Education time yesterday.

I am in the market for a new cell phone and I Pad. My present phone AT&T. I visited AT&T and Verizon. Left both places with a gigantic headache. Confusing stuff to a person of my age.

It seems Verizon might be the best deal. The I Pad would be a v something. Not Apple.

I would appreciate any suggestions. All greek to me.

Speaking of Greek, I bought some new shirts at Orvis yesterday for my Greece trip. I will be leaving in about 10 days.

Then spent some time shopping for Robert’s birthday gift. Went to the to the toy store on Mallory Square. I am not sharing what I bought Robert with you. I knew his mother would be upset. She was. You would probably be upset, also.

Lunch was exciting. We have a new place in Key West. 5 Guys.

I have heard of 5 Guys in recent years. Everyone speaks well of the operation. Key West’s is located in the little L shaped shopping mall behind the ice cream and water sports booths on the corner of Truman and Duval. It has been open about a week.

I was absolutely impressed. The best cheeseburger I have ever had.

It was assembly line preparation. One employee put mayonaise on the roll. The next mustard and ketchup. The next tomatoes. And so on. It reminded me of my former wife. She helped out at the Rescue Mission on Flagler at lunch time for a couple of years. Her job: buttering the bread.

The place was packed. A winner.

Birthday party time last night. Great cake baked by Lisa! Chocolate with a white frosting. Just what Robert ordered. Robert was pleased with his gifts and his day. He was excited by my gift. I was correct. Lisa’s eyes went up when she saw it.

Ally still sick. Low grade fever and not eating. She is beginning to look emaciated.

I watched the Miami/Indiana game last night. It looked like the start of World War  III.

Dentist visit at 9 this morning. I have to hustle.

Enjoy your day!


  1. While I am a good bit younger than you all of that cell phone stuff makes my head spin as well . I don’t have a lot of use for a cell phone or any phone for that matter so I have a cheap trak phone where you pay as you go . Works pretty well for what I need it for . What I do know is it is pretty hard to beat Apple products for features , ease of use and reliability . I have been an Apple user for 12 years now and pretty much love their stuff (computer and Ipod). IMHO
    Have a sunny and warm day in my favorite town !

  2. We have been reading you for a few years now- cannot figure out how you can NOT go to your father’s funeral but are going to Greece?? Can you explain

  3. Cell phones, and iPads are big things to have. Also, they are something you should really do your homework on, before buying. Don’t get screwed by a phone company, and Data limits. If you hit those Data limits, you will get charged big time in overages. Be careful, Lou! Google everything before buying!

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