One thinks a gun tragedy will not occur where they live. Not us…..who would shoot any one around here.

It happens!

It happened yesterday 15 miles from my hometown, Utica, NY.

Herkimer is a small village 15 miles east of Utica. I have many friends living in the Herkimer area. I tried many lawsuits in Supreme Court there.

Yesterday, four persons were shot and killed. The assailant is hold up in a deserted building in Herkimer.

What will never happen, happened.

Juice is no longer Juice. He is now Jake. The family decided to change his name.

I met Jake for the first time yesterday. A quiet little dog. A terrier mixed breed. He sniffed me. I petted him. Gave him a treat.

Robert and Ally were home. No school in the afternoon. They were all over Jake.

The person who appears most enamoured with Jake was Lisa. She is like a mother with a new baby.

Lisa just telephoned. Jake did bad. He pooped and peed in the house. Her words were very tolerant. Jake has it made!

We have a new Pope. I will discuss Pope Francis in my TV/internet show tomorrow morning.

He appears to be a good man. He also carries a negative from my perspective. He was and is a Jesuit. A tough, adamant, fearless order of priests. They are doctrinaire. I fear things like birth control will not change while Francis is Pope.

The fact the new Pop took the name Francis is significant. St. Francis of Assisi gave his fortune away. He then dedicated his life to helping the poor. Uplifting the poor I suspect will be Pope Francis’ legacy.

I spent the afternoon working on tomorrow’s show. No where near done yet. And I have a busy day before me. Haircut at 10 and babysitting at noon. I question whether I will make bocce tonight.

Tomorrow’s show is at 10 in the morning my time. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Available via television from Key West through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Available world wide via the internet.

Join me.

In addition to further comment re the new Pope, I will be discussing usury from the Catholic Church’s perspective. I had been planning the usury discussion all week. The election of a new Pope is coincidental.

The Chart Rooom first last night. Lovely Emily tending bar. Peter there, as usual. I was supposed to meet Gordon and Charles. No Gordon and Charles. Instead a business card saying they could not make it. Sad. Perhaps next week.

I chatted with two ladies at the bar. Betty and Carolyn. Enjoying Key West for a few days.

Betty is from Fort Myers, Carolyn Taverna. Betty is a retired dental hygenist with a husband back in Fort Myers. Carolyn single. However, she was quick to point out she has a dog.

Two lovely women. Enjoyed my time with them.

I had dinner at Tavern ‘N Town with Dee. I hit 30 pounds lost yesterday. Decided to celebrate. Enjoyed a prime rib. The scale this morning tells me I should not have.

It is Lori and me at 10 for a haircut. Then I am babysitting Robert and All for a couple of hours at noon.

Enjoy your day!




  1. During the announcement of the new Pope yesterday I heard an expert on the Vatican state “the new pope can never go home again…unless it’s for an official visit”.
    Do you have any idea why this rule would exist? Seems crazy to me.

  2. On the Jake front, if they haven’t done so already, the best way to house train a dog is to utilize a cage. Nice, chrome wire with bedding in it for anytime they are away from home. The dog will love it and will begin to associate people coming home to going outside to do their business. While at home, they just need to take him out regularly and use a key word when he does it. It will take no time at all. Enjoy the pup yourself!

  3. I agree with the cage technique. Used that on my one and only dog. And, he only had very few accidents until he developed the doggie version of Alzheimer’s 20 years later. I’m waiting for it to hit me. Hope not until I’m 140. (20*7=140)

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