Saw my heart doctor yesterday. Test results ok. Nothing different from last year’s tests. No new heart problems.

Why the pain? It has been more frequent this week. Doctor thinks it may be gastric. Two new pills added to my daily regimen.

It has been six years. Six calm years. No hurricanes. Issac is around the corner. Probably a Monday arrival.

Will it hit Key West? Present projections have Issac coming right over us. I think we are in for a bit of trouble.

Hurricanes are fickle. They move suddenly in a different direction. Hope it happens this time. The projected lines make me uncomfortable.

Presently, Issac is either a tropical storm or about to become one. That we could handle. It is thought Issac will be a 1 when it hits. One not bad. Maybe a 2.  Not bad again. With either, I and every one else in Key West will be staying.

The problem is that a 1 or 2 can suddenly become a 3. Then we would be in trouble. The die will have been cast, however. We will be stuck here.

The Yacht Club for dinner last night. With Sean and Katherine Kinney.

Sean and Katherine married two months ago. I could not attend. I was away in Europe. Last night’s dinner was my acknowledgement of their marriage.

Some of us had stuffed florida lobster. Others, steak. Both good.

Howard Livingston was at the bar when we arrived. Good friend, Howard. The problem is we rarely see each other. We hugged and chatted  briefly. Howard was with Paul Toppino and others. Howard’s group was concerned about Issac. As we all are.

I did not have dessert at the Yacht Club. On the way home, a desire for ice cream hit me. I stopped at Publix. Bought cappuccino fudge. Ate two dishes  when I got home.

This morning a haircut. Lori. Going to trim the beard a bit. It is starting to get unruly.

I found another company that made big dollars in profit and paid no tax. Travelers Companies. The President is Jay S. Fishman. He was paid $15,837,099 last year. Good for him! He is not my concern. It is the tax Travelers did not pay. Travelers paid no tax. Got a refund!  $176 million.

Something wrong here. It appears the United States survives on the taxes paid by the middle and low income classes. These two groups support the government. Big companies such as Travelers do not.

Something wrong with that scenario.

Enjoy your day!


Before getting into lazy, lets talk about this morning.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour airs at 10 this morning. My time. On the internet. One of the key topics involves Social Security purchasing 174,000 rounds of bullets. Hollow point bullets. Specifically……357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow point pistol ammunition.

Join me. The show is interesting and challenging. www.konkbroadcasting.com.

Yesterday was one lazy day!

Did the blog early morning. Sometime before 8. Then worked all day non stop till 4 in the afternoon  on today’s internet show. I got lost in the material. So much. So interesting. So revealing.

I finally got out last night. Outback. Dinner at the bar. Prime rib and baked potato.

I had planned on stopping at Don’s Place afterwards to chat with Kurt who was scheduled to bartend. My stomach was full and I was uncomfortable. I went straight home.

I am heading for trouble. Eating bad and no exercise. Must get on a healthy kick again. Getting started is the hard part.

Watch my internet show this morning. Social Security purchasing all that deadly ammunition should tickle your curiosity as to the reason behind the purchase.

Enjoy your day!




The major item of importance in my life yesterday was a stress test. Part of ongoing tests because I had a chest pain last week. Tests completed. Next wednesday my cardiologists gives me the results.

The testing took over 2.5 hours.

I did not do the tread mill stress test. Mine was strictly nuclear. I sat in a huge easy chair. Some nuclear chemical was shot into my arm. The result was immediate. I started breathing heavy. Gasping a bit. These results were expected and I had been forewarned to expect them.

It was all over in 30 seconds. The picture taking before and after is what took up most of the time.

The gulping for breath was similar to that experienced on my ill fated attempt to climb to the top of the Santourini volcano.

My cardiologist gave me the option of the tread mill or shot. He said both were equally good from his perspective for what he needed. I have become lazy in my old age. Always hated the tread mill. It was hard! Especially at the end. So I opted for the shot of nuclear whatever.

I published another article on Amazon Kindle yesterday. The Forefather of Three Presidents and Two Actors. The John Holland of Mayflower fame tale. He gave us Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the two Bushes. Plus Humphrey Bogart and Alec Baldwin. Were in not for Holland, we never would have had Social Security or the Iraqi War. Who knows how Casablanca would have turned out. 30 Rock might never have won any Emmys.

As I was getting ready for my night in Key West, the telephone rang. It was Jean Thornton. She has been back 2-3 weeks and we had yet to get together. Jean suggested we meet at the Chart Room for a drink.

It was Jean. And Sean, Sheila and Emily at the Chart Room. Good people all! A pleasant time.

I invited Jean to dinner. She had to pass. Had a dinner engagement already scheduled for later in the evening.

Emily bartends three nights  a week at the Chart Room. The more I see of her, the more I like her. She is intelligent and engaging. Beautiful as well.

I was not that hungry. Wanted to go to some place close and easy to the Chart Room. I decided on Sloppy Joe’s and an order of sloppy fries. It was fun.

I walked a couple of blocks down Duval after “dining” at Sloppy Joe’s. A good crowd of people. Not great. Enough for the merchants to make a buck, however.

Tomorrow is the day! My internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. World wide. www.konkbroadcasting.com.

Join me. Share some interesting time with me.

Some topics to be discussed include the Dallas mosquito problem/West Nile Virus which is killing people, why U.S. companies prefer manufacturing in China (it is not the cheap labor), Social Security’s recent ordering of 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets, Germany beginning to hurt economically because many of their container vessels sit idle, a high ranking Catholic priest sentenced to 3-6 years for being part of the cover up, Presidential campaign setting a poor example for our children, nude maid service in Lubbock, Texas not tolerated, and more.

Again, please join me if you can. I love doing the show and I assure you that although you may not love it per se, you will enjoy watching it.

Enjoy your day!



I was correct. I have pink eye. Dr. Lefferts confirmed it yesterday morning.

Prescribed drops. She had her office call the prescription into Walgreens to be ready for pick up at noon. I received a recorded message around 11 that it would not be timely ready and they would call to tell me when.

It was six in the evening. No call from Walgreens yet. My eye was no better. Perhaps worse. I drove to Walgreens to see if the prescription was ready. It was not. I was told the drops were rarely used and they did not stock it. The clerk told me he did not know when the prescription would be filled.

I got upset. My problem is today I told him.

I asked to speak to the pharmacist. He tried to be helpful. Said he would call around to other drug stores to see if they had it. I played that game once. A pain in the ass! And not successful.

In the end, the pharmacist screwed around on his computer a while and told me the prescription would be available tomorrow (today) at one.

Not the way to run a business! Especially one that makes Walgreens a ton of money daily.

I spent some time at the Chart Room last night chatting.

Michael bartends at Smokin’ Tuna. He recently turned 40. He was enjoying a bus man’s holiday at the Chart Room.

A few days ago Michael was watching the sunset somewhere at Mallory Square. He saw two people a distance out in the water. They were in the water waving their arms. Obviously in distress. Michael dove in and swam out to them.

It was good that he did.

One of the persons in the water had scrapped his thigh against something. It had to be a hard blow. He had ruprured his artery. Blood was flowing out rapidly.

Michael got the person to shore. He ripped a branch of a tree, took off his tee shirt and wrapped both tightly around the guy’s thigh. Soon the Coast Guard arrived and the injured person was helicoptered to Miami.

Michael does not know who the person was that he saved. The injured person does not know it was Michael. Perhaps they will learn of each other through this blog.

Michael…..A genuine hero!

JJ was bartending. Leslie at the bar aslo.

Captain Tony Days start today and run through Sunday.

Captain Tony can best be described as a son of Key West.

His biggest claim to fame was Catain Tony’s Bar on Greene Street. He ran it for almost 30 years. In addition to being a bar keep, Captain Tony was a charter boat captain, gun runner, gambler, politician and at one time Mayor of Key West. Along the way, he married four times and fathered thirteen children.

Captain Tony ran for Mayor four times before being elected. One of his unsuccessful campaigns was headed up by Jimmy Buffett. Buffet and Captain Tony were obviously close. Buffett wrote a song about Captain Tony. Last Mango in Paris. The opening lines of the song…..I went down to Captain Tony’s / To get out of the heat / Heard a voice call out to me / Son come have a seat.

The girls leave today. Donna and Terri are packed and ready to go. Their ultimate destination is Los Angeles. They are moving there permanently. They came to Key West to get their furniture out of storage. The next stop is New York to get their furniture out of the apartment there. Then onward to Los Angeles.

They rented a huge Budget truck. They are driving the furniture from Kest West to New York and then Los Angeles themselves. Their car hooked on the back.

Crazy! I wish them good luck. They will make it. I told them this morning to record the events of each day. The trip has the makings of a good book.

Marvin Hamlisch died yesterday. I feel the loss of a contemporary. The world, including me, enjoyed his music all our lives.

I was aware Terri knew and was a personal friend of Hamlisch. When I read the news of his death on the internet, I telephoned Donna. She and Terri were at Aqua. Terri was judging a singing contest.

Terri took the loss hard. She got up on the stage and sang one of his songs. What I Did For Love from Chorus Line. With tears running down her face.

May he rest in peace.

That was my yesterday.

Enjoy your today!


I spent all day Monday writing. From morning to early evening. Initially outside in the shade of the tiki hut. When the rains came in the afternoon, they were of the monsoon type. Blowing side ways. I moved inside. It was better anyhow. The air conditioning was a relief.

I spent a considerable amount of time working on Friday’s internet show. It is coming along. When I tired of it, I wrote ten pages of the book I am working on. Ten pages is a lot. I was in the right frame of mind and the material poured out.

One of the topics for Friday’s show involves an Ashley Moser. Ashley was in the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado last week. Her six year old daughter was killed. Ashley was shot. Ashley was pregnant at the time. She miscarried. She was advised this week that she will be paralyzed the rest of her life. The doctors are not sure whether she will be a paraplegic or quadraplegic. It depends on whether she will have the use of her arms.

They say God never gives any person more than what that person can handle. The statement does not apply in Ashley’s case. What mental strength this woman will require to go on.

I woke in the middle of the night with a red and sandy eye. I think I have pink eye. I have an appointment this morning to see Dr. Lefferts.

Enjoy your day!


What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday morning the TV news, TV talk shows, and internet news were bombarding us with a $5.5 billion default by the U.S. Postal Agency within 24 hours. This morning nothing. Not on TV. Only a brief back page article on the internet.

The Post Office is still going to default. At midnight tonight. The government does not seem concerned. The default will not affect the day to day operations of the Post Office. Congress goes into recess Friday for the month of August. Congress takes the position that the problem can await resolution till it returns in September.

A disgrace! An example of Congressional irresponsibility! First in passing the 2006 law that primarily created this postal crisis. Second, in failing to timely correct the problem.

Whatever happened to pride. This is an agency of the United States government. There should be no waiting. The problem should be resolved now instead of four weeks plus from now. The Washington genius’ know what they are going to do. They should do it now and avoid embarassing the government.

I am beginning to think that not paying bills on time is no longer considered an item of shame. If the U.S. governemnt can do it, why not the people. The economy would really fail if everyone payed their bills one month late.

I walked yesterday morning. In the blistering humidity. My tee shirt soaking wet when I finished.

Then to the Plantation Coffee House. No coffee. A bottle of cold water. Diane working. I also had one of her blueberry muffins. She bakes them herself. Delicious.

I was getting ready to leave the house last night for the Chart Room when Dotti called. She has recently returned from Mexico.

Meet me at the Commodore and I will buy you dinner, she said. OK by me. Rarely does anyone purchase my dinner. Especially a beautiful lady.

I met Dotti at the Commodore a half hour later. We drank, ate and laughed. Dotti is an old friend from Key West who married and ran off to Mexico to live several years ago.

It has been at least four years since I dined at the Commodore. The food was terrific! Better than I remembered it. I enjoyed a delicious prime rib. I plan on returning soon.

I rarely get to the end of Front street where the Commodore is located. It is only two blocks from the Chart Room, but out of the way. Front Street dead ends at the Commodore.

There has been much talk of late of the Boathouse. Everyone has told me it is near the Commodore. The Boathouse has become a new and exciting place to drink and eat. I had never been there nor seen it.

Turns out the Boathouse is directly under the Commodore. Boathouse first floor, Commodore second floor.

What a lovely place! Made for the oceanfront. It sits on the ocean. Open aired. The place was packed. Looked like fun. I must try it soon.

Donna and Terri have been here since late afternoon Sunday. I rarely see them. Our bodies operate on different time schedules. I have seen Terri for a total of 30 seconds. Donna 5 minutes. Show biz people!

Two major figures passed on in the past 48 hours. Tony Martin and Gore Vidal.

Tony Martin was 98. A popular singer in the 1940s and 1950s. Married to two different Hollywood stars. First the singer Alice Faye. Then the dancer Cyd Charisse.

I remember and enjoyed Martin’s movies. All good time happy ending ones.

Gore Vidal was 86. A novelist, playwrite, and political commentator. He was often described as a political troublemaker. He called them as he saw them! He was a non conformist and controversial. More of his irritating type are needed in today’s world.

May they both rest in peace.

Enjoy your day!


Lisa had given me my marching orders. I was babysitting for a couple of hours Saturday morning so she could get her hair done.

Robert and Ally were waiting for me. I told them Pepe’s or Harpoon Harry’s for breakfast. They had never been to Pepe’s and were a bit reluctant to go. I said…..you must go. We went. No room at the inn. I did not want to stand on the sidewalk waiting for a table. We walked down the street to Harpoon Harry’s.

Robert and Ally were comfortable there. They had been to Harpoon Harry’s many times. We had a long slow breakfast. Talked of many things important to children. Like Disney World. I asked if they knew Bugs Bunny. They did. I told them how Friday was his birthday. He was born on July 27, 1940. His first film came out. Wild Hare. I explained to them what a hare was.

Returned the grandkids to Lisa. Went directly home. Worked about three hours writing. Tried to do it outside. Could not. Too humid. Exceptionally humid. Worked inside in the comfort of air conditioning.

Needed a break. Drove to the Plantation Coffee House. Enjoyed a cup of coffee and read the newspapers.

When I returned home, Lisa and the grandkids were in the pool.

Jenna and I went out together last night. My date!

Jenna had not seen me since my return from Europe. My beard blew her out. She liked it.

We hit the Chart Room first. JJ, Frankie and Che there. Jenna and I did not communicate much with them. She was interested in my trip. It consumed our time at the Chart Room.

Dinner was at the bar at Michael’s. Suzette bartending. I had the veal chop special. To die for. Jenna had the coconut shrimp appetizer. Jenna is a cheap date. She does not eat.

We had a good time at Michael’s. Besides the trip, Jenna brought me up to date on her activities as a TV anchor.

I dropped Jenna off after dinner and headed over to Don’s Place. It was next to empty. Kurt bartending. We chatted a bit.

Erika and Herschel were shooting pool. Herschel had been hypnotized earlier in the day. He is trying to stop smoking. It might work. He snuck a puff or two afterwards and upchucked.

Sloan is due later in the morning. I have a lot of catching up to do.

Tonight the bands will play and the drums roll. Donna and Terri are returning. They will be my house guests for ten days.

Enjoy your Sunday!


My yesterday started with a business meeting at 11. Then to the eye glass store. Eye Eye Eye. Had to pick up a pair of new prescription sun glasses and have another pair fixed. Followed by lunch with Lisa and the grandkids at their home.

Last night my first stop was the Chart Room. JJ bartending. Captain Peter, Che, and Key West Greek at the bar. Billy and Cindy Schott from the other night sitting at a table with friiends.

Che has a beard. Saw mine for the first time last night. Gave me pointers on how to clean it up and give it definition. It is starting to grow all over the place.

Key West Greek was seated at the end of the bar. Met her once and we are friends. We kissed. I got two kisses. one on each cheek in Greek fashion. Greek said because of my earlier mention of her in a blog, Michael at the Greene Street Cigar Company had hung several more of her paintings. I hope they sell. She also advised that the Hemingway House yesterday started displaying additional pieces of her work.

Billy and Cindy extended their stay through Sunday. I am having dinner with them tonight. They were with friends. Also from the San Antonio area. Herb and Melinda Pounds.

Herb is an attorney. Formerly a bank president, he now is in private practice. His specialty is representing people against stock brokerage houses. Herb and I had a good lawyer conversation. He and Melinda are frequnet Key West vistors. I look forward to getting to know them better the next time they are here.

I was hungary.

As you recall, I have been trying to have dinner at Slopopy Joe’s for a while. Can never get a table. I took a chance and stopped in last night. Got one.

Though not gourmet dining, Sloppy Joe’s has some great menu items. I love their french fries buried in ground beef and macaroni sauce, covered with melted cheese. That is what I ordered. Delicious!

Saw a picture of Donna on Facebook yesterday. She was in a hospital bed in Detroit. I still do not know what happened. She and Terri are due here Monday for a week.

My Friday internet show The Key West Lou Legal hour is coming together.

The Olympics start today. In London. Prostitution was one of the preparatory items for the Olympics.

The English are hypocritical about sex. Sex is legal and not legal in England. It depends where it is being done and/or solicited. Street walkers and brothels are on the no no list. London police have been working the past several months to clean up the Olympic neighborhood of street walkers and brothels. The English do not wish the Olympics to get a bad rap because of prostitution.

If you are wondering, prostitution is legal if done in a room one on one. There can be no street solicitation. Only one girl per apartment. Otherwise, the place is deemed a brothel.

I plan on discussing prostitution and the Olympics on my Friday show. Together with the U.S. poverty level being at its all time high since the 1960s, the Paterno statue, the NCAA penalties against Penn State, Bank of America and Balboa Insurance, and the right to bear arms. Plus more. The show is still in preparation.

Today is a big day. I am babysitting again. All day. Robert and Ally planned our today yesterday.

Swimming at my house in the morning. Then miniature golf at Boondocks. Followed by a late lunch at No Name Pub.

Robert and Ally are excited. Especially with going to No Name Pub. Ally wants fries covered with melted cheese. Both of them look forward to writing their names and mine on a dollar bill and stapling it to the wall.

I am having dinner this evening with Billy and Cindy Schott.

A full day!

Enjoy your day!


I babysat all day yesterday.

I had a morning dentist appointment. Took Robert and Ally with me. Had them sit in the waiting room while I was being worked on. They have their own dentist. They visited their dentist two weeks ago for a yearly checkup. So the surroundings were comfortable for them.

Happiness abounds! Yesterday was my last dentist visit regarding the implants. Eighteen months after starting the process, I am done. Happily so. Pleased with the final result.

The past few days have been Paula Deen time. She was here in Key West this past week. At the dentist’s office, I picked up a July 9, 2012 copy of People Magazine. Who was on the cover? You guessed it. Paula Deen!

After the dentist, the grandkids and I walked over to the Butterfly place on Duval. We had been there several times before. An exciting experience each time. The butterfllies favored Robert and Ally. Several perched on each of them at different times. I apparently was not so likable. None perched on me.

Lunch time! 5 Guys. Robert and Ally had never been there. They loved it! We all had bacon cheeseburgers and fries. I bought the small burgers. Had to buy a second one for Robert. He was still hungry.

Surprise of surprises! As I was driving on the boulevard yesterday and passing the Winn Dixie plaza, I saw some renovation work going on. At the large building to the left as you drive into the plaza. The building years ago housed some sort of buffet restaurant. It has been empty for years.

Some of the large windows were totally removed. That is what initially caught my eye.

The new tenant…..5 Guys. A WOW! The Duval 5 Guys is small. I understand this one will be larger with more seating room. A perfect location. It will be a gold mine!

The grandkids were my responsibility till 4. I still had a couple of hours to go. We went swimming at my house. Robert can now do a flip as he dives. He taught Ally how to do it.

I took them home at 4. I was dead! Babysitting requires constant attention and interaction. There is no down time for the babysitter. At least not this one.

I needed a manicure badly. Stopped at Lee Nails on the way home. Tammy did me.

Tammy and her husband work hard. They are at their business seven days a week. All day till 7:30 in the evening. They are not afraid of hard work. As a result, they are achieving the American dream. The business is successful. They are looking for a home to purchase. A large one. Typical of the Vietnamese, many family members will live with them.

Another group of hard wrokers I recently observed were the Greeks. Tourism in the warm months is their primary source of income. Whether Athens or one of the Greek isles visited, they all work seven days a week, twelve hours a day for a six month period. The Italians do not. They work much fewer hours. Many commercial enterprises like stores and restaurants are closed on weekends. Especially on Sunday.

The impression that Greeks are lazy and do not work is not true. Such is an erroneous impression developed during the euro crisis.

Again, I was shot by dinner time. I had no desire to go out. Made myself a sandwich and went to bed early.

Enjoy your day!


Yesterday was Sunday.

I was lazy till mid afternoon. Stayed in bed watching the British Open and then a movie.

Ernie Els won the British Open. I was pleased for him. He has had a difficult time the past few years. He is on the downward spiral of his career. Then from out of the blue, he wins a major championship!

I thought Tiger Woods might do what Els did. However, Tiger faded as the day went on.

Poor Adam Scott. Played fantastic golf for 3 days and 14 holes. Then the world fell in on him! I suspect he choked. It happens. He bogeyed the last 4 holes.

Els’ demonstrated the champion he was when he sunk a 15 foot birdie putt on the last hole to tie Scott.

It was an early dinner at the Yacht Club. Lisa and the family joined me. First time I had seen Robert since he returned. He enjoyed it all! He told me about his first baseball game watching the Marlins play, swimming with the dolphins again, and bacon.

Lisa is fanatic about what she feeds her children. Little meat. Turkey bacon. None of that fatty greasy stuff.

Robert had bacon every morning at camp. Real bacon. He acquired a taste for it. Went to the salad bar twice last night to refill his plate with bacon pieces.

Ally was wearing the dress I bought her in Navaro. Long and white. Beautiful. An angel.

It was Chinese night. Everything was brought to the table family style. Robert demonstrated something else he did for the first time at camp. He ate with chop sticks. Clumsily, but he did it. With no fanfare. He picked them up and started eating. Never said to anyone that he knew how.

I expect Robert and Ally here at any moment. I am babysitting today. I am taking them to Five Guys for lunch. Bacon cheeseburgers. Robert will go wild!

Stopped at the Chart Room for a drink. A good crowd. JJ, David, Captain Peter and Frankie. I was amazed. These guys were talking about Paula Deen. They all knew of her and watched her Food Network shows. David ran into her at Fausto’s and exchanged a brief pleasantry with her.

Deen cooks Southern style. Lots of butter. The Chart Room group talked about her appearance on Oprah. Oprah asked/told Deen….. all that butter, isn’t it unhealthy. Deen replied…..I am a cook, not a doctor.

She was here for the Hemingway Look Alike Contest. Her husband Michael Groover was entered. He did not win. No shame. There were 139 other contestants. My friend Hemingway Hank did not win either. He was a finalist for the ninth time.

I was not aware that Paula Deen was known to so many. I find it interesting that her cooking show has so many viewers from all walks of life. The whole world watches her!

Then to the movies. Tropic Cinema. Wanted to see To Rome With Love. Do not bother going. I was disappointed in the film. It never came together.

Roberto Benigni was in the film. He is the Italian actor that won the Academy Award for Best Actor about ten years ago. He was the only good thing in a film which had many big stars.

Besides Benigni, there was a part of the film that excited me. Benigni was a white collar worker. He and his family lived in a nice apartment in a typical Italian building. In one scene, Benigni walks out the front door of the building and is overwhelmed by the press. In the background is a clothesline with clothes hanging to dry on it. A first floor clothesline.

The same type clothesline I saw in every part of Italy I visited. Clotheslines were everywhere to be seen on the trip. Prosperous homes, poor homes. Window to window, as in the film. On front porches, also.

Ran into Stacey and Robert at the theatre. Donna’s daughter and son in law. Donna and Terri arrive on the 29th for a week.

Joe Paterno’s statue came down in the wee hours of the morning yesterday. Six thirty. Like a thief in the night. An acquiesence to the mob’s cry for blood.

His statue will be returned to its place of honor in 10-20 years. America is forgiving.

I could not help thinking as I watched the covered statue being removed of Shakespeare’s words. Uttered by Mac Anthony in eulogy to the dead Ceasar…..The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones.

The Greek portion of my trip is constantly popping up in my head. I truly enjoyed Greece.

Enjoy your day!