I am 78 years old. Yesterday, I played Knock Knock with a 4 year old girl. Fortunately, I had the experience to play. In recent years, it has been with Robert and Ally.

I was at Lee Nails getting a manicure from Tammy. Her 4 year old daughter was about. All of a sudden she came up to me and said…..You no belong here, you boy!

Then it was Knock Knock. She stood behind me, to the front, all over and Knock Knocked me. I think she thought it was fun that I could play. Strange, also.

She followed me out the door when I left. Her mouth was going a mile a minute. You have bike? No, I have a car. Why no bike? Where your car? And so on.

It was the best part of my day.

I now have two little friends. Jake and Tammy’s daughter.

I recorded this morning’s show yesterday afternoon. Still cannot do it live. Something is broke and not yet fixed. It was Krystal and me. Krystal is a most talented person!

I look forward to watching the show on TV in about a half hour. Join me. I think you will find today’s show interesting. I am disappointed in Obama. Distrust Putin. Fear the Saudis. That is how the show begins!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour is at 10 my time. Available on television from Key West through Boca Raton. Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Available world wide via the internet.

Stopped at the Chart Room just after 4. It does not open till 4:30. Whoever is working always lets me in. Not yesterday.

It was Emily’s Day to work. No Emily. No JJ or Mary covering. A strange bartender. A bit of an ass, also. He saw me through the window and ignored me. I left.

Emily…..Where are you? I have bad vibes. Call or write me, please.

I had planned on watching my team play bocce last night. Never made it. I was tired from dragging the boot around all day. Heavy! Instead, I stayed home with my leg up watching television.

One thing, however. My ankle has not hurt since I was tapped up and began wearing the boot.

Tonight, I must go out! I am getting a bit stir crazy.

Enjoy your day!


It’s called living and learning!

I saw a big white goat a few days ago. I assumed it was an albino goat and reported it as such.

Wednesday, I rented a car to drive the island exploring. As I came around a very tight curve, what do I behold on the road walking towards me? Two white goats! There cannot be three albino goats on this small island. It would be like finding three albino chickens in Key West.

Thursday, I was walking one of the many dirt paths on Amorgos. I saw a pure white mule. Would you believe!

An albino mule?

This time I was a bit cautious. I discussed the mule and goats with some friends afterwards. There are many white mules on Amorgos. Why white, I do not know. But here they are! There are also many white goats.

Obviously an albino expert I am not!

While driving around Wednesday, I found a lovely small beach. A big cove. About fifty bathers. There was a small shack. Hamburgers, beers, and the like. Enjoyed a hamburger and beer and took in the scene.

My car was parked in a line of cars. The lot was not that full when I arrived. Upon leaving, it was car to car.

When I tunred into my car to get in, there was this lovely woman. Standing between her car and mine. Bare ass! She was changing into her bathing suit and I came upon her at the right moment.

I smiled. She smiled. I turned my back and walked away. A gentleman am I. What more could I see anyhow? I had seen it all.

I gave her a few moments and returned. She was just walking away. Smiled again and said something in Greek which I assume was thank you.

Another port concert Wednesday night. I ate at Mythos so I could watch. Terrific! Many violins. Violins are big musical instruments in Greece. A 50ish stout woman was singing. Turns out she has had a successful career as a singer. I enjoyed the show! Traditional Greek music. It had the Greek beat. People jumping up and dancing. All ages.

I met Maria thursday. She gave me a manicure and pedicure. Turns out her young 20s son was one of the featured violin performers the night before.

My finger nails and toe nails were a disaster. Three plus weeks. I could find no clippers to buy. Finally discovered there was a woman in Chora who gave mmanicures and pedicures. Even better, she would come to your hotel/apartment.

I tracked her down. The lady was Maria.

We got together yesterday afternoon at my apartment. We enjoyed each other’s company tremendously. Maria has a terrific sense of humor. Aided of course by the three gins we each consumed during the process.

I still have all my toes and fingers!

Maria is 49, married 23 years and lives full time on Amorgos. She resides in the old town. Chora. She also has a place of business in Chora to do manicures and pedicures. She is professional at her work.

Maria and her husband also have side businesses.

Katwi is the name of their Chora store. They make special soaps containing olive oil, creams with olive oil, marmaledes from their own garden fruits, and a traditional Greek drink called raki psimeni. The raki is made with burnt sugar. I look forward to tasting it.

Maria and her husband are multi-faceted. They also raise chickens and sell them to the local restaurants. In addition, till recently a carpentry business. The building where they did the work burned down. No insurance. Very few have insurance for anything on this small island.

The fire has created many problems. They still owe the bank on the mortgage. I felt sorry for them. She described the situation as having to start all over again.

We talked about business generally. Tourism is everything. Come September, there is no more money to be made till next summer. Business has been down not only on Amorgos, but in all of Greece. Her estimate is 30 per cent. She envisons hard days ahead.

Her husband’s name is Nikolas. I met him when he came to pick her up. A nice guy. Unfortunately, we were not able to communicate. He spoke no English and I no greek.

Maria was one of the persons who told me there are white mules all over Amorogos. I got into the lamb chop scenario with her, also. I am not conviced yet that the lamb is lamb. She told me I was correct. The lamb is really goat.

I knew I was right! Though it tastes as good as the real stuff. In fact, I had “lamb” chops for dinner last night.

I am hoping to have lunch today with Spyros. I enjoy talking with him. He is a knowledgeable businessman and familiar with Greek politics.

Enjoy your day!



Yesterday I made mention of the Key West Citizen’s joke/make believe newspaper published each April Fools Day. I reflected on the total smoking ban instituted for Key West 20 years ago. A joke at the time.

Yesterday was April Fools Day and the Key West Citizen did it again! Published a newspaper replete with bogus yet humourous stories. The best one from my perspective was the front page article that British Airways had instituted a direct flight London to Key West three times a week.

The first British Airways jet had landed the day before to fanfare, water streaming, etc. Queen Elizabeth was on the flight. She intended to spend a few days in Key West to encourage tourism between London and Key West.

Convincing! Great imagination! The Key West Citizen is to be complimented.

My afternoon was busy. Not a minute to spare. I was on the go from one to five.

Started with Dr. Jackie Lefferts at 1. The second half of my annual physical. The pushing and prodding portion. A review of my blood results, etc. from the week before.

Two whole hours!

The good doctor said I was in the best shape she had seen in the six years I have been her patient. I hope her observation does not jinx me. I worry about these things.

Then to Lee Nails for a manicure with Tammy. A charmer!

Needed food. Publix was my next stop. The new Publix. We have two Publix stores in Key West at the present time.

The new Publix was too big for me. I could not find anyting. Ergo, I continued shopping at the old one. Till yesterday.

The past few weeks at the old store have been a pain. Too few check out counters open, too few baggers, only one person working the cold cut counter where three had been stationed, the employees less than friendly. I noticed the change. I asked around. Turns out the old store has a new manager. He is tough. Trying to shake things up. Many have quit. Those remaining do not care.

I care about the service I get. So it was off to the new store yesterday where things are normal. The manager there is apparently more tolerant. I will learn where everything is and how to make my way around the place.

There is a lesson to be learned by the new manager. Key West and its people dance to their own tune. Different from anywhere else. Key Westers have to be handled with kid gloves. They are a proud and hard working people. At the same time, a sensitive group. Step on them and they will leave you. That is the way it is.

The Chart Room last night. Me and Peter. We again solved many of the world’s problems. Banks were a major part of the conversation.

I was in the mood for wings. Headed over to Kelley’s. The best wings on the island.

I had not been to Kelley’s in a while. I ordered wings. They were different. Smaller and not as good. Not bad, but no where entitled to the title of best in Key West. I will have to find another wing place. This does not mean I am not deserting Kelley’s. Their food and personnel are still top quality. I merely do not like the new wings and shall order something else the next time I am there.

My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Join me. I guarantee you will enjoy the show. A quick half hour of interesting chatter.

Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou this evening will include thoughts on wealth disparity, Boston College and birth control, and the Final Four. Plus anything you might wish to discuss. I take telephone calls.

The show can be found at

Enjoy your day!




The sun is shining. There are no clouds in the sky. The temperature is 74 degrees. However, it is cold at my house.

My Key West home sits on open water. Any wind from the north, northwest or northeast hits it head on. Ocean wind is always cold. Even in the humid heat of summer.

The wind is still blowing today. Around 20 miles per hour. It is hitting my pool perfectly. There are waves in the pool.

Did the Key West Lou Legal Hour yesterday morning. My TV/internet show. There were some technical difficulties at the beginning. The audio was screwed up. No one could hear me. Otherwise, the show went well.

My Mc Cain comments to the effect the once hero was now an arrogant old man initiated quite a deal of comment. Most agreed with me.

The other topic that generated a great deal of interest had to do with the 60 year old woman who just won a $1 million lottery. She wanted to give back, help others. Since 2008, this woman and her mother were financially destitute. They relied on charitable organizations to get along.

One such organization provided toilet paper to her and her mother. One roll per person per month. Apparently not enough. She wanted to send a truck load of toilet paper to the organization.

Visted Tammy for a manicure after the show. Tammy’s company is always a pleasant experience. I could not help wondering what Vietnam has been without her.

Tammy became a US citizen last week. I shook her hand in congratulations. She is proud.

When I returned home, it was time to do next week’s KONK Life column. The publishing deadline was 5 o’clock.

I wrote about China and its one baby per couple rule. China is now considering going to two babies. Together with the reasons therefore. Read the article if you have the opportunity. It is interesting. An eye opener.

Dinner with Jenna was to end my day. I called and canceled. I was tired. I had been tired since the day before. Decided to go to bed instead. I did. Fell asleep early. I feel energized this morning.

Do not think I am letting Jenna get away. In place of dinner last night, we have decided to attend a performance at St. Paul’s Church this evening.

Remember Sound of Music? The story of the von Trapp family escape from Nazi Germany in the late 1930s. Lots of children.

One of the von Trapp granddaughters is singing tonight at St. Paul’s. I am excited. I am sure the program will include songs from Sound of Music.

I saw my first Broadway shows in 1960. The second was Sound of Music.

Syracuse/Pitt basketball at noon. I am concerned. More than ever.Though Syracuse is ranked #6, it is going to be difficult to stay in the top ten. Our sixth man has been benched for academics for several weeks. This week a starter had knee surgery and is on crutches. The team only went 7 deep at the beginning of the season. We are in trouble.

I have decided to watch the game from the comfort of my bed. It is being broadcast on ESPN.

Ed Koch died yesterday. A great New York City Mayor, a respected voice since he left office, and an all around good person. The world has lost a great one.

May he rest in peace.

Enjoy your saturday!














Another friday. Another show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. Watch! Fast moving and interesting.

The show airs on television in the Florida Keys and through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Elsewhere and world wide via the internet.

I am going to touch this morning on the fiscal cliff, the debt limit, Hillary Clinton, Benghazi, the Mayor of London, Silvio Berlusconi, and the Emancipation Proclamation. All from perspectives you may not have considered.

Additionally, the NRA, publishing gun permits in the newspaper, the Indian rape, Columbus, first appendectomy, Nixon, Carter, Olympics, Gingrich, Pelosi, Romney, and Santorum.

A full plate.

Please join me at 10.

I completely screwed up with yesterday’s blog. It was a good one. I lost it just as I finished. Searched for 10 minutes. Could not find it. There was no time to do it over. I had a doctor’s appointment.


One of the interesting things in the lost blog was my grocery shopping at Publix with Robert and Ally. A fun experience! Who drives the cart, who wants what, etc. I went to buy two items. Ended up with eight.

Key West weather continues to be amazing. Mid to high 70s. Calm. No humidity.

We are fortunate. Normally, this is our cold time.

I had an appointment with the heart doctor yesterday. No problem. Feeling well, fortunately.

You will recall my telling you I am part of a national heart study. Something to do with fish oil and triglycerides.

I had been taking fish oil pills daily for years. The first thing I had to do was purge my body of fish oil. Off the tablets for three months. Then last month I received a full physical.

Yesterday, the study began in earnest. I received a four month supply of fish oil pills. Maybe. I do not know if I have the real thing or the placebo.

I am being closely watched. I went into the study with my triglycerides at a good number. 140. If it gets out of whack, it means I am on the placebo. At that point, I am out of the study and back on a daily regimen of oil pills.

The only other event of interest yesterday was a manicure with Tammy.

My life is at such a mundane level. It is the diet. I do not go out while I am dieting. I am naturally weak. Know I will cheat. Ergo, best I stay home.

Again, please watch today’s show.

Enjoy your day!



Somehow yesterday morning I forgot to press a button. Necessary to publish yesterday’s blog. It failed to get published. Discovered the error this morning. Pressed the button.

Ergo, you will have two blogs to read today. Yesterday’s and today’s.

I walked around feeling sluggish yesterday. Had to be the two Thanksgiving meals from the day before.

Did something pleasant for Louis. A manicure. Tammy her usual bright cheerful self.

Tammy has two children. Pre schoolers. I asked if she cooked a turkey. No, she said. I told her she has to do the American holidays. Her children are growing up Americans. She cooked Vietnamese dishes instead. Her excuse was she does not know how to cook a turkey. I believe her. She promised to try next year.

Bocce last night. I felt like the living dead. It was a make up game. We were the only ones using a court.

We won all three games. The most points the opposing team scored were six. It was a good night, an easy night. Before you get the impression we were that good, I have to confess that the team we beat is either at the bottom or next to the bottom in standing. They are new and relatively inexperienced.

The three victories help. We are close to making the playoffs. There is only one week to the season left.

Herschel and Erika brought a goodie. Smoked snapper dip and crackers. Herschel had smoked a turkey the day before and smoked the salmon along with it. Delicious!

The team headed over to Don’s Place afterwards. I had one drink and left.

Frankie. Frankie. Frankie. My partner, my bocce team mate. The best bocce player in the thursday night league. Perhaps the best player in the whole league.

Frankie did not play last night. Though he did stop by with his wife Sandy to say hello. Frankie is having heart valve surgery monday in Miami.

I wish my friend well.

This Fifty Shades of Grey book is being discussed by most people. Especially  women.

I reviewed the book from my perspective yesterday on the TV/internet show as I did recently in this blog. My main thrust was that the book was an event which would elevate sex to a new level. As had the birth control pill in the 1960s, the Joy of Sex in 1972, and the g-spot in the early 1980s. My review received big time comment. Mostly from women. All excited. All loved the book. Some commented they even agreed with my observation. With one exception.

The importance of the Joy of Sex was that the clitoris was unknown by most prior thereto. For real. The book introduced the world to the clitoris and clitoral orgasms.

One female reader did not like my use of the word clitoris. How else would I label it? That is what it is. That is what it is called. I did not think it offensive. It is an appendage on the body. Like an arm, leg, the tongue. My comments were to the point, brief, and not sexual in nature. I was reporting on a fact which had occurred.

So much for today. Read yesterday’s blog, also.

Have a good saturday!




Big night last night!

I stayed up late. Past midnight. Drank a bit too much. Never felt the drinks. However, I am a zombie today. Which accounts for why this blog is being written so late.

I am permitting myself one night a week to drink on the diet.

My internet show yesterday was a pleasure to do. Hopefully, it was an equal pleasure for all who watched.

Post show comments indicated the most well received topic to have been the Harry Truman story. The one where his campaign train was halted between stops and the conductor told Truman he could go no futher till the train bill was paid. An insult to the President. His campaign was cash short. He had to take up a collection from people on the train before the conductor would permit the train to proceed.

A Republican owned the railroad!

Part of the afternoon was spent writing next week’s KONK Life column. I developed one of the topics I spoke of on the show. The one involving a Rhode Island school district and gender discrimination. The ACLU was involved. The ACLU’s arguments consisted of such things as school girls should no longer be treated as if it was thought they wished to be Cinderellas, and the days of Ozzie and Harriet were over.

I had to FAX 16 pages. Went to Office Max. Long distance. $2 a page! Cost me $32 plus tax for a total of $36. Wow!

My long evening last night started with the Chart Room.

Emily back from her two week vacation. It was a pleasure to see her again. I love her wit and charm! I love her!

Met with my new friends Len and Heidi Bloom for drinks. Both relatively new to me personally. However, Len has been a blog fan for quite a while. They are serously considering resettling in Key West. They owned a Mexican restaurant back in Wausau. Just sold it.

Sean and Katherine showed up. Introduced them to Len and Heidi.

Catain Peter was holding court at the other end of the bar. He had a new cell phone. May be his first. Everyone was trying to help him understand it.

Moved over to the Wine Galley. Larry Smith playing. Lu Kramer there. I joined Lu and her friends. Enjoyed the company very much.

Met John DeSantis for the first time. John is the #1 reporter for the Key West Citizen. Love his writings. I am not sure whether it is his style or the Key West material. Whatever, he writes well.

Turns out John is also a crooner. What a voice! Sang all night. A double bonus. Larry and John!

On the way to my car, I had to pass the outside bar. Maurice and Dottie sitting there. Joanie bartending. I stopped for a while. Maurice is a retired orthodontist.

Dottie was intertested in my Greek trip. She told me something I never knew. Joanie is an actress. Has appeared in many performances at the Red Barn. One role she played two times, ten years apart. It was a take on the movie where a London house wife goes off to Greece to vacation, falls in love with the place, and decides to stay. She leaves her husband of many years back in London. The name of the movie escapes me at the moment.

Stopped at Don’s Place on the way home. Kurt bartending. Had one drink and chatted with Kurt. Kurt is like going through a life change. He is into guitar playing. When not bartending, he is down town playing with the musicians.

I was in bed after midnight. Woke at 7. Had to hustle. Lisa had me babysitting at 8. Robert and Ally took me to I HOP for breakfast.

Later this morning I had a manicure appointment. Tell you how tired I was. I dozed off while Tammy was giving me the manicure. The tired is really a hangover.

I had plans for tonight. Cancelled them. After I complete this blog, I am going to bed till tomorrow morning.

My friend Cheryl Keast from the Chicago area wrote. Wake up! was her comment. Claims her day cannot start till she reads the blog. I was screwing up her day! Love her!

Enjoy whatever is left of this day!


A terrific Sunday morning! Sun, sky and water magnificent! A God is in His Heaven, all is right with the world morning.

Did a noon visit yesterday with Tammy at Lee Nail’s. Needed a manicure. The place bustling with customers. I was glad I had an appoinment. I think I am the only customer who is not asked to pick out a color upon arriving.

Afterwards visited with Lisa for a while.

Dinner last night was a big deal! A date was daughter Lisa. Just me and her. Tavern ‘N Town. A long slow meal. No pressures or distractions.

Lisa insisted on paying the bill. I let her. A thoughtful end to what had already been a very pleasant evening.

Bobby Nesbitt was performing at Tavern ‘N Town. An added pleasure.

I was home early. Before nine. I had no desire to drive into town. The construction is a pain in the butt.

Donna and Terri were sitting outside. We chatted a bit. They are in the process of moving to Los Angeles. They are in Key West to get their furniture out of storage. Then to New York City to empty their apartment out there. Finally the drive cross country to Los Angeles. They are driving the van themselves. One in the car and one in the van. Unless they decide to hook the car to the back of the van. Going to be a hell of a trip!

Once Donna and Terri are settled in in their new apartment in L.A., they have to hop a plane to Germany. Terri is performing two evenings with a German Symphony.

Sloan will be here at 10:30 this morning. I hope we will be able to conclude our work re the trip pictures.

Tonight is Donna and Terri night. They are my guests at the Yacht Club.

Enjoy your Sunday!


I babysat all day yesterday.

I had a morning dentist appointment. Took Robert and Ally with me. Had them sit in the waiting room while I was being worked on. They have their own dentist. They visited their dentist two weeks ago for a yearly checkup. So the surroundings were comfortable for them.

Happiness abounds! Yesterday was my last dentist visit regarding the implants. Eighteen months after starting the process, I am done. Happily so. Pleased with the final result.

The past few days have been Paula Deen time. She was here in Key West this past week. At the dentist’s office, I picked up a July 9, 2012 copy of People Magazine. Who was on the cover? You guessed it. Paula Deen!

After the dentist, the grandkids and I walked over to the Butterfly place on Duval. We had been there several times before. An exciting experience each time. The butterfllies favored Robert and Ally. Several perched on each of them at different times. I apparently was not so likable. None perched on me.

Lunch time! 5 Guys. Robert and Ally had never been there. They loved it! We all had bacon cheeseburgers and fries. I bought the small burgers. Had to buy a second one for Robert. He was still hungry.

Surprise of surprises! As I was driving on the boulevard yesterday and passing the Winn Dixie plaza, I saw some renovation work going on. At the large building to the left as you drive into the plaza. The building years ago housed some sort of buffet restaurant. It has been empty for years.

Some of the large windows were totally removed. That is what initially caught my eye.

The new tenant…..5 Guys. A WOW! The Duval 5 Guys is small. I understand this one will be larger with more seating room. A perfect location. It will be a gold mine!

The grandkids were my responsibility till 4. I still had a couple of hours to go. We went swimming at my house. Robert can now do a flip as he dives. He taught Ally how to do it.

I took them home at 4. I was dead! Babysitting requires constant attention and interaction. There is no down time for the babysitter. At least not this one.

I needed a manicure badly. Stopped at Lee Nails on the way home. Tammy did me.

Tammy and her husband work hard. They are at their business seven days a week. All day till 7:30 in the evening. They are not afraid of hard work. As a result, they are achieving the American dream. The business is successful. They are looking for a home to purchase. A large one. Typical of the Vietnamese, many family members will live with them.

Another group of hard wrokers I recently observed were the Greeks. Tourism in the warm months is their primary source of income. Whether Athens or one of the Greek isles visited, they all work seven days a week, twelve hours a day for a six month period. The Italians do not. They work much fewer hours. Many commercial enterprises like stores and restaurants are closed on weekends. Especially on Sunday.

The impression that Greeks are lazy and do not work is not true. Such is an erroneous impression developed during the euro crisis.

Again, I was shot by dinner time. I had no desire to go out. Made myself a sandwich and went to bed early.

Enjoy your day!


Yesterday, I looked like a homeless man coming out from under the bridge in the morning. Ravished! Could not make myself look good. Did not feel good. Did not care. The condition is called jet lag.

The first thing I did was the last two days of my blog. The travel blog. Today, back to normal. I shall miss the travel portion. However, I am glad to be home and writing again about the mundane things in my life.

In my Key West wanderings yesterday, I missed something. Something I saw on an almost daily basis in Europe. Clotheslines full of wash. Things do look better howeverr without the wash hanging outside.

There is one thing I definitely do not miss. The computers. European computers have different key pads. Italy was the worst. Many letters were not where they are on American computers. @ was different on Italian and Greek computers. Both in different places. These thingst made doing the blog at least one third longer in time. So many mistakes to correct!

Epilogue comming. I have a double disc of over 600 photos. Doing it beyond my capabilities. Need Sloan. We will start in the next couple of days.

I lost some weight on the trip. Thought I did. Only 5 pounds. But, 5 pounds is 5 pounds. It was the hills and stairs. Not the food. I ate everything. My stomach is down. More than 50 per cent. Again, the hills and stairs.

Unpacked a bit off and on yesterday. Plain did not feel like doing it. Have more to do today. Need to get Anna over. I have a ton of dirty clothes. The longer I was away, the less I washed.

Need a couple of naps during the day. Went to sleep at 7 last night. Up now at 3. I stayed up as long as I could last night.

Needed a manicure. Saw Tammy at Lee Nails. She did not like my beard! Crushed me! The first one who did not. Even my daughter Lisa liked it. Tammy said it made me look older.

Tammy followed my blog day by day while I was on the trip. Made me feel good.

The cupboard really was bare. Anna had cleaned out the refrigerator. I had to go to Publix. I only got half of what I needed. No fruit. My head was screwed up.

Ran into Ryno as I was pulling into the Publix parking lot. Ryno is one of Key West’s premier radio people. Every day for several hours. Ryno started me out on radio at KONK three years ago. He was the station engineer. He is from Watertown, N.Y., about 15 miles from my hometown of Utica. A sweet person.

I rolled the window down and we chatted a bit. He referred to me as the globe trotter. He was reading the blog, also. Thank you, Ryno.

I need a haircut. I have hair for the first time in years. Growing out every which way. I am going to keep some hair. Needs trimming bad, however. Even Tammy said…..Get a haircut!

My appointment with Lori is 10:15 this morning. I should look beautiful and ready for my Key West world afterward.

Two stops definitely today. Don’s Place around 4. Then the Chart Room at 6. Then I will really be back!

When I left Key West, the sun was shining. Little, if any, rain. I return two months later and Key West is into the rainy season. Night and day. Pouring outside right now. Thunder and lightning over the ocean. Nothing like ocean lightning at night! It joins you in bed.

Enjoy your day!