Regarding opportunity, it is said that when one door closes another opens. The saying applies in other areas also. Fantasy Fest 2014 closed down yesterday. Wednesday, the Parrot Heads begin arriving. This coming weekend is Parrot Head time!

Key West gave birth to Jimmy Buffett. Jimmy Buffett gave birth to the Parrot Heads. They are Jimmy Buffett followers. Loyal fans all these years. Thousands will arrive this week.

They are different from Fantasy Fest visitors who might be described as a bit out of the norm, hell raisers, etc. Parrott Heads are more representative of a quieter conservative America. They think they are raising hell. However comparatively speaking, no way in comparison to Fantasy Fest participants.

The buzz on the street always is whether Jimmy Buffett will show. Every 3-4 years he does. For 2-3 hours. Flies in, does his thing on Duval, flies out.

They are called Parrot Heads because many wear caps that look like a parrot head. And proudly so!

I walked Duval early yesterday morning. Not to exercise. I do it every year. To see how the cleanup the morning after the parade is going. Well, as usual. It is amazing how the City clean up crews get the job done swiftly and properly. When finished, you would never know that 70,000 people stood there 15 hours before watching the parade..

Sloan showed up later in the morning. We are trying to come up with a musical introduction to my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Only 5-6 seconds. Tough! Larry Smith is my musical genius. We aren’t there yet. It is back to the drawing board and Larry. It is not Larry’s work that is the issue. It is my likes and dislikes. Unfortunately, I am not sure yet what I like.

Lisa and family came over for a while in the afternoon. Needed to store something in my garage. Storage space is non existent in Key West.

Late in the afternoon, I sat down to watch a little TV. I came across a rerun of Rich Man, Poor Man. Old. A 12 or 13 series show. One hour each week.  All 12-13 shows were running consecutively yesterday. I got in early. Stayed glued to the TV till after midnight. It took me back. I watched the series when it was originally presented in 1976.

The significance of the series is that it made Nick Nolte. Back then he was an unknown. He was given the secondary lead position. The star was Peter Strauss who had already gained some fame. Nolte dominated the series and went on to become a major Hollywood figure. Strauss faded into the sunset.

The Boca Chica Naval Base has been busy this past month. Carrier pilots arriving to train. The training goes on for another month. A new group will be arriving this week. By sunday, it is estimated 500 sailors will be at Boca Chica participating in the air to air combat training.

Parrot Heads and sailors this weekend in Key West!

Janet Yellin is the Chair of the Federal Reserve System. She announced this past week that the average net worth of 62 million households in the United States is $11,000. Sad, disgusting and terrible! Not a national pride item.

Enjoy your day!



Monroe County’s tobacco testing of its employees continues to bother me. It is the law carried a step too far.

Justification for the new law is to save taxpayer dollars.  Elected officials are also on the County payroll. They should be tobacco tested. They get paid with taxpayer funds. Let them be tested. Pee in the cup. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander!

This same thought process should be applied where States and other governmental subdivisions/agencies require drug testing for welfare recipients. Again, elected officials are paid with taxpayer dollars. If one segment of our governmental process is to be subjected to abuse, let all bear the indignity.

The amusing thing about drug testing of welfare recipients is that studies have shown small numbers came up positive. Around 1 per cent, if I recall correctly.

Whatever, let the Governor as an elected official pee in the cup also to justify his continued right to be paid. Whether the Governor receives his full salary or $1.

My yesterday afternoon saddened me. Big time. Syracuse lost. Badly. 34-20.

I watched the Syracuse/Maryland game at Don’s Place with Don, John and David. John is a Maryland graduate.

I thought after watching last week’s game that Syracuse was on its way to a terrific season after a number of years of struggling. I was wrong. Syracuse got whipped.

No fun ahead for Syracuse either. Next saturday it is Notre Dame at the Meadowlands.

I got to Don’s Place at noon. Left at 5. Went to Lisa’s. Enjoyed Saturday night dinner with the family.

Then it was back to Don’s Place at 7. Keith’s 37th birthday. Party time! Jennifer had arranged for some goodies to be picked at. There was a line at the bar. Everyone celebrating the occasion.

I left at 8:30. I had had enough of Don’s Place for the day.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Sunday…..Day of rest! I bought it yesterday. I rested till dinner time.

The only interruption, not really an interruption, was when Lisa and the family showed up. They had been to Sugarloaf dropping off Cameron at his mother’s. Cameron was returning to FSU yesterday.

Robert and Ally are starting school today. All excited! These kids love school!

My rest time was not lying around necessarily doing nothing. Though it did take up a portion of the time. I read a bit. The FDR book. The Mantle of Command.

This week’s KONK Life column has to do with the surrender of Singapore without a fight and the refusal of Indian and Australian troops to assist the British if there was to be a fight. I became aware of the circumstance while reading the FDR book. It motivated further research and resulted in the column.

Dinner at Roostica. Me and the FDR book.

Yesterday was also my 57th wedding anniversary. Rather would have been were I still married. We only made it 52 years. For some inexplicable perverted reason, I celebrated the 57th at Roostica’s. There are still memories.

Ferguson, Missouri again last night. The National Guard had to be called in. The mess is getting worse with the looting and destruction. On the other hand, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The police militarized assault at the beginning struck the match that got the thing started.

Ferguson reminds me of the 1950’s Hungarian Revolution.

Government will win in  the end. That is the way it is. At what price, however?

Enjoy your day!





I had intended to join Lisa and family at Higgs Beach for the fireworks last night. At the last minute, I decided to stay home and watch the PBS Washington Symphony U.S. birthday extravaganza on TV. Great music, singing and fireworks!

The Washington show was outstanding! As always.

I can hear and see Key West’s fireworks from my home. The PBS show concluded at 9:30. Still no Key West fireworks. Shortly after 10, I began hearing the boom booms. I went outside on my deck. The Key West fireworks had begun. I sat down outside with a drink in hand and watched. A good show!

I did lose out however in not going to Higgs Beach. I enjoy watching Robert and Ally’s reactions to the fireworks. An exciting event for them.

The President and Mrs. Obama were not present for the Washington show. They usually are seated in the front row. A safety concern?

Lisa and family came over in the afternoon. To swim. Turns out my pool is sick. Pea green. Only the second time in 16 years. They went swimming in the canal instead.

Two days ago I mentioned George M. Cohan, the super dooper entertainer. I mentioned one of the songs he wrote. Yankee Doodle Dandy. Late yesterday afternoon, Turner Classic Movies showed the movie Yankee Doodle Dandy starring James Cagney. The life of George M. Cohan. I watched the movie for the 21st time.

Thursday was David’s birthday. I did not know. I feel even worse since I spent some time with him at Don’s Place thursday night. I called him yesterday to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Beware. Contraception is back on the table. More government intrusion. Not from Congress this time. From the Supreme Court.

The case involves Wheaton College. Wheaton College has a lawsuit pending before the Supreme Court. Wheaton does not want to provide insurance for contraception coverage. As with the Little Sisters of the Poor case, they do not want even to sign/self-certify that they are opting out in providing the coverage. They feel doing so makes them complicit in contraceptive activity.

Wheaton will not be heard for some time. Wheaton therefore asked the Court for an injunction allowing them to get off the hook, so to speak. Sign nothing till the Supreme court decides, not be required in any sense in even recognizing contraception. In a 6-3 decision thursday, the six males of the Supreme Court granted the injunction. The three female members dissented.

The gauntlet has been thrown big time!

On monday last, the Supreme Court decided in the Hobby Lobby case that abortive contraceptives were a no no for certain corporations. Twenty contraceptives were involved. The Court’s ruling seemed muddied. Abortion was the issue. Yet the Court intertwined abortion and contraceptives. In the end, the decision seemed to state the four abortion contraceptives did not have to be provided and the sixteen non-abortive contraceptives were permissible.

Louis, the media and some who read this blog were confused it appeared. I was not, though I did not state it. I recognized only abortive contraceptives were involved. As some of you did, also.

This past thursday, three days following the Hobby Lobby decision, the Supreme Court got involved with both feet in the contraception issue.

I did not know contraception per se was still an issue. The other side never gives up. Especially where a woman’s body and private rights are concerned. A bad situation overall.

As Justice Sotomayor said in the dissent, the Wheaton College ruling undermines confidence in the Court. It came out of the blue. It does.

Enjoy your day!



What a great day yesterday! Sports and Father’s Day all rolled into one!

I was glued to the TV most of the afternoon and evening. Martin Kaymer shot outstanding golf the whole tournament. Erik Compton became well known to the viewing public not only because of his golf prowess, but also his two heart transplants. The Heat/Spurs game told us what we were beginning to understand. The Spurs were the better team.

In between, it was Father;s Day dinner at Lisa’s.

The family had just returned from the Fort Zach beach as I arrived. Happy Father’s Day hugs and kisses from the grandkids and Lisa.

I missed the Key West Gay Parade. No time. Today’s Key West Citizen reports it was its usual success. Outstanding!

Iraq is beginning to concern me. As I assume it is you. Mass executions of the opposition, mass graves to hold them. Sick people.

Obama has some difficult decisions to make. I am glad it is his job and not mine. The responsibility is ominous.

Dinner tonight with Larry and Christine and daughter Journey. They are soon to leave for a first time trip to Italy. I am playing tour guide.

Enjoy your day!


Love Thanksgiving dinner! I overate. Nothing new. I had an edge this time. Recently lost 16 pounds so there was a lot of room to do damage. The scale this morning said I only gained one pound.

Lisa cooked a magnificent meal. A typical one. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy and salad. Pumpkin pie for desert.

Ally helped her mother. She was kneeling on a chair by the kitchen cupboard. She made the salad. She mashed the potatoes. The potatoes were a first time for her. She kept asking if she they were finished yet.

Robert was quiet when I arrived. What’s the matter, I asked. His brother Cameron was home from college. Robert had taken over Cameron’s bedroom. Robert could not sleep in what he now considered his bedroom the night before. He could have slept in the room he previously shared with his sister Ally. There are bunk beds in the room. However, he thought he was beyond the bunk bed and sharing the sleeping with Ally. He slept on the couch instead. He then spoke like an adult. He told me the couch was uncomfortable and he did not sleep all night.

Jake had a field day. He was not to be table fed. However, he was there looking up constantly with those sad eyes. Jake ended up having a full meal.

Dinner was at one. I hurried home afterwards. Did not even stay for pumpkin pie. My TV/internet show this morning was not ready. Not even close as it turned out. It took me five straight hours to get it together.

Yesterday was a long pants day. First time in several months. Today the weather is back to warm. Shorts!

Many are telling me they are ordering my recently published book The World Upside Down for Xmas presents or stocking stuffers. A good idea. If you are so inclined, the book can be found on and

I am off to do The Key West Lou Legal hour. If you miss show and want to see it, go to You Tube. Enter Key West Lou and the date of the show. The show is every Friday. The show will appear at the top of the You Tube list. The show is live Friday. It is not You Tubed till Tuesday, however.

Enjoy your day!


Over the years, I have come to realize how enjoyable small town parades are. In some instances, the best!

Two small town parades stand out in my mind. One is the Fourth of July parade in Chatham on Cape Code. I not only enjoyed the parade, I had an overwhelming sense of patriotic pride as I watched it. The other is Key West’s Christmas Parade. You have not seen a Christmas parade till you have seen Key West’s. It is miles long. Children everywhere.

I have never seen Key West’s Veteran’s Day Parade. Hopefully this afternoon at 4 I will.

Veteran’s Day. A special day set aside to honor those who sacrificed for our country. Actually, sacrificed for you and me. I never served. I was part of the Korean War generation. The war ended my senior year in high school and I went to college instead of into the Army. By the time Vietnam was in full swing, I was a practicing attorney with a wife and four children.

Some things bother me about our soldiers and veterans. Permit me to share a few with you.

Our government talks a good game, but plays a poor one. The number of veterans with disability claims not being paid attention to is enormous. About half a million. Money is the problem. The House of Representatives should be ashamed to have forgotten these warriors of yesterday. House members talk a good game about supporting the military. In reality, they fail.

I worry that we now have a professional army. Such makes a military take over of the government easier. Anything is possible today.

Contractor soldiers. Our shadow army. Private mercenaries in the pay of the United States. Wrong that we use them. It is the military complex having become stronger. The controls over them are significantly less than over the real military. They answer not to government. Rather to the corporations for whom they work.

Finally, we cannot fight everyone’s battles. In the last decade, we have had boots on the ground in too many countries. Many of these involvements were none of our business. We paid not only with money, but also the lives of our young men and women.

Consistent with the previous thought, we cannot bring democracy to other nations. They are and will be what they want to be. Our system of government is not for everyone. True democracy is leaving people alone to decide for themselves what type of government they wish.

I spent six hours yesterday finishing this week’s KONK Life column. Doolittle’s Raid. I wrote it for two reasons. First, it is Veteran’s Day time. The second is that most people under 50 probably do not know what Doolittle’s Raid was. It concerns me that many are unaware of their history. I learned of Lexington and Concord, the steam engine, and whatever else, in grammar school. Are students similarly taught today? What is taught concerning World War II?

Dinner last night with Lisa and the family. Always a joy!

I am a lucky man. Lunch 2 out of 3 days with the grandkids. I am babysitting today.

Enjoy your holiday!



My yesterday was spent as a holiday should be. A day off is a day off. I appear to have done a lot. In the end, it was nothing.

I hung around the house till about 4. Read, wrote and napped. Lisa and the family came over to swim. Everyone in the pool. Except Jake! Ain’t no way he is ever going in the water.

My reading and writing was in preparation for tomorrow night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Interesting topics. Like the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church regarding providing insurance coverage for birth control. Turns out the New York Archdiocese has been providing it to union employees for 12 years. The coverage includes abortions, also. Then nutty parents who deny their children medical care on the grounds of religion. Plus, what Jodi Arias’ mistrial means as a practical matter.

Nine tomorrow night.

Don was having a holiday cookout at 3 at the bar. David cooking. Roast pork the entre. I got there one hour late. Some food remained. Very few people, however. I chatted with David and Pati.

Then off to the Chart Room. I got there early. A little before 4:30. I have never been there that early. The door was locked. JJ was inside. He opened and let me in.

I watched some golf and chatted with JJ. Then Peter arrived. Soon followed by Sheila.

John showed up. First time I met him. Originally from Kentucky, he has lived in Key West 28 years. Everyone knew him. Turns out John fishes professionally. His specialties are yellowtails and kingfish. Just him and a mate. He sells his catch to the wholesaler.

A nice guy. We had a good conversation. I look forward to running into John again.

John is a fisherman. Peter a boater/sailor. Others last night Key West locals. As the conversation grew, it got into the waters surrounding Key West, the channel vote, the reef, and other ocean matters. I was impressed as to how knowledgeable each was of matters affecting the ecology. Concerned, also.

When I left, I headed to the lobby to pick up a free newspaper. I spend enough money at the Chart Room and Wine Galley to  warrant one.

No newspapers! Gone was the bookcase where they were stacked. A chair in its place.

I hurried back to the Chart Room and announced how unhappy I was with the Pier House’s new management. Taking away the free newspapers! Cheap, I thought. JJ said wait. They did not. Yes, I said. JJ walked me over to the lobby. There they were. The newspapers. In a different place on a table in a corner.

Happy I was! Relieved also that the new owners are not tight fisted.

Where to eat? John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub.

John had stopped into the Chart Room earlier. We had a drink together. I knew his place would be empty. I wanted quiet to enjoy my meal and read the newspapers. Which is what occurred. Sat at the bar. One of three customers. Enjoyed a meal of meat loaf and mashed potatoes. Divine!

I headed home. My intention was early to bed to watch the Miami/Indiana game.

When I arrived, Pati and Blackie were there. Blackie Pati’s dog. Pati’s place was being fumigated and she needed a place to stay. I had offered one of my bedrooms.

I was enjoying the game. Then I fell asleep. I conked off sometime during the second quarter. When I woke about 2 in the morning, I could not figure out who won.

That was my Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend. Seems like a lot. Was not, really. Pleasant, however.

One more day to go. I have no plans for today, other than to enjoy it. You do, also!







I walked out on the deck first thing this morning. I could smell rain. It is coming. The sky is gray. The sun has difficulty breaking through. A rainy day will not hurt.

There has been a rumor floating about in Key West the past several months that the Pier House was for sale. The grand dame of Key West.

The rumor appears to have legitimacy. This week’s Keynoter reports a sale is imminent. A Dallas corporation is interested. The corporation presently owns Key West’s La Concha. The price is not known. It is thought that it will be in the $60 million area.

Dick Jacobs and his group have owned the Pier House since the 1980s. Jacobs is best known as the owner of the Cleveland Indians baseball tea. I recall several years ago that Jacobs was celebrating some event. He brought the whole Cleveland baseball team to Key West to party with him. The party was held in the Wine Galley.

Jacobs unfortunately died in 2009. His family has been operating the Pier House since.

New owners sometime mean changes. I hope the Chart Room and Wine Galley are left alone. You cannot make better what is already perfect. This includes much of the staff also.

Decided to go to the beach yesterday afternoon. Higgs Beach. Me, my sand chair, and towel. I was able to get into the chair with no difficulty. Getting out was another story. Oh, my back!

My back is actually much better. It generally only hurts when I sit in a straight backed chair or try to sit up in bed.

Stayed at the beach a while. Packed. Lovelies running in and out of the water. Good for my old eyes!

Grabbed a fish sandwich at Salute’s afterwards.

Dinner last night was with Lisa and the family. A good meal!

Jake is loved by the entire family and he loves them. What a lucky dog!

Jake and I are having bonding problems. I tend to move towards him too fast when I come in. He jumps and barks in defense. And he does not stop! I am going to have to crawl in on my hands and knees. My deep voice is a problem also. Lisa keeps telling me to talk soft.

My blog talk radio show tomorrow night. Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. Nine in the evening.

I am never sure what I am going to talk about till the last minute. News changes by the minute and my thoughts with those changes. Tomorrow’s topics may include the aftermath of the Boston bombings, the dirty Tulsa dentist who gave over 60 people HIV, the news that food poisoning is on the rise, and/or  kilt wearers having a higher sperm count. One of them, all of them. Whatever. Join me.

My friday morning Key West Lou Legal Hour is available on You Tube. The Tuesday evening blog talk radio show is archived. If you miss either show at the scheduled time, you can still catch it through either of these sources.

Enjoy your day!





A political Sunday of sorts.

My morning started with the TV talk shows. Meet the Press and Chris Matthews, amongst others. Only one item discussed. The Presidential election.

Afterwards, I continued work on Friday’s TV/Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Additional topics include differences between the Catholic Church and a Polish coffin maker, an expensive Anaconda, recent U.S. Supreme Court activity involving police drug sniffing dogs, Jack the Ripper, the 1965 blackout, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and John Kennedy.

Remember, I have changed broadcasting studios. As of Friday, I will be broadcasting via TV and the Internet. The show will be available on Comcast Channel 87 through out the Keys. It will be available world wide on the internet.

Ten o’clock in the morning my time.

Decided to get some beach time. Grabbed my sand chair and headed over to Higgs Beach. A lot of people. More than I had expected. It is getting a bit cooler. The coolness did not disuade any one from swimming. Except for me. I put my foot in and decided the water was too cold.

I brought Sunday’s Key West Citizen and a book with me.

The Key West Citizen is a good and interesting local newspaper. Never many pages. However whatever its weight, it compensates with thought provoking material. Yesterday’s editorial was no exception. I was provoked.

The editorial came out in support of Romney for President. That did not bother me. Although I am an Obama supporter, every one has a right to their own opinion.

What disturbed me was the manner in which Romney was supported. Both candidates have warts. The editorial found Romney free of warts. The editorial was a boiler plated recitation of his alleged virtues. Romney was made to appear as the seconnd coming of a Messianic figure.

The editorial disappointed me not as to its conclusion, but the manner in which it was arrived at.

Sunday dinner was the best! With Lisa and the family. Politics was a part of our evening. Political discussions amongst Lisa, Corey and I are interesting. We are not always in accord. As to Obama however, we are.

Turned out Robert and Ally had been involved in the Presidential election this past week. Both attend Montessori. First and second grades. The school conducted a mock Presidential election. They both voted for Obama. The results will not be announced till Wednesday.

I have always considered such school elections as representative of the thinking of the community. The youthful votes cast generally reflect parental poitions. Such elections are a good barometer of the real result locally.

Enjoy your day!