Hogfish for lunch yesterday. A Cuban sandwich. Good! First time I had one there. Read the newspapers.

There were very few people. I could not understand why. Then it hit me. Owner Billy Mangello opened a pizza parlor this week three blocks away on Stock Island. Everyone had to be there. The waitress agreed with me.

As I was turning onto MacDonald Road, I improperly cut around a tourist bus. I did wrong. Within seconds I heard the siren. A motorcycle officer pulled me over.

I immediately said…..I know I am wrong…..I got tired of waiting for the bus to move.

The officer and I chatted a bit. I reiterated once more I was wrong.

He was a gentleman. Gave me a warning. Told me he saved me $260 and 3 points. He told me I was wrong, but that the bus driver was slow to move. That he was in training to be a bus driver.

I lucked out.

Robert and Ally were in the pool when I returned home. With Corey’s father, Curtis. Grandmother Karen was sitting nearby. They are visitng for a couple of days.

Needed a pedicure. The last time I had one was on Mykonos. The day I got hit by the car.

I enjoy Tammy’s company. Nothing gets by her. She knew Jenna and I had been out together Saturday night. Jenna is her customer, also.

Worked on Friday’s internet show. The key West Lou Legal Hour. 10 am my time worldwide.

Some interesting topics. Like the woman who tried to break into jail, babysitters averaging more than twice the minimum wage, a reason not to hide cash in the oven, woman who got butt injection with cement died / the person giving the injection charged with manslaughter, and You Tube nailing a speeder.

Plus, a run away camel on a Dubai highway, gay voters a significant block, the recent Greek election and media reports, the Postal crisis, a person pursued by police hides in a septic tank, Brazilian court orders Chevron to stop drilling or face a fine of $244 million a day, Columbus leaving Spain’s Paloa for the Indies, the first day ever opening of the Saratoga race track, and more.

A good show in the making.

Sloan visited me in the evening. We worked on the 600 pictures of my trip. We have them down to 100 for the proposed epilogue.

I thought I was done with the dentist last week. After 1.5 years. I was wrong. I am not. Have pain. Big pain. I have a 9:30 appoinment this morning for another adjustment.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou, I follow your column almost every day. My hubs and I call KW home for a couple of months in the spring each year, so most everything you mention is pertinent to me. Especially your dental problems! Not exactly related to kw, but what you endure is universal, at least to me. Hope you get it all straightened out soon.

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