Some people don’t know enough to quit while they are ahead. Speaker Johnson is one.

He came out looking good by permitting the money bill affecting Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan to go to the floor to be voted on.

Yesterday, he blew it. The man from Louisiana went to the Columbia campus to express his thoughts. He was not well received. How could he be. A Southerner whose State has a poor black record and one concerning women’s rights re abortions is preaching to students at a northern university.

Among other things, he said Columbia’s President Nemat Shafik should resign if she could not “immediately” get the situation under control. Claimed she was failing to guarantee the safety of Jewish students. Also said the National Guard should be called in and Congress should revoke funding if the protesters could not be kept under control.

Johnson was booed.

Shouts of “Get off our campus…..Go back to Louisiana, Mike!…..and Mike, you suck” were thrown at him.

It was obvious he was making a play for Jewish votes, among other things. Democratic New York City Congressmen also appeared. They belonged there. Columbia is part of New York City. Unlike Louisiana which is the opposite end of the country.

The Gaza campus protests across the country must stop. How, I do not know. A difficult situation.

I continue to believe many of the students are serious about the issue. However, I also maintain as I have from the earliest days of the protests that “outsiders” are involved and motivating/rabble rousing the students.

I laughed when I read he thought the National Guard should be called in. New York City has one of the largest and most effective Police Departments in the nation. Perhaps, the finest. If and when required, they will be called in. The last thing we want is another Kent State.

Trump poops his pants?

CNN says so, Doesn’t make it so, however.

All of a sudden a history of “pooping” events are hitting the news. Some claim Trump wears Depends. If he does, so what? Many Americans do. A way of life for some.

The pooping should not be reported unless true. Further reports may reveal its accuracy. It is an important fact if so. It goes to Trump’s health which he and his doctors have always maintained was impeccable.

Keys History…..

On this day in 1975, Conch Train Depot at the corner of Duval and Front Streets was dedicated.

On this day in 1926, Confederate Memorial Day was observed by the Stephen R. Mallory Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy at the Bayview Park. Hymns and readings preceded a memorial address by Reverend W.K.E. James. Decoration of Confederate graves in the Key West Cemetery followed.


The event occurred during a time frame when Key West was active in the Ku Klux Klan, also. I am not suggesting the two are related. Merely pointing out the mental thrust of Key West society during the 1920s. In that time period, the KKK’s State President was a Key West resident and the headquarters of Florida’s KKK was located in Key West.

A busy morning ahead. A smoothie at Date & Thyme followed by a haircut and manicure.

Enjoy your day!



  1. I have read several reports lately that Trump “farts” in court. Apparently it’s a “thing.”

    Sure, he’s human and human’s fart and I don’t think we should hold that against him. On the other hand, I don’t think we must ignore it either. I mean he’s running for president and is on the world stage. It’s embarrasing and he isn’t known to apologize for anything – which in itself stinks!

    • I saw that on CNN. The man is disgusting and is probably doing it to be noticed. He’s a big believer that any news is good!


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