John Keats was an Englishman who wrote romantic poetry. Today is his birthday. He did not have a long life. Born in 1795, he died in 1821 at the age of 26.

I was in Rome at the foot of the Spanish Steps. I was walking back and forth deciding what to do next. I passed a small building next to the Spanish Steps. There was a small plaque on the front reading John Keats.

The last time I had heard  of Keats was back in college in an English writing class.

The building was a small four story structure. A tiny villa. I entered.

Inside, I discovered that this had been Keats last resting place. He lived several months there before dying. He died in his bedroom on the fourth floor. I was able to view that room and all the other rooms he lived in.

Off Keats’ bedroom, there was a small library containing his works. One brought tears to my eyes. It was a line from one of Keats’ poems. It was one of the papers he composed the poem on. Scribbled in pencil was probably the most famous line written by him…..A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

My yesterday started with a haircut. Lori and I discussed Fantasy Fest and the group that wanted to calm it down. Lori told me that one of the problems might be that two national swinger clubs had participated in sponsoring Fantasy Fest this year. I had not known.

This morning’s Key West Citizen has another headline committed to the issue of Fantasy Fest nudity. My initial reaction before reading the article was that the Christian soldiers were on the march again. I was wrong.

There is now a second group dealing with the issue of nudity and vulgarity. A different composition from the previous one. A former King and Queen, several bartenders and waitresses, and some Key West Fantasy Fest sponsors, amongst others.

It appears the national porn industry has become interested in Fantasy Fest. It was claimed that the open sex shenanigans were arranged by these out of town porn people.

The new group’s suggestions included that the existing nudity laws be enforced and that sex on the street not be permitted. There is no law allowing for open sex.

This is a more sensical approach than the one presented by the fist group.

The article indicated New Orleans is suffering similar problems.

Bocce last night. We won all three games by default. The other team did not show up. We had a good time playing, however. We played each other.

Coco is a senior Asian woman. Lovely. Always sharply attired. She generally keeps score for us. I thought this was her way of keeping busy.

Last night Coco played with us. I did not know she could play. As soon as the first ball left her hand, I said wow! Turns out Coco is one of the best. She plays in the monday night league, the toughest of all bocce nights.

Enjoy your day!


The weather!

Worthy of being mentioned first. Continues to be outstanding. Everything still this morning. Nothing moving. The silence deafening. If there is a negative, it is the humidity. Heavy. Key West is experiencing August/September humidity late in June.

Made a new friend yesterday. Tommy Clinton. His name sounds much like one half Thomas Jefferson and the other half Bill Clinton. A nice guy. A charming personality.

I was at the bar at Don’s Place when Tommy came in and sat next to me. He carried a large camera with him which he laid on the bar. Expensive, I asked. Not really, he said. And so started the conversation.

You can find Tommy on Facebook. He goes under two names. One is Tommy Clinton-Key West. The other was something like Tommy Nikon. Not correct, however.

Tommy is a retired government employee. Retired after 30 years. Now lives full time in Key West. Rides his bicycle around Key West everyday taking pictures. He claims he takes upwards of a half million a year. He even took one of me at the bar.

He has a track record. He has published five photo books.

I have a new friend.

Before Tommy came in, I was talking with Jimmy and John. Jimmy has recently returned to golf. He is in to it. He explained thumb position, wrist position, stand tall, bend over with your ass out, hit the ball this way, hit it that way, etc. Once again, no question. Golf is back in Jimmy’s life!

After Don’s Place, I headed over to La Te Da. Enjoyed dinner at the outside bar. I sat in the corner and listened to the back and forth talk between the locals and tourists.

Earlier in the day, I stopped to see Dr. Jackie Lefferts. My right shoulder continues to hurt. No change. It has been three weeks since I fell. She thought it might just be some sort of internal bruising. Sent me for an x-ray. I do not have the x-ray result yet. We talked of the possibility of a rotator cuff tear. We shall see.

Spent part of the day writing next week’s KONK Life column: EPA…..Government Shutdown?

I received a happy birthday e mail from June Hudson this morning. My birthday is next week. June was all excited. She leaves today for Italy with a granddaughter. I told her to keep an eye out for Larry, Christine and Journey.

My friend Anna reports that Athens is quiet. No where near the number of tourists that usually are there this time of year. Significantly more stores closed on Athen’s busiest commercial street. No beggars to be seen. No people, no money. The lack of beggars is a sure indication things are dramatically worse. There were beggars all over the street the times I visited Athens.

What am I going to do today? I don’t know. My day will develop as it goes. Whatever, Key West is always a pleasure.

Enjoy your day!



Governments sometime get carried away. Do whatever it takes becomes the cry. The Biblical admonition that the end does not justify the means is forgotten.

The crazies take control.

The European Union has screwed up Europe. Many of its member countries are in dire economic shape. Like Greece, Italy and Spain. Germany is in good shape. However, if the debts of other nations are not paid, Germany will go down the tubes because a considerable amount of German monies are being loaned out through the European Union’s bank.

The internet has been afire the past 24 hours with news that Italy was going to include drugs, prostitution and smuggling sales in its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) calculation this year. The inclusion of the  underground monies would help the GDP to relieve budget deficits.

Italy is going to cook its books to make its financial statement look better!

How Italy will be able to tax these illicit dollars confuses me. We are talking about the illegal. Dope traders, hookers and smugglers are going to set forth their earnings on tax returns? No way!

At this point, you are probably thinking…..Stupid Italians! No, stupid European Union!

The European Union and its bank have been having difficulty for years getting their loans paid. The European Union began considering new rules and regulations last July. The rules, etc. were finalized in January. The new rules require member nations to include in their GDP all activities that will produce more in their national accounts, REGARDLESS OF THEIR LEGALITY. Included is income from drugs, prostitution and smuggling.

Desperate people do desperate things. Desperate countries do desperate things.

Spain jumped on the band wagon in January when the new Euro rule was passed. Italy is getting into it now and will be following the new rule as of October 1.

It is not Italy that is crazy, it is the European Union and its bank. The European Union is both worried and greedy re monies it lent. They want to get paid back at some point. In order to do so, its member nations must have attractive balance sheets so the Euro Union can work its its internal machinations.

Such stupidity! The prelude to failure of this thing called the European Union over the next ten years. A house built on sand cannot stand.

Lets bring this absurd scenario down to the Key West level. Little Key West.

I was sitting at the bar at Don’s Place yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours. The realtor was showing my house again and I had to get out. I was thinking about what I subsequently wrote here. I glanced down the bar and it hit me…..These guys could do as well as the Euro people in resolving the European Union financial crisis. Perhaps better.

Enjoy your day!


Tonight! The Great Naval Air Battle. The reenactment of the Conch Republic’s fight for independence. A must to see. The Battle begins at 7 this evening in the waters off the Ocean Key dock, Pier House and Schooner Wharf.

The Conch Republic Navy and Air Force take on the U.S. Coast Guard. Conch pirate ships will have water canons firing on Coast Guard vessels. The Conch Republic Air force will  engage U.S. Navy jets from Boca Chica. The Conch Air Force consists of World War I type bi-planes and seaplanes. The Conch planes swill drop bombs on the Coast Guard vessels. Furling unrolling rolls of toilet paper.

The Conch Republic position with regard to the United States: Don’t screw with us!

My friend Mike (of Mike and Tina fame) was a Conch Republic bombardier for several years. He dropped the toilet paper bombs. His friend Nick was an officer in the Conch Republic Air Force and flew one of the planes. Sounds like a fun time.

All of Key West will be watching the battle.

Today is also another war holiday. In Italy. April 25 is celebrated as Liberation Day. The day American troops freed Italy from Nazi domination. A big holiday. Parades, street bands, etc. The holiday pays homage also to the resistance fighters who opposed Germany during Italy’s occupation. Several hundred thousand were killed. Many were women.

I recall in both of my visits to Novara viewing the wall the Nazis used to shoot partisans. A long brick wall. They lined the Italians up and executed them. It was a strange feeling standing before the wall and recalling what had occurred.

My friend Anna tells me of her first experience meeting U.S. Army troops. She was 5 years old. They gave her chewing gum. She had never seen chewing gum. Thought it was candy. She chewed and swallowed. The soldiers laughed. Then explained to her that gum was to be chewed and not swallowed.

Mussolini was captured on April 27. Two days after the liberation  of Italy. He was no longer liked. He and his girl friend were executed and then hung upside down at a gas station near Lake Como.

Yesterday started with a haircut. Lori continues to help keep my beard trimmed and in shape.

I desired Cuban cheese toast with tomato. I enjoyed the sandwich and a large cup of Cuban coffee at Blossoms.

Bocce last night. We won 2 out of 3 games. An improvement. We won all three last week. We are on a roll. I played in the last game which we lost. Some of my shots were good, some bad. It was a so so night for me.

The season is over. It is very noticeable. Traffic is down, bicyclists few. I was the only one at Lori’s. There were only three of us for lunch at Blossoms. We needed a break. Key West will pick up again shortly with events scheduled almost every weekend.

Enjoy the day!


I spent my Sunday in bed yesterday. My back problem continues. Better, but not right yet. A pain in the ass!

I filled my day from the bed with visiting the Burmese python situation again. Additionally, I watched two great basketball games. Still having time on my hands, I communicated with several friends in Italy regarding Obama’s visit.

There is nothing new to report re the Burmese python invasion. The past year has been undramatic.

Recall there are an estimated 150,000 Burmese pythons living in the Everglades. Where did they come from? Florida is not their natural habitat. It is south Asia and southern China. They most certainly did not swim here.

Hurricane Andrew is given part of the blame. A #5, it is thought the hurricane captured pet pythons and the winds dropped them off in the Everglades. From whence they mated and gave birth to the multitude.

I learned something new. The female after mating can store sperm. For years. She also can store eggs. The baby pythons are born years later.

I am aware of only two sightings in the Keys. One in Key Largo. The other in Key West. Key West’s was a seven footer. It was discovered in the grass off one of the airport’s runways. There is a question as to whether it got there by itself or someone dropped it off nearby.

Two years ago, a Miami family got up one morning to discover a 13 footer in their pool.

I learned another new thing. Burmese pythons are fresh water reptiles. The Everglades are soft water. They are not salt water beings. The keys are salt water. Ergo, the possibility of Burmese pythons reaching Key West is remote. Not impossible, however.

A year ago, the State of Florida permitted a one month legal hunt for Burmese pythons. The State figured the python population would be diminished with a western type shoot out. Permits were required. Five hundred obtained. The number of Burmese pythons caught in that one month period totaled 68.

The bottom line is nothing of any importance occurred since my last story regarding Burmese pythons a year ago.

Great basketball yesterday afternoon! Connecticut was a #7 seed. Beat Michigan State in an exciting game. Kentucky a #8 seed beat Michigan with a very long 3 point shot with 2.3 seconds to go.

Next week The Final Four! More exciting basketball!

I watched the games on TV and the internet. The internet is not a bad place to watch the games. Yes, the screen is much smaller. However, you are right there on top of each play. A constant closeup. Audio included. Try it. Free.

I spoke with several acquaintances in Italy again. How did the Obama trip go? Any more news?

Contrary to what the American media is reporting, they were not impressed with Obama’s visit. They were of the opinion that Obama was there to sell them gas and planes.

Italy presently gets a significant portion of its gas from Russia. It comes through Ukraine pipe lines. Italy has been in close negotiations with Russia for some time regarding a direct pipe line from Russia to Italy. It would bypass Ukraine and run under the Black Sea. Obama wants Italy to scrap the plan.

Italians seem uncomfortable with any long term plans being entered into at this time. Their concern is they have a new President every several months. They would prefer to wait till their government is more stable before deciding anything so important.

Tomorrow night my blog talk radio show! Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine o’clock. A fast moving revealing half hour.

One of the topics will involve my opinion that the international banking system is a more deadly threat to Ukraine than Russia. The Euro Union, the United States, and the International Monetary Fund are ready to give Ukraine $17 billion plus now. Conditioned upon austerity measures being put in place immediately. As in Greece, Spain and Italy. An inevitable disaster in the making!

Enjoy your day!


Who would have believed that in 2014 I would be sitting in a coffee house in Key
West writing about the danger of a rising Nazism?

First however, the blog is late because I received a last minute call from the realtor. Open house today! A picture of your home is in the newspaper! He never told me. I had to move my ass to straighten up the house, shower, and get out!

Now for a problem/danger that the American media fails to discuss. The growing power of European Nazism.

Lets starts start with this day in history in 1190. The place is York, England.

The English were in the process of embarking upon the Crusades. A battle to save Christianity from the purported Muslim infidels. From the perspective of the English, Jesus was white and Christian. Not Muslim. Nor Jewish. The Jews were despised as well.

One hundred fifty Jews lived in York. They had to be dealt with. Because they were Jews. They sought refuge in Clifford’s Tower. All 150. The Christians gave them a choice. Be baptized or killed! If you prefer, you can commit suicide. Most opted for suicide. They started a  roaring fire and burned to death. The few that preferred to be killed at the hands of the Christians were massacred. Not one opted to be baptized.

The point of this historical tale is the hatred of Jews before 1190 , through the time of York, and to present day. An ongoing forever thing.

I have warned of the Greek Nazi Party (known as the Golden Dawn) for three years. I viewed its operation personally in Greece. I have been talking about the Ukraine Nazi Party this past month since the Crimean situation arose.

The American media has mentioned little regarding the Nazi Party in Greece and Ukraine. The American people are being blocked out.

There is also a Nazi Party in Italy. There is one every where today in Europe where people are suffering economically. The hardships that gave rise to Hitler are giving rise to the European spread of Nazism.

The Italian Nazi Party is relatively small. So small, it does not even have anyone elected to the Italian Parliament. However, Italy is fertile for the growth of Nazism. The economic depravity sweeping the country creates a fertile ground for its spread.

Last week, the Greek Alba Dorata (Greece’s Golden Dawn Nazi Party) met in Milan with leaders of the Casa Pound. The Casa Pound is the Italian Nazi Party. Named after the famous author Ezra Pound. He was a Hitler and fascist supporter during World War II. Hemingway saved Pound’s ass after the war and had him to a large degree redeemed before the literary world. A story for another time.

Another meeting is scheduled this week in Rome. The Rome branch of Nazism is stronger than the Milan one.

The Greek Nazi Party grows daily. The present government is doing every thing to keep the group down. Even outlawed the party. To no avail. The Greek Nazi party is a potent force and continues to flex its muscle daily.

The Greeks even  have what is described as a Greek Nazi Ambassador. He is stationed in Rome. His name is Kostantinos Boviatsos. His title, location and work clear proof the Greek Nazis are not screwing around. Though not there yet, it is like Greece today, the world tomorrow!

Ukraine has its own Nazi Party. A force in the coalition opposing the Russians. Another potent force. They are part of the group that has already received American dollars in support their cause. Senator McCain appeared in a recent photograph with the head of the Ukrainian Nazi Party.

As with the Crusaders of the Middle Ages, the Greek, Italian and Ukrainian Nazi parties are anti-Semitic. Decidedly so. Which means the United States is supporting organized anti-Semites in Ukraine.

Why do we not hear more of this from the American media?

I apologize for devoting a portion of a Sunday Key West blog to the Nazi Party. However… is something we have to start thinking seriously about. Before another Hitler rises. Laugh not. The same fertile seeds that gave rise to Hitler in the 1930s exist in the world today.

Now for some quick Key West dialogue.

I walked Duval a bit last night. The St. Patrick Day crowd was humongous. Tourists galore. Around six, most were blurry eyed. Full of green beer. I doubt many made it through the night.

I enjoyed Don and Chris’ company at the Chart Room. Che and Meri joined us. Earlier, I had walked to the Galleon Tiki bar to see JJ. No JJ. Apparently his night off.

Meri told me Patrick had been in looking for me. I hope he brought my friends with him. Sorry we missed. Our paths will cross soon, I am sure.

I am sitting in the Plantation Coffee house writing this blog. Three Spring Break young ladies just came in and are sitting across from me. I have gotten old! Very old! They do not even look like adults, though they are.

Enjoy your Sunday!


You win some, you lose some. We only won one game last night.

Played Larry Smith’s team. A money game/a blood match. We won the first game 16-15. A battle! We lost the second game 16-15. Another battle! They out did us in the third game.

I played the second game. I was not up to par. I was not getting the ball there. The courts were damp from the rain and I did not have enough umph  to get to the polina.

Captain David has redone the parings. No longer will I be playing with Frankie. Keith is my new partner. We will work well together. Keith had a good evening last night.

I spent some time yesterday afternoon at the Plantation Coffee House. Had lunch there. Coffee and a toasted bagel. Read the newspapers. Chatted with Diane.

Before I forget, Happy Valentine Day! I have no one to give candy and flowers to at the moment. I am uncertain whether I will be out tonight. This is the busiest night for restaurants in Key West. Like New Years Eve.

After the Coffee House, I headed over to see Tammy. It was time again for a manicure and pedicure. Ran into Martha Robinson. I had not seen her for a while. A charming lady. One of Key West’s leading citizens.

Stopped at Publix on the way home. Needed food again. Basics. Bananas, grapes, strawberries, bread, and milk. The wrong time to shop. Too many people. Only four empty carts available when I arrived at the store.

Ran into Karen at Publix. Another person I have not seen in a while. She congratulated me on my book The World Upside Down. Said she had been trying to buy the soft cover edition. Each time she looked, there was a waiting period/backlog of 4-6 weeks. I suggested she order it and wait. The backlog has been that way since about a week after the book came out. I told her to check and barnesand

Italian politics is back in the news. Prime Minister Enrico Letta is resigning as of today. His own party dumped him. Mark what I am saying. Burlusconi will be back! Not soon, but soon enough. Not as an elected official. Rather as the power behind the throne.

I love talking politics with my Italian friends. Every politician they do not like  they refer to as Mafiosa.

Italy presently has 45 per cent unemployment. The highest in 40 years. It is right behind Greece on the poor economy list.

I have a bug up my ass again. A situation has developed in Connecticut. The State passed a gun registration law. It went into effect. A very low percentage of known gun owners registered their weapons. We are noyttalking about handguns. The law covered those modern day machine gun types.

Very few  gun owners registered the guns per the law. An act of civil disobedience or does it border on anarchy? Interesting.

A society cannot survive where its members decide for themselves which laws to follow and which not.

Syracuse/North Carolina State tomorrow. We should win. My recollection is North Carolina has lost 8 games. Syracuse, none. But…..Syrcuse is due. Most Syracuse wins have been close this season. I wish we would win one going away. My heart cannot take these last second (note not minute) victories.

Enjoy your day!






Good morning! Good morning! Good morning!

I wish I felt as peppy as the introduction. I have a head cold. I cannot remember when last I had one. That long. It hit me early yesterday afternoon.

I lunched at Blossoms. Had to stand. A bunch of senior ladies were having some sort of luncheon. They had taken all the stools. The women were my age. Each uniquely beautiful. I could not keep my eyes off them.

The new owners have parrots. A big one was out of the cage. About 18 inches tall and a bit stout. Colorful. I looked at him (?) and said hello. He immediately responded hello. Took me back for a moment.

The cold kept me at home during the afternoon and evening.

The afternoon was spent researching for my new book Growing Up Italian. I needed some background information from Italy itself. I wanted to be sure my facts concerning the land of my ancestors were correct.

Two Catholic saints have a moment in the book. Saints Cosmas and Damien. Though born and died in what is now Turkey, they are revered to this day by many Italo-Americans. They were twins. Became doctors. Never charged. Provided medical services free.

I feel that some present day killings in the Middle East and Africa are less than nice. Brutal is the word. Saints Cosmas and Damien were killed in a fashion beyond that of today. They were hung on crosses, stoned, shot by arrows, and then beheaded. All because of their Catholic faith.

None of the preceding will appear in the book. I thought it interesting and wanted to share their experience with you.

Last night was early to bed. Turned the heat on. I am one of the lucky ones.

I keep autographing books. I am honored to be asked. I continue to suggest to those of you who might not have ordered the book to do so. It is a series of interesting short stories. The title is The World Upside Down by Louis Petrone. It is available on and

Enjoy your day!



1898 was a significant year in Key West history. The USS Maine was sunk in Havana harbor, a number of the sailors killed were buried in the Key West Cemetary, and the Custom House  became the site for the formal inquiry into the sinking of the USS Maine.

Threats of war had prevailed. There was an inevitable feeling that a war between the United States and Spain would occur. It did. The USS Maine was sunk in Havana harbor to flame the fires of war.

Many US sailors were killed. A good number were buried in the Key West Cemetary. On this date in 1898, a dedication of the plot where these brave men are buried was dedicated. It was estimated 10,000 people attended the ceremony. Can you imagine! There were not that many people in Key West at the time. They had to have come from all over the United States.

Later, a formal inquiry was held to determine the cause of the USS Maine being sunk. The cause was clear. However rules and regulations required a hearing. The inquiry was held at the Custom House.

The Custom House had been completed on 1891. It was a Federal building. It housed the post office, custom offices and federal district court.

Today the Custom House is home to the Key West Art and Historical Society. Best described as a museum with frequent art exhibits. Dear friend Sheila from the Chart Room recently joined the staff of the Custom House. Her office oversees the waters off Key West.

Daughter Lisa is a part of the history of the Custom House. When she first settled in Key West some 15 years ago, her initial employment was at the Custom House with the Key West Art and Historical Society. She was with the organization for several years. She served as Development Director. A major fund raising effort was underway at the time to secure funds for the repair and reconstruction of the Custom House. Lisa played a significant role in the fund raising and her effort was most respectable. She did her job. She raised a lot of money.

Yesterday was a bit busy. I started with an early morning pick up of my computer from Tim Reynolds. It is now fixed. I am doing this blog on it at the moment.

I walk and then do not walk. I am becoming frustrated with myself. Realizing I need some regimentation, I went to a gym yesterday to sign up. With a trainer and everything. I went to We Be Fit. The gym that advertises on television that it can keep seniors in good shape and probably add on to their years.

I wanted to sign up. They would not let me. I first had to have a one hour consultation with whoever my trainer was to be. Whoever was not there at the time. I would get a call later in the day to schedule an appointment. No call. I will call them this morning. I find it strange that sometimes people are not anxious to make a dollar. I was there with credit card in hand prepared to pay for the whole thing up front.

I lunched at Mangrove Mama’s. I have not been there in 10 years. It is up US 1. Somewhere north of Key Haven and south of Big Pine. I ate in the bar and read the newspapers. The bar is small. A couple of booths. I sat at a booth and enjoyed a fish sandwich.

Yesterday afternoon was spent completing preparations for last night’s blog talk radio show. The show went on at 9 as scheduled.

I spoke about the Iceland revolution that we never heard about in the United states. I am going to dwell on it during my friday TV/internet show. The heart of the discussion centers on the failure of the American press to tell us about it. I blame corporate ownership of the major media companies for hiding news that might hurt them.

Protesting is getting out of hand on the streets of the Ukraine. Police joined with demonstrators yesterday in Turin, Italy in support of the protestors. Greece remains in turmoil. Africa a series of revolutionary wars.

Any one of these happenings can kindle World War III. Not the Middle East, as I have been saying. These are dangerous situations. Are we paying attention as we should? Do we care?

Buffalo’s Tom Dixon wrote and said he had ordered 5 copies of my book The World Upside Down. I wrote back and told him that made for a total of 6. His 5 and my 1! Joking, of course. I certainly hope that more than 6 have been sold.

Enjoy your day!




Weather changes are abrupt in Key West. We move from one season to another overnight. It looks like we are moving into winter. A Key West winter. Not so bad. Better here than up north where they have already experienced snow.

The wind was strong yesterday and from the north. Especially on the gulf side of the island. Waves and white caps were discernible in the water.

The temperature was ok, however. In the high 70s. As it will be today. The wind brings with it the cold off the ocean, however. I was out last night. A sweat shirt would have helped.

The reaction to the book thus far has been gratifying. Emails from all over. Even China. Thank you one and all. Now I hope someone buys the book.

Once again, the title is The World Upside Down. It has been published in ebook and paperbook versions. It is available via the internet from three sources:,, and

I occasionally get screwed up. Keith was over Tuesday night. He told me my license plate had expired. It was to have been renewed in July. I was in Greece in July. Never saw the registration renewal letter. I have been driving for three months an unregistered vehicle.

Now that I knew, I was not going to drive the car till it was registered. Ergo, I had to beg rides. Twice.

DMV Florida has stringent rules on anything and everything to do with cars. I went to the internet first to see what was required to renew a previously registered Florida vehicle. I brought everything the official State DMV site said was required. The nice lady at DMV told me I needed one other item. I said it was not on the internet. She said, I know but you still need it.

So it went. I finally got the car registered. The people at DMV here in Key West are pleasant. Rules are rules, however.

A friend in Italy emailed me yesterday to tell me I had dual citizenship. I am an Italian citizen also because one of my parents was born in Italy. My mother. I plan on doing nothing with the knowledge. I am happy where I am as I am. In spite of everything going on, there is nothing like the USA!

The Chart Room last night. My one and only stop. Visited with Emily, Peter and Sean. Peter was dressed for the weather. Long pants, a sweater and a denim jacket.

A lot of tourists. I was surprised because there is nothing of significance this weekend, other than a film festival.

Bocce tonight. The last night of the season. It will be a fun evening. Nothing at stake. We will finish somewhere in the middle of the standings.

Tomorrow morning The Key West Lou Legal Hour. My TV/internet show. Ten my time. Via television from Key West through Boca Raton. Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide.

If you miss the show, you can see it on You Tube at your convenience. Enter Key West Lou.

Some interesting and revealing topics will be discussed. Like a U.S. accommodation of the Tea Party that is disturbing, an abuse of police power you will find hard to believe, additional poverty exploration, some cattle rustling, corporations getting bigger, how taxpayers are coming up short with regard to the GM bailout, and more.

Enjoy your day!