Congress continues spiraling out of control.

Marjorie Taylor Greene continues to be out of control. She introduced an amendment yesterday requiring members to “conscript in the Ukrainian military” if they vote for the Ukraine supplemental bill.

Florida Democrat Jared Moskowitz thereafter proposed a further amendment appointing Marjorie Taylor Greene as “Putin’s Special Envoy to the United States Congress.”

A Catholic Bishop says Biden “doesn’t understand the Catholic faith…..I’m not angry at him, he’s just stupid.”

Does Bishop Robert Gruss of the Diocese of Saginaw believe Trump’s Christian/Evangelical faith outweighs Biden’s when it comes to propriety? The Bishop’s words re Biden are another clear example that religion and politics don’t mix.

Another example that some part of of our Nation has gone whacky involves certain prominent political figures. Generally, Republicans.

Rudy Giuliani has described legal actions against himself and Donald Trump as “like the trials you would have during Hitler’s era or Stalin’s era.”

His words speak for themselves.

Trump’s bubble deflated when Speaker Johnson worked a successful vote through the House re aid to Ukraine. Trump had made it clear he opposed aid to Ukraine recently and Republicans danced to his tune. Johnson finally decided to do the correct thing and he was able to maneuver passage in the House.

Canary Islands has “the balls” Key West does not.

Too much tourism, higher rents and home prices contaminate both vacation spots.

Two million people live in the Canary Islands. It hosted 16.2 million tourists in 2023.

Canary Island residents are fed up. As many Key West residents are. The Canary Islands protested Saturday by taking to the streets of Tenerife to demand action on tourism. The protesters are said to have totaled around 10,000.

This was not the first adverse reaction in Tenerife. Yesterday marked the tenth day of a hunger strike by residents to evidence their disagreement with excessive tourism.

Does Key West need to express its tourism displeasure in a similar fashion? Does it have the guts to go to such extremes?

Some things your parents had in their homes that you never see today: Shag carpeting, answering machines, retro TVs, sunken living rooms, hand mixers, fax machines, striped wallpaper, floral sofas, rotary phones, toilet rugs, teapots, ash trays, rolodexes, typewriters, record players, and rabbit ears.

Hillary Clinton appeared on Marc Elias’ Democracy Docket Friday night. She suggested Trump would be happy to “kill his opposition” if he’s reelected President. Clinton said Trump models himself after Putin and other dictators, calling the prospect of his return to the White House as “very scary.”

PNC Bank is closing 19 branches across the U.S. in February, including locations in Illinois, Texas, Alabama, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida and Indiana.

The bank plans to help clients “transition” to nearby branches.

A banking crisis in the making?

Some are blaming interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve.

I don’t know. This is big stuff and beyond me.

The opening of the Paris Olympics is July 26. Long standing Olympic traditions began his week. The Olympic flame was lit in a ceremony in Olympia, Greece. The torch is now making its way to Paris.

The history of the tradition is a bit complicated. While inspired by ancient Greek practices, the relay was first held in Germany, where the Nazis employed it as a propaganda tool.

Today, these dark roots are no longer associated with the event. The connection to ancient Greek traditions remains.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Do you think Bishop Robert Gruss of the Diocese of Saginaw believes Trump better understands Catholics?

    Probably, because he too probably prefers Trump as do sooooo many Cargolics.

    Isn’t the real question, what’s the matter with Catholics?

    • It’s hard to understand ANY faith where the priests bugger young male alter boys and the church does little about it apart from mazzive cover ups, as has been the problem within the Catholic (faith) Church, for decades.

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