to Social Security, a visit with son in law Corey, computer time, etc. Plus walking between people and places. Parking near impossible.

I was exhausted when I finished. Sufficiently tired that I did not go out last night.

Today, I plan on doing nothing. It is going to be a Louis day. Only thing scheduled is a manicure at noon. A fun thing. Tonight another Presidential debate. Pure pleasure for me to watch.

Every place visited on my European trip was different. No two places alike. Today, I share with you my visit to Camogli.

Camogli is a small townm on the Italian Riviera. I spent one week there. Its population small. Approximately 5,000. Off season. In season, Camogli is booming with tourists. How many, I never was able to ascertain. It is a summer beach town. Frenetic is the best way to describe it.

The summer visitors were well dressed in fashionable summer attire.

Camogli is located on the Portofino penninsula. Just over a mountain is world famous Portofino.

Beachside buildings are 6-8 stories high. Multi colored. Each building reflecting its own hue. In days gone by, Camogli was an active fishing port. The buildings were differently colored so the sailors could identify their homes from the sea as they returned. The color was placed in the sand mix as the buildings were constructed. It is not from paint. The colors have faded over the years. Today though still obvious, the colors are muted.

Buildings are actually called houses. Why, I do not know. Most were constructed around 1,000 A.D. Some before. Camogli is an old town. It looks like an old town. There is nothing modern appearing beach front.

Hanging wash intrigued me. It was all over the place. Camogli buildings may be old on the outside. They are not old on the inside. All beach front condos are in the $1 million range and furnished consistent with such cost. Yet every one hangs their wet wash outside a window to dry. Everywhere in Italy. Not just Camogli.

I believe the real reason is that their is an electrical power problem in Italy. There has always been. The people forget. They tell you they hang the wash out to dry because it smells better. Not just outside buildings. Beautiful private homes, also. A rope of hanging clothes is always to be seen on a front porch.

The photos tell the story. Seven photos in all.

The first is of me with Camogli in the background. A part of the Italian Riviera. Colorful and old.

The next photo is an opposite view of the first. Mount Portofino is behind me. On the other side of the mountain is Portofino.

There is a walkway between the beach front buildings and the beach. It is called a promenade. The next photo is me standing early morning on the promenade. Note the wash hanging out the windows.

Camogli was not without steps. The next photo were the the steps I had to climb each morning to get to the inernet store to do my blog. What you see is only 25 per cent of the steps. The stair way curves up and around the building.

The next photo is of one of the $1 million condos with wash hanging out to dry.

On the back side of the beach front condo buildings were inner courts. Expensive condos were located off the courts, also. Again, the wash. Obviously, I had become fixated with the hanging wash.

The last photo is an alley way between expensive condominium buildings. The space is referred to correctly as an alley. Note the wash again and me staring at it.

I enjoyed Camogli. Old. Medieval. Wash hanging to dry out windows.

I felt like I was in Italy.

Enjoy your day!



What a lovely Saturday!

The MTV house across the way has been repainted a bright yellow. The sun is reflecting off it. Magnificent!

I like Saturdays. It is the start of a two day vacation. Happens every five days.

Loved yesterday’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. From the reaction, I have to believe many others enjoyed it also.

The topic garnering the most interest this week was the one having to do with Social Security. I reported the recent purchasing procedure by Social Security to obtain 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets. To be delivered within 60 days to 41 locations. The locations being Social Security offices in various parts of the United States.

Several reasons have been mentioned as to why Social Security is arming itself. With heavy duty ammunition at that. The consensus seems to be in preparation for civil unrest. Following an anticipated economic collapse.

Forty per cent of those receiving Social Security live off  of it. They are totally dependent on their Social Security checks to survive. If the government cannot issue any checks because it is broke or going broke, it is feared there will be a run on Social Security offices through out the country. Demonstrations and protests will occur.

Social Security workers are being armed to protect against such activity.

Americans shooting Americans. I cannot believe it! If such is true, it is a sorry place we are at.

The news became public this past Wednesday. Some print media have picked up and are commenting on it. Television news is saying nothing.

After the show, I hustled over to Lee Nails. Manicure time. A whole half hour to chat with Tammy. I had to wait a few minutes. Her son Kevin is five years old. Mom was babysitting him while she worked. Kevin and I had a conversation. We ended it by high fiving each other.

Then a quick run  to the airport. I had to get some information face to face. Sometimes it is impossible to get a straight answer via computer or telephone.

Lisa and family have been away a week. Vacation time. They were returning last night. Lisa called me. Buy some groceries. She gave me a list over the phone. I filled her order at Publix and left the goodies in her refrigerator.

By this time it was mid afternoon and I was tired. I went to the Plantation Coffee House for a cup of coffee. Sat quietly and read the newspapers.

Owner Diane was working. A lovely person. Met her sister who also lives in Key West.

A quiet dinner last night. Me and the bar stool at Hogfish. Actually, I did chat a bit with some of the local fishermen. Always interesting conversation. These are for real fisherman. Have been doing it for years. Look like men of the sea.

Paul Ryan tells us the influence Ayn Rand had upon him. I wish to comment on Ayn Rand and her influence on Louis .

In the early 1960s, I was a young attorney. I had just opened my own office. Somehow I came across a book called The Fountainhead. Ayn Rand had written it. Her work blew me out! I needed to read more by her. The more was Atlas Shrugged. From my perspective, The Fountainhead raised the questions and Atlas Shrugged answered them.

Just as Ryan, I told my employees and everyone to read her books.

The bottom line of Ayn Rand’s works was a type of laissez-faire capitalism.The rights of the individual were supreme. She called loud and clear for the protection of those rights.

I loved her! I loved her thoughts! Stand up against the world and let no person detract you from what you consider correct.

I was browsing through a New York paper one day. I noticed an ad by Ayn Rand. She was giving weekly lectures in New York City and also publishing a monthly newsletter. It was impossible for me to attend the lectures because of distance. I could read the newspaper, however. I subscribed immediately.

The first newspaper arrived. A small 4 or 8 page publication. I buzzed my secretary and told her to hold my calls. I could not wait to get into Ayn Rand’s newspaper.

I read it. The whole thing.

It was immediately obvious to me. The woman was a nut. Ayn Rand was crazy. I did not get this when reading her novels. But the newspaper provided a different and more personal vehicle for her thoughts. She was undoubtedly certifiable!

I immediately cancelled my subscription. Never more did I recommend her books to others to read.

Now comes Paul Ryan. Republican Vice-Presidential candidate. He claims Ayn Rand is the one person who has had the most influence on his life. He lives by her teachings.

I guess Ryan never read the newsletters.

If Ayn Rand is his guru, his god outside of chuch, we are all in for trouble if he is elected.

Enjoy your Saturday!