The big night is tomorrow. New Year’s Eve. It has a flavor all its own in Key West.

The bars and restaurants will be full. Not just on Duval, everywhere. Duval cordoned off in certain spots. People mobbing the streets.

The biggies are Key West’s own rendition of the ball falling on Time’s  Square. Three places for sure. Perhaps one more.

The Bourbon Street Pub drop will be crazy. Probably the best drop on the island. Sushi comes down in a red shoe. People yelling in the street.

Sloppy Joe’s has its own drop. A conch shell from the top of its building. For a couple of hours prior to midnight, a band plays on Sloppy’s roof. People in the street watching, dancing and raising a bit of hell.

Schooner Wharf is an exciting place to be, also. Schooner’s party is known as New Year’s Eve Madness. There will be a schooner docked nearby. A pirate ship for the evening. A wench will be dropped from the mast.

I understand the Ocean Key House Pier will also have a drop of some sort. I believe this year will be the first. Bound to be good.

What I enjoy most New Year’s Eve are the fireworks at the White Street Pier. Magnificent! The whole community comes out to watch. Many families. The fireworks can be seen as far away as Duval Street.

Yesterday was Sunday. A good day. However, things were not as anticipated. I was lazy once again.

I did my blog early morning. Then back to bed to watch Meet the Press. I had completed my research for next week’s KONK Life column the day before. Tax Bicycles? I wrote the article. When finished, I felt tired. Back to bed, this time for a nap.

I planned on going out in the evening. Hogfish. I did not want to battle the tourists downtown. My plans changed when I saw that Lawrence of Arabia was going to be shown on the Turner Classic Channel at 8. A great movie! Four hours long. I fell asleep four times during the movie. Probably viewed less than half of it. Such is life!

Since tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, I will not be airing my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I doubt very many would be listening. I suspect I will be out also.

Enjoy your day!


I received an email this morning from my friend Tom Dixon. He, his charming wife Fran, daughter, son in law and son in law’s parents are in China. Good for them!

Tom told me they have been in four cities. All sold Beefeater Gin. He and the family have become accustomed to Beefeater martinis. Good once more!

Tom is an interesting guy. He comes from Buffalo. Still lives there. Visits Key West 3-4 times a year. He owns a piece of the Ocean Key House. A Syracuse fan. I enjoy his company immensely. I enjoy wife Fran’s company also, though she does not make all the trips.

Yesterday was Meet the Press time. I spent my morning in bed watching the political talk shows.

Lunch time found me at Higgs Beach. I needed sun. My body was looking white. My eyes required a bit of relaxation, also. Watching the bikini clad ladies.

Two hours was enough for me. I headed downtown to Duval. Poker Run festivities were still ongoing. I walked several blocks. Some had magnificent motorcycles parked one after another. I enjoyed a late lunch at one of the food stands. An Italian sausage sandwich.

Sunday dinner once again at Lisa’s. Jake went crazy when I came in. He is doing it again. I fear he is going to attack me. Then it is over and we are friends. Robert was doing last minute homework. Ally playing games on her tablet.

I changed my mind on the column for this week’s KONK Life. I wrote yesterday and early this morning about Pope Francis and why I believe he is a flaming liberal. Written with respect and admiration. Relatively short. If you have the opportunity to read it, I suspect you will agree with my characterization of the Pope.

I just heard from Dee. She is up in Boston teaching. I had not heard from her in several weeks.

Anna emailed me from Camogli. She spent yesterday in Portofino. Her son and my friend Antonio has been trying to reach me via Skype. He is working somewhere in southern Italy at the moment.

The weeks run by fast. Tomorrow is tuesday again. Tomorrow night my blog talk radio show. I will be chatting about the Pope, guns, and I don’t know at the moment what else. Join me. The show is a fast moving half hour. Nine in the evening at

Enjoy your day!


A peaceful Sunday. Another do nothing day.

Watched Meet The Press from bed. Spent a couple of hours at Higgs Beach in a sand chair. Read the Key West Citizen and watched bikini clad ladies romp around. Enjoyed a fish sandwich at the bar at Salute. Then home for some reading and television. Early to sleep.

To err is human. Perfect I am not. Occasionally, I make a mistake. I did in yesterday’s blog.

A lapus lingua. I called George Clooney Robert Clooney. What can I tell you? Several of you pointed out the error. Thank you. I never mind being corrected.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. My blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. Nine in the evening. One half hour. Interesting matters to be discussed.

I plan on chatting about the present Egyptian situation. All kinds of things happening. You may not be aware of some.

A second issue for discussion is the new way terrorists are planning on blowing up planes, places and people. Breast implants. For real. London’s Heathrow Airport is on alert for them at this moment.

I find many things to be irritable about regarding the breast implant situation. One is the apparent ineptness of TSA and Homeland Security to get airport screening right. Recall two years ago the furor over the new x-ray screening machine. Well folks, the machine is now obsolete. It only is able to discern things outside the body. It does not have the ability to get into a female breast or body cavity.

Enjoy your day!



Key West Sundays are relatively quiet for the local folk. Each the same. Laid back.

I watched the Sunday morning talk shows on TV. The furor over Benghazi is too much. They are at the stage of splitting hairs. Our nation’s leaders have more important things to talk about. The debt crisis is looming.

Syracuse beat Wagner in basketball as expected. A little guy playing a giant. Compliments to Wagner for traveling to the Dome knowing that there was little chance of winning.

At one point early on, Wagner was leading. I could read the players’ minds. Just maybe…..

The basketball game was early afternoon. When over, I went to Don’s Place to watch pro football. Don has the pro football package. There are TV sets all over the place, inside and out, showing the games. I sat in back outside with Don and friends and watched five different games at one time. The TV sets were placed  next to each other in a row.

Good company! Besides Don,  there were Stephanie, David, Keith, Larry, Toni, Frankie, Sandy, Boomer and Angus. Always a good time.

I returned home for a while. Read. I have started a new book. A biography of Ulysses Grant. Recently published, the book is entitled The Man Who Saved The Union. Written by H. W. Brands.

From love and BD/SM sex to a presidential history. A jump!

It was Sunday dinner with Lisa and the family.

Christmas  already in the air. Robert and Ally showed me the letters they had written to Santa Claus listing the 10,000 gifts each wanted. I am surprised they still believe. Robert is 8 and Ally 7. Last year some of Robert’s class mates told him what they perceived to be the true story. There ain’t no Santa Claus! Robert did not buy it. I hope he does not buy it this year either. Nor Ally. Santa Claus is good for them.

I was home to an early bed.

I am into the HBO Boardwalk series. Only two more shows before the series concludes. Everyone is getting killed. Worse than the  Godfather trilogy. I hope the “hero” survives.

This Hostess/Twinkie situation is interesting and sad. An example of a little guy taking down the big guy. In this instance, every one loses however. A hollow victory.

Enjoy your day!



A political Sunday of sorts.

My morning started with the TV talk shows. Meet the Press and Chris Matthews, amongst others. Only one item discussed. The Presidential election.

Afterwards, I continued work on Friday’s TV/Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Additional topics include differences between the Catholic Church and a Polish coffin maker, an expensive Anaconda, recent U.S. Supreme Court activity involving police drug sniffing dogs, Jack the Ripper, the 1965 blackout, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and John Kennedy.

Remember, I have changed broadcasting studios. As of Friday, I will be broadcasting via TV and the Internet. The show will be available on Comcast Channel 87 through out the Keys. It will be available world wide on the internet.

Ten o’clock in the morning my time.

Decided to get some beach time. Grabbed my sand chair and headed over to Higgs Beach. A lot of people. More than I had expected. It is getting a bit cooler. The coolness did not disuade any one from swimming. Except for me. I put my foot in and decided the water was too cold.

I brought Sunday’s Key West Citizen and a book with me.

The Key West Citizen is a good and interesting local newspaper. Never many pages. However whatever its weight, it compensates with thought provoking material. Yesterday’s editorial was no exception. I was provoked.

The editorial came out in support of Romney for President. That did not bother me. Although I am an Obama supporter, every one has a right to their own opinion.

What disturbed me was the manner in which Romney was supported. Both candidates have warts. The editorial found Romney free of warts. The editorial was a boiler plated recitation of his alleged virtues. Romney was made to appear as the seconnd coming of a Messianic figure.

The editorial disappointed me not as to its conclusion, but the manner in which it was arrived at.

Sunday dinner was the best! With Lisa and the family. Politics was a part of our evening. Political discussions amongst Lisa, Corey and I are interesting. We are not always in accord. As to Obama however, we are.

Turned out Robert and Ally had been involved in the Presidential election this past week. Both attend Montessori. First and second grades. The school conducted a mock Presidential election. They both voted for Obama. The results will not be announced till Wednesday.

I have always considered such school elections as representative of the thinking of the community. The youthful votes cast generally reflect parental poitions. Such elections are a good barometer of the real result locally.

Enjoy your day!


From my perspective, Sunday was quiet. However so many things happened!

First, Meet the Press and The Chris Matthews Show. Between what is going on world wide and the Chicago teacher strike, these TV talk shows were the best place to be in the morning.

There appears to be a brief lull in the embassy crisis. Most experts believe it will reoccur and soon. Afghanistan’s involvement in the past 48 hours is sad, but was to be expected. We have 66,000 troops there. We are training the police and military to protect their own country. We have given the Afghans billions of dollars.

What happens? Either a police officer or soldier we have been training turns his gun on American soldiers and kills four of them.

Obama has a lot to deal with.

The Chicago teachers continue to enjoy their time in the sun. In the meantimne, the kids are still not in school. For shame!

Illinois law permits school teachers to strike. The law spells out the reasons why they may strike. Emanuel says the reasons the teachers are still out does not fall within the legal guide lines. He goes to court today to force the teachers back into the class room.

I wrote a bit.

Then watched some pro football. From the comfort of my bed. Second Sunday in a row I have not been to Don’s Place. Bad!

Dinner was special last night. Ate at the Yacht club. My guest was Lu Kramer.

An interesting woman. A terrific business background.

She spent several years as a Regional CFO for CIGNA Insurance. Then owned the Loreli in Islamorada. Her next business venture was owning the Hetrz franchise here in Key West. Her present ventures are two specialty stores in Clinton Square Mall.

An industrious lady! An intelligent woman ! I enjoyed her company immensely.

The reason I was at the Yacht Club was that it was prime rib night. I am on the Atkins diet. Low carb, high protein. Just the meal for me.

The assistant chef slicing the prime rib was a young man. Tall and lanky. Appeared not to have a pound of fat on him. I had him cut me an extra slice. I explained to him I was on the Atkins diet.

He broke into a smile when I mentioned the diet and said he had lost 60 pounds on it. My hero!

This morning is the end of my first week on the diet. Lost 5 pounds. I am not happy. I expected 8 the first week and then settle into 3 pounds a week. I have done this diet before.

I cheated last night. Had two gins. It was time.

The Huntington Post recently published an interesting article on Key West. The title referred to the 10 best kept secrets in Key West. Find and read! It was right on!

Enjoy your day!



It was Sunday. It was Mothers Day. I said hello to my Mom up above. Told her to take care of Dad.

Then I settled in to watch Meet The Press.

This J P Morgan Chase thing is an abomination! Losing $2 billion. This morning’s news says it may reach $3 billion.

The guest was Jamie Dimon. CEO of J P Morgan Chase. What a cavalier attitude! A few mistakes had been made, he said.

This morning’s news also reports that three heads will roll this week. All top people. All earning multimillion dollars a year. One is a woman by the name of Drew. She reportedly is earning $15 million a year. None of them worth their money if they lose $2 billion.

No word yet as to whether Jamie Dimon is on his way out. He should be. He was captain of the ship when everything occurred.

No one has faith in banks any more. And properly so. First they screwed Main street. Now they are screwing Wall Street, themselves.

Later in the morning, I had an airport run. A neighbor flying out who needed a ride. This task/help is a big thing in Key West. I am always happy to do it when asked.

The airport has changed. Key West is changing. Instead of a half dozen cabs, there are close to a dozen and a half. Instead of small planes, most are jets. They arrive three at a time. The arriving area is bursting with people waiting for their bags.

I was up and out. Might as well go to breakfast.  I ended up at Harpoon Harry’s. Eggs benedict crab meat and the Sunday papers.

Mothers Day dinner was at Lisa’s. Last year we went to the Yacht Club. This year we celebrated at home. Ally was sick. It was a pleasant family dinner, except for poor Ally. She looked terrible. Face flushed, eyes half closed, quiet, eating nothing.

It is turtle birthing time again. Smathers Beach has many places where the eggs have been buried. The hatching process takes 55 days. Once hatched, there are no mothers to take care of the little ones. The mothers are long gone. The baby turtles head for the ocean. They are directed to the water by the moon light. Such is their instinct.

A few years ago, the turtles became confused. They saw the street lights. The lights are located on the opposite side of the beach. The turtles assumed the street lights were the moon. They headed for them and the street. Obviously, many were run over.

Since then, all street lights along Smathers Beach are not turned on for a three month period so the baby turtles will not be confused.

We take care of our own in Key West.

Enjoy your day!