Lazy is becoming my middle name! This is the second day in a row I have stayed in bed late. 10:30. Watched Meet the Press and Chris Wallace. For whatever reason, I am treating this holiday weekend as a holiday.

The older one gets, the more that person believes he/she knows everything. It is the result of the aging process. You have been alive so long, that your experiences make you soooo smart.

And then something happens to prove the error of your thinking. Or maybe that exceptions are common place.

I spoke of my disappointment in not being able to see a blue moon in yesterday’s blog. I actually thought the moon was going to be blue colored for whatever reason.

I was wrong as to the meaning of blue moon. I received more emails, telephone calls and personal comment regarding my error than for anything else I have ever written. As a result, I have learned something new. Which is another way of admitting you are never too old to learn.

One of blue moon’s meanings is two full moons in one month. Not a frequent occurrence. Never in all of my 77 years did I know. Because it is such a rare occurrence, the phrase “…once in a blue moon” developed.

I did a little home work. I wanted to know more about blue moon.

The term has been bandied around some 400 years. It was associated in its earlier times with betrayal.

The significant date for our purposes is January 31, 1980. Relatively recently. There is an observatory at the University of Texas. The McDonald Observatory. Studies the stars, astronomy, space and the like. McDonald Observatory also sponsors a daily radio show. Star Date. The show is very popular. It broadcasts on more than 300 stations. In Star Date’s radio show of January 31, 1980, the term blue moon was used to describe the two full moons in one month phenomenon. Blue moon took off in popularity from that time forward.

For the record, the term had been mentioned off and on in the years immediately preceding 1980 referring to the two full moons in one month, but never achieved notoriety.

College football has returned! Syracuse played Northwestern yesterday. Syracuse lost by one point, 42-41. I caught the second half of the game. Syracuse was down 22 points. But came back! Northwestern was just one play better at the end.

I am not disappointed in the loss. Syracuse’s problem appears to be defense. This is still rebuilding time. I suspect we will have a winning season in spite of this loss.

Shopped yesterday. The cupboard was really bare!

Sloan stopped over in the early afternoon. We are still working on You Tube, amongst other things.

Later in the afternoon, I wrote my weekly column for KONK Life. It will be published next Thursday. The article is entitled Texas Judge Warns of Civil War.

There is a judge in Lubbock County, Texas, who believes that if Obama is reelected there will be a civil war. He claims Obama will turn the government of the United States over to the United Nations. Where this nut theory came from, I do not know. In any event, the judge claims the people will not put up with it. They will take up arms. It will be Concord and Lexington all over again. Obama will send in United Nations troops to put down the revolt. The civil war will then begin in earnest.

The Chart Room first last night. JJ bartending. Many drinkers. I knew none. All tourists. I stayed a while and left.

There is a new restaurant/bar on the waterfront. The Boathouse. It has been there less than a year. It is downstairs from the Commodore. The people who own the Commodore opened the Boathouse.

I tried the boathouse for the first time. Good! Great location. Open aired. Excellent food. Reasonable prices. I recommend it.

Enjoy your Labor Day Sunday!



Today’s blog is late. Sorry. I had a 9 o’clock dentist appointment. I could not get the blog done before the dentist visit.

I was in the chair two hours.

The tune Onward Christian Soldiers runs through my mind. I keep going and going and going to the dentist. Will it ever end?

My implants did not hold during the trip. A problem. Did not let it spoil my good time, however.

The implants have been an ongoing problem.

I think we finally got it this morning. I just finished lunch and experienced no difficulty.

The hills and steps got to me on the trip. I did perseverve, however. Actually I had no choice. It was either walk up them or go no where.

By the end of the trip, I was in better physical shape than at the beginning. The hills and steps were responsible for my reconditioning. Unintentionally, I had improved my physical being.

My intent is to keep walking to keep me in shape. One of you recently wrote me and suggested a stairclimber. Key West has no hills. It is flat. I needed the up and down to keep in shape.

I did not want to return to the gym. Did not like it. Came up with a brilliant idea.

Use a parking garage!

The Key West hotels that have garages have huge ones. Generally at least four stories. Things are slow in the summer. Ergo, little if any traffic in the garages. I picked one and went. I was correct. No cars, no traffic. I walked up the four stories and then down. Up and down for an hour. The up was a good incline. Raised a sweat.

The parking garage is my solution. Until I get arrested for loiteering.

Needed to get out last night. My goal was La Trattoria for dinner. Wanted to see Kathy and Becha.

I started at the Chart Room. Packed. Not even breathing room. No one I knew. All tourists. I left.

Then to Don’s Place. Todd bartending. Jimmy at the bar alone. Joanie working selling tee shirts at the Green Parrot.

Jimmy and I had a couple of drinks together and a good talk. Jimmy reads my blog and knew every aspect of the trip. Jimmy had been in Europe in the 1980s with the service. He was personally familiar with Italy and Turkey. We had a great discussion about the various countries and peoples.

After Don’s Place, I headed over to La Trattoria.

There she was! Mistress of the bar! Kathy!

Love Kathy. Everyone in Key West loves Kathy. She had some heavy surgery several months ago and is on the mend. I got my kiss and enjoyed sharing words with her. She had a busy bar and got to me to chat in between customers.

No Becha. Night off. I was disappointed.

I was enjoying a drink and had not ordered yet. I looked up and there was Dottie. I have not seen Dottie in four years. She married and went to Mexico to live. She is back in Key West working. Her husband is in Mexico.

It was wonderful seeing Dottie again. An embrace and a kiss, of course. Then we started talking as if we had just seen each other last the day before. We continued the evening together dining at the bar.

Dottie is working at a jewelry store on Duval. She appeared happy. I am happy for her.

My beard continues to grow. It is now six weeks old. Looks good, looks bad. Have not made up my mind yet. Comments from others are interesting. Makes you look older, makes you look younger, are you cracking up, what happened, and the like.

I have no immediate intention to shave.

Enjoy your day!


I leave saturday for Italy and Greece. Worry not, I plan on doing this blog daily from where ever I am. I will also be doing my friday morning internet show from were ever. The wonders of modern science!

Trip preparations kept me busy busy yesterday. Included were two doctor visits. I was looking for any marching orders regarding the trip.

Last night was special. Not because of the places I visited. Rather one of the persons I talked with.


I have not seen Che in months. He was/is a Chart Room regular. In fact, his is one of the two remaining holes in the bar for receipt ashes. For whatever reason, Che has not been frequenting the Chart Room of late.

Che is not a Cuban guerilla nor a Cuban expatriate. Though his name suggests both. He is a Jewish merchant from New York who found his way to Key West many years ago.

Che is very opinionated. Dialogue with him makes for interesting conversation.

It is well known in Key West that I generally press my own shirts. To be sure they come out correctly. No one in Key West does shirts properly.. Last night Che tells me he presses his own shirts, also. Ironing for him is a “Zen moment” as he described it.

Some one at the bar was speaking loudly. He used the word “awesome” as it related to some  beer. Che was disturbed. He said the only thing he considered awesome was when God walked out of the bushes and gave Moses the Ten Commandments.

Such is Che. A Key West figure. A Key West icon.

Dinner was at the bar at Michael’s. I enjoyed the house specialty. The veal chop.

I do not know the name of the barmaid. She knew me.  I was embarrassed to ask her name.

The reason I mention her is that she brought Marty up. Yes, Marty, you are remembered!

Marty and Che used to stand at the end of the bar at the Chart Room and argue. Over everything. Every one in town knew Marty. Unfortunately, Marty is no more in Key West. He has sort of retired to his home in Fort Lauderdale. He visits Key West infrequently.

I miss you Marty.

I start this morning with a dentist visit. Certain parts of my implants were defective. Defectively manufactured. They are being replaced this morning. Will this saga ever end? I had to wait for the shipment to come in from the plant in California. There will be no pain involved. The problem is time. I still have much on my plate that has to be completed before I leave for my European trip.

Enjoy your day!



I stayed up late last night. Ergo, slept late this morning. That is why the blog is being posted so late. Sorry.

It has been announced…..Bernie Fine’s wife Laurie is holding a press conference tomorrow morning. Part of the ongoing Syracuse University  pedophile scandal.  It has been reported she will be addressing the “…false accusations and scandalous lies” spread by certain persons.

I cannot believe her press conference will add anything of substance to the matter.

Walked Key Haven yesterday morning. Up and down the streets. A picturesque walk. Some lovely homes.

Babysat later in the afternoon. Ally is now sick with what her brother had. She seems to be recovering faster than Robert did.

I began at the Chart Room last night. Mary bartending. Chatted with Jean and Frankie.

Then across the street to the Hot Tin Roof. Very, very few people. A monday night. In addition, this is a quiet time for tourists. About three weeks from now the streets and restaurants will be jammed again. School will be out. Families will be driving to Key West for their vacations. Prices for everything are generally cheaper. Merchants recognize it is a slow time. They attract families with their cheaper than ever prices. Motels/hotels can be as much as fifty percent cheaper. Dinners in many restaurants half price. You can’t beat it!

Big day to day. Robert’s birthday! He is 8 years old. I remember when he was born. We were fearful he would not live eight days. Robert was born with cancer of the liver. He had two major surgeries the first eight days of his life. Thank God he is A-OK since.

We are eating dinner at Lisa’s tonight. Lisa baking a cake. Robert’s choice as to take out. He picked Wendy’s. I do not know why. We rarely go to Wendy’s. Robert is having a cheeseburger. I am having two.

Happy birthday my beloved grandson!

Enjoy your day!

I did it! I went out last night!

I did it! I went out last night!


Went to the Chart Room first. Except for JJ, I knew absolutely no one. Did not even have a drink. Left.

Headed immediately for Don’s place. Everyone there.

Don and David at the bar. Erika, Herschel and Tom seated along the windows. Tom gave me a big hug. Every one seemed genuinely pleased to see me again. I was more pleased to see them!

The names in the preceding paragraph are all members of my bocce team. Much of our conversation centered on bocce.

In the my two week absence, the team went 2-1 and 3-0. Six games. Five wins. Not bad! Obviously my bocce talents were not missed!

Position changes were made in my absence by Captain David and Don. Fortunately, I was left alone. I have played from the same end of the court for 5 years. It would be traumatic to go to the other end.

Tino stopped by. Walking his dog. He leaves next week to return to Chicago. He will be missed.

I had a couple of drinks. Enjoyed the companionship. It was a pleasant evening.

Yesterday’s day time was rain, rain, rain. I never left the house. Worked on friday’s Internet show.

The Drag Race was scheduled for Duval at 2. I don’t know if it took place. I suspect it did. Drag queens move where others fear to tread.

The weather is blistery this morning. No rain, yet. It will come. The wind is from the south. A sure sign that the weather will be bad. I have learned over the years that a southerly wind carries with it horrible weather.

I checked the weather report after I noted the wind direction. There is a Severe Weather Alert. From Miami north. The keys were warned to beware. Tornadoes and hail. The report also said a front was coming in from the south that was driving the bad weather.

I should have been a weather forecaster!

My best companion continues to be the blender. It will so be for another week. I am accustomed to it.

Today is sunday. The very least I will do is have dinner tonight with Lisa. Maybe more.

Enjoy your day!