My day yesterday started with an early morning dentist visit. I followed the dentist up with Blossoms. Enjoyed Cuban cheese toast with tomato and Cuban coffee. Both to die for!

Then I headed over to Lisa’s. Ally still sick. I wanted to visit with her.

I did it again! I fell! Going up the one step to Lisa’s home. Stubbed my toe. Fell flat forward on hard tile. My chin, both knees and right elbow took the brunt of the fall. Right knee a bloody mess.

Lisa ran out. Would not let me get up. Little did she know,  I could not. Finally, I made it. Straight to the easy chair and ottoman in her living room. There we were. Ally and me. Ally on the couch. Poppa in the chair next to her. For five hours!

Lisa cleaned and bandaged my right knee. I hurt all day and all night. Feel better this morning. Surprisingly, no bruises. I ache all over this morning, but no where as bad as yesterday.

Ally finally got to the doctor late in the afternoon. She has some sort of infection. She is being treated with an anti biotic. Hopefully she will be on the mend today.

I do not know why I fall. This is the fourth time in two months. Each time it occurs, it is because I stub my toe or miss a stair. I fear an aging infirmity is upon me.

Last night I spent in bed. With the computer on my lap. I published to Amazon Kindle an article I wrote about a couple of months ago for KONK Life. Titled: Greece and Pedophilia. The thrust of the column involved Greece developing a new code. It was expected to become law soon. In the code, pedophilia is one of the listed disabilities entitling a person to a government pension.

It is a crazy world! These things cannot be made up!

My concern was and is twofold. First, something is wrong wherein a government rewards a heinous crime such as pedophilia. Second, Greece is broke. On the verge of total economic collapse. Greece cannot afford this type pension. And along these lines, such is an example of why Greece is going down the tubes. Government pensions to pedophiles!

I was comparing Apple and Google yesterday. I am in the market for a new cell phone and I Pad. I was talking about some v thing. I could not recall the word. I am losing it. It was not a v thing. It was android.

Bocce tonight. I do not know if I am going to make it. My right knee is bandaged and does not bend well.

Enjoy your day!


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